44+ Amazing April Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged!

When I was younger, I used to associate April with cherry blossoms 🌸 , April Fool’s Day, lots of outdoor activities, and obviously preparations to welcome summer.

When I think about my children, I don’t want them to recall only these activities whenever April knocks at our door.

I want them to think about libraries πŸ“š , fascinating indoor activities, and many other sweet April treats, too.

Hence, I have carefully put together an organized list πŸ“ of all the activities my kids and I love to enjoy during this month.

Interesting April Activities for Kids

Happiness multiplies when shared πŸ₯°; therefore, I am sharing the list of all these fascinating activities with all the mothers out there.

I hope these activities make your kids happy while improving their sensory 🧠 , cognitive, and motor πŸ’ͺ abilities at the same time.

Read Away the Library Week

The Library Week In April

I feel this is the best way to start off with the first week of April.

I have always treasured the gift of reading πŸ“š and I want to pass it on to my kids. We love visiting the Children’s Library and participating in various competitions organized there.

The rest of the time, I am busy reading wonderful books with my kids like I am Spring

Many libraries organize fantastic events to celebrate Children’s Book Day- don’t miss out on them.

Garden Week Activities

The second week of April is celebrated as Garden Week πŸͺ΄ and it brings along sceneries of a beautiful mixture of Spring and summer.

In addition to the cherry blossoms, encourage the curious little explorers to learn about all the flowers, insects πŸ› , and trees around them.

I try to take my kids for a walk in the park or the garden almost every day. It has a positive effect on their health too.

Pro Tip

I will highly recommend encouraging your little ones to take part in Park or Nature Trial clean-up 🧹 programs to teach them about the importance of a clean environment.

Daisy Activities– Birth Flower of April

Daisy Activities In April

A daisy 🌼 is the birth flower of April, and I love it. We make crowns, necklaces, and bracelets at home with daisies, and my daughter absolutely loves them.

I also encourage my kids to make a daisy out of colorful chart papers and clay.

While making the petals of a daisy out of chart paper, I ask my kids to count πŸ”’ the number of petals and label them.

You can also ask your little ones to form a word with as many alphabets as the number of petals the daisy bears.

Activities for National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

With Earth Day and the National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day around the corner, I find the idea of teaching my kids how to make a peanut butter bird feeder 😍 pretty interesting.

Take a piece of a small cardboard box or a can and tie a string to one end of it.

Encourage your little one to cover it with peanut butter and then sprinkle seeds (edible for birds), nuts, and pieces of fruit all over it.

Hang it on a tree or on the threshold of your window. I love to see the smile and excitement pop up on my little one’s face when a bird 🐦 feeds on it.

Pro Tip

You can also celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day by making yummy sandwiches πŸ₯ͺ at home with peanut butter and Jelly as the main ingredient.

Go Green- Earth Day

Go Green In April

Go green with your little one and adopt a plant. April is the month of Spring and apparently the best time to take care of plants.

I always encourage my little ones to assist me in planting saplings in our backyard. In the future, when they grow up, this tree 🌳 will remind them of all the precious memories of April.

I love ❀️ to adopt different kinds of ornamental plants available during this time. I want my kids to grow up beside their green buddies.

Make a Cherry Blossom Tree

I ask my little one to use their hand to form the trunk of a cherry πŸ’ blossom tree. I dip my little one’s hand in brown paint and ask them to put the impression of their hands up to their elbows on a sheet of white paper.

His/her finger will form the branches of the tree. I teach them to dab cotton balls dipped in pink paint on the paper to make the impression of cherry blossoms.

Also, I encourage them to make leaves by finger painting.

Pro Tip

You can also add pompom balls and embellishments to make an absolutely brilliant πŸ˜‰ cherry blossom tree to serve as a wall hanging.

Attend Charity Events

As winter bids goodbye, April welcomes many charity events during Spring. These events are delightful 😊 opportunities to experience with your little ones.

I love taking part in a charity event with my kids, especially at an orphanage or at an old-age home, every year.

Stars and the Sky- International Astronomy Day

International Astronomy Day In April

April skies are crowded with mesmerizing 🌟 stars. I cherish my childhood memories of counting stars with my mother on the terrace.

My son and daughter are very curious about learning about constellations.

To celebrate National Astronomy Day, I count the stars with my kids, tell them about Venus (the morning star and the evening star), or wonder how beautiful the moon πŸŒ™ is.

I am always surprised when my children come up with unending questions during this activity.

To extend a helping hand to their imagination, I would also like to take them for a visit to the Astronomy πŸ”­ Museums in our locality.

Activities for National Pet Day

During Spring, several pet shops hold events such as competitions for pets 🐢 and awareness workshops regarding how to take care of pets.

If your little one loves animals, this activity will be of tremendous benefit to him/her. They will learn how to take care of pets, feed them, play πŸ₯° with them, and bathe them.

Important Note

This activity should be performed under strict supervision of parents. Please make sure that all the animals your child comes in contact with are properly vaccinated.

Dandelion Crown – National Dandelion Month

April Is National Dandelion Month

I love dandelions 😍 as much as my kids do. My favorite activity is making a dandelion flower crown πŸ‘‘ with them.

They make several crowns for me, and I love to make necklaces and bracelets for them, too.

Activities for Bat Appreciation Day

I spend this day teaching my kids about the importance of bats πŸ¦‡ in our lives, followed by this interesting game-

  • I prepare a bunch of bat cutouts from a piece of chart paper(black or any color).
  • I hide these pieces in various locations in the garden.
  • My little one is given a clue about each piece. For example, if I have hidden a bat under a pot of flowers, I hand over a diagram of a potted flower plant on a sheet.
  • My son gets busy using his brain 🧠 to crack down the clue, thereby improving his thinking abilities.
  • I usually ask him to count the number of bats he found to brush up his counting abilities.

The greater the number of bats my kids are able to locate, the better the prize they get.

Pro Tip

You can also watch a documentary on bats with your little ones.

Activities for National Dolphin Day

I love these adorable πŸ₯° and intelligent 🧠 creatures. I love celebrating National Dolphin Day 🐬 by educating my kids about these cute mammals and taking them to an aquarium to watch them closely.

I also help my kids to make a jar of dolphins. I make one by putting dolphin-shaped cutouts, glitters, beads, and embellishments in a jar. I add a little bit of hand wash and water to it.

After closing the lid and shaking it gently, the jar is ready.

My son loves playing with his glittery jar πŸ«™ of dolphins and rotating it from one end to another to visualize the dolphins floating through the sea of bubbles.

A Family Picnic

A Family Picnic In April

April is the perfect time for family picnics 🧺 amidst cherry blossoms. I love to enjoy plentiful games, drinks, sweets, and delicious spring recipes with my kids.

We spread out a blanket on our lawn and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. My son loves ❀️ the potato and asparagus salad I prepare for him.

Watching Movies and Reading Books

I watch amazing movies with my little ones over a glass of juice and bites of popcorn 🍿 such as Moana.

We also read tons of books, such as Spring is Here and Everything Spring.

I feel that reading different kinds of books should be a part of my kid’s daily routine for the proper development of their thinking abilities.

Activities for Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Draw A Picture In April

I celebrate Draw a Picture of a Bird Day by visiting a national park or a zoo and encouraging little ones to draw pictures of birds 🐦 in their habitats.

In fact, several zoological gardens have programs for kids to learn about birds and the reasons behind the decline in their population.

I take my kids to an Aviary or a Children’s Farm πŸ„ because my son loves to watch the flamingos and peacocks there.

Pro Tip

You can also celebrate National Farm Animals Day πŸƒ by taking your little one to a Children’s Farm or taking part in programs spreading awareness about the importance of domestic animals.

Paint and Craft- World Art Day

I love celebrating World Art Day 🎨 with my little ones by making a lot of paintings and pieces of art. My son gave me a vase last year that he had painted himself. Here’s my favorite painting activity.

I take a piece of paper and fold it from the midpoint.

I paint half of the picture of a cherry blossom 🌸 or flowers on one and fold the paper along the middle line before the paint dries up to get exactly the same laterally inverted impression on the other side.

I love making countless such paintings of different flowers πŸ’ with my daughter during Spring.

I also love visiting Art museums with my kids to teach them about the different kinds of art.


Photography In April

I guess we all would love to have a family photograph πŸ“Έ with cherry blossoms in the background. The spring season in April brings forth the opportunity to capture beautiful images.

I teach my little one how to use a camera πŸ“· and let him turn into a photographer for a day. With all the beautiful and blooming flowers with pretty insects hovering above them, he always grabs some awesome clicks.

I prepare a colorful print of a cherry blossom tree, and we stick the picture he clicks on each branch. We decorate it by finger painting or using embellishments.

Activities on Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day 

I love cheese, and my kids love πŸ₯ͺ sandwiches. Therefore, on Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, we are busy gorging on tasty sandwiches with lots of cheese.

My kids invite their friends over to our house to join our sandwich party.

Scrabble Day is Here

Scrabble Day In April

I love ❀️ playing Scrabble with my family members. I love competing with my son to win the Scrabble Junior game.

You should grab this opportunity to enhance the skills of your little one through this game.

Sounds of Nature

I take a piece of paper and categorize it into two sections – one with the heading ‘Sounds of Nature’ and the other one with ‘Sounds of Machines.’

I ask my little one to make a diagram of the source of the sound 🎡 they are able to hear. For example, if they hear a bird chirping, they are supposed to draw a bird on the first paper, whereas if they hear the sound of a car honking, then they will draw a car on the latter one.

My son is fascinated 🀩 by the sounds of the engines of motorcycles and cars.

Activities for International Juggler’s Day

Have you been to a circus and were astounded 🀯 at the skills of a juggler?

When I visited a circus πŸŽͺ for the first time, my son told me he wanted to be a juggler when he grew up.

I got him a few balls to play with, and he is busy every now and then with a smile on his face.

You can also help your kids to learn juggling to enhance their focus.

Activities for World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day In April

The penguin 🐧 is my favorite bird, and my kids love them too. My kids and I love to play pretend and walk like penguins all around the house.

I also love making penguin puppets. Puppets make the interaction with my kids a hundred times more πŸ€ͺ entertaining.

I take the cutouts of penguins and stick them on paper plates. I attach the paper plate to an ice cream stick to serve as a holder.

You can also interact with your little ones using this puppet to have a burst of laughter and entertainment.

Pro Tip

To celebrate World Penguin Day, I encourage my little ones to watch documentaries on Penguins 🐧 and take part in activities organized by schools and zoological gardens to spread awareness about penguins.

Fly Kites – National Kite Month

Fly Kites In April

April is the most suitable time to fly kites. I love how beautiful the sky looks when decorated with colorful πŸͺ kites.

I am teaching my son how to fly a kite, and he is learning little by little.

My daughter loves ❀️ watching the kites in the sky, now and then pointing out her favorite one. She will be old enough to fly a kite soon.

You can prepare colorful kites resembling your little one’s favorite character at home, too.

Scavenger Hunting Adventure

I get to make my little explorers extremely busy with this activity.

I encourage them to gather twigs, stones, flowers πŸ’ , branches, leaves, and anything they like from the lawn outside in a basket.

My son once picked up an earthworm πŸ™ƒ to gift me.

My kids and I make a collage using those materials. I have so many of those framed and hung on the wall.

Important Note

Never leave them alone during this activity. They might end up putting a stone into their mouth ☠️ if left unsupervised.

Make Rainbow – Find a Rainbow Day

Make Rainbow In April

I always find my kids extremely fascinated when they spot a rainbow 🌈 in the sky. At home, we make rainbows with clay, colorful cereals, char paper, and ice cream sticks.

I love teaching my little ones about all the colors of a rainbow.

Dance Party

If it’s raining outside, then the best activity is dancing in the April showers with your little ones. My son, daughter, and I dance πŸ’ƒ away to our favorite music whenever it rains.

Sometimes, we use the water sprinklers in our garden to initiate a shower dance party.

The Frog Slime

Even though I am not a big fan of frogs 🐸 , my son loves them. He was upset with me a few times when I refused to let him keep a frog as a pet.

So, to lift up his mood, I made a frog-themed sensory dough for him. I just filled up half a tub with sand and placed frogs made up of plastic inside it. It was a good sensory activity for him.

Sometimes, we even go fishing 🎣 for frogs. How?

I attach magnets to a few frog-shaped cutouts and encourage my son to pick up these frogs by using a magnet tied to a thread.

Pro Tip

I also made a green-colored slime for him.

The Jumping Frog

Adding a creative πŸ–Œ touch to rainy days for kids is an easy job.

  • Prepare cutouts of frogs of different colors. Place these cut-outs in a zig-zag pattern on a mattress.
  • Turn on your little ones’ favorite rhyme on the loudspeaker 🎢 and let the race begin.
  • The participants of the race need to reach the finish line by hopping from one frog to another.
  • The one in charge of the music should pause it ⏸️ at random intervals.
  • The tiny participants will be disqualified ❌️ if they jump outside the frog cut-out or don’t freeze when the music is paused.
  •  Ultimately, the one finishing first when the music ends wins the opportunity to control the music 🎢 for the next round.

My younger one always finishes last during this activity, but her loving brother spoils 🀭 her by giving her his chance to regulate the music.

Flower Garden Roll

Make Flower Garden Roll In April

We all have many used-up toilet paper rolls or cardboard rolls at home.

I use these to help my kids create a flower 🌼 garden for themselves during Spring. I prepare outlines of different flowers on a piece of paper and ask my little ones to color it.

When they are done, I help them stick these flowers all around the roll to create a circle of flowers.

PomPom Bunny

Bunnies 🐰 are my favorite. My daughter loves her pink bunny soft toy.

I prepare outlines of a bunny on a piece of paper and ask my kids to stick pompoms or cotton balls inside the outline of the bunny.

They end up making a cute 🀩 bunny masterpiece.

Visit a Museum

Visit A Museum In April

Children are always fascinated πŸ€“ with everything in a museum. Starting from preserved mummies to fossils- everything grabs their interest.

I usually plan a picnic in the park following a visit to a museum. In fact, my kids always end up pretty famished after running all around the museum.

I will warn you to be mentally prepared because the little historians are going to ask you tons of questions throughout this activity.

Pro Tip

Many museums hold special programs for children, and it will be a delight to experience them with your kids.

Paper Plate Butterflies

Spring is always incomplete without πŸ¦‹ butterflies. I take two paper plates and cut them into two equal pieces. I help my kids paint them like the wings of a butterfly.

I take an ice cream stick and ask my little ones to paint it to make the butterfly’s body.

We attach the paper plates to the stick by means of glue or thread. Our adorable butterfly is ready to fly.

Ice Cream Stick Rainbow

Ice Cream Stick Rainbow In April

For Find a Rainbow Day, I paint a bunch of ice cream sticks in the form of a rainbow. I mix them up in a tub and ask my little one to arrange the sticks in a semi-circular shape to form a 🌈 rainbow.

You should always make sure to guide them in regard to using the correct colors.

Pro Tip

With Spring knocking all over the place, you can replace the rainbow with pretty flowers πŸ’ of different colors and ask your little one to arrange the ice cream sticks around a central point to resemble a flower.

Butterfly Counting

I take my kids to a park or a Botanical Garden and ask them to count the number of butterflies πŸ¦‹ hovering over the flowers.

At home, I attach a random number of butterfly cutouts on ice cream sticks and mix them up. I encourage my little ones to pick up each stick and count the number of butterflies on it.

This is a good counting 🧠 activity for kids.

Worms, Caterpillars and Tissues

I take colorful tissues and fold them in a zig-zag pattern. I put them on a paper plate and added water to the center of the folded tissue.

The tissue immediately expands, resembling a worm or a caterpillar πŸ› stretching its body.

You can also make a worm or a caterpillar by cutting a paper plate into a semi-circular shape and decorating it.

Bubble Trouble

I love blowing bubbles 🫧 and popping them. It becomes even more entertaining when my kids join me, giggling and jumping around the bubbles.

I also teach them to make a painting using bubble wrap. Just dip the bubble wrap in your little one’s favorite color 🎨 and dab it on a piece of paper to make art.

We decorate it using umbrella-shaped cutouts and embellishments.

Pasta on the Paper

Have you tried making a necklace with dry pasta?

If yes, then you should try this activity too. I cut pasta into different shapes and encourage my little one to dip it into paint 🎨 and dab it on paper. They end up making a piece of art resembling a block painting.

I love framing these paintings and decorating my living room with them.

Kites with Bows

All of us remember this activity from our childhood days.

I remember the teacher used to tie a random number of bows πŸͺ on the tail of a kite. All the students were asked to count the number of bows and label them accordingly.

You can also do this activity at home. It improves the counting ability 🧠 of your child.

Teach About Reuse, Recycle and Restore

With Earth Day 🌏 celebrations going on in full swing, I make it a point to teach my kids how to help reduce waste and pollution.

I help them recycle their old pencilcases, school bags, and toys. We make art using vegetable peels and reduce the use of plastic products as much as possible.

I also teach them how to dispose πŸ—‘ of waste properly.

Words on Insects

This is a cute little activity. I prepare circular 🟣 🟒 🟑 🟠 cutouts from colorful chart papers and write a random alphabet on them.

I decorate a circular piece resembling the face of a caterpillar. Now, my kids are supposed to pick up random pieces with alphabets on them and place them beside the caterpillar’s face one after another (in a line) forming a word.

The one who forms the longest word will have the longest caterpillar. You can do the same activity with worms, too.

Pro Tip

Preschoolers and Kindergartners are fascinated with shapes, so let them explore the triangles πŸ”ΊοΈ and squares with this activity.

Beads Umbrella

Make Beads Umbrella In April

Take a bunch of colorful beads and mix them up in a bowl. I draw the outline of an umbrella β˜‚οΈ on a piece of paper using a black marker and coat the inner side of the outline with glue.

I encourage my little ones to segregate the beads of a certain color and stick them on the glue. This activity helps in improving their focus.

We always end up making beautiful umbrellas of different colors.

Egg Carton Flowers

I have lots of empty egg cartons πŸ₯š at home by the end of every week. I was wondering about an idea to reuse them when I came up with this activity.

I cut out all the compartments of the egg carton separately and ask my little ones to paint 🎨 them as they like. I help them to attach cutouts of leaves and stems to make complete πŸ’ flowers.

The bunch of all the egg carton flowers they make form a beautiful bouquet.

Paper Plate Birds

Make Paper Plate Birds In April

This activity is my son’s favorite one. I divide the paper plates into halves and ask my kids to paint them as they like. We add up eyes, feathers, and cotton balls to make a whole 🐦 bird.

I tie it to a thread and hang it on our balcony. My son and daughter are always delighted 🀩 to have the company of these paper plate birds.

Plant a Seed in Eggshells

I have been planting seeds 🌱 in eggshells since my childhood. My mother taught me how to do so.

I teach my kids the same, and it feels so wonderful when they see leaves peeking out of the eggshells every time.

Chick Bin

The idea of creating a sensory bin never goes out of style. My daughter loves playing with πŸ₯ chicks.

Therefore, I always create a sensory bin for her by placing plastic eggs, leaves, twigs, and chick soft toys in a bin.

I love to encourage her to take part in this sensory activity and pick up the toys by locating them with her hands.

Bees and Ladybugs

I love teaching my kids how to make the painting of a bee 🐝 and ladybugs 🐞 using their hands.

I ask my kids to make a fist and dip it in yellow paint. I encourage them to dab their fist against the paper, forming an impression that serves as the body of the bee. We move on to draw stripes with black paint and decorate it to make a complete bee.

In the case of painting a ladybug, I teach them to use the impression of their palm, dipped in red paint, as the body of the ladybug.


The month of April is celebrated as National Poetry Month, and I grab this great opportunity to read πŸ“š amazing poetries with my kids.

Sometimes, they even recite poetry for me. I also encourage πŸ₯° my little ones to take part in events organized by schools and libraries to celebrate the art of writing poetry.


I understand that the month of April is crowded with many celebrations and the unending cheerfulness πŸ˜„ of Spring. I never run out of activities to enjoy with my kids πŸ₯° during this month.

Let me know which activity you liked the most πŸ˜‡ in the comments below.

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