4 Letter Words Starting With C: Cruising the Cosmos of Crisp Catchwords

Hey there, are you trying to figure out some interesting methods to enrich your kid’s vocabulary? Then you must show them some new four-letter words. In that case it is the perfect time to introduce your naughty, little kids to the beautiful world of some meaningful new words.

If you agree, then we are here to offer you assistance with this interesting endeavor. So, let us talk about some of the simple yet interesting ways to make your child familiar with some new four-letter words. Here are some beneficial four-letter words that start with the third letter….C.

List Of 4 Letter Words Starting With C

Incredible 4 Letter Words Starting With C For Kids
Cakean item of sweet, soft food made of flour, sugar, oil, egg, etc., and is baked
Chinthe protruding part of the face below the mouth
Chopcut something into pieces with repeated blows
Callcry out
Carda piece of thick, stiff paper used for writing or printing on
Castcause to appear
Curlcause to form a curved shape
Coina flat disc or piece of metal with an official stamp
Cashmoney in notes or coins
Chowa dog of a Chinese breed with a curved tail, broad muzzle
Chattalk in a friendly way
Cluea piece of evidence
Cuteappealing in an endearing way
Coatan outer garment with sleeves, worn outdoors
Clawa curved pointed horny nail on each digit of the foot of lizards, birds, and some mammals
Casean instance of a particular situation, an example of something occuring
Careserious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly ot to avoid risk
Curerelieve of the symptoms of a condition or disease
Curba restraint or check on something
Cornthe chief cereal crop of a district
Coolsomething or low temperature/ showing no friendliness towards someone
Corka bottle stopper made of cork or a similar material
Curda white, soft substance form when milk coagulates, used as the basis for cheese
Craba crustacean, found chiefly on seashores
Cagea structure of bars or wires in which birds or other animals are confined
Capea sleeveless cloak, typically a short one
Chefa professional cook/ or chief cook in a restaurant
Codea system of letters, words, figures used to represent others
Caféa small restaurant selling light drinks and meals
Cluban association dedicated to a specific interest
Coldof a low temperature
Cloga shoe with a thick, wooden sole
Crowa large bird with mostly black plumage, a heavy bill, etc.
Carta strong open vehicle with four or two wheels, used for carrying loads and pulled by a horse
Costestimate the price of
Clipa flexible, or spring-loaded device for holding an object
Clapstrike the palms together repeatedly
Chicstylishly and elegantly fashionable
Cozygiving a feeling of comfort
Comba strip of plastic, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling the hair
Cokea solid fuel made by heating coal without air
CubeA symmetrical three-dimensional shape
Calmnot showing nervousness
Calfa young bovine animal, especially a domestic cow
Chewbite and work in the mouth with the teeth
Copya thing made to be identical to another
cometravel towards a place

After teaching your little friends some useful four-letter words that start with the third letter C, along with their meanings, let’s see something new.

Hence, it is the right time to concentrate on some useful four-letter acronyms that starts with the letter C. So, let’s enjoy:

List Of Acronyms Starting With C

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter C For Kids
CACMCentral American Common Market
CAFÉCorporate Average Fuel Economy standard
CARPComputed Air Release Point
CATSComputer Active Technology Suspension
CBUSColumbus, Ohio
CCPAConsumer Credit Protection Act
CCTTClose Combat Tactical Trainer
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CFFZCall For Fire Zone
CGDCComputer Game Developers Conference
CICSCustomer Information Control System
CJTFCombined Joint Task Force
COFTConduct of Fire Trainer
CPSMContinuous Phase Shift Modulation
CSPICenter for Science in the Public Interest
CTMSClinical Trial Management System

Interesting Activities With 4 Letter Words Starting With C

Sometimes, you may want to teach your children some new words to strengthen their vocabulary, right? However, all of your struggles may not be quite useful if your child does not find out the proper time to utilize them or even know how to use them.

Now, it is not an easy job to tell your child to read multiple new books or to write down some interesting new words with their meanings. This may eventually reduce their interest in exploring some new four-letter words that start with C.

Hence, to save yourself from this, a great idea is to encourage them in some fun game-like activities. These activities will help them to stay focused and also will encourage your tiny tots to utilize the newly learned four-letter words in the most accurate way.

1. Word Matching Game

This is a very popular fun learning activity which you can play with some attractive Flash Cards. To perform this, you will need just two sets of these cards. One set will have some colorful pictures while the other set will contain the four-letter words that start with C.

Next, you have to utilize the four-letter words such as coat, claw, clue, cash, coin, call, cure, care, etc., and get the cards that contain these words. Then, you have to show your children how to read those cards in the right manner and then match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you can show your little companions how to do the matching and next, tell them to follow the steps already done by you earlier.

2. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

To name something is, no doubt, one of the most amusing activities through which you can enrich the vocabulary of your kids.

When you are thinking about some ways to teach several crucial and beneficial four-letter words to your child, it will be a remarkable method to show those new words through a fun game, like name game. In this game, you will just have to mention something and your kid will give the answer.

Moreover, you can play the name game in turns. For example, once you will ask something to your child and your child will give the answer and next, just the opposite way. With this fun method, those little souls can enjoy a lot while learning many four-letter words without any trouble.


Q: What is an item of sweet, soft food made of flour, sugar, oil, egg, etc., and is baked?

Ans: Cake

Q: What would you call an outer garment with sleeves, that is worn outdoors?

Ans: Coat

Q: What do we call a bottle stopper made of cork or a similar material?

Ans: Cork

Q: What will you call a white, soft substance form when milk coagulates, used as the basis for cheese?

Ans: Curd

Q: Which word will you use to describe an instance of a particular situation, an example of something occurring?

Ans: Case

Q: What do we call a flat disc or piece of metal with an official stamp?

Ans: Coin

3. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Fill in the blanks activity is another remarkable and encouraging activity that will help your tiny tots to learn and remember some new four-letter words with ease. Furthermore, this word activity will prove to be a great support for their future academics.








4. Word Puzzles

Awesome Word Puzzles For Kids

There are multiple kinds of amazing word puzzles that you can give a try with your little prince and princesses. One of the most amusing methods is to use the scramble tiles.

In this, you can even ask your kids to take some time in unscrambling those tiles comfortably. This will definitely be an interesting yet useful game when you encourage your child to enjoy this with some four-letter words.

Now, you can draw all the alphabets on the ground and then shout out a certain four-letter word, like a coat. Then ask your kids to search for and stand on each of the four letters of the word coat to complete the game.

Also, its opposite is quite amusing. In that, your kids will select and stand on the four alphabets one-by-one, and you have to shout the new four-letter word made by them.


We hope that these amusing ideas can help you in your journey to teach your tiny tots some interesting words. For some more ideas, just stay with us.

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