20 Untold Tallinn Facts that No One Knows

Welcome to Tallinn, the picturesque capital and most populous city 😲of Estonia!

From its rich cultural heritage to its captivating beach and historical monuments, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some wonderful facts about beautiful Tallinn City that will leave you completely amazed😲. 

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Mysterious Tallinn Facts

The city of Tallinn: Was previously known as Reval

I am quite amazed to learn this interesting fact about the city of Tallinn! Want to know?

The capital of Estonia was not always called Tallinn. Before 1918, when the nation gained independence, it was called Reval, thought to be of German origin. 

As per legend, the origins of the old names derive from a deer hunt, when an animal perished by falling from a cliff⛰️. 

In German, the meaning of Reh-fall is ‘deer fall.” Many historians argue about this theory and believe it is more likely to come from Revalia, the old Estonian country.

Secret Passages in Tallinn

Secret Passages In Tallinn

Love to explore mysterious secret passages? Then you will surely love this secret.

Under the Old Town, we will see a labyrinth of 17th-century tunnels. During World War II, these were used as bomb shelters. These were designed by the Swedish engineer Erik Dahlbergh to defend the city against artillery fire! 

After WWII, the several-kilometer-long underground passages served as shelters in a situation like a nuclear attack 💣 on the Soviet city!

However, they were not widely known to people until the year 2020. It was the time when 380 of the passageways were opened to the public.

The city of Tallinn: Has the greatest number of per capita start-ups in Europe

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a very innovative city, and it is home to the greatest number of start-ups per capita in the entire continent of Europe!

Here, people can even become an e-resident! The days of piles of paperwork and bureaucracy are gone. 

Estonia is the country where we can register a company and go completely digital when running a business!

Tallinn’s old town: It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tallinn’s Old Town

Constructed on a large limestone hill, one of the only ones in a quite flat country, Tallinn’s Old Town is lined with narrow alleyways, cobblestone streets, secret underground tunnels, ruins of medieval city walls, picturesque merchants’ houses and churches with richly adorned facades, and many more.

The result of thirteenth-century art, the commanding fortress is, no doubt, a rarity. The photogenic and well-preserved Old Town of Tallinn City has made way for well-curated museums, a vibrant nightlife 🌃, cozy restaurants, and fascinating spas, which are loved by everyone.

Teletorn: The tallest building in the country of Estonia

Teletorn Of Tallinn

The famous TV Tower, Teletorn, is not just the largest building in Tallinn 🌆 but also the entire country of Estonia!

With a height of 314 meters, one can not only enjoy panoramic views of the entire Old Town, along with the Baltic Sea. Also, if the weather is clear enough, we will get to see all the way to the coast of Finland.

Tallinn City was built in the 13th century

The origin of beautiful Tallinn City dates back to the thirteenth century. A fascinating castle was constructed by the German knights of the Teutonic Order, who had to bring Christianity to the northern pagans. 

Later, the city was divided into the upper town around the famous Toompea Castle🏰 and the lower town. The lower town is home to the Hanseatic League.

Tallinn City has experienced its fair share of battles

Did you know this interesting secret about Tallinn City?? No?? Let me explain.

Tallinn has experienced a lot of battles. It was conquered by the Danes, then was retaken by the Germans, and later was developed into a wealthy Hanseatic trade center. Later, it was occupied by the Russians and even taken shortly by the Nazis. Next, it was again conquered by the Soviets. 

However, after these struggles, today, the flag of Estonia proudly waves in the wind after becoming independent in 1991 as a small but beautiful Baltic state. 

Tallinn City: The city’s fascinating beach

Tallinn's Beaches

Although Tallinn City is not famous as a beach city, people can still enjoy a fascinating summer holiday on its relaxing beach 🏖️! The city’s Pirita District has around 2 km of unspoiled sandy beaches with captivating views out to the Baltic Sea.

The city of Tallinn: The city with its own song festival

To the people of Estonia, the dance and song festivals are the embodiment of their country’s culture and identity, which had been shaken a lot by many periods of occupation! 

In Tallinn, its tradition goes back to 1869! The country-wide popular festival kept growing with the national awakening of the country.

The festival of Tallinn includes more than a thousand choirs taking the stage. Those have around 35000 participating singers and musicians 🎼performing a memorable event for the audience! 

This states where the Baltic inspiration for the kitsch European song festival, called Eurovision, comes from.

Vana Tallinn: The local spirit of the city of Tallinn

Did you know that each European city has its own signature drink?? Interesting, right?

Similarly, Tallinn has its own as well. It is a sweet liquor called Vana Tallinn, which was invented in the 60s. No matter whether we drink it hot or cold, in a cocktail 🍷or coffee, or even straight, it is always tasty! This amazing liquor offers a taste that everyone will love. 

This amazing drink uses natural ingredients and presents a smooth but bitter flavor! It even offers aromas of toffee, cinnamon, citrus, rum, vanilla, coriander, chocolate, and some other warm spices!

Maiasmokk: Meet the oldest café in Estonia

Opened in 1864, the oldest running café 🍵of this beautiful city of Tallinn is known as Maiasmokk. The name of the café can be literally translated as Sweet Tooth, which is quite an appropriate name for the mouth-watering home-baked goods served here. 

The interior décor of this fascinating café has remained unchanged for about a century. This fascinating café even houses its own Marzipan Museum.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: This Russian Orthodox Church is still standing in Tallinn

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral In Tallinn

Built-in 1900, during the Russification period, the attractive Alexander Nevsky Cathedral ⛪can be seen in Tallinn. It was named after the Russian hero who defeated the Teutonic Knights. 

Situated right across the Estonian Parliament housed in the Tompeea Castle, this was a mark of Russian control over the country!

During 1918-1944, the first independence of Estonia, the authorities of the nation wanted to demolish the Russian Orthodox Church! However, they lacked the money. 

Later by the time of the country’s second independence, Estonians accepted the church as a part of their cultural heritage.

Tallinn City: The place where the Devil got married

Let’s enjoy an amazing legend about Tallinn!!

Centuries ago, a ruined hotel owner decided to take his own life, but the sound of a door knock interrupted him.

A man entered and asked a room for rent to hold a banquet, but the owner must not eavesdrop, also he will get handsomely paid. The owner agreed and later the party started with lots of guests, and music. 

The owner eavesdropped and found out that it was the Devil’s 😈 Wedding!! The next morning, the owner received a goat-skin bag full of gold. However, when he grabbed the bag, it turned into horse dung and he fell dead.

Tallinn City is the capital of occult in Northern Europe

Stories like the Devil’s Wedding and some other legends eventually offered beautiful Tallinn City the reputation as the capital of the occult of Northern Europe. During 1930, the study of paranormal phenomena was quite popular. 

In Tallinn, the Psychic Research Society focuses mainly on magnetism, psychic phenomena, telepathy, and many more. 

One of its interesting research was about the Gate Tower’s ghost 👻 monk. Being responsible for many paranormal phenomena in nearby buildings, many even think that this tower is haunted by a phantom monk. Really thrilling, isn’t it? 15. 

Dominican St. Catherine Monastery is the city’s oldest building

Tallinn's Oldest Building

If you love to explore famous buildings, then you will surely love this fascinating fact about the beautiful city of Tallinn!

Dominican St. Catherine’s Monastery in Tallinn dates back to 1246. This remarkable building is famous as the oldest building in the city. Usually, it is one of the best-kept secrets of Tallinn City, in spite of the truth that it is situated in the city’s center. 

This attractive courtyard of this building even serves as a museum in the summertime.

Myths in Tallinn City: It is about Chimney Sweeps

 Love to enjoy local myths and legends?? Then you will definitely like this amazing fact!

Chimney Sweeps in the city of Tallinn start to wear 19th-century uniforms. So, if people come across one, they try to touch his brass buttons. Myth has it that this gesture will bring good luck! Amazing, isn’t it?

Tallinn during 1422: Marzipan was invented 

The apothecary called the Town Hall Pharmacy 💊 of Tallinn is world-famous for its marzipan! It was amongst the most renowned sweets in Northern Europe, and this pharmacy was the first to sell it, mentioning it as a medieval product that can cure the pain of lost love! 

Some other popular medicines included mummy juice, snakeskin potion, powdered unicorn horn and Claret, etc.

Vurtsikilu: A symbolic seafood dish of Tallinn City

Seafood Dish Of Tallinn City

Oh seafood! How much I wish to taste some!!

Arguably, the most popular and symbolic seafood dish 🤤of the city of Tallinn is called vurtsikilo or ‘spicy sprat.” It is actually salted sprats pickled with a unique set of spices, including allspice, black pepper, and cloves. 

The making of this amazing dish is thought to have originated from the outskirts of the city.

Another surprising fact about this dish is that in 1826, the merchants of Tallinn City even exported around 40,000 cans of vurtsiklu to Saint Petersburg.

Port of Tallinn: One of the biggest ports in the Baltic Sea area

Here we can see Port of Tallinn, which is one of the biggest ports in the Baltic sea 🌊 area. whereas the Port of Muuga, the largest cargo port of the country of Estonia is also another popular and frequently used port in the region.

Patarei Prison: Meet a medieval prison

Patarei Prison In Tallinn

Built in 1840, the Soviet-era Patarei Prison is actually a sea fortress! Though it had numerous uses over the years but until recently it was a functioning prison. In 2004, since its closure, this prison remains unchanged. 

Later in 2014, this building will re-open to the people as a multi-event facility and a museum.

Summing up

We hope! Knowing about the above Tallinn City facts will satisfy your curious 😄 soul!

From its rich history and secrets passages to its delicious cuisine and thrilling legends, what in Tallinn appeals to you the most?

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