15+ Pokemon Activities to Catch Fun and Adventure!

One of the most iconic Japanese franchises that comprise fun video games, animated series and movies, and related media communication, Pokemon has entertained millions of kids across the globe for endless generations. 

Who hasn’t been obsessed with the Pokemon phenomenon since they were kids? It’s so fun to catch and train Pokemons!

Well, I recently came up with the idea of using these amazing animations for my kids’ playtime. By including Poemon activities in their playtime, you can help them get inspired by the art, science, and tactile learning from Pokemon. 

In this article, I will be discussing some of my favorite Pokemon activities that I’ve tried out with my kids and turned out to be super awesome! Let’s dig in!👇

Interesting Pokemon Activities for Kids

Connecting the dots🔘

Not only kids are great at drawing. That’s the great thing about this activity: you don’t need to be one.

You can simply use Pokemon coloring sheets that have all their favorite characters in them. Kids can simply join the dots to bring them to life.

Pokemon squishies.

Slimes and squishies are so in for kids’ fun right now! You can help your kids make a Pokemon squishy toy at home.

This one also acts as an amazing stress reliever for both kids and adults. They can be so fun to play with!

Pro Tip: Use puff paint, if available, to improve the squishiness.

Pokemon greeting cards📇

Kids can make special Pokemon-themed handprint greeting cards for family and friends. They love to get their hands messy with paint and stuff.

Let them choose their favorite characters to draw on the card and supply basic ingredients like paint, cardstock paper, glitter, etc. 

Pokemon stress balls

Got a lot of leftover balloons from your kid’s birthday party last night? Well, put them to use by making these amazing Pokemon Stress balls at home.

Kids will love playing with them, and they also have their favorite characters brought to life. They can draw on the balloons using Sharpies.

Pro Tip: To fill the balloon, you can use fillings like Epsom salt, aloe vera gel, or playdough.

Pokemon Maths problems➗

Yes, you heard it right! Make learning arithmetic fun for the little ones by adding an element of Pokemon in it.

You can easily get printable Pokemon maths story problems that kids will love solving and never get bored with. The clip cards are so fun to work with.

Drawing Pikachu🎨

Well, Pikachu is a favorite among almost every kid! So, they will enjoy learning how to draw this funny little yellow dude.

You will easily find steps online that kids can follow to draw their own Pikachu. Just hand them paper, pencils, colors, and a ruler, and they are all set!

Pro Tip: Allow the kids to experiment with colors and add elements of their own.

Pokemon notebooks📘

I have always felt kids need to practice writing from a very early age. You can help them maintain a journal by asking them to note down their Pokemon activities in a notebook.

Form a set of questions and let them answer those independently.

Pokemon grammar play

I love this scurvy because it makes learning grammar so easy and fun for kids!

Turn the little ones into Pokemon trainers and make them compete in a word battle. You can use printed Pokemon Go-themed cards for this one.

Pro Tip: Adapt the game to practice various grammar exercises.

Pokemon catapult

It’s so fun to watch kids compete with each other and see who can launch a Pokeball the farthest.

Get them some rubber bands and popsicle sticks, and get going with this amazing catapult activity. A fun playtime to learn about the basic rules of physics!

Pokemon movement cards

This activity is the perfect choice if you want to train your little ones physically.

Do a Pokemon-themed workout session where characters prompt them to jump, swing, or do other body movements. This is so fun and energizing for the kids!

Pro Tip: You can use this activity to teach kids about the importance of yoga and basic yoga poses.

Pokemon bookmarks

My kids were very much into making bookmarks when they were young.

They came up with this amazing idea of making Pokemon-inspired bookmarks that are so easy to make and super adorable! They even gifted some of these to their friends on their birthdays.

Hatching a Pokemon egg🥚

You can turn Pokemon into an educational tropic when you add an element of science to it.

This particular experiment, where kids can hatch Pokeokon eggs using specific ingredients like baking soda, cotton swabs, food coloring, and Pokemon figurines, is so interesting.

Pro Tip: Mix baking soda with water in a 3:1 ratio.

Pokemon paper rockets🚀

Do you know the best place to hide Pokemon cards, Pokeballs, and a special word for your beloved trainer? Paper plates.

You can easily make them at home and hide Poekomn-related stuff inside so that kids can go on a treasure hunt or give them to their friends.

Pro Tip: We used Posca paint pens for this activity.

Designing a Pixil Pokeball

This online zt city can be a major inspiration for kids to explore their creative minds.

Let the little ones turn into enthusiastic designers who use the Pixil app to design and create their own Pokeball. Make screen time worth it!

Creating a customized Pokeball

Let the little ones channel their energy towards creating customized Pokeballs for themselves.

It will be fun to explore how creative and smart they can get with the idea. The activity is super engaging, cost-effective, and fun to do!

Pro Tip: Use smooth Styrofoam balls and foam-tipped brushes.

Pikachu bracelets

I decided to host a ‘Wear Your Art’ session at home over the weekend, and my boys came up with the idea of making Pikachu bracelets.

Kids will enjoy making their stuff, and it’s so adorable to see them wearing their creations so proudly.

Pro Tip: Use colored duct tape for this activity.

Toilet rolls

Don’t throw any toilet rolls! Let kids recycle them into Poekmon-inspired art. Kids will not only have fun creating and catching their Pokemon stuff but will also understand the importance of recycling and reducing waste.

What a great idea for an environment-friendly playtime!

Pokemon puppets

What happens after the kids get hold of their favorite Pokemon? Well, they could try having a pretend puppet show and make the Pokoemone the stars.

It would be so fun to watch the kids improvise with their stories and host a show for the whole family!

Pro Tip: You can also download printable templates for the kids to color and then put them up on sticks to enhance the fun of storytelling. 

Edible Pokeballs

I am not kidding, people! Kids can easily prepare Pokeball snacks in the kitchen with your help and guidance, and these super healthy snacks will be so fun to binge on.

This is also a great way to get kids interested in cooking.

Pro Tip: We used Babybell cheese for the recipes.

Pokemon food art🥄

I remember my kids not wanting to eat their greens when they were young.

Most of them don’t. Well, you can trick them with these amazing Pokemon-themed food items that they will gobble constantly. No worries about the kids’ nutrition!


I hope this was fun! Can’t wait to hear back from you! Please let me know if you found these activities to be super engaging when you performed them with your little ones.

I bet that no kid will refuse a Poekomn-filled fun playtime. It is also a great way to keep your kids busy and make sure they learn something new every day,

Leave a comment to give your reviews about the activities discussed in this article!

Love to all! Happy learning! Have a lot of fun!

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