17 Mysterious Rome Facts that You Might Know

Welcome to Rome, 😃the mesmerizing capital city of Italy!

From its grand architecture and rich history and culture, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover.

This article will offer some captivating facts about Rome that will amaze you. Let’s start this thrilling😲 journey!

Amazing Rome Facts

Rome: It is a densely populated city

Population Of Rome

Have you heard about this interesting fact about the city of Rome!?

Rome is a densely populated city and is home to about three million people. 

However, this is nothing compared to ancient Rome. Many believe that ancient Rome’s population was between 50 to 90 million, approximately.

Though it is a very high number, it actually makes sense because it includes the people of the entire Roman Empire👑, which covered over five million square kilometers. 

This area is now divided into multiple nations located on three different continents, such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

The city of Rome: It wasn’t always Italy’s capital

Little fact enthusiasts, let us explore this amazing secret about Rome! 

The city of Rome wasn’t always the capital city of Italy. Actually, it is the country’s third capital. 

After the unification of the Kingdom of Italy, the first city that became the capital of Italy was Turin. 

It even remained the country’s capital for around five years, from 1861 to 1865.

In 1865, Florence became the next capital city of Italy and remained the capital until 1871, when eventually Rome became the next capital city of Italy.

Rome City: It had a very strong army

Army of Rome

Ancient Rome was one of the most powerful and largest civilizations. 

Stories of their conquests are true, so it is also true that the Roman army was, no doubt, well-trained, strong, and equipped. 

It was divided into Roman citizens and non-citizens. 

A legionary in the army was divided into several units of 5000 men 👨, and each of those units was divided into different centuries, having 80 persons each.

The soldiers had to undergo intense training and had to march around 30 kilometers per day to gain resilience on foot.

Who is older? Italy or Rome??

If we are talking about the age of Rome, please note that though this city is presently the capital of Italy, it is actually older than the nation!! Confused?? 

Let me explain.

Italy, the country, was founded in 1946, and Rome is around 2600 years old. 

It is due to the fact that ancient Rome was not just a part of any country till the 1860s. Italy was actually constituted of several smaller kingdoms.

They fought against each other constantly till they overcame this battle issue and consolidated into a single nation, while Rome became the obvious option as the capital.

The city of Rome: It was founded in 753 BC

Tiber River of Rome

A fan of mythology?? Then you will surely love this unique fact about Rome!

According to mythology, this beautiful city was founded in 753 by twin brothers Remus and Romulus. 

It is believed that a she-wolf raised the twin brothers after they were abandoned on the banks of the Tiber River 🌊.

Mythology says that Rome was founded by them on the very place where they were breastfed by the she-wolf. 

Later on, during a disagreement over which hill to build on, Romulus killed his brother and went on to become the first ruler of Rome.

Rome: This beautiful city is home to the largest university in Europe

The beautiful city of Rome is home to Europe’s largest university, La Sapienza University, 🏛️which covers more than 110 acres. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

It is also Rome’s oldest university, founded in 1303, and has more than 120,000 students. 

The University of Rome is considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. The university has produced many famous scientists, politicians, and also Nobel Prize 🥇winners. 

Rome City: It has several nicknames

Little fact enthusiasts, did you know this unique secret about Rome?

Rome has multiple interesting nicknames, one of the most popular of which is Caput Mundi. 

It is a combination of two Latin terms that literally translates to “the capital of the world.” This unique nickname was given to Rome due to its size, prosperity, and population.

Rome is also called the City of Seven Hills ⛰️because it was built on and between seven hills. 

Some even call Rome Urbs Aeterna or the Eternal City. This unique nickname was first mentioned in the first century BC by Tibullus. 

Rome: Meet a beautiful city of fountains

Trevi Fountain in Rome

This city is sometimes called the city of fountains due to the amazing number of fountains⛲ it has. The water is even drinkable. Surprised, right?

There are almost 2000 fountains in Rome. 

Two of the most beautiful mountains that people like us mustn’t miss while exploring Rome include the Trevi Fountain and Quattro Fiumi. 

These were not built just to decorate the area but were actually constructed to carry water for people from outside of the city. 

However, these were almost completely destroyed during battles but were renovated to become decorating objects in the 15th century.

Beautiful Rome: It is home to the first shopping mall

Just like me, if you love to shop, then you will surely love to explore this unique fact about the capital city of Italy! 

This beautiful city is home to the first shopping mall on the planet. Roman emperor Trajan constructed the very first shopping mall 🛍️in the world between 107 and 110 AD.

Famous as Trajan’s Market, this multi-story shopping area has about 150 rooms selling various types of goods, including restaurants, libraries📚, food shops, etc.

Capital of Italy: It is home to more churches than any other city

San Giovanni In Rome

I am quite amazed to explore this interesting fact about Rome! 

Here, we will see over 900 churches⛪, which is more than the world’s other cities. 

We just have to visit one of the hills and look across the skyline to discover how many churches there actually are. 

No other city on the planet is as strongly related to the Catholic religion as Rome is. 

Some of the most vital churches here are San Giovanni in Laterano, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, the Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, the Pantheon, etc.

Colosseum is in Rome: It hosted gladiator fights

Colosseum Is In Rome

Have you heard about gladiator fights? No?? Let me explain.

Built in 70 AD under emperor Vespasian, the Colosseum was Ancient Rome’s one of largest amphitheaters😲.  

It could accommodate thousands of audiences who love to enjoy good sports. 

This famous stadium even hosted gladiator flights, which Romans used as a form of entertainment. 

In this game, a slave, prisoner, or condemned criminal needed to fight against a wild animal or another person to the death. Later, this cruel game was banned by Caesar Augustus.

The people of Rome: They were the first to use concrete

I am really surprised to explore this fascinating secret about the beautiful Italian city, Rome! 

The Roman Empire was famous for exceptional architects, artists, and also philosophers who excelled in various ideas, fields, and inventions.

It is even believed that ancient Rome invented concrete, a major contribution to humankind. 

A notable example of the use of concrete by Romans is the Pantheon. This fascinating building holds the fame of having the world’s widest dome of 43 meters made of reinforced concrete.

Ancient Rome: It worshipped several deities

If you love to learn mythology, then you will surely love to know this interesting secret about the beautiful city of Rome! 

Ancient Rome was a polytheistic civilization, which means they recognized multiple deities. 

They attributed their success and dominance to their gods and goddesses. Some of their important deities were Jupiter, his wife Juno, and Minerva. 

They believed that if they honor the gods, their gods would honor them back and bless them. 

Rome: Here, we can discover the hidden secrets of Galleria Sciarra

Galleria Sciarra In Rome

Did you know this interesting secret about Rome? Let me tell you.

There is a hidden courtyard at Piazza Santi Apostoli that is filled with an interesting gallery of beautiful frescoes. 

Architecture 🏗️ lovers can seek out this amazing courtyard and get fascinated by its beauty.

It was built in the 19th century and was adorned with some masterpieces of Giuseppe Cellini. The vibrant frescoes feature female virtues of modesty, kindness, strength, and patience. 

The city of Rome: It is home to the first McDonald’s in Italy

Oh! McDonald’s! How much I wish to enjoy a burger🤤! What about you?? Let’s see the first McDonald’s in Italy.

 Rome is the city where the first McDonald’s in the country was opened in 1986. 

At that time, people didn’t support the introduction of fast food in Italy, and hence, the low Food Movement started. 

This shop is located at Piazza di Spagna 46, which is completely different from most of the chain’s shops. The shop has grand interiors with statues, frescoes, and mosaics that can offer people a different feeling.

Within the city of Rome: There is a state 

It is the only city on the planet that has a country 😲called the Vatican City. 

Vatican City is an independent country and is the home of the Pope and Catholics, and hence, it is famous as a religious center of the world. 

It is the smallest country on the planet 🌎 where postage stamps and passports were issued. 

Also, it is the country where many tourists come to enjoy the fascinating beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica. Amazing, isn’t it?

Ancient Rome: It is famous for its road systems

Want to know about the road systems of ancient Rome? Here it is.

 Some of the roads constructed by Ancient Romans are still used today, like the Appian Way, which connects Rome to the southern parts of Italy. 

People of ancient Rome laid strong concrete foundations and used good drainage systems, which made their roads highly durable.

Summing up

So, knowledge hunters, now, you know a lot more about Rome…the capital of Italy that proudly celebrates its cultural heritage, amazing landscape, and modern advancements.

From the world-famous grad architectures and unique road systems to its interesting mythology 😲and attractive churches, what in Rome attracts you the most?

As we are in this adventure as a team, we would love to hear from you. 

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