21 Untold Somalia Facts that Everyone Should Know

African countries are famous for their friendly people and tropical weather. 🌍 Apart from this, various endangered animals and rare species of plants can also be seen here 🦁.

Somalia is one of the most famous countries of this continent, which gets highlighted in the world news frequently for many reasons. Here are some of the essential facts about this country which can make you aware of this country with ease. 

Fascinating Somalia Facts: The Hidden Gems of East Africa

You will observe several incredible animals in Somalia

Animals In Somalia

Natural beauty and various animals can set your mood instantly. This is why many people choose Somalia as their vacation destination.

It has different kinds of mammals to surprise you. You can observe giraffes, camels 🐫, baboons, elephants, cheetahs 🐆, and many more. Apart from this, you will also get the chance to see different crocodiles as well 🐊.

People face a severe hunger crisis in Somalia.

The serious hunger crisis is demolishing the average health condition of Somalia 😔. Almost 6.9 million people cannot be able to secure their food daily 🍽️.

They are even dying due to this reason. Many children even forget the taste of food as well. Thus, most people are leaving this country and immigrating to America or other countries 🥺.

The capital city of Somalia is Mogadishu.

Capital City Of Somalia

Mogadishu is the capital city of Somalia. Most people practice the Muslim religion 🕌. Thus, this country has several beautiful mosques to amaze anyone. The capital city has several noticeable historical stories in it.

The crime rate is relatively high in this country.

High Crime Rate In Somalia

Criminal activities are pretty every day in this country. Presence of several terrorist groups, the crime rate is relatively high in Somalia.

However, the police department of this country is rigorous and defeats various crimes. Kidnappings, murders 🚨, and thefts are not rare. You may also observe pirates in the sea here.

British chose Somalia for the first time to fly warplanes in the African belt.

Africa has many countries in it. The British army selected Somalia to fly most of their warplanes. This is quite a rare case in an African country ✈️. They passed many warplanes both for practice and in real time.

The official languages of this country are Somali and Arabic 🗣️.

People from Somalia speak different languages. However, they use Somali and Arabic for official purposes. However, some of them use English as well.

They communicate with each other through different languages. It would help if you learned several local languages to visit the rural areas of this country 🌍.

Somalia is also well-known for a powerful terrorist group named Al Shabab.

This country is the nest of a famous terrorist group named Al Shabab. This is why many people put this country on their blocklist for vacation. The criminal activities of Somalia can quickly increase the chances of being caught in several unwanted situations ☠️.

Somali people believe in a joint family structure.

Somalia's Joint Family Structure

The concept of micro-family is not well-known in Somalia. People live with their parents and grandparents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. They also respect their heritage, tradition, and culture. Apart from this, they know the actual value of family. This concept helps them to stay safe even in danger.

The literacy percentage is relatively low here.

Most people didn’t get the opportunity to educate themselves. The literacy percentage is meager in Somalia 📚.

Most people don’t even know how to read and write. Thus, they won’t be able to gather enough ideas to improve in every possible way. Apart from this, they tend to involve in different crimes quite easily.

The ancient history of Somalia is rich.

This country has a rich history, along with several regions and natural sites. People from Somalia have endured a lot from ancient times 📜. They went through several critical conditions during wars for years ⚔️.

Many famous poets belong to this country only.

Some people call Somalia the poet’s country or nation of poets. These people can narrate a story in a significant way.

They pass on this skill from generation to generation. Ismail Mire Elmi, Abd Al Rahaman, and Keinan Abdi originated from Somalia only. They created several masterpieces 🎭.

This country has an extensive coastline.

This country has a long coastline which can provide several beautiful beaches. Apart from this, people from different countries usually visit Somalia to enjoy these beaches 🏖️ without facing any commercial disturbances.

These beaches are increasing the popularity of this country day by day. The length of the coastline is 3025 km 🌊.

One can easily enjoy wildlife in the dense forest of Somalia.

Wildlife In Forest Of Somalia

Somalia’s Savana region will amaze you with different wild animals and trees 🦁. Almost 12% of the land portion of Somalia is covered with dense forest. You will surely enjoy a fantastic wildlife trip in this forest.

The famous waterfall of Somalia is the Lamadaya.

Waterfall Of Somalia

You can also go for the famous waterfall in Somalia to add another positive point to your Somalia trip. The name of this famous waterfall is Lamadaya. The massive size of this waterfall can drop your jaw 🌊.

Camel is a part of Somalia’s culture.

Camels Of Somalia’s

As mentioned before, Somalia has a variety of mammals. You will indeed find many camels here. Camels have sentimental and cultural value in Somalia 🐪. They consider camels as their protector.

They drink camel’s milk and also use it for transportation. Also, camels can stay strong without having water and food for many days. Thus, they can easily relate to this animal with their lifestyles 🌵.

Banana is an important export product of Somalia.

This country cultivates different kinds of fruits and vegetables every year. However, they export bananas in massive quantities 🍌. Thus, this is the main export product of Somalia. They also grow different kinds of crops to balance their economy.

People eat with only three fingers in this country.

They respect their food a lot. They generally use only three fingers of their right hand to swallow food 🍽️.

Sometimes they use raw banana leaves to do the same. They made a straw out of banana leaves. They eat their food with the help of this straw.

The shape of Somalia is almost like a horn.

It would help if you observed the map of Africa to realize the shape of Somalia. The form of Somalia is almost like a horn. This is why people call it the Horn of Africa with ease 🌍.

The national animal of Somalia is the leopard.

National Animal Of Somalia

The national animal of Somalia is the leopard 🐆. These endangered animals with unique spots on their bodies make them relatively uncommon.

Leopards can be found in China, India, and many other Asian countries as well. However, you may also find leopards in the savanna region of Somalia. People are trying a lot to save these animals in more innovative ways.

The fertility rate is relatively high in Somalia.

People from Somalia do not need to face any infertility issues while having babies 🤰. A single woman can give birth to almost six babies without physical problems. Genetically, they can conceive naturally without undergoing expensive infertility treatment 👶.

Most people run their independent businesses.

People generally do not look for a job under someone. They like to run their own business. Some people cultivate in their field to earn money 💼. Some of them go for the dairy business as well. Thus, most of them are entrepreneurs.

Here you accumulate an overall idea of Somalia with the help of these 21 facts. You may review a few related articles on our page to enrich your knowledge about other countries. 

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