111+ Hilarious Ambulance Puns to Crack Your Funny Bone

Rush into a world where emergency humor meets speedy wordplay with these ambulance puns.

Whether you’re in the medical field, a pun enthusiast, or someone in search of life-saving laughter, these jests will surely elevate your heartbeat.

Buckle up, switch on the siren of humor, and let’s drive into a realm of rescue-ready riddles! 🚑

Funny Ambulance Puns

Q: When an ambulance hits a hospital’s wall, what’s the optimistic perspective on the situation?
A: It’s seen as a breakthrough in medicine.

Q: What console does an ambulance driver seem to prefer?
A: Wii U.

Q: How much did the leper pay for his ambulance ride?
A: An arm and a leg.
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Q: What’s the negative consequence shared by a late pizza delivery guy and an ambulance?
A: If either arrives late, the delivery is ruined.

Q: What did a Jewish man prioritize when he was injured and taken into an ambulance?
A: His job.

Q: Why did a man call 911 about his pregnant wife?
A: His wife was expecting a child, but the operator misunderstood thinking it was the man’s first child.

Best Ambulance Puns

Q: What unique equipment do both a yoga class and an ambulance possess?
A: Stretchers.

Q: What’s the commonality between a porn actress and an ambulance?
A: Both make a lot of noise upon arrival.

Q: What’s the connection between an American using an ambulance and the Patriots?
A: Both get weighed down by the bills.

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Q: When a bombing victim is Arab, how should you respond to the situation?
A: It’s not about racial slurs; just call an ambulance!

Q: In a twisted scenario, where might an ambulance take a man claiming to be alive?
A: To a funeral home, because they haven’t arrived yet.

Q: How did a zookeeper describe his inability to differentiate between crocodiles after one of them bit his leg?
A: “They all look the same!”

Funny Ambulance Puns

Q: How did Rosa Parks’ defiance allegedly end?
A: By refusing to sit in the back seat of the ambulance.

Q: Why do ambulance drivers always have partners?
A: They are medics in pairs.

Q: What commitment did a man make to win his girlfriend’s heart?
A: He would give up his obsession with ambulances and can’t wait to kneel and propose.

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Q: How did a father suffering a heart attack respond to his son’s literal understanding of his request?
A: The son called him an ambulance, but sadly the father died.

Q: What was a man’s regrettable realization after getting very drunk?
A: He found himself in the backseat of an ambulance and thought he shouldn’t be a paramedic.

Q: How did a man describe his son’s accident to 911?
A: His son tripped over his toe, but 911 said they don’t handle such minor issues.

Hilarious Ambulance Puns

Q: Why did a man lose his job at the ambulance on his first day?
A: When asked how he delivers babies, he replied, “FedEx.”

Q: What’s the primary difference between the emergency numbers 999 and 911?
A: 911 starts by asking for an address, while 999 wants the location to send the ambulance to.

Q: Why did the man believe “Among Us” was affecting his health?
A: After entering his breakfast into a fitness app, it sent an ambulance.
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Q: What’s the difference between a bra and an ambulance?
A: One supports the fallen, and the other attends to the injured.

Q: What did a man’s friend mean when he said, “Spaghottem!” while playing Among Us?
A: His friend was eating spaghetti while playing and combined the two words.

Humorous Ambulance Puns

Q: When a man collapsed in a busy street, how did a bystander react?
A: Another voice from the crowd said, “You’re an ambulance.”

Q: How should you address a man after a lion has just bitten off his leg?
A: You don’t name him anything, just call an ambulance!

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Q: How did a wife challenge her husband during his heart attack?
A: By asking for his phone’s passcode before calling 911.

Q: How do “Among Us” players express their love for someone?
A: “Are you sabotaging O2? Because you take my breath away.”

Q: Why did a player think Shakespeare played video games?
A: Because he believed Shakespeare had a game on Dreamcast called “Among Us.”

Silly Ambulance Puns

Q: How did an ambulance joke go over at Nintendo’s corporate office?
A: Everyone kept saying, “Wii U… Wii U… Wii U…”

Q: How did a husband feel about his caring wife’s reaction during his heart attack?
A: Relieved, once she demanded the password to his phone.

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Q: What unique issue did a man have with his recent 911 call about an ambulance?
A: He called a few days ago and hoped they’d show up soon.

Q: What was the sarcastic response to a Jewish man’s accident?
A: When asked if he was comfortable, he simply replied, “I make a living.”

Q: How did a man respond to a 911 operator about his wife giving birth?
A: “You idiot, her husband, not her firstborn!”

Great Ambulance Puns

Q: How did a man try to lighten the mood after his ambulance was delayed?
A: By saying that he felt better now that they’re so “Blue” without him.

Q: What did the dad reply when his son asked for an ambulance?
A: “You’re an ambulance.”

Q: How do pirates define their favorite game, Among Us?
A: Everyone’s an impostor on their ship.
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Q: What did a man discover after being heavily intoxicated?
A: He woke up in the back of an ambulance, regretting his decision to be a paramedic.

Q: What kind of feedback did an impostor provide on video game jokes?
A: He claimed they were too “sus”, or suspicious.

Entertaining Ambulance Puns

Q: After seeing a confusing sign for an ambulance, what was the man’s reaction?
A: “I had no clue what it meant.”

Q: How did a zookeeper feel about the ambulance bill after a crocodile incident?
A: He was upset because it cost him an arm and a leg.

Q: Why was a man reluctant to play “Among Us” with his dad?
A: His dad asked, “What game are we playing?” when he mentioned “Among Us.”

Q: How did the ambulance staff react when given the wrong blood type for a patient’s ex?
A: They realized someone was being extra “sus.”

Q: Why did a gamer get emotional while playing “Among Us”?
A: He felt like an impostor at his job and related to the in-game character.

Navigating the lanes of “Ambulance puns” can be a heart-racing adventure! If these puns provided some first-responder laughter or revived your sense of humor, we’d love to know your diagnosis.

Remember, in the world of comedy, feedback is our lifeline. Share your insights, and let’s keep the emergency giggles rolling!

Ambulance Puns

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