121+ Thanks Giving Trivia Questions to Test Your Holiday IQ!

Step into the heartwarming world of Thanksgiving with our trivia questions! As the leaves turn golden and the aroma of a delicious feast fills the air, Thanksgiving brings families and friends together to celebrate gratitude and togetherness. 🍁🥧

Thanksgiving, a quintessential American holiday, is more than just a meal—it’s a time to reflect on blessings, traditions, and the history that shaped a nation. Through these trivia questions, we’ll explore the origins of Thanksgiving, the iconic Macy’s Parade, and the recipes that make this holiday special.

Whether you’re a turkey aficionado, a fan of pumpkin pie, or simply someone who values the warmth of gathering, join us as we delve into the heart and soul of Thanksgiving! 🧡

Thanks Giving Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: First Thanksgiving year in the U.S.?
A: 1621.

Q: Pilgrims helped by which Native American tribe?
A: Wampanoag.

Q: President who made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863?
A: Abraham Lincoln.

Q: Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in which month?
A: October.

Q: Main dish in U.S. Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Turkey.

Q: Vegetable in “candied yams” during Thanksgiving?
A: Sweet potatoes.

Q: Pumpkin dessert in Thanksgiving?
A: Pumpkin pie.

Q: Traditional Thanksgiving activity in the U.S.?
A: Family dinner.

Q: NYC annual parade on Thanksgiving Day?
A: Macy’s Parade.

Q: U.S. Thanksgiving day of the week?
A: Thursday.

Q: Term for expressing gratitude on Thanksgiving?
A: Giving thanks.

Q: Ship bringing Pilgrims to America in 1620?
A: The Mayflower.

Q: Small Thanksgiving meal dishes?
A: Appetizers.

Q: Main ingredient in cranberry sauce?
A: Cranberries.

Q: Common spice in pumpkin pie?
A: Cinnamon.

Q: State known for cranberry production?
A: Wisconsin.

Q: Roasting turkey in an oven bag?
A: Bag roasting.

Q: Expressing gratitude on Thanksgiving?
A: Saying thanks.

Q: Native American who helped the Pilgrims?
A: Squanto.

Q: Famous rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts?
A: Plymouth Rock.

Q: U.S. President pardons a turkey before Thanksgiving?
A: Turkey pardon.

Q: Thanksgiving centerpiece made of fruits and nuts?
A: Cornucopia.

Q: Day after Thanksgiving known for shopping deals?
A: Black Friday.

Q: State with annual Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving?
A: Many states.

Q: Different Thanksgiving dessert in Canada?
A: Butter tart pie.

Q: Volunteering to help those in need on Thanksgiving?
A: Giving back.

Q: Native American interpreter for the Pilgrims?
A: Squanto.

Q: Tradition of going around the table and sharing blessings on Thanksgiving?
A: Sharing blessings.

Q: Sweet, yellow vegetable served on Thanksgiving?
A: Corn.

Q: Dessert made from nuts and sugar on Thanksgiving?
A: Pecan pie.

Q: Mixture of bread, onions, and seasonings used to stuff turkey on Thanksgiving?
A: Dressing.

Q: Tradition of volunteering to help those in need on Thanksgiving?
A: Volunteering.

Q: Woman falling in love with a prince cursed to be a beast in Disney film?
A: “Beauty and the Beast.”

Q: Centerpiece made of fruits and nuts on Thanksgiving table?
A: Cornucopia.

Q: Annual Thanksgiving Day football game in Michigan?
A: Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers.

Q: Thanksgiving-themed Charlie Brown animated special?
A: “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

Q: Native American interpreter for the Jamestown colony?
A: Pocahontas.

Q: Lighter meal during the day before a big Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Fasting or saving room.

Q: Decorative plant often used on Thanksgiving?
A: Cornucopia.

Q: Native American tribe helping Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving?
A: Wampanoag.

Q: State of the first Thanksgiving in the U.S.?
A: Massachusetts.

Q: Part of the throat often called the “hangy ball”?
A: Uvula.

Q: Cooking turkey outdoors on a grill or smoker?
A: Grilling or smoking.

Q: Eating leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner the next day?
A: Leftovers or turkey sandwiches.

Q: Decorative items placed at each person’s seat at the Thanksgiving table?
A: Place cards.

Q: Feeling of contentment and gratitude on Thanksgiving?
A: Thankfulness or gratitude.

Q: Official overseeing the annual turkey pardon by the U.S. President?
A: White House Chief of Protocol.

Q: Watching parades, football games, or movies on Thanksgiving Day?
A: Tradition or pastime.

Q: Dish made from leftover Thanksgiving dinner ingredients?
A: Turkey casserole or Thanksgiving casserole.

Q: Making a wish and breaking apart the wishbone with another person?
A: Breaking the wishbone or making a wish.

Q: Native American guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition?
A: Sacagawea.

Q: Expressing gratitude through words or actions on Thanksgiving?
A: Giving thanks or showing appreciation.

Q: Ship bringing the Pilgrims to America in 1620?
A: The Mayflower.

Q: Small dishes served before the main Thanksgiving meal?
A: Appetizers.

Q: Main ingredient in cranberry sauce?
A: Cranberries.

Q: Common spice in pumpkin pie?

🦃🍁 As we wrap up our delightful journey through Thanksgiving trivia questions, we’ve celebrated the spirit of gratitude, shared stories of pilgrims and pioneers, and indulged in the flavors of a bountiful feast. These questions remind us that Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday; it’s a time-honored tradition that brings people together with love, laughter, and appreciation. 🥧🥂🍂

So, whether you’re carving the turkey, setting the table, or simply cherishing moments with loved ones, may the warmth of Thanksgiving continue to fill your heart, and may the bonds of family and friendship be forever cherished! 🧡🌟🍽️

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