Who Invented Watch? History, Types, Styles

Peter Henlein, known as a clockmaker and locksmith, originated from Nuremberg, Germany, and is considered to invent the Watch in 1505. The Watch that was created was known as Pomander Watches.

A watch is a device that is used for measuring time. A Watch is a small timepiece device that is either worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket. The Watch usually gets operated with the support of a spring, and some types of watches are operated through electrical mode. 

History Of Watch

The first Watch that was invented and designed in 1505 by Peter Henlein was not worn on the wrist.

Instead, it was an ornamental piece pinned or attached to the dress of an individual with a chain. The name Pomander Watches knew this type of Watch. These Pomander Watches were made of copper and were spherical. 

However, the style of the watches changed during the 17th Century. The change came with the introduction of pocket watches.

The concept of wristwatches became popular at the end of the 19th Century. It was during this time that army men started wearing watches during the time of war. They wore the watches to ensure synchronized timings before leaving for the wars.

Types of Watches Based On Functionality

Analogue Watch-

This type of watch features a traditional clock face with 3 hand movements and is available for all types of budgets.

Chronograph Watch-

This type of watch features a face that has sub-dials. This type helps to measure speed across a known distance.

Digital Watch-

This type of watch features time numerically, mostly with features like a pedometer, GPS, etc.

Hybrid Watch-

This type of watch features both digital and analog combos having smartwatch features and is available for every budget.

Types of Watches Based On Movement

Mechanical Watch- This type of watch does not require batteries. Instead, it requires hand winding to operate.

Automatic Watch- This type of watch has a self-winding system with a spring inside. It gets charged with the movement of the wrist.

Quartz Watch- this type of watch is operated on an electric circuit with batteries that are placed inside it.

Solar Watch- Any light source powers this type of watch, and no batteries are required.

Types Of Watches Based On Style

Military Watch-

This type of watch is designed specifically for military people and for law enforcement agencies. They come with features like waterproofing, a compass, a robust strap, and others.

Aviator Watch-

This type of watch is designed originally for pilots. It has characteristics like durability, versatility, and legibility.

Diving Watch-

This type of watch is designed for underwater and diving activities. Recreational and professional divers use this type.

Fashion Watch-

This type of watch is designed to give a feel-good factor while keeping time with high precision.

Smart Watch-

This type of watch is connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It helps to keep track of health factors like heart rate, oxygen level, etc.

Nurses Watch-

Medical professionals use this type of watch. It helps to keep a patient’s clinical movements even when they are not around the patient.

Wood Watch-

This type of watch is made of wood for both casing and band. It is known as an environmentally friendly watch. 

Pocket Watch-

This type of watch is designed to carry them in pockets. This type of watch was the most common type used in the 16th Century.

The above article introduces a brief history of the watch and the several types of watches that have evolved since its invention.

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