45 Fun Sensory Station Ideas for Your Kids (Activities + Guide)

Do you want to keep your kids entertained and engaged while helping them develop their senses? Sensory stations are a fantastic way to do just that!

These stations offer a variety of tactile experiences that stimulate children’s senses and promote learning.

Here is a list of 45 easy-to-set-up sensory stations for kids that will provide endless hours of fun and educational play.

benefits of sensory plays that you should know

Language Development:

Get ready to ignite those language skills with some super sensory shenanigans. These activities are the perfect way to help your kids describe, compare, and contrast all sorts of wacky and wonderful things.

Emotional Development:

Tactile activities aren’t just about talking; they also promote emotional regulation and self-awareness.

That’s right; your little ones can explore all sorts of feelings and emotions while having a blast with all sorts of tactile materials.

Fine and Gross Motor Development:

It is the ultimate way to help your kids build both fine and gross motor skills. From pouring and scooping to jumping and stomping, your little ones will be getting a workout without even realizing it!

Sensory Integration:

These activities are fantastic for helping kids integrate all sorts of sensory information from their environment. They’ll be processing and responding to different stimuli like champs in no time.

Social Skills:

Sensory play is the perfect way to get your little ones to interact and cooperate with others. They’ll be sharing ideas, discoveries, and laughs galore!


Perhaps the best part of all is the sheer creativity that sensory play inspires. Your kids will be unleashing their imaginations and expressing themselves in all sorts of wild and wonderful ways.

Fascinating sensory station activities for your kids

Splashy Playtime 

Fill a tub with water and add different items such as sponges, cups, and boats for your little one to play with. Let them dive into the tub and create a wave of fun.

Colorful Salt 

Drawing Sprinkle salt on a tray and add food coloring. Your child can draw or write on the tray with their fingers, making a colorful mess that is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Finger Masterpiece 

Use washable paint and let your child explore with their fingers. Allow them to create a masterpiece with their fingers and get messy while having fun.

Squeezable Balloons 

Fill balloons with different materials such as flour, rice, or water. Your child can squeeze and play with them, which is sure to bring lots of laughter and joy.


Mix cornstarch and water to make a gooey mixture that can be shaped and molded. Allow your child to explore the oozy mixture and create fun shapes.

Magnetic ABCs 

Place magnetic letters and numbers on a baking sheet or fridge and let your child play with them.

Allow them to explore their imagination and create words and sentences with their magnetic toys.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll 

Fill plastic bottles with glitter, water, or other materials. Your child can shake and explore the bottles, creating a colorful and entertaining display.

Kinetic Sand-tastic 

This sand is moldable and fun to play with. You can buy it pre-made or make it yourself. Allow your child to create sandcastles and play with the moldable sand.

Edible Sensory Adventure 

Use food items such as cooked spaghetti, jello, or pudding for your child to explore with their senses. Allow them to have fun with the sensory food items while satisfying their hunger.

Ice Cube Paints 

Freeze paint in an ice cube tray and let your child paint with the melting cubes. Allow them to use their creativity and create ice-cold paintings.

Scent-national Playdough 

Add scents such as peppermint, lavender, or lemon to your homemade playdough. Allow your child to use their imagination and create shapes with the scented dough.

Texture-tastic Collage 

Collect different textures such as fabric, sandpaper, and foil. Your child can glue them onto paper to create a collage.

Allow them to create a unique masterpiece with different textures.

Sensational Steppingstones 

Create stepping stones with different textures, such as foam, sandpaper, and carpet squares, for your child to walk on.

Allow them to walk on the different textures and experience a unique sensory adventure.

Rice and Noodle Sensory Heaven 

Fill a bin with cooked rice and noodles for your child to explore. Allow them to play with textured food items while having fun.

Balloon Toss and Squeeze 

Fill balloons with different materials, such as flour or rice. Your child can toss and squeeze them back and forth with you, creating a messy but fun adventure.

Sensational Wall of Fun 

Create a wall with different textures, such as felt, bubble wrap, and sandpaper, for your child to touch.

Allow them to explore the different textures and experience a unique sensory journey.

Foam Party 

Mix soap and water to create a fluffy foam that your child can play with in a bin or on a tray. Allow them to get messy with the fun and sensory foam.

Touch and Guess Game 

Dump random items into a box and ask your kiddo to touch and memorize them. Then, remove an item and ask them to identify the missing one.

Extra points if they can do it blindfolded!

Barefoot Adventure Trail 

Create a footpath with different wacky textures like bubble wrap, cooked spaghetti, and shaving cream for your child to walk on. Who needs boring old grass?

Squishy Sensory Pouch 

Fill a plastic bag with all sorts of squishy stuff like jelly beans, slime, and gummy bears. Your little one can squeeze and feel the different sensations.

Salty Sculptures 

Make a batch of salt dough, and mold it into silly shapes like a snake with three heads or a pizza that flies. Then, let your little one go crazy painting them.

Cozy Texture Pillow 

Sew a pillow with different textures like faux fur, burlap, and cotton. It’s perfect for snuggling and exploring different sensations.

Sensory Spyglasses 

Create spyglasses with toilet paper rolls and decorate them with all sorts of wild textures like feathers and glitter. Who knows what your child will see through them?

Noisy Noise Makers 

Fill jars with different things like coins, pebbles, and rice. Your kiddo can shake them up and listen to the wild and wacky sounds.

Sensational Adventure Walk 

Create an adventure walk with different activities like jumping over pillows, crawling under tables, and walking like a silly penguin. It’s the perfect way to get some exercise and have fun.

Mystery Touch Bag 

Put various items in a bag and ask your child to guess what they are by feeling them without peeking. Who knows what weird and wacky things you can put in there?

Sensational Scavenger Hunt 

Hide different things with different textures around the house or yard for your child to find. They’ll be on the hunt for hours!

Texture Tic-Tac-Toe 

Create a tic-tac-toe board with different textures like fuzzy fabric, rough sandpaper, and squishy foam. It’s a tactile twist on the classic game.

DIY Touch Board 

Make a board with different textures like buttons, ribbons, and zippers for your child to explore. Who knows what they’ll discover?

Texture Matching Game 

Put different textured items in a bag and ask your kiddo to match them to similar items with the same texture. It’s a sensory challenge!

Playdough Party Mats 

Create playdough mats with different textures like wavy lines, bumpy dots, and curvy swirls for your child to play and explore.

Sensory Light Show 

Place different textured objects on a lightbox and let your child explore them with the added dimension of light. It’s like a sensory disco party!

Natural Treasure Hunt 

Fill a bin with natural treasures like rocks, sticks, and leaves for your child to explore. Who knows what they’ll find?

Sensational Scavenger 

Search Create a list of different textured items for your child to find around the house or yard. It’s a hunt for the senses!

Water Bead Bonanza

Dive into a world of wonder with water beads that are like tiny jellyfish in your child’s hands.

Let them explore the squishy, slippery sensation as they watch the beads slip through their fingers like magic!

Touchy-Feely Blocks

Stack up excitement with blocks that come in wacky textures like rubbery, squishy, and fuzzy.

Your kiddo will have a blast feeling the different textures as they build towering structures of creativity!

Mysterious Mystery Box

Get ready for giggles and surprises with a box filled with funny-feeling objects. Watch your little one reach in with curiosity, trying to guess what each object is just by touch – a sensory adventure like no other!

Texture-Tastic Books

Let your child’s imagination run wild with a book full of funny textures like slimy, scratchy, and silky.

They’ll love exploring each page with their fingertips, discovering new textures and sensations with every turn.

Cozy Texture Tunnels

Slip your child into a world of sensory delight with a wacky tunnel that’s full of different textures like bumpy, furry, and lacy.

It’s a cozy and tactile adventure that will spark their imagination and keep them entertained for hours.

Shapely Texture Hunt

Turn your home or garden into a treasure trove of textures! Hide funny-textured shapes for your little one to discover and guess.

It’s a thrilling scavenger hunt that sharpens their senses and keeps them engaged.

Glitzy Goo Jars

Shake up some glittery excitement with jars filled with water, glitter, and other weird materials.

Watch your child’s eyes light up as they swirl and mix the textures, creating mesmerizing patterns that will captivate their imagination.

Soft and Snazzy Felt Board

Spark your child’s creativity with a felt board that’s a playground for their fingertips.

They’ll love exploring the velvety, scratchy, and bumpy textures as they create their own stories and scenes.

Wacky Walkway Wonderland

Take a stroll on a sensory adventure with a walkway filled with squishy, lumpy, and bubbly textures.

Your child will love the sensation under their feet as they explore this wacky, whimsical wonderland.

Touch and Guess Cards

Let your child’s curiosity soar with cards full of funny textures to feel and guess. From slimy to bumpy to spiky, they’ll have a blast using their sense of touch to identify each surface and guess what it is.

It’s a game of sensory exploration that will keep them engaged and entertained.

Texture-Tastic Puzzles 

Create puzzles with all kinds of wacky textures like bubbly, squishy, and bumpy for your kiddo to feel and match up.

Sensory stations offer a wealth of benefits for children, and setting them up can be easy and affordable. With these 45 ideas, you’ll never run out of fun and educational activities to do with your little ones.

So why not give it a try? Watch your child’s imagination and creativity soar as they explore the world around them with all their senses.

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