35+ Shark Activities For Kids That Are Amazing!

I grew up observing Shark Week🦈 and it brings me so much joy that the tradition of Shark Week has sustained to this date. To the uninitiated, Shark Week refers to a week, usually in July or August, when Discovery Channel will feature programming that is strictly shark-based. 

The tradition of ‘Shark Week’ started in 1988 and was aimed at debunking the myths and misconceptions surrounding sharks🦈, along with the role they play in the ecosystem and the efforts to conserve their population. 

Since becoming a parent, I have observed that kids love animals, and teaching them about animals can make them empathetic and compassionate towards other people. 

Engaging sharks activities

Whether you want to celebrate Shark Week🦈 with your kids or just want to encourage your child’s curiosity about sharks, these sets of activities will be a lot of fun to take part in. Hopefully, your kids enjoy themselves and can learn about sharks🦈. 

Shark-Themed Glue Slime 

Does your toddler love playing with slime? Research shows that playing with slime has many benefits for toddlers, as it strengthens fine motor skills, stimulates their senses, and fosters creativity. 

What you need- 

Liquid Starch, clear glue, blue and white foam balls, plastic sharks🦈, warm water, a mixing spoon🥄, measuring cups, and a mixing bowl. 


  • In a large mixing bowl, pour an entire bottle of clear glue. Add half a cup of warm water and stir. 
  • Slowly add half a cup of liquid starch as you continue to stir. 
  • As the liquid starts reaching the consistency of slime, add some blue foam balls and knead the slime till the desired consistency is achieved. 
  • The slime is ready to play with. Let your child play with the slime and the plastic sharks together. 

Shark Sock Puppet 

Shark Sock Puppet Making Activity For Kids

With this no-sew puppet craft, you and your child can make an array of sock puppets to play with or for storytime. 

What you need- 

An old sock, pink and white felt fabric, googly eyes 👀, a hot glue gun, permanent marker 🖊️, and scissors ✂️. 


  • Turn the sock inside out. 
  • Mark the stitching of the toe and heel area with a marker🖊️. 
  • To make the shark’s mouth, cut the stitching of the toe part with scissors ✂️. 
  • For the shark’s mouth, cut a piece of pink felt fabric that can fit inside the sock and use the hot glue gun to paste it. Let the glue set. 
  • Meanwhile, use the white felt fabric to make the shark’s teeth🦷. Simply cut the fabric in a zig-zag manner. Glue the shark🦈 teeth🦷 inside the shark’s mouth. 
  • Make the fins with the white fabric as well and paste at the heel area. 
  • Paste the googly eyes 👀on the socks. The puppet is ready to play with. 

Chocolate Shards Shark Snack 

Chocolate Shards Shark Snack For Kids

It is a Shark Week🦈 tradition in my family to make this chocolate 🍫shards shark snack. 

What you need- 

Gummy sharks🦈 toothpick, spoon🥄, baking sheet, parchment paper, and blue and white chocolate🍫 melts. 


  • Melt the blue and white chocolate🍫 melts in the microwave in two separate bowls. 
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Ask your child to alternately pour a spoonful🥄 of the two melted chocolates🍫 on the paper. If you have two kids, assign them a different color each. 
  • Once they have filled the entire baking sheet with the melted chocolate🍫, show your kids how to marble with a toothpick. Let them take it from there. 
  • Start placing the gummy sharks🦈 over the melted chocolate🍫 and place the tray in the fridge to let the chocolate 🍫set. 
  • Use a sharp knife to cut the chocolate🍫 into shards once it is solid. The chocolate🍫 is ready to be served. 

Fish and Shark Cup Toy 

Fish And Shark Cup Toy For Kids

Your kids will be thoroughly entertained with this toy. 

What you need- 

A used plastic bottle with a cap, styrofoam ball, googly eyes 👀, blue and white paint🎨, black marker🖊️, box cutter, a string, and glue. 


  • Cut the bottom of the bottle with a box cutter. 
  • Draw two triangles on each side of the bottle bottom. The two triangles should touch each other. Use the box cutter to cut them. 
  • Use the black marker to draw the teeth🦷 and then use the box cutter to cut the surrounding area. 
  • Use the black marker🖊️ again to draw the shark’s🦈 eyes 👀 and fins on opposite sides of the bottle. 
  • Paint🎨 the top section of the bottle with blue paint and the bottom section and teeth🦷 with white paint. 
  • Paint🎨 the eyes 👀 white as well. Paste the googly eyes👀 inside the eye section. 
  • Use the hot glue or tape to secure the string to the styrofoam ball. Secure the other end of the string to the bottle cap with glue. Let the glue dry completely. The toy is ready to play with. 

Pro Tip- 

You can ask your child to decorate the styrofoam ball as a fish🐟. 

Shark Wooden Pegs Craft 

Shark Wooden Pegs Craft For Kids

Your kids will love making this craft. 

What you need- 

Scissors✂️, grey paint🎨, googly eyes👀, wooden clip, white marker🖊️, pencil, paintbrush🖌️, hot glue, and grey foam. 


  • Using the paintbrush 🖌️ and the grey paint, paint🎨 the wooden pegs completely. 
  • Using a pencil, draw two fins and a tail on the grey foam. Glue them on the paint clip. 
  • Using the white marker🖊️, draw the teeth🦷. 
  • Glue the googly eyes👀 on the wooden pegs. 

Pro Tip- 

To make the teeth🦷, you can use white foam. 

Read Books about Sharks 

Books About Sharks For Kids

If your child loves sharks🦈 and marine life, then they’ll enjoy these books- Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies, Swimming with Sharks by Heather Lang, Walter the Whale Shark, Land Shark by Beth Ferry, If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams, and Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating. 

Pro Tip- 

If your child can read, then you should ask them to read these books aloud, as it helps improve their diction, word recognition, spelling, and pronunciation. 

Shark Soap 

Make bath time more fun with this shark🦈 soap🧼. 

What you need- 

Shark fin mold, coconut oil, slow cooker, measuring container, distilled water, blue colorant, pure lye, and essential oils. 


  • In a measuring cup, measure 9 ounces of water and slowly add 4 ounces of pure lye. Leave the mixture aside for 20 minutes. 
  • In a slow cooker on low heat, add 20 ounces of coconut oil and let it melt. 
  • Once the oil has melted, add the lye mixture. At first, stir slowly and then mix vigorously with a whisk or an immersion blender for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Cover the slow cooker and let the mixture simmer on low for 40 to 50 more minutes. 
  • Let the mixture become lukewarm, and then add the essential oils and blue colorant. 
  • Pour the mixture into the silicone shark🦈 fin mold and let it set. The soap🧼 can be used immediately. 

Pro Tip- 

Store the extra shark 🦈fin soap 🧼in an airtight container until further use. 

Shark Marshmallow Pops 

Teach your kids this easy dessert. 

What you need- 

Marshmallows, wooden skewers, candy eyes 👀, light blue candy melts, and black edible writer. 


  • Melt the light blue candy melts in the microwave. 
  • Stick the wooden skewers inside the marshmallows. 
  • Dip the marshmallow in the melted light blue candy, leaving some of the marshmallow un-dipped in the front. 
  • Let the chocolate🍫 dry by placing the marshmallows in a glass. 
  • While the chocolate🍫 is still melty, paste two candy eyes 👀 on the marshmallows. Repeat the process with other marshmallows. 
  • Use the edible marker🖊️ to draw the shark🦈 teeth🦷 on the up-dipped portion of the marshmallows. The marshmallows are ready to serve. 

Shark Binoculars 

Help your little explorer see faraway things with this craft. 

What you need- 

Empty toilet paper rolls, blue, black, and white paint🎨, paintbrush 🖌️, scissors✂️, googly eyes👀, cardboard, tape, black marker🖊️, hole puncher, string, and pony beads. 


  • Make two fins from the cardboard and paint them blue. 
  • Paint two empty toilet paper rolls with the blue paint🎨. 
  • Paint two black triangles on two opposite sides of the rolls. Once the triangles have dried, paint 🎨the shark’s🦈 teeth🦷 over the black triangles. 
  • Paste two googly eyes 👀 above the two triangles and the shark🦈 fin on the same side. 
  • Paste the two shark 🦈paper towel rolls together and use a hole puncher to punch holes in the outside of the binoculars. 
  • Cut out a string of thread and ask your child to decorate it with the pony beads. 
  • Feed the string through the holes of the binoculars and tie them with a knot. The binoculars are ready. 

Jello Yogurt Snack Cups 

Jello Yogurt Snack Cups For Kids

Make this fun shark-inspired late-afternoon snack for your children🧒. 

What you need- 

Whipped cream, vanilla yogurt, water, gummy sharks🦈, transparent plastic cups, graham crackers, and Jell-O mix. 


  • Boil a quarter cup of water and add 13 ounces of Jell-O mix. Mix properly to let the Jell-O dissolve. 
  • With a whisk, mix 1 cup of cool whip with 12 ounces of vanilla yogurt. 
  • Once the Jell-O has dissolved and the mixture has cooled down, mix it with the cool whip and yogurt. 
  • Fill the plastic cups with this mixture and put it in the freezer until the Jell-O has set. 
  • Meanwhile, crush half a cup of graham crackers in a sealed ziplock bag with a rolling pin. 
  • Fifteen minutes before serving, take the plastic cups out of the freezer and top it off with the graham crackers and a gummy shark🦈. 

Banana Shark Pudding Cups 

The kids will really enjoy this delicious after-dinner dessert cup. 

What you need- 

Vanilla wafers, gummy sharks🦈, banana, whole milk🥛, whipped cream, and banana cream pudding mix. 


  • In a large mixing bowl, mix the banana cream pudding with cold milk🥛 with a whisk. 
  • Add the whipped cream to the mix and the sliced banana carefully without beating the air out of it. 
  • Pour the banana pudding into the serving glass and decorate it with crushed vanilla wafers and gummy shark🦈. 

Watch Movies and Documentaries About Sharks 

Some great movies and documentaries feature sharks🦈 and are catered to a young audience. 

My children🧒 enjoyed the following documentaries and movies the most- Finding Nemo, Disneynature: Oceans, Shark Tale, Galapagos: Realm of Giant Sharks, Shark Bait, Ponyo, The Little Mermaid, and Sharks of Lost Island. 

Clothespin Shark 

Your toddler will love playing with this simple toy. 

What you need- 

Blue and white construction paper, hot glue, a wooden clothespin, googly eyes👀, scissors✂️, and a black marker🖊️. 


  • Use a shark🦈 pattern to draw the top and bottom half of a shark on the blue and white construction paper, respectively. 
  • Use the hot glue to paste the blue and white construction paper on the wooden clothespin. 
  • Use the black marker🖊️ to draw shark🦈 features and glue the googly eyes👀 on. 
  • To play with the shark toy and open its mouth, operate the clothespin normally. 

Ocean-themed Jolly Rancher Lollipops 

Ocean-Themed Jolly Rancher Lollipops For Kids

Although it is very sweet for adults, the kids will absolutely love this candy monstrosity. 

What you need- 

Blue Jolly Ranchers, Airheads Candy, Lollipop🍭 sticks, Gummy Sharks🦈, Baking Sheet, and Parchment paper. 


  • Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
  • Unravel the Airhead Candy and cut it into 2-inch strips. 
  • On the baking sheet, in groups of six, place three blue Jolly Ranchers together. Put it in the oven until the Jolly Ranchers have melted (usually 4 to 5 minutes). 
  • After removing the baking sheet from the oven, quickly place the lollipop sticks on them. 
  • When the Jolly Rancher is still hot but a little tacky, decorate it with strips of Airhead Candy and one gummy shark🦈 each. 

Shark Juice Box Craft 

If you are hosting a party during Shark Week🦈, then I highly recommend this shark juice box craft. 

What you need- 

Blue and grey construction paper, red marker🖊️, juice boxes🧃, googly eyes👀, glue, and small cupcake liners. 


  • Remove the straw packet from each juice box.
  • Cover the juice boxes🧃 with the blue construction paper, leaving the top open. Paste the straw packet on the back of the juice box with the hot glue.  
  • Glue two googly eyes👀 in the front of the box. 
  • Fold the cupcake liner in half and draw a small fish 🐟with the red marker🖊️ in it. 
  • Paste the cupcake liner a little above the bottom of the juice box🧃. 
  • Make two fins with the grey construction paper and paste them on either side of the shark’s mouth. 

Shark Rice Krispie Sushi 

Shark Rice Krispie Sushi Making Activity For Kids

This snack was a big hit amongst the kids during Shark Week🦈. 

What you need- 

Rice Krispies, Gummy Sharks, and Fruit Roll-Ups. 


  • Cut the rice krispie treats into 4 by 2-inch bars. 
  • Place a gummy shark🦈 on each rice krispie. 
  • To hold the gummy shark in its place, roll a fruit roll-up around the rice krispie. The shark 🦈rice krispie sushi🍣 is ready to serve. 

Shark Cupcakes 

Hosting a shark-themed birthday party for your child? Then, these shark🦈 cupcakes are perfect for you. 

What you need- 

White fondant, black and blue gel food coloring, vanilla cupcakes🧁, butter, icing sugar, milk, and blue gel frosting. 


  • On a clean work surface, knead 3 to 4 ounces of white fondant. Add a few drops of black food coloring to the white fondant and knead until the desired color is achieved. 
  • Divide the fondant into at least 12 small balls and start to work them into a shark 🦈fin. 
  • To make the buttercream frosting, in a large mixing bowl, add a stick of butter, 2 tablespoons🥄 of milk, and icing sugar. Mix in a stand mix, on slow at first. Add the blue gel food coloring and mix on high until the coloring has mixed properly. 
  • Fill a piping bag with the blue ice cream 🍦 and pipe the cupcakes🧁. Decorate with the blue gel frosting and the fondant shark🦈 fin. 

Pro Tip- You can use a cupcake mix or buy baked cupcakes🧁 for this. 

Shark Paper Plate Craft 

Your toddler and preschooler will enjoy this paper plate craft to decorate their house with. 

What you need- 

White paper plate, grey paint🎨, glue, scissors✂️, white construction paper, and googly eyes👀. 


  • In two paper bowls, mix black and white paint🎨. One of the mixtures should be darker, and the other should be lighter. 
  • Make two shark🦈 fins and a shark tail with construction paper, and ask your child to paint🎨 over them with the darker grey paint. 
  • Using the scissors✂️, cut 1/8th of the paper plate in the shape of a triangle. Paste the tail on the opposite side of the plate and the fins on the bottom and top of the plate. 
  • Use the construction paper to make shark🦈 teeth🦷 strips and paste them on the side of the plate, which is not painted grey. In a way, they look like teeth🦷. 
  • Glue the googly eyes👀in the front and your shark is ready. 

Lemonade Popsicles 

This recipe can be made into a shark-themed beverage and popsicles, which the kids will enjoy during the summer. 

What you need- 

Popsicle molds, popsicle sticks, blue food coloring, gummy sharks, water, sugar, and lemon🍋 juice. 


  • To make lemonade, squeeze one and a half cups of lemon juice and mix it with one cup of sugar and 5 cups of cold water in a large pitcher. Add 2 to 3 drops of blue food coloring and mix well. 
  • Place a popsicle stick and a gummy shark🦈 in each popsicle holder. 
  • Pour the blue lemonade🍋 over it and put the mold in the freezer overnight. 

Pro Tip- To serve this just as a beverage, serve the lemonade🍋 with a gummy shark 🦈in a glass filled with ice cubes. 

Shark Color Matching Game 

With this color-matching game, you’ll be strengthening your child’s color recognition and fine motor skills. 

What you need- 

Googly eyes👀, empty toilet paper rolls, scissors✂️, and cardstock paper. 


  • On the cardstock paper, print three front-facing cartoon sharks🦈 with their mouths open. The sharks should be of different colors. Using the scissors✂️, cut the sharks🦈 out and use a box cutter to remove the paper from their open mouth. 
  • Now, print multiple small fish🐟of the same colors as the sharks🦈 on the card stock paper. Cut them with scissors✂️ as well. 
  • Using the hot glue gun, paste the empty toilet paper roll on the back side of the shark, behind the shark’s🦈 gaping mouth. 

To play the game, your child needs to throw the fish🐟 in the shark of the same color. Keep score if more than one child is playing. 

Shark Chips and Dip 

The kids and adults will love this snack during Shark Week🦈. 

What you need- 

Purple Corn Chips, corn kernels, jalapenos, bell peppers, mayonnaise, sour cream, salt, black pepper, shredded cheddar cheese🧀, green onion, lime juice🍋, and fresh cilantro. 


  • Finely chop the green onion, cilantro, jalapeno, and bell pepper. 
  • In a large mixing bowl, mix the green onion, cilantro, and bell pepper with the corn, shredded cheese🧀, and lime juice🍋. 
  • In a smaller mixing bowl, mix mayo, sour cream, cracked black pepper, and salt. 
  • Mix everything and let the dip rest in the fridge until the guests arrive. 
  • Serve with a bowl of purple corn chips. 

Shark Sugar Cookies 

Shark Sugar Cookies For Kids

Sugar cookies are super easy to make, and they taste great as well. 

What you need- 

White frosting, black gel food coloring, black and red gel frosting tube, triangle cookie cutter, white sugar, butter, egg🥚, milk🥛, vanilla extract, flour, baking soda, and salt.  


  • In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, add all of the dried ingredients- 1 cup of white sugar, a quarter teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and 2 cups of all-purpose flour. Mix for a second. 
  • Add the wet ingredients next. Half a cup of room temperature butter, 1 large egg, 4 tablespoons of milk🥛, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix until a dough is formed. Wrap the dough in the plastic saran wrap and chill the dough in the refrigerator for at least an hour. 
  • To roll the dough, dust a clean surface with flour and use a rolling pin. 
  • Use the triangle cookie cutter to cut the dough and place the cookies on the baking sheet. 
  • Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the cookies are light brown. 
  • While the cookies cool down, prepare the grey and black frosting. 
  • Pour the grey, black, and white frosting into three separate piping bags. 
  • Cover the entire cookie in grey frosting. 
  • Use the red gel frosting to make the shark’s 🦈lips. Paint 🎨the inside of its mouth with black frosting and make teeth🦷 using white frosting. Repeat the process to decorate all of the cookies. 

Shark Sensory Tub 

A sensory tub is a great tool to help your child acclimate to different sounds, shapes, colors, smells, and textures. To make a shark 🦈sensory tub, help your child collect household items, toys, and other readily available materials. 

When I asked my son to make his sensory tub, he used blue tissue paper for the ocean floor and picked leaves and rocks from the backyard to make the ocean floor. Let your child pick their items as well. 

Shark Rice Krispies 

This is an easy treat to teach your kids to make for Shark Week🦈. 

What you need- 

Popsicle sticks, white sprinkles, baking sheets, parchment paper, gummy sharks🦈, rice krispie treats, and white chocolate🍫 melts. 


  • Use the parchment paper to line a baking sheet. 
  • Cut the rice krispie treats into 4 by 3-inch rectangles. 
  • Insert a popsicle stick in each Krispie treat. 
  • Melt the white chocolate 🍫 melt in a microwave-safe bowl and mix a few drops of blue food coloring. 
  • Dip each krispie treat in the blue chocolate 🍫 melt and place it on the baking sheet. 
  • While the chocolate 🍫 is still wet, decorate with white sprinkles and gummy sharks🦈. 

Shark Bookmark Craft 

Kids have to read so many books, so this craft will come in handy. 

What you need- 

Bright blue and white construction paper, googly eyes👀, scissors✂️, markers🖊️, and glue. 


  • On the bright blue construction paper draw a shark’s body, including fins and tail. Cut it with scissors✂️. 
  • Use the white construction paper to draw the shark’s🦈 belly pattern. Cut with scissors✂️ and paste on top of the blue construction paper. 
  • Paste the googly eyes👀 over the white construction paper and draw the mouth using the markers. The bookmark is ready. 

Pro Tip- 

You can ask your kid to make the bookmark using their favorite colors and even let them draw or write stuff on it. 

Shark Sensory Bag 

Sensory bags and tubs are a great way to introduce your child to different smells, shapes, colors, and textures. Playing with a sensory bag is also extremely stimulating for children🧒. 

What you need- 

Ziplock bag, duct tape, scissors✂️, blue hair gel, and foam paper. 


  • Use the foam paper to cut small fish🐟 and a shark🦈. 
  • Fill a ziplock bag with blue hair gel and add the foam, small fish🐟, and a shark. 
  • Close the ziplock bag and secure it with duct tape. The sensory bag is ready to play with. 

Pro Tip- 

If you can’t find blue hair gel, use a transparent gel and add a few drops of blue to make the blue hair gel. 

Shark Ice Cream Floats 

Celebrate Shark Week🦈 or your child’s shark-themed birthday party with this ice cream🍦 float recipe. 

What you need- 

Vanilla ice cream🍦, blue Kool-Aid, gummy sharks🦈, and Sprite.


  • Fill three-quarters of a mason jar with blue Kool-Aid. 
  • Top it off with Sprite and a scoop of vanilla ice cream🍦. 
  • Decorate it with a gummy shark🦈. 

Pro Tip- 

You can replace Sprite with any other clear soda. 

Shark Party Hats 

My son wanted his birthday party to be ocean-themed this year, so we made these easy shark🦈 party hats. 

What you need- 

Grey, black, and white acrylic paint🎨, paintbrush🖌️, grey construction paper, glue, scissors✂️, and party hats. 


  • Cut shark tails and fins from the grey construction paper. 
  • Using the grey acrylic paint, paint 🎨 over the party hats. 
  • Make the outline of the shark 🦈teeth🦷 with black paint and paint the teeth 🦷white. 
  • Once the paint🎨 has dried, use the glue to paste the fins and the tail on the hat. 

Watermelon Shark 

Watermelon Shark Activity For Kids

I recently went to the grocery store and bought some really flavorful watermelons. My kids love watermelon as it is, but they were super excited with the way I served the watermelon. 

What you need- 

A sharp knife, watermelon🍉, and a marker🖊️. 


  • Cut one-third of the watermelon🍉 and place the watermelon🍉 on the plate. Remove the rind from this piece and cut the watermelon into small pieces. 
  • Draw the shark’s🦈 mouth on the watermelon🍉 and use it to cut the mouth out with a knife. Carefully remove the cut watermelon🍉. 
  • To make the shark teeth🦷, remove small triangles from the top and bottom of the mouth. The watermelon🍉 is ready to serve. 

Shark Sensory Bottle Craft 

My kids had a lot of fun playing with their shark sensory bottle craft. 

What you need- 

Grey foam sheet, water, blue glitter, a clear plastic bottle, and blue glitter glue. 


  • Help your child draw and cut a small foam shark🦈, along with small fish🐟. 
  • Ask your child to remove the plastic wrap around the water bottle.
  • Then, tell them to squeeze an entire bottle of glitter glue into the water bottle. 
  • Add loose blue glitter and fill the rest of the bottle with water. 
  • Add the foam sharks 🦈and fishes🐟 to the water bottle. Tightly seal the cap and ask your child to shake the bottle to play with it. 

Shark Surfboard Craft 

Celebrate Shark Week🦈 with your children🧒 with this easy surfboard craft. 

What you need- 

Cardboard, paint🎨, paintbrush🖌️, markers, and scissors ✂️. 


  • Draw a surfboard on the cardboard and cut it with scissors ✂️.
  • Ask your child to paint 🎨the surfboard in their favorite color. 
  • Glue two googly eyes👀 on the surfboard. 
  • Ask your child to draw other features like mouth, fins, gills, and tail with the markers🖊️. 

Shark Photo Booth DIY  

This prop will be a big hat during your Shark Week🦈 or JAWS-themed kid’s party. 

What you need- 

Trifold board, grey, blue, black, red, and white paint, large paintbrush🖌️, and box cutter. 


  • Paint the entire trifold board with a light blue paint🎨 color. Let the paint dry. 
  • Draw the silhouette of the shark🦈 covering most of the board using a pencil. 
  • Also, draw the shark’s eyes👀, belly pattern, mouth, and teeth 🦷. 
  • Paint the shark 🦈grey and its belly pattern white. Paint🎨 the outline of the mouth red and the teeth 🦷 white. The eyes👀 should be completely painted black. 
  • Once the paint🎨 has dried, use the box cutter to remove the inside of the shark’s mouth, which is where the children🧒 will stand for their photo. The booth is ready. 

Pro Tip- 

Click a photo in front of a plain wall. 

Paper Plate Shark Craft 

My kids had so much fun making this paper plate shark🦈 craft. 

What you need- 

Paper plates, googly eyes👀, blue and magenta acrylic paint🎨, blue and white sparkly foam paper, glue, scissors✂️, and pencil.


  • Paint the top and bottom of one paper plate with blue paint🎨. 
  • Paint the bottom and top of the other plate magenta and blue, respectively. 
  • While the paint🎨 is drying, use the white sparkly foam paper to make a set of teeth 🦷 and cut it. Also, make two eyes👀, two fins, and a shark🦈 tail with the blue sparkly foam paper and cut it. 
  • Turn the plate that has been painted completely blue upside down. 
  • Fold the other plate in half, with the magenta side inside. 
  • Paste the folded plate on top of the other plate. 
  • Now, paste the bottom and the top teeth 🦷 inside the folded plate. 
  • Glue the googly eyes 👀to the sparkly blue eye-shaped foam paper and paste it on top of the folded plate. 
  • Glue the fins and the tail at the end of the non-folded plate. 

Shark Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Who doesn’t love ice cream🍦 sandwiches? This is the perfect snack to unwind the day with your children🧒 after a day full of activities. 

What you need- 

Two cookies, ice cream🍦, small white chocolate 🍫chips, small marshmallows, and black and grey gel frosting. 


  • Place a cookie on a plate and top it off with a scoop of ice cream🍦 of your choice. 
  • Put the second cookie on top and cover the top cookie in grey frosting. 
  • Paste two marshmallows on the grey frosting and use the black gel frosting to make the eyes👀. 
  • Use the white chocolate🍫 chips to make shark teeth 🦷 and your shark🦈 ice cream sandwich is ready to serve. 

Golf Ball Shark Craft 

This art project can be made with any out-of-commission ball. My kids loved this craft so much that they created multiples of it and decided to use them to decorate their room. 

What you need- 

A white golf ball, grey paint, paintbrush🖌️, bottle caps, googly eyes👀, permanent marker🖊️, grey foam sheet, scissors ✂️, and glue. 


  • Use the permanent marker to draw a shark’s mouth on the white golf ball. 
  • Paint the entire ball, leaving the mouth part, and let the paint🎨 dry. 
  • Draw a shark’s🦈 tail and two fins on the grey foam sheet and cut it out with scissors ✂️. 
  • Carefully paste the fins and the tail on the golf ball. 
  • Paste two googly eyes 👀above the shark’s mouth. 
  • And finally, glue the bottle cap on the bottom of the ball to keep the ball in place. 

Pro tip- 

You can provide your kids with other art supplies to decorate the golf ball as they like. My children🧒 used the glitter tubes to create a fun pattern on the balls. 


The population of sharks🦈 is an indicator of the health of the ocean. With the aforementioned activities, I hope to teach my children🧒 compassion and empathy towards sharks🦈, whilst simultaneously teaching them about the importance of conserving their population. 

Hopefully, you find these activities useful and are able to share some of the wonderful dessert and snack ideas with your kids. 

Let me know in the comments down below which activity and snack your kids enjoyed the most. 

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