Who Invented refrigerator? Types, Examples, Applications

A refrigerator, also known as a fridge, is a home and commercial appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump that can transfer heat from its inside to its external environment; hence, its inside can be cooled at a temperature below our room temperature.

In 1913, the American inventor Fred W. Wolf invented the first home electric refrigerator. This device featured a refrigeration unit on top of a specific icebox.

However, the mass production of domestic refrigerators started in 1918, when William C. Durant introduced a home refrigerator with a self-contained compressor.

In 1923, Frigidaire introduced the first unit that was self-contained. After the invention and creation of home freezers, frozen foods became commonplace.

Nowadays, refrigeration is a vital technique for storing food around the world. The lower temperature within this device can lower the reproduction rate of bacteria; hence, a refrigerator can reduce the rate of food spoilage.

A refrigerator usually maintains a temperature that is several degrees above the freezing point of water.

The newer models of refrigerators usually include chilled water, automatic defrosting, and many more.

Different Types of Refrigerators

There are many different types of a refrigerator, such as those mentioned below.

Bottom freezer.

Top freezer.


French Door.

Side By Side.


Counter Depth.

Wine Fridge.

Examples of Refrigerators

There are various kinds of examples of a refrigerator, such as:

Top Freezer:

This is the most classic example of a refrigerator. The top freezer refrigerator means the refrigerator is at a lower level; hence, these models are very affordable. This type of refrigerator can be found in different sizes and is loved by many people.

Bottom Freezer:

This is another example of a very popular refrigerator. These models offer a large area for storage for both the freezer and refrigerator sections.

Thus, users can accommodate different types of content in various widths and sizes. Many people love these models because they can have the refrigerator part directly at eye level.

Side by Side:

These refrigerators are very slim and attractive. These models have a vertical freezer and refrigerator that usually sit directly beside each other. These models are budget-friendly and also are a perfect option for kitchens with limited space.

French Door:

These types of refrigerators can bring a modern look into any kitchen. Many models of these types of refrigerators include a drawer-style freezer. However, some of them even include French doors in the freezer area.


This kind of refrigerator is a great option that can be placed in a limited place. These models usually hover between 27” and 30” in depth.

Mini Fridge:

The mini fridge offers the cooling power you require in a smaller space. Thus, these are great for offices, shops, etc.

Applications of Refrigerators

There are various types of important applications of a refrigerator, such as:

Electricity production: The generation of electricity is based on the combustion of various levels. Various parts of electric equipment, like distribution plants and electric generators, also need refrigeration systems to maintain themselves.

Food and Beverages: Refrigerators play a crucial role in maintaining good quality and increasing the life of various types of food and beverages to a great extent. Thus, the refrigerator is important for both home and commercial uses.

Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical industry relies highly on powerful refrigerators that can help the workers to maintain the proper condition of the medicines and medical tools.

Data Centers: Data centers use various devices that usually produce heat during operation. Hence, they need refrigerators to maintain the right temperature for those devices.

So, here we have discussed some vital details regarding a refrigerator that may benefit you.

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