40+ Best Pool Noodle Activities to Discover Endless Fun

Nothing says summer like pool noodles! I like to save a few every year for other instances of the year as well. The possibilities for pool noodles🍜 are endless, and they are inexpensive.

These pool noodle crafts and activities include gross motor, fine motor abilities, early learning, STEAM, sensory, and more; nothing too fancy or difficult to set up. Really enjoyable outdoor activities for both children and adults! Which will you test out first?⤵️

Pool Noodle Activities for kids

Pool noodle tunnel

Pool Noodle Tunnel For Kids

Build an enjoyable pool noodle tunnel for kids to crawl under by placing a few pool noodles along a corridor. To secure pool noodles outside and to make hurdles out of them, use skewer skewers.

Pool noodle wand

For better balance, coordination, and response times, make a Pool Noodle wand 🪄. With the straightforward usage of a pool noodle as well as P.V.C. tubing to build the stick, all of these abilities can be addressed.

Pool noodle hurdles

Just cut a pool noodle into little pieces and plant them in the ground with paint stirrers.

In order to provide children👯‍♂️ with balance, cooperation, and gross motor activity, they can step over, leap over, or hop over on an obstacle course and balance a long pool noodle on top.

Pool noodle relay race

This pool noodle activity is excellent for outdoor sensory diets, lawn games, and family enjoyment. Form teams out of the players. There is a pool noodle for each team. 🤼‍♀️

Players can sprint to a specific location, spin around, and transfer the noodle to the person in line after them. The winning team is the one that can convince all of its players to start running, holding the pool noodle first. You can play this game in the pool as well.

Pool noodle balance game

Pool Noodle Balance Game For Kids

Slice a pool noodle (about one-half) into smaller pieces. Each participant is given a piece. A ball 🥎 is perched atop the pool noodle hole.

While holding the ball steady on their pool noodles, the players should sprint across the grass or room. This is a fantastic addition to a barrier course that makes placement adjustments difficult.

Pool noodle Limbo

This season, do you want to limbo? Play an 😉 enjoyable pastime of limbo at home or in therapy using a pool noodle.

Children can practice their animal 🚶‍♀️ walk beneath the limbo stick. Easy, straightforward, efficient, and enjoyable! Children can practice a variety of physical skills with this one.

Gross Motor Drum Stick

Use swimming pool noodles as clumsy drumsticks. You can work on your core strength, coordination between the eyes 👀 and bilateral cooperation, and motor planning by using pool noodles just like desk drumsticks.

Pool noodles and rubber bands

Pool Noodles And Rubber Bands For Kids

Pool noodles should be cut into smaller pieces. Pool noodles can be wrapped using rubber bands. You can do a simple fine motor activity like this.

Students stretch the bands all over noodles to practice bilateral coordination while having fun and boosting their fine motor skills.

Press pipe cleaners and pool noodles

This is a simple but enjoyable exercise to hone your bilateral coordination and fine motor abilities. To practice threading, slide beads onto the pipe cleaner-like chenille stems.

Alternatively, string the beads in a certain order to provide an opportunity to practice listening and following instructions.

Threading activity

Threading Activity For Kids

Put beads📿 or buttons on the pool noodles using the same pipe cleaners that were pressed into the noodles.

With these enjoyable games, students will practice their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and finger strength.

Pool noodle and pom pom transfer

If you require a youngster to practice pre-scissor abilities while utilizing a pair of tongs, this is the project you need to find.

Pom-pom balls 🟢 are inserted into the holes of the swimming pool noodle slices by kids using tongs. Look at all the built-eye-hand as well as coordination as well as the improvement of fine motor skills!⚡️

Pool noodle letter match

Pool Noodle Letter Match Activity For Kids

Write an uppercase letter on one piece as well as a lowercase letter on the other using a permanent marker.

Students should sort them all into a container and then pair up the letters. To develop their fine motor abilities, students can pick up the pieces using tongs. 

Pool noodle words

Use the letters from the letter noodles described above, but make it harder by asking children to spell words with them. They can work on vocabulary terms related to a theme or study, their names, or sight words.

Pool noodle color match

Pool Noodle Color Match Activity For Kids

By inserting pom poms into the center of the pool noodle with tongs or tweezers, students can practice matching colors.

In this single activity, students are working on counting, personal communication, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

Number match

On your pool noodle shards, create dots, ten structures, or other shapes, and then write the associated numbers.

As they practice their fine motor skills, identification of numbers, personal communication, and other skills, students are going to count and match.

Pool noodle count

Create number flags out of foam and popsicle sticks, then insert bits of pool noodles. I submerged mine in water so the boats🛶 might float. 

To match the digits on each boat, students will collect tiny objects from the seafloor. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to utilize a water table. Simply put this exercise on a tray and have students do it at a table.

Pool noodle patterns

Although I put everything on the water table, this project doesn’t need to be enjoyable. Little ones will pick up the pieces and build towers of pool noodle pieces in patterns.

With just a few materials, you may practice A.B., A.A.B., ABB, or A.B.C. patterns!

Pool noodle sculptures with pipe cleaners

Pool noodle pieces or pipe cleaners are all you need to transform your young students into 3D creators. Pool noodles are simple to insert the pipe cleaners into, allowing children to express their creativity and create 3D works of art. 💥

The nicest part is that they can throw away the pipe cleaners so that a different friend can make something new.

Pool noodle sculptures with toothpicks

Another design for pool noodle creations is to use toothpicks as well as the noodles themselves.

With these two inexpensive tools, set children a STEM assignment or let their creativity run wild! The toothpicks simply fit into the pool noodles and are a fantastic fine motor exercise!💪

Pool noodle water play

Play in the water to cool off! For hours of entertainment, set up a space with pool noodle shards, funnels, cups🏆, and toys🪅. Pool noodles of various lengths and various-sized funnels should be used. 

To make your water even more distinctive, add color to it. In this straightforward pool noodle activity, students will develop their ability to coordinate their hands✋️ while pouring, investigate forces with the movement of the water, and learn several other science concepts.

Pool noodle lacing

For a great lacing craft for young learners, gather some ribbon as well as pool noodle pieces. Any string will work, but I used ribbon 🎗️since it was bigger and simpler for young hands to grasp.

By stringing only one color or pattern or by creating strings of designs using several colors, students can practice color sorting. 

Pool noodle construction

To make the pool noodles lay flat, use the portions that were sliced vertically. The golf tees will be embedded in the foam by the students using a small hammer.

This is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, and fine motor strength. 

Pool noodle obstacle course

Create a room-sized obstacle course with whole, uncut noodles. This is a fantastic exercise to improve children’s gross motor skills and get them involved in a planned activity.

For indoor playtime, obstacle courses made of pool noodles are fantastic!

Pool noodle hockey

A fun game of pool noodle hockey can be made by gathering two laundry wickers, a beach ball, plus pool noodles.

Students hit the beach ball 🏐 through the opposing team’s laundry basket 🧺 using pool noodles. This is a great activity for indoor playtime as well!

Gross motor pool noodle storage

When you have indoor playtime or need an enjoyable way to get your students moving, keep the larger pool noodles as well as beach balls 🥎 for the gross motor exercises in a large mesh bag. These mesh laundry bags may be purchased at the dollar store.

Water wall

For this participatory pool noodle activity for kids, all you need are pool noodles, peg panels, and zip ties.

Kids 🧑‍🔬 can have fun all summer long by thinking of unique routes for the water to take when they dump it, which is best done outside.

Mix and match monsters

These adorable and distinctive motifs on each part of the pool noodle provide a world of possibilities.

Playing this game indoors during a scorching summer ☀️ day helps keep your little learner cool. Monsters and other animals of all sizes and hues are possible to construct!

Pool noodles and shaving cream

It’s going to be a dirty game! Pool noodle pieces that have been cut into enormous rings will be used by your pupil or child.

The enormous rings will be joined together using shaving cream as glue. To see who can erect the highest and sturdiest tower🗼, challenge them! Excellent for developing fine motor and analytical skills.♦

Ocean sensory bins

Ocean Sensory Bins For Kids

Sensory bins are well-liked and frequently used in classes with young students. Fill your bin with sand, shells, and gems together with the cut-up foam pool noodle bands to create a coastal scene that your kids will enjoy imagining.

Snowshoe Trek

Using pool noodles to create a snowshoe race is a fantastic idea! You may quickly engage your kids by cutting the pool noodles in halves or thirds and connecting them.

They can compete against each other or you!

Indoor sports

Summer days that are rainy no longer have to ruin the fun. Pool noodles can be used to adapt sports inside.

A few simple things can be used to play the entertaining game of indoor basketball. To catch the balls, you can also put a laundry basket underneath the net.

Noodle Ring Run

It would be advantageous to purchase a bundle of pool noodles for this exercise so that you can have access to a variety of colors.

To join the two sides of the noodle🍜 together, begin conserving your toilet paper rolls. Make the course challenging or encourage the students to compete against one another!

Marble track

Make a marble track with pool noodles for another fun idea for your 👦kid. This may be a fun STEM lesson since you can motivate your students to make different marble runs of various lengths and styles.

Ski ball

Make a ski ball game out of pool noodles to make your home arcade games. A bouncy ball 🏀can be used by your student or child by dropping it into the center of the pool noodle as well as aiming it towards or in containers, bowls, or whatever else you have available.

Noodle Sprockets

The pool noodle game “Noodle Sprockets” will make the learner or child more active during their playtime.

A partner plus at least three pool noodles is needed. It is a pleasant summer game that can be done indoors or outdoors, so having pool noodles on one hand is always a good idea.

Pool noodle sprinklers

The best way to keep your kid cool this summer is by putting up a pool noodle sprinkler.

You can participate in the fun by making the sprinkler tall enough by connecting four pool noodles. The summer recently became significantly colder.

Train trucks

Train Trucks Game For Kids

A sprinkler mechanism and conventional railway tracks combine to create a fun summer exercise that will continue to keep your children cool all season long.

You can ask them to create and construct a waterproof train, or you can have them play the role of the train passing through the track.

Backyard Olympics Noodle Game

Would you like to host a little Olympics in your backyard? You may!

Your high school students will feel like they have to compete without having to leave their neighborhood park or backyard by creating Olympic-style activities out of pool noodles.

Pool Noodle Interior Design

Your high school students can make household items out of pool noodles to pursue careers as interior designers.

They can come up with and create their furniture marvels alone, in partnerships, or teams. The pool noodles may be adjusted in so many different ways that the possibilities are unlimited!

Light Sabers

If you need a mental break or are planning to watch a film this summer,☀️ these pool noodle light sabers are ideal.

When your high school students have done putting them together, they will love choosing their colors and competing against their peers.😀

Create an inexpensive pencil holder

Kids Creating A Pencil Holder

Simply pierce a hole into the noodle with a pen or pencil to get started. These could also be placed on students’ tables as personal pencil holders.

Pool Noodle Painting

Did you know that pool noodles make excellent paintbrushes in addition to being entertaining to have fun with in the water?

Yes, you are going to utilize your pool noodle as a huge paintbrush 🖌 in this activity. As they use unusual things to create art, kids will learn to think “outside the box” in this enjoyable art project.

Standing Pool Noodle Game

Have you ever attempted to straighten out a pool noodle? Until you release it, the thing starts to fall quite simply.

This game, however, makes the activity challenging. Working together, see who can keep their pool noodle upright the longest!

Pool Noodle Frisbee Race

In this entertaining game, participants sprint to the finish line while juggling a frisbee on a pool noodle while using pool noodles and frisbees. It doesn’t need to be put up and is perfect for family barbecues!

Noodle Knockout

In the incredibly entertaining game of “Noodle Knockout,” players attempt to knock each other off their feet so that their Frisbees drop off of their pool noodles.

Being too aggressive will lead your Frisbee to fall before you can induce your opponents to do the same, which makes it difficult.

Pool Noodle Ball Toss

We created enormous rings out of pool noodles and duct tape for this entertaining pastime. The boys then attempted to hurl the ball into the middle ring, earning different points depending on how near the center they were.

They had to put their points together to keep note of their totals, which made it a fun math activity

Pool Noodle Flip Challenge

Everyone has heard of the water bottle flip test, but did you realize that pool noodles may also be used for this task?

Yes! Actually, flipping a pool noodle to allow it to land in your grasp 👍with just one hand is extremely difficult. Test it out! It’s compulsive!

Pool Noodle Water Balloon Races

Many young people naturally enjoy competing and racing. Here’s a great water balloon racing game utilizing pool noodles that have been taped together!

Since there is always a potential that they will shatter and spray water everywhere, the water balloons provide an extra level of enjoyment. 😀❤️

Pool Noodle Activities


All the activities are full of fun and student-friendly. You can spend some quality time with these activities with your little ones. These activities will also help your child to develop their creative self and motor abilities.❤

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