18 Interesting Valencia Facts that Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Valencia, the mesmerizing third-largest city in Spain!

From its rich cultural heritage and captivating architecture 🏗️, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some amazing facts that will leave you amazed😲. Let us embark on this wonderful journey!

Amazing Valencia Facts

Valencia: It hosts the world’s largest street party

Have you heard about Las Fallas Festival? No? Let me explain.

This amazing festival is celebrated in March every year and is believed to be the mother of all parties. This unique festival lasts 19 days and attracts around 3 million people😲. 

The last five days are most enjoyable! During those days, people dress up, offer delicious foods, enjoy loud music🎼, host a procession, etc.

The highlight of this family-friendly festival is on March 19, when people light up the sky and streets with fireworks and around 700 fallas-giant cardboard, wooden or polystyrene structures of monuments or people.

History of Valencia: It spans over 2000 years

If you are a history lover like me, then you will surely love this historical secret about Valencia!

The city was founded in 138 BC by the Romans. Several centuries later, the Visigoths invaded, and the Catholic Church took control of the city.

From the 8th century, the city was occupied by the Moors until, in 1238, King Jamie I 👑liberated it. During the 15th century, Valencia City experienced its Golden Age and became famous as one of the leading cities in Europe. 

The city was even the top producer of ceramics and silk in Spain.

Valencia City: It was the capital of Spain for a brief period

I am quite amazed 🙄to know that the beautiful city of Valencia was even the capital of the country of Spain for some time.

In 1812, during the Spanish War of Independence, Valencia was the capital of Spain, and again later, the city was Spain’s capital from 1936 to 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Valencia: Meet the most livable city in the world

Valencia has been voted the best city to live in….twice!! Amazing, right?

The largest community of ex-pats in the world, InterNations users, voted Valencia into first place✌️, both in 2020 and 2022.

Valencia occupied the top three spots for ease of setting in and quality of life. However, it didn’t perform similarly when it comes to salaries, job security, and work culture.

However, this is definitely a great city if someone is a retiree or digital nomad. 

With the introduction of the new digital nomad visa in Spain, moving to and living in Valencia has become amazingly easier!

Language in Valencia: The city has two official languages

The beautiful city of Valencia has two local languages, Valenciano and Castellano (aka Spanish). Both originated from Latin.

 Valencian people tend to speak Castellano, but Valenciano is widely used in many of the nearby villages.

Just like me, you will be amazed to explore that in the past, there has been a lot of commotion about whether Valenciano is the same as Catalan. Catalan is the language used in the neighboring Catalunya. 

Later, the Academy of the Language of Valencia suggested that despite having some differences, the two are the same. 

Valencia City: The world design capital in 2022

Valencia is famous for its architectural marvels, ranging from Romanesque-style churches, stone bridges🌉, and Gothic defense towers to the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. 

So, it is quite natural that Valencia was designated World Design Capital 2022

The city put design center and front as it built a sustainable and inclusive community with vital policies. These policies are aimed at the well-being of the city’s residents.

The city was even named the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022. Also, both in 2021 and 2022, Money.co.uk named Valencia the healthiest city in the world. 

The city of Valencia: It has a park that was once a river

Here is Turia Park, the biggest green lung of Valencia! Want to know more??

However, only a few decades ago, this wonderful park used to be a river 🌊! Oh, amazing!

Notorious for its floods, especially in 1957, after inflicting a great amount of damage, the local authorities planned to divert the river to the city’s southern part!

After much debate, the idea of converting the space into a public garden 🌳 seemed quite dependable.

Today, Turia Park is now the country’s one of the largest public garden. It expands over 9 km, providing a vast range of recreational activities. 

Beautiful Valencia: It is home to the Holy Grail

The cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, the Holy Grail, is one of the most elusive relics of Christianity! This amazing thing has been in the city of Valencia since the 15th century!

Though we don’t know whether the cup was preserved or even existed, how it got to Spain is still a subject among historians!

However, the most interesting fact is that the Vatican has honored Valencia as the “City of the Holy Grail” We can even see the deep red agate chalice, decorated with gold and precious stones, inside the cathedral’s⛪ chapel. 

Valencia City: It is home to three UNESCO-listed attractions

The beautiful city of Valencia has UNESCO-listed site and also two things on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Isn’t it amazing??

The first to be listed was La Lonja de la Seda, one of the main attractions of the city! Constructed at the end of the 15th century, it was famous as the city’s silk trade center. It was during Valencia’s Golden Age.

The other two are El Tribunal de las Aguas, the oldest existing justice institution 🏛️in Europe, which dates back to the Roman Era, and Las Fellas, the greatest of the city’s festivals!

Valencia CITY: It is home to the most Blue Flag beaches in the nation

As of 2022, Valencia boasts an impressive 139 Blue Flag beaches, which is more than any other city in Spain. We can say that Valencia accounts for 22.4% of Spain’s all Blue Flag beaches 🏖️. Wondering what Blue Flag means?? Let’s discuss this.

The Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches that meet high safety, environmental, and facilities standards. So, beachgoers like us, will surely love Valencia!

Remarkably, two of the best beaches in Spain are situated in the city of Valencia, known as Playa del Cabanyal and Playa de la Malvarrosa.

Beautiful Valencia: It has its own Valentine’s Day

Have you heard about the unique Valentine’s Day in Valencia?

Just like us, people of Valencia celebrate Valentine’s Day very 14th February. However, they also celebrate El Dia de San Dionis or San Dionis’ Day on every 9th October, as their local version of Lover’s Day. 

However, they don’t celebrate this day with chocolates🍫 and roses. Instead, the men of the city give women fruit and veggie shaped marzipan sweets, wrapped in a scarf or handkerchief. This sweet is called mocadora. 

Marzipan is made with sugar, almonds, and eggs. Oh! Really delicious, right? 

Valencia: Here, the first psychiatric hospital was founded

Did you know this amazing secret about the beautiful Spanish city called Valencia?

Back then psychiatric patients went through exorcisms or treated inhumanely, the city of Valencia made huge improvement by setting up the first psychiatric hospital in the world.

This famous hospital called de Ignoscents Folls e Orats🏥 welcomed patients in the year 1410, and started changing the way people treat psychiatric patients. Really impressive!

Valencia City: Home to the largest aquarium in entire Europe

If you love to explore amazing sea animals, and birds, them, you will surely love this amazing secret about Valencia City! 

Famous as L’Oceanografic, this impressive aquarium is not only the largest aquarium in the continent of Europe but also one of the largest on the planet!

This amazing aquarium welcomes around 2 million people annually and is home to 45,000 animals that belong to almost 500 different species!!

Here, we can even get to enjoy penguins🐧, beluga whales🐋, reptiles, birds, and more. Oh! So exciting!!

The city of Valencia: Meet the birthplace of delicious paella

Love mouth-watering cuisine?? Then you will surely love paella!

Did you know that this heavenly saffron rice🤤 was first cooked in Valencia, or to be exact, about 20 km south of Valencia?? Impressed, right?

Originally, this amazing thing was prepared with rabbit, chicken, and snails, and is called paella Valenciana. This is considered to be the most authentic recipe of paella!

In Valencia, there are some famous excellent paella restaurants, that serve the best paella in the world.

Valencia in Spain: There is more than one Valencia on the planet

On the planet Earth 🌎, there are a total of 58 places that are known as Valencia! Confused?? Me too!

Surprisingly, among those ‘Valencias,’ the Philippines has the maximum number.

Valencia: It has the largest market in Europe

In Valencia, we will get to see Mercado Central, the largest and also one of the oldest markets in Europe!

It even led the way for home delivery and online orders of fresh produce. 

The building is even special due to its amazing art nouveau designs and also its connection with the Lonja de la Seda Building.

Here, we can even chefs who will cook your fresh produce 🥒🥩for a very small fee!! Oh! So, delicious!!

The city of Valencia: It used to host the most expensive bridge in the world

Famous as Puente de las Flores, this impressive, and colorful bridge used to be adorned with 27,000 flowers. 🌻

 Unfortunately, this beauty cost the city over 4.5 million euros😲 just within 10 years. The huge amount of money got used up to replace the flowers four times annually and also to pay for the thefts, repairs, and staff. 

Due to this huge cost and economic crisis, it was decided to slash spending.

Beautiful Valencia: Enjoy the oldest three Kings Day celebration

Have you heard about the 3 Kings Day parade?? 

This wonderful festival occurs on 5th January. On this day, a giant procession and the Kings throw candies towards the crowd. Also, the nest day, the 3 Kings give the kids their Christmas presents. 

It is believed to be the oldest parade in the country that took place in Valencia in 1885. However, according to some historians, it can be the oldest on the planet.

Summing up

We hope! Knowing about the above Valencia facts will satisfy your curious 😊 soul!

As you already feel surprised to know about this wonderful Spanish city! Among the above facts! Which one attracts you the most?

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