6 Letter Words Starting With A To Dive into A’s Diverse Dialects

Are your children speaking a lot? Do you wish to enhance their vocabulary with some interesting words? If you are feeling the necessity of sharpening the communication skills of your children, then you must start their vocabulary lessons at an early age to help them develop a varied and vast vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us start with some interesting 6 letter words that start with the letter A.

Here we go…

List Of 6-Letter Words Starting With Letter A

Incredible 6 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
accessthe means or opportunity to approach or enter a place
adverba word or phrase that qualifies an adjective
abruptsudden and unexpected
actionthe fact or process of doing something
actuatethe cause to operate
adherestick fast to
agencya business or organization providing a service on behalf of another business
almondthe nut of almond tree
affairthe event or sequence of events of a special kind, relationship between two people who are actually married to someone else
alumnia graduate or former student of a particular educational institution
anarchthe person who advocates anarchy ( state of disorder due to absence of authority)
annualoccuring once a year
arcadea covered passage with arches along one or both the sides
ascentto climb or walk to the summit of a mountain or hill
assuretell someone something positively to remove any doubts
attachto join or fasten
avidlywith great enthusiasm and interest
addicta person who is strongly attached to a particular substance
anchorthe heavy object attached to cable and use to moor a ship to the ship bottom
abiderdefender or follower
acquitfree from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty
abjectexperienced or present to the maximum degree/ completely without dignity or pride
ablazevery brightly colored or lighted
abroadin or to a foreign country or countries/ over a wide sea
absorbsoak up or take in by chemical or physical action/ take up the attention of someone
admireregard with respect or warm approval
accuseclaim that someone has done something wrong/ charge with a crime or offense
acceptconsent to undertake or receive/ believe or come to recognize
adviseoffer suggestions about the best course of action to someone/ recommend
affectmake a difference to/ have an effect on/ touch the feelings of
afraidfeeling fear or anxiety/ frightened
affordhave enough money to pay for/ provide or supply
allegeassert or claim that someone has done something wrong or illegal, typically without proof
almostvery nearly
alpacaa long-haired domesticated South American mammal, valued for its wool
amounta quantity of something, especially the total thing or things in size, number, value, or extent
ambusha surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position
arrivereach a place at the end of a journey
appealmake an urgent, serious, or heartfelt request/ apply to a higher court for a reversal of decision of a lower court
attireclothes, especially fine or formal ones
aahingexpressing surprise, joy, or other strong emotions
aarrghan exclamation of frustration or discomfort
aaliisa type of tree in Hawaiian forests, also called Hawaiian ebony
aartisa Hindu religious ritual of worship, a form of puja
abacusa counting frame used for arithmetic operations
abacasplural of abacas
abasedlowered in dignity, rank, or esteem
abaserone who abases or humiliates others
abatedlessened in degree or intensity
abasiainability to walk due to impaired muscle coordination
abatora person who abates a nuisance
abatisa defense of obstacle made by laying felled trees on top of each other branches facing the army
abattuin ballet, a movement in which the free foot is beaten against the supporting foot
abbacythe office or jurisdiction of an abbot
abayasloose-fitting cloaks worn by some Muslim women
abbotsmale heads of monastic communities
abcees(not a standard word|) possibly individuals who are learning the ABCs
abduceto move away from the midline of the body
abdabs(slang) a state of anxiety or nervousness
abductto take someone away illegally by force or deception/ to kidnap
abears(archaic) endures, behaves, or puts up with
abeigh(archaic) ata distance/ away/off
abelespoplar trees
abeliaa genus of flowering shrubs in the honeysuckle family
abjureto renounce, repudiate, or retract
ablautto remove by a vowel sound within a word indicating a related change in meaning
ablestsuperlative form of able
ablins(archaic) perhaps/ possibly
abloomin or having bloom/ in a flowering state
ablushblushing/ ruddy
abmhosa unit of conductance equal to one billionth of a mho
abollaan ancient Roman cloak
abohmsunits of electrical resistance in the centimeter-gram-second system
aboralopposite to or away from the mouth
abovesthings that are above
abornecarried off
abortsterminates prematurely
aboundto be present in large numbers or in great quantity
abradeto wear away by friction
abidedremained/ continued/ stayed
abidesremains/ continues/ stays
abiderone who abides
ablateto remove by vaporization, erosion, or other gradual process
ablautextremely bad or severe, showing humiliation or submissiveness
abvolta unit of electrical potential difference equal to one hundred millionth of a volt
abyingarchival form of ‘abide’, meaning enduring
abwatta unit of power equal to the power dissipated by one abampere flowing across one abvolt
acaciaa tree or shrub with yellow or white flowers, often used in woodworking
abysmsprofound depths or chasms
acantha plant with lobed leaves often used in architectural designs
acajouanother name for cashew/ also a name for mahogany wood
acaridsmall arthropods, including ticks and mites
acarusa mite or tick, specifically one causing mange in animals
acatesprovisions or food
acatera historical term for one who provides food provisions/ a caterer
accedeagree to a demand
accenta distinctive way of pronunciation/ a mark indicating pitch or stress
acciteto cite or summon
accendto set on fire
accloyto cloy or overfill/ to burden
accoilto gather or collect
accordan official agreement/ to give or grant someone
accrewto accumulate
accrueto accumulate over time
acediaspiritual sloth or apathy
acetalan organic compound derived from aldehyde
aceticderived from, or producing vinegar
acetina glyceride of acetic acid
acetumhistorical term for vinegar
achagea toll or duty
acidlyin an acid manner
acinusa tiny lobe in a gland, or a similar structure in a fruit
acnitea greenish-brown mineral, a variety of augite
acornsthe nut of an oak tree
acrawlcrawling or teeming with
acrossfrom one side to the other of a place or thing
actantan active participant in a situation in linguistics and semiotics
actinsproteins found in muscle that together with myosin contribute to muscle contraction
actualexisting in fact or reality
actureoperation or action
acuitykeenness or sharpness, particularly of thought or vision
aculeisharp, small, or pointed structures
adagesold saying or proverbs
adagioa slow movement or tempo in music
adaptsmakes something suitable for a new purpose
addeemto deem or consider
adawed(archaic) awed
aflameon fire, or glowing with passion
afloatfloating in water, not sinking
afreshagain from the beginning
afreeta powerful monster or demon in Arabic mythology
afrontin front of/ before
aftersthe sweet course eaten at the end of a meal
aftosarefers to foot-and-mouth disease
agamicasexual reproduction
agamidany lizard of the family Agamidae
agamisnon-breeding birds especially in some South American species
agapaeChristian love feasts
agarica type of fungus, especially one used as food or in medicine
agedlyin a manner characteristic of old age
ageinggrowing old or showing the effects of age
agendaa list of items to be discussed or acted upon
aghastfilled with shock or horror
agingsthe process of becoming older
agreedbeing in harmony in opinion or feeling
agriseto terrify/ to horrify
aidfulhelpful or beneficial
aidingassisting or helping
aidmana medic or medical corpsman
aigletthe metal tip on a shoelace or ribbon
aigreta plume or tuft for the head composed of feathers, or of gems, etc.
ailingsuffering from an illness
aimersthose who aim
aimfulpurposeful or deliberate
aimingdirecting or pointing at a target
airbaga safety device in cars and other
Aonianpertaining to Aonia; or to the Muses, who were supposed to dwell there
aortalof or relating to the aorta
aoudada wild North African caprid
airishmarked by idiosyncratic mannerisms
aislesplural for a passage or pathway
airgapa gap where there is as vacuum
auntiethe sister of one’s parent
aurorathe first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise


Some Other Examples Of 6-Letter Words With A


Interesting Activities For Kids With 6-Letter Words Starting With A

Sometimes, you may feel that it is urgent to teach your little children several useful new words, right? However, all of your long-term efforts may result in a big zero if your adorable partners do not know how or where to use them.

So, to avoid this, one of the most useful things is to engage them in some attractive game-like activities. Here are a few of those activities.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an interesting game through which you can teach your little kids some interesting and useful 6 letter words starting with letter A, and also show them how to use those words perfectly. In this game, you have to say something or ask something and your kid will give the answer.

You can even play this game in the opposite direction. In that case, your child will ask the question and you will have to give the right answer. Hence, through this name game, you can easily show your kids some interesting 6 letter words starting with A.


Q: What do we call a word or phrase that qualifies an adjective?

Ans: Adverb

Q: What do we call a business or organization providing a service on behalf of another business?

Ans: Agency

Q: What would you call a covered passage with arches along one or both sides?

Ans: Arcade

Q: What is the heavy object attached to cable and use to moor a ship to the sea bottom?

Ans: Anchor

Q: What would you call the nut of the almond tree?

Ans: Almond

Q: What would you call a long-haired domesticated South American mammal, valued for its wool?

Ans: Alpaca

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another very amusing and incredibly simple activity is widely known as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this learning method, you may show your kids some useful 6 letter words that start with A.

Through this game, your cute companions will not only be able to learn the new words without any difficulty but also to use them perfectly. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy word-game will be of incredible help for their future studies.








3. Match The Words With Meanings

A matching activity is another enticing game that can help your kids to explore some new words with ease. Through this concept, your child will be able to grasp the ideas of the same and different. For this, you will need two sets of attractive cards.

One set will carry some amazing, colorful pictures, while the other will contain some new 6 letter words starting with A, such as action, agency, attach, addict, anchor, arcade, almond, and many more.

Then, you have to tell your tiny companions how to read those cards and the right way to match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you have to show your kids how to do the matching activity and allow them to follow the steps already done by you.


Thus, these are some interesting activities to teach your kids some useful and new 6 letter words starting with A. However, if you need further help, just remember that we are always here for you.

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