18 Amazing Worcester Facts that Will Make You Surprise

Welcome to Worcester, the second-largest city 😲in Massachusetts!

From its rich historical and cultural heritage to its attractive natural landscapes, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover.

This article will offer some interesting facts about beautiful Worcester City that will surprise you. 

Let’s start this wonderful journey together!

Interesting Worcester Facts

The second most populous city in Massachusetts

Worcester's Population

I am quite amazed to learn this interesting fact about Worcester City! What about you 🤔?

This beautiful city is the second-largest city by population and is ranked just behind Boston.

However, there is a large gap in the size of the population, with more than 670,000 people residing in Boston while just more than 200,000 people are living in Worcester. Impressive, isn’t it?

Worcester: A City of Opportunity

Famous as the second-largest city in Massachusetts, beautiful Worcester is a vibrant metropolis 🌆 that provides a huge amount of opportunities for its inhabitants. 

With a population of 200,000, the city is a bustling and diverse region that is home to different types of businesses, cultural attractions, and even educational institutions 🏛️. 

From its famous universities and colleges to its amazing entertainment scene and thriving arts, the city has something for almost everyone. 

Also, with its closeness to Boston, Worcester can be a perfect place for those to wish to enjoy the best things in their lives.

The Worcester Art Museum was founded in 1896

Have you heard about the Worcester Art Museum?? No? Let me explain.

The Worcester Art Museum 🏛️has a rich history of gathering and exhibiting art from across the globe. It has a collection of almost 38,000 objects containing outstanding examples of art and culture. 

It even includes some of the finest examples of Roman mosaics in the United States. Here we can also see famous works of American and European art 🖼️. 

It even has a comprehensive collection of Japanese print that document the entire history of printmaking in Japan!

Worcester City: A heart is a symbol of this city

Did you know this amazing fact about beautiful Worcester City?

The beautiful city of Worcester is lovingly referred to as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” because of its vital role in the state of Massachusetts. This is even reflected in the symbol of the city, which is actually a heart, and works as a reminder of the importance of the city to the state. 

The beautiful Worcester City is home to several important historical sites, like the Worcester Historical Museum, the Worcester Art Museum, and the American Antiquarian Society, all of which are quite important to the culture and history of the state.

Worcester: In the 70s, it got the nickname “Wormtown”

Many people believe that Worcester City received its interesting nickname ‘Wormtown” from a local DJ because of the city’s lack of a punk rock scene. Isn’t it interesting??

Know about a history of change

If you are a lover of history, just like me, then you will surely love this interesting secret about Worcester!

In the year 1673, a group of English settlers established a settlement in this beautiful city called Worcester, Massachusetts. However, their houses were destroyed in December 1675, during  King Philip’s war, and even many of the inhabitants were found dead or displaced.

Later, in the year 1684, more settlers came and petitioned to change the name of the settlement, which eventually started the history of Worcester as we know of today.

Quinsigamond: Explore a place of interesting history and tradition

Have you heard about Quinsigamod??

The area we know today as Worcester was initially inhabited by the Pakachoag Indians. Those people named the area Quinsigamond, which means “a great place to fish🐟 for pickerel,” according to their language. 

This particular name was selected because of the abundance of pickerel in the nearby Quinsigamond River. This river provided a great number of food sources for the Pakachoag people

Worcester, Massachusetts: Named after a historic township in the nation

In the year 1722, Worcester City was officially incorporated and even named after a historic township in the country of England. 

This township, dating back to the 11th century, was famous for its rich culture and history. Also, the city of Worcester has since received many of its notable traditions. 

Today, Worcester is a bustling and vibrant city with a lot of people and modern advancements.

The City of Worcester is the Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

Steel Mill In Worcester

In 1722, Worcester played a major role in the Industrial Revolution in the United States due to its pioneering spirit in industry and commerce.

The city hosted a number of innovative businesses, like the first American steel mill, the first American cotton mill, and also the first American machine shop. 

Worcester also played a vital role in the development of the American railroad system, with in 1835, the first locomotive was built in the city.

The legacy of innovation and also the industry of the city continues to this day, along with a vibrant business community and a thriving economy💰.

Worcester: The relation between the city and the Revolutionary War

During the Revolutionary War, Worcester City, Massachusetts, was a vital ammunition depot. It provided the Continental Army with the ammunition 💣 and weapons they required to fight for independence.

The city of Worcester was a vital hub for the production and storage of weapons, and its strategic location made it an important target for the British. 

Worcester’s role was very important; hence, it became the site of many highly important battles. Such as the Battle of Lexington, the first battle of the war, the Battle of Worcester, and even the last battle of the war.

Esther Howland: The woman who created the first Valentine Cards in America

Esther Howland Of Worcester

Esther Howland, a woman from Worcester City, is famous for creating the first American Valentine cards. She was born in 1828 and was inspired by the English valentines she had interacted with and decided to make her own. 

She used ribbons 🎀, lace, and colorful pictures to create beautiful cards. Later, those cards were sold in her father’s stationary store 🏬.

Her cards were so popular that she opened her own business, later called the New England Valentine Company. It was the first of its kind in the United States.

Howland’s cards are very popular even today, and her legacy is still alive.

Worcester State Insane Asylum: The Pioneer in treating mental illness

Worcester State Insane Asylum

Did you hear about Worcester State Insane Asylum?? No?? Let’s take a look.

Worcester City, Massachusetts, is well-known for its pioneering role in the treatment of people with mental issues. In the late 19th century, the famous Worcester State Insane Asylum Hospital 🏥 open and became the first hospital in the entire country to use established treatments for mental illness. 

This groundbreaking approach to mental health care was a crucial step forward. It helped in both the understanding and treatment of mental illness. It has since been adopted by hospitals and clinics around the globe.

Worcester Music Festival: Explore the oldest musical festival in the USA

Worcester Music Festival

Worcester City, Massachusetts is home to the oldest music🎼 festival in the United States. It established in 1858, and has been entertaining audiences for more than 160 years with its unique and diverse range of musical shows. 

From folk to rock, classical to jazz, the festival has something for almost everyone. This show is held every year in the summer and offers a variety of recitals, concerts, and workshops. 

The festival is an amazing way to enjoy the rich musical culture of Worcester, along with celebrating the city’s long history of music.

Rocket fuel: It was invented in Worcester City, Massachusetts

Robert Goddard, born in Worcester, is often believed to be the “Father of Modern Rocketry” for his groundbreaking developments of modern rocket technology. He was both a student and a teacher 👨‍🏫 at Worcester’s Clark University.

He was a pioneer in the field of rocket science and even was one of the first persons to recognize the potential of liquid fuel for rockets over solid fuel. 

In the year 1926, he successfully launched the first liquid-fueled rocket in the world, which created the way for rocket and spaceflight research in the USA.  Quite impressive, right?

Worcester City: Home of the famous Worcester Sauce

John Wheeley Lea In Worcester

Have you taste Worcester Sauce?? Its really awesome! Isn’t it?

The city of Worcester is home to the famous Worcester Sauce created by British pharmacists William Henry Perrins and John Wheeley Lea. 

The inspiration of this amazing sauce🤤 has is said to come from Bengal in India. It has a really complex flavor and is fermented for a really long period of time. It is a perfect companion for many foods, especially meats. Sounds really delicious, isn’t it??

Worcester: Jon Snow lived in Worcester 

A fan of “Game of thrones?” Me too….then, you will definitely love this interesting fact about Worcester City!

Kit Harrington, the famous “Game of thrones” 👑actor, who played the role of “Jon Snow” lived in this beautiful city!! Amazed, right??

He lived here from the age of 11 and even said that he thinks of the city as his home.

Worcester City: William Shakespeare got married here

William Shakespeare Of Worcester

I am a big fan of Shakespeare’s works📚!! You too!! Then, let’s explore this interesting secret about Worcester City!

According to some researchers, the world-famous English playwright, William Shakespeare got married to Anne Hathaway in the city of Worcester!

At the time, Stratford-upon-Avon was a part of Worcestershire.

Worcester: There are multiple Worcesters

I am quite thrilled to learn this secret about Worcester!

There are more than just one Worcester around the globe!

Those include, South Africa’s Worcester Southern Cape, Worcester Summit in Antarctica, Zambia’s Worcester Limoppo, Worcester-Saint Catherine of Jamaica, etc.

Summing up

So, little knowledge lovers, now you know that Worcester is a great city that takes pride in its rich history, industrial development, and natural beauty😲.

From attractive monuments and art galleries to its amazing inventions and famous hospital, what in Worcester appeals to you the most?

As we are on this journey together, we would really like 😊 to get your answer!

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