Who Invented Electric Bulb? Types, Applications to Know

Invented by the US scientist Thomas Edison in 1879, electric bulbs enlightened the whole world. This specific electric gadget comes in different shapes and sizes for sure. Several important parts need to assemble an electric bulb.

They are tungsten filaments, lead wires, glass bulbs, dumet wire, copper wire, and metal caps.

The electric power needs to pass through the filament. The copper and lead wires help the filament to receive electricity quite easily.

After that, the electric circuit gets heated instantly. Thus, the filament gets heat and glows brightly. This instant, as well as firm action, helps the electric bulb to provide light when needed.

From bigger vehicles to your study table, electric lights help us to lighten dark places immediately to perform any important task without facing any problems. There are different kinds of electric bulbs available in the market nowadays.

Many people use electric bulbs to decorate their homes occasionally. You can easily select any of them according to your convenience and budget.

Different Types Of Electric Bulbs

According to various uses of electric bulbs, you will definitely observe various kinds of electric bulbs in the market nowadays. Here are some of the common and useful electric bulbs below for your concern.

Fluorescent bulbs

In this bulb, electricity passes through the cathodes, which are filled with different gases and mercury. In this way, these bulbs receive radiating energy.

After that, the phosphorous coating will help the bulb create bright light. Thus, people can easily receive enough light by using less energy.    

Incandescent bulbs

These are the regular bubs that produce a yellowish-colored light. These bulbs usually are available in different shapes in the market.

Both incandescent and fluorescent can last for a long time. The electric consumption of these bulbs is a little higher. Thus, many people are replacing these regular bulbs with advanced electric ones. 

Compact Fluorescent bulbs

These bulbs have been generally known as CFLs in the market for many years. People use these electric bulbs in the commercial and domestic sectors to save energy in a smarter way. This is how people can lower their electric bills day by day. Apart from this, these bulbs last for a long time. 

Light emitting diode

These bulbs are available in a variety of colors nowadays. Apart from this, these electric bulbs need a lower amount of energy compared to regular electric bulbs.

The flow of electrons and release of photons helps the bulb to charge sufficiently. Thus, this electric bulb provides bright lights by using less energy with ease. This is why people use only LEDs to decorate their homes nowadays.    

Halogen lamps

These bulbs are filled with halogen gases. This is a bigger version of incandescent bulbs. While brightening the filaments in an improved way, these bulbs will deliver only high-voltage light.

The sizes of these bulbs are generally lesser than the regular bulbs. People usually bring these bulbs on occasion. Apart from this, they can use these electric bulbs to lighten the roads quite accurately.

Applications Of Electric Bulbs

These electric lamps can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

People can use these bulbs in vehicles to avoid any major accidents.

You can also use these bulbs for decorations.

People use these bulbs to highlight their banners.

Halogen electric bulbs can be used in roads, factories, workshops, massive occasions, and even photography sectors.

The most common and regular types of electric bulbs and their applications will definitely help you to realize the necessity of electric bulbs in your life. 

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