Who Invented Elevator? Types, Applications

People generally use elevators to reach the higher floors of multi-storied buildings. Elisha Graves Otis invented this amazing system in 1853. This electric lift can easily carry goods and people vertically.

These amazing machines generally use in many sectors such as hospitals, factories, shopping complexes, and many other important areas. There are many kinds of elevators that can be seen all around you.

The pulley system makes this machine work incredibly. The way people generally pull water from a well, elevators work in the same way for sure. However, people must surely carry a heavy load with complicated and strong mechanisms. Here are some of the common types of elevators for your concern.

Various Types Of Elevators

Pneumatic elevator

This type of elevator is made of an external cylinder. This elevator’s shape and size will help people easily carry heavy loads.

Hydraulic elevator

This type of elevator is generally used in residential or commercial buildings. With the help of a powerful piston, this elevator will definitely move faster than any other type.   

Capsule lift

People use these elevators to improve the overall look of any prestigious buildings. The amazing elevators’ designs help these machines increase the overall value of any property.

Traction elevator

This is the most common and popular elevator, which usually works with the help of steel cables. These cables are mainly connected to the upper surface of the elevators. It can carry heavy goods and a massive number of people altogether.

Freight elevator

The workforce of these elevators can be used in huge warehouses and factories. These elevators can carry raw materials as well as heavy machines quite easily.

Building lift

Most of the residential buildings are generally run by these lifts. Apart from buildings and shopping malls, these lifts can be used for emergencies. Firefighters use these elevators instantly to save a huge number of people instantly. 

Passenger Lift

Movie theaters, hospitals, metro stations, and many other public places can be kept in less-crowded conditions with the help of these elevators for sure. These elevators take a lower amount of space to work comfortably.   

Residential Elevator

These types of elevators are almost the same as building lifts. However, it can only carry people from the 7th to the 8th floor. The lesser capability of these elevators can reduce the budget for lower residential buildings.

Application Of Elevators In Many Sectors

Elevators or lifts can easily carry heavy loads vertically. Thus, buildings with more than five floors add elevators to simplify the daily routine with ease.

Many lifts can upgrade the appearance of any building with ease.

These machines can be used for emergency purposes. Firefighters and many other emergency workers choose this machine to work in a smarter way.

It can be used in hospitals to ease the speed of shifting medicines, patients, and many other important goods.

Most of the factories have elevators to carry raw materials and ready products more easily.

Older people use this machine to reach higher floors without facing any physical problems.

The overall information regarding elevators will surely help people easily realize this machine’s importance.

This machine’s easy and effective mechanism can be used almost everywhere to simplify complicated work instantly. However, it needs a sufficient amount of electricity to work fluently.

A sudden power cut can stop the elevator in the middle of the journey. However, the advanced emergency system will help people recover from this problem.    

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