17 Interesting Warsaw Facts that Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Warsaw😲, the captivating capital city and the largest city of Poland!

From its rich cultural heritage to its attractive natural landscapes, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some wonderful facts about Warsaw that will leave you amazed. Let’s begin this wonderful journey!

Fascinating Warsaw Facts

Warsaw City: Meet the “Phoenix City”

The city is also called the “Phoenix City” because of the number of times it has been destroyed and risen again😲!

Warsaw itself dates back to the fortified settlements, which were founded in the 6th century. 

The city experienced colossal damage during the Swedish occupation that happened between 1655 and 1656. Later, in 1794, the Russian army massacred the population of the right bank suburb of Praga. During World War II, by bombing raids 💣, the city of Warsaw was razed to the ground. 

After liberation, the city was reconstructed once more by the People’s Republic of Poland.

Warsaw’s Old Town: The oldest part of the city

Warsaw’s Old Town

I am quite amazed to explore this interesting secret about Warsaw!

The Old Town of Warsaw is the city’s oldest part and dates back to the 13th century. More than 85% of the district had been destroyed by the Nazi Troops during the Warsaw Uprising of August 1944. However, a five-year reconstruction campaign led by citizens led to the meticulous restoration of the Old Town. 

The town was completed with its palaces🏰, churches, and marketplace. In the year 1980, UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site.

Warsaw City: The green city

More than 14% of the city is woodlands 🌳. The Kampions National Park, located just outside of the city, is one of the country’s most well-known forested areas. It covers almost 38,544 hectares and is home to over 1400 species of vascular plants.

It is full of botanical gardens, parks, and nature reserves. Warsaw is home to 88 parts, including the amazing Lazienki Park, expanding across 188 acres. 

Other highlights include the Wilanow Park, located next to the captivating palace of King Jan III Sobieski👑, and also the Pole Mokotowskie Park, which is often compared with New York’s Central Park.

Warsaw City: Having the tallest building in the EU

Varso Tower In Warsaw

The Varso Tower 🌆, famous as the tallest building in the European Union in February 2021, is located here. It is 310 meters in height and boasts 53 storeys. Prior to that, in Poland, the Palace of Culture and Science was the tallest building. 

The building was designed in 1955 in the ‘Seven Sisters’ style by the Soviet-Russian architect Lev Rudnevin. It boasted the tallest clock tower on the planet until the installation of a clock on Tokyo’s NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building.

Today, it has different cultural institutions, like theaters, cinemas, libraries, and even the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Warsaw: One of the most congested cities in Europe

Did you know this interesting fact about Warsaw?

It is Europe’s one of the most congested cities. It has citizens spending an average of 106 hours sitting in traffic per year.

Poland is one of those nations with the highest number of motor vehicles in Eastern and Central Europe, with a value twice as big as registered in the Czech Republic. This, combined with poor road infrastructure, means that journey times in the city during congested periods are 42% longer in comparison to the non-congested periods.

Travel times are 89% higher in the mornings and 86% in the evening.

Beautiful Warsaw: Mermaids…mermaids!!!!

Mermaid In Warsaw

Syrenka, or the mermaid of Warsaw 🧜‍♀️is a symbol of the city! It first appeared in 1390 on Warsaw’s coat of arms, followed by a seal in 1459. The coat of arms was believed to be inspired by a book of the 2nd century, Physiologus. 

There are several legends surrounding the mermaid, like that a mermaid wanted to stay after pausing a riverbank close to the Old Town. Local fishermen tried to trap her, but they heard her singing and fell in love.

A merchant managed to imprison her but the fishermen rescued her, and she vowed to protect Warsaw’s citizens.

Warsaw City: Having world’s narrowest house

Did you know this amazing secret about the city of Warsaw?

Keret House is the narrowest building on the planet. The two-storey building squeezed between a gap between two disparate other buildings. At its slimmest, it is just 36 inches in size and at its widest, it is just 59 inches.

Jakub Szczesny, the Polish architect presented the artistic concept at the WolaArt Festival in 2009, and the construction completed in 2012. It boasts an efficient living space and is now a temporary home for traveling writers.

Warsaw: City with world’s most prolific people 

I know that you have already heard about Marie Curie, isn’t it?

She achieved international fame for her research on radioactivity. Also, she was the first female recipient of the Nobel Prize🥇. This amazing person was born in the city of Warsaw.

Also, the world-famous composer Fryderyk Chopin spent his childhood and also early childhood in this beautiful Polish city as well. When he died in Paris, his sister managed to sneak his heart out of France, so that he might be buried in his native country, according to his wish.

Warsaw City: It hosted the world’s second-largest Jewish population

In the late 30s, around 30% of Warsaw was Jewish! There were more Jews in the city than any other city on the planet except New York. The city is also one of the very few Jewish communities that liked to speak the local tongue, Polish rather than Yiddish. 

Here, many Jews work as tailors and shoemakers. At this time, In Poland, Jews made up 43% of teachers, 56% of doctors 👩‍⚕️, 33% of lawyers, and 22% of journalists. 

Another surprising fact is that a lot of pre-war Jewish buildings and culture still exist today. Impressive, right?

Warsaw: It was not Poland’s first capital

Warsaw Is Poland’s Capital

I am quite surprised to explore this interesting secret about Warsaw.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland changed a lot. Woith different types of absorptions, occupations, and abolitions, the capital of Poland has changed numerous times over the years. 

However, Warsaw not the only or even the first capital of Poland, other cities, like Plock, Gniezno, Lubin, and Poznan have been the capital of the nation for some time as well.

Population of Warsaw: In just 32 years, it grew by 134% 

Between 1850 and 1883, the population 👩 👨of Warsaw more than doubled due to the industrial revolution.

A small village known as Mlynow changed from farmland to textile factories. Mlynow, or translate as Windmill is now the part of Wola district, which is full of residential apartments. It even boasts its own metro station now.

The industrial revolution brought Warsaw into modern times, with a part having factories and power plants while the other part becoming more residential and commercial. This even helped the gentrification of the city of Warsaw.

The biggest football team of Warsaw: It has a ‘reputation’

Biggest Football Team Of Warsaw

Love soccer? Then you will definitely love this attractive fact about Warsaw!

It is realy surprising that Polish football ⚽fans are some of the most terrifying hooligans! However, it is unquestionably Legia Warsaw, the biggest team in the city, that can be regarded as the most insane hooligans.

With an easy search, you can know about the ‘reputation’ of the Polish fans or zalety. However, still enjoying a football match in Warsaw is still a fun and safe experience, as the atmosphere created by these fans are quite amazing! 

In Warsaw: A giant palace is being reconstructed

Have you heard about this interesting fact about Warsaw? No?? Let me explain.

Saxon Palace is regarded as the centerpiece of prewar Warsaw. It is a Baroque palace that sheltered prestige residences and schools, and even was the seat of the Polish General Staff.

However, the Nazis destroyed in during World War II. Later, what remained was the Tomb of the unknown soldier. 

Also, today it is famous as the divider between the Saxon Gardens and Plac Pilsudski, and it is now being rebuilt at a cost of 2.45 billion PLN. Impressive, right?

The city of Warsaw: It has a museum dedicated to the Polish resistance and Liberation

As we already know that the resistance of the Polish was not so successful in liberating the largest city and capital of Poland, Warsaw; however, it did last much longer than expected!

Thus, the people of the city are very proud of the resistance and the uprising. They even have a symbol of this that carries a P and a W. 

These two letters create an acronym for Warsaw Uprising or ‘ Powstanie Warszawskie.’

Looking a lot like the Polish flag, it was utilized by the home army to recognize themselves during the uprising.

Warsaw: The Vegas capital of Eastern and Central Europe

Warsaw: The Vegas Capital

If you are a foodie like me, then you will surely love this delicious fact about Warsaw!

Previously, Warsaw City has obliterated the expectations of numerous hardcore vegans. So, we can imagine how much meat we could find in Polish food!

However, today, veganism has become very common in Warsaw, as well as Poland! So, many Polish restaurants who don’t wish to miss out on business, are now trying to take care of their veggie-only🥗 🥒patrons!

Beautiful Warsaw: It is among the wealthiest regions in the EU

According to a survey in 2018, the city of Warsaw has some of the highest GDP per capita in the entire European Union. It is even the highest of the entire zone east of Vienna!

The highest point in Warsaw: It is a Ski slope

Highest Point In Warsaw

I am really thrilled to explore this exciting secret about Warsaw City!

The city is actually pretty flat, so there won’t be much downhill or uphill walking around the city. 

However, it is quite surprising that the highest point in Warsaw City is a ski slope.

The famous Park Szczesliwice has a giant hill constructed from rubber after World War II. Regardless of winter or summer, it is a perfect place to take a stroll.

Summing up

We hope! Exploring the above Warsaw facts will satisfy your curious 😃soul!

As you already feel surprised to know about this amazing Polish city! Among the above facts, which do you like the most?

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