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We are here with the list of six letter words starting with alphabet X for you. Before we begin, let us quickly look for an amazing fact about X?

Well, do you know? One of the funniest facts about the letter “X” is that it’s often associated with mystery and intrigue, and it’s sometimes used as a placeholder or symbol for the unknown.

Interesting, right? 

Now, let us learn about this letter’s quirky words with its meaning. Start reading today-

List Of 6-Letter Words Starting With X

Goofy 6 Letter Words Starting With X For Kids
Xalapaspring in the sand
XanthiGolden, yellow
XboxerAn owner of a Xbox video game console.
Xbrickserially manufactured from pure expanded polypropylene (EPP), completely in Germany.
xebecsa small three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship with lateen and square sails.
xenialrelating to, or constituting hospitality or relations between host and guest and especially among the ancient Greeks between persons of different cities.
xeniuma present given among the ancient Greeks and Romans to a guest or stranger and especially to a foreign ambassador.
xeriffA gold coin once current in Egypt and Turkey.
xeromaabnormal dryness of the conjunctiva and cornea of the eyes
Xhosana member of a South African people traditionally living in the province of Eastern Cape. They form the second largest ethnic group in South Africa after the Zulus.
Xiamendoor to the house
Xicanoreferring to people of Mexican descent in the United States.
Xinzhuto hold on to to defend to keep to guard.
Xipayaa type of bamboo used to produce arrows
Xiximean indigenous people who inhabited a portion of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in the present day states of Durango and Sinaloa, Mexico.
Xmasesshort for Christmas.
xoanona primitive wooden image of a deity.
XstmasThe Chi-Rho is a Christian symbol representing Christ.
Xuzhoua city in N central China, in NW Jiangsu province
xylansa yellow gummy pentosan that yields xylose on hydrolysis and is abundantly present in plant cell walls and woody tissue.
xylenea volatile liquid hydrocarbon obtained by distilling wood, coal tar, or petroleum, used in fuels and solvents and in chemical synthesis.
xylolsa colorless flammable volatile liquid hydrocarbon used as a solvent.
xylosea sugar of the pentose class which occurs widely in plants, especially as a component of hemicelluloses.
xystera surgical instrument for scraping bone
Incredible 6 Letter Words Starting With X For Kids
xystosa long and open portico used especially by ancient Greeks or Romans for athletic exercises in wintry or stormy weather
Xanaduan idealised place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty.
Xantencity on the Lower Rhine, close to the Roman legionary base Vetera and the ancient city called Colonia Ulpia Traiana.
Xapuririver meeting
Xboxesderived from a contraction of DirectX Box
Xcaretsmall inlet
Xemberthe Roman numeral for ten.
xeniasthe influence of pollen upon the form of the fruit developing after pollination.
xenonsa heavy colorless and relatively inert gaseous element that occurs in air as about one part in 20 million and is used especially in specialised electric lamps (such as flash tubes) and in scientific research see Chemical Elements Table.
XeroidAn employee of Xerox.
XerxesMonarch; Brave, strong; Ruler of heroes.
Xhosasa member of a South African people traditionally living in the province of Eastern Cape. They form the second largest ethnic group in South Africa after the Zulus.
Xicanapeople of Mexican descent in the United States.
XiningPeace in the West
xiphosA double-edged, single-handed sword
Xizangan autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China; located in the Himalayas.
Xmassyhappy because it is Christmas
XORingA Boolean logic operation that is widely used in cryptography as well as in generating parity bits for error checking and fault tolerance.
XQueryAbout Querying XML
XuanwuDark Warrior (a god in Chinese religion)
Xuthusa son of Hellen, regarded as an ancestor of the Ionian Greeks through his son Ion.
xylemsthe material in plants that carries water and food upwards from the root

Some Other Examples Of 6-Letter Words Starting With X


Interesting Activities For Kids With 6-Letter Words Starting With X

Children’s language and cognitive development depend on vocabulary games. By associating words with particular situations or difficulties, they improve recall, make learning fun, and promote active engagement. 

Overall, vocabulary games are effective instructional tools that support kids’ overall language and communication success and growth.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an intriguing way to teach your kids some practical six-letter terms that begin with the letter M and to demonstrate how to use those words properly. In this game, you must pose a question or make a statement, and your child will respond with an answer.

This name game can even be conducted in reverse. For instance, you might have to respond correctly when your youngster asks a question. Therefore, by playing this engaging game, you can introduce some intriguing six-letter words beginning with M to your little ones.


Question: What’s the name of the famous Disney character with big ears?

Answer: Xavier

Question: What’s the process of keeping your body clean and healthy through regular washing?

Answer: Xerxes

Question: Which chemical element has the symbol “Xe” and is commonly used in lighting applications?

Answer: Xenons

Question: What’s the term for a feeling of great joy or happiness?

Answer: Xanadu

Question: In finance, what is a type of investment fund that pools money from multiple investors to buy a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities?

Answer: Xenium

Question: What’s the title given to the leader of a small African country, often a tribal chief?

Answer: Xhosas

Question: What’s a word for the exaggerated and theatrical way of performing or behaving?

Answer: Xoxoxo

Question: What is a medical term for a person who is unable to hear sounds?

Answer: Xgamer

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill-in-the-blank exercises are an engaging way for kids to learn new words. They promote engaged participation and mental thinking, which improves vocabulary learning. 

When filling in missing words in phrases, kids must make the best choice based on their prior knowledge and context cues. This procedure tests critical thinking while reinforcing understanding of word meanings. 

Fill in the blanks encourage context-based learning and help kids comprehend both the specific meaning of words and their larger context. Vocabulary is enriched by exposure to a variety of sentence patterns and word choices. 






3. Match The Words With Meanings

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Another well-liked game that might make it simple for your young kids to learn some new words is a matching activity. Your child will be able to grasp the concepts of similar and dissimilar things through this way. You will need to make two sets of columns for this.

You need to explain to your kids how to read the word and its meaning and how to correctly match them with the appropriate words.

xyloidi) denoting the group of atoms (CH3)2C6H3-, derived from xylene.
xylomaii) a long portico, esp one used in ancient Greece for athletics.
xylylsiii) a long portico used by athletes for exercise.
xystoiiv) a hard growth or tumour on a plant or tree.
xystusv) resembling wood

(Answer: a-v, b-iv, c-i, d-ii, e-iii)


In these instructional activities, new words with six different beginning sounds, beginning with X, are presented to the kids.

We would be happy to help further if you require it. We promise you the wait will not be that long, we will soon be back with a list of six letters words starting with Y, soon! 

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