20+ Awesome Kite activities for kids of All Ages

Educating our children πŸ‘Ά about different kinds of games is very important to see where their interest dwells. 

Playing kite πŸͺ is a kind of game that improves their hand and leg movements, physical endurance and coordination, mental abilities, and imagination. Encouraging your kids to take part in making kite πŸͺ activities is fun.

By learning various kite activities, I firmly believe that my kids will learn a valuable lesson in embracing various failures in life and bouncing back to fight to win them again. 

With days passing by, I know that my children will master playing with kites and will be fans of making various crafts with kites.

Amazing Kite activities for kids

I enrolled my kids in some kite-activities πŸͺ learning courses because I wanted to inculcate in them the benefits of this learning process. I grew up in a house 🏠 where every individual’s choice is given respect, and they are supported in whatever they want to learn. 

I have taught them how to balance academics and games. With the activities mentioned above, I aimed to help my children practice their kite-flying πŸͺ learning skills in various ways.Β 

Hope you enjoy these activities as much as my kids loved 😍 them.

Edible Kite Cookies

Can you imagine eating a cookie kite πŸͺ ? Well, you can do this pretty easily with the process mentioned below. Trust me, the activity is yum yum!🀀 These cookies are edible and fun to make. 

What you need-

Two square-shaped chocolate chip cookies πŸͺ, heart-shaped β™₯️ sugar toppings, Wilton Cake Icing in Red, Blue, And Yellow.


  •  Lay down two chocolate chip cookies on a white plate. You can use ready-made available cookies to save time. Line them horizontally or vertically as you desire.
  • Next, you need to use Wilton’s ready sugar icing tubes to line the kites πŸͺ . To make it more fun, substitute the icing tubes with varied candies or even use noodles dipped in food coloring.
  • Now you can add the heart sugar toppings along the kite’s tail, use the blue icing, and make some clouds ☁️ with the yellow. You can also draw the sun 🌞 too. Have fun with this step.
  • Now your edible kite cookies are ready 😍.

Bird Kite Craft

Today, I will share with you how to make a simple bird 🐦 kite. This craft is fun to make. My toddlers πŸ‘Ά enjoyed doing this craft.

What you need-

Paper, Sticky notes, stapler, scissors βœ‚οΈ, hole punch, markers, stickers, string or ribbon.


  • Without wasting any time, fold the paper in half.
  • Swoop down both sides to make the wings of the bird and secure the fold with a staple.
  • Make a hole at the bottom to insert the string.
  • Cut a piece of the sticky note to make the beak and tail feathers.
  • Add googly eyes πŸ‘€.
  • Now attach the string, and your kite πŸͺ is ready to fly. Hoorah, your craft is ready 🀩.

Pasta Noodle Kite Craft

You can make this cute noodle kite πŸͺ craft for your kids during the summer or spring, and trust me; your kids are gonna love doing this activity. Let’s get you ready to make this craft.

What you need-

Noodles, preferably the spaghetti ones, baby bow πŸŽ€ tie noodles, strings, glue, and paint 🎨.


  • Start by letting your kids make the side of a kite πŸͺ length by breaking the spaghetti noodles lengthwise, and then you can glue them carefully.
  • Make a jiggly line with the glue and place the string over it. Finish the step by gluing the bowties on top.
  • Grab the paint, dip your paintbrush πŸ–ŒοΈ, and paint all over the noodles. 
  • You can paint the whole inner side of the kite and the spaghetti noodles, and at the end, you have a cool kite to play with 😍.

Colorful Stained Glass Kites Window Display

My toddlers enjoy windy weather that lets them enjoy kite flying πŸͺ . This is a super easy, fun-to-do craft and is a great one for little ones πŸ₯°. 

What you need-

 black construction paper of nearly half an inch, pieces of scrap cut-outs from the black construction paper, some tissue papers of different colors, a clear paper sheet, a piece of ribbon, and different scraps from colored construction papers.


  • Start by taping a clear contact paper piece, keeping the sticky side up on the table.
  • Stick the kite frame down and make some designs or shapes with the black paper. You can go with the cross-shape ❌ strips. 
  • Then, cover the kite shape πŸͺ with colored tissue paper.
  • When fully covered with tissue paper, seal it with a sheet of clear contact paper. 
  • Cut out the kite shape.
  • Staple a piece of ribbon to make the tail at the bottom of the kite. Cut out a simple bow πŸŽ€ tie shape and stick it to the tail.
  • Tape the kites in your room’s window to brighten up your gloomy day.
  • Enjoy making these stained glass kites πŸͺ .

Paper Bag Kites

It is springtime, and the kids will have so much fun while making their paper bag kites πŸͺ . The breezy spring afternoons are perfect for flying kites; what say 😍? Let’s get started without wasting any time ⏰.

What you need- 

Paper lunch bags, Yarn, popsicle sticks, scissors, streamers, tape, stickers, paint, markers, crayons, construction paper, and washi tape.


  • To start making your paper bag kites, let your kids decorate the paper bags first. Let them use a wide range of colors 🎨 and other supplies. 
  • Stickers will be perfect for adding some fun colors and prints. They can even make polka dots with the markers. Let the paint dry properly to prevent any mess before heading to the next step.
  • Punch a little hole at the bottom of the paper bag using scissors βœ‚οΈ. This is done to insert the kite string.
  • Carefully cut a long 18-24-inch string and tie one end to the middle of the popsicle stick and the other end through the hole of the paper bag. 
  • Now, you can stick the streamers using tape to the open end of the paper bag.
  • You are ready to fly your kite πŸͺ .

Butterfly Kite

Children love doing this kite craft all the time. 

What you need-

Printed copies of my butterfly πŸ¦‹ designs, skewers made from wood, straws of long length, scissors for cutting, white school glue, masking tape, a wide variety of magic markers, crepe paper streamers of any color you like, and a stapler.


  • Download and print the butterfly designs.
  • Then, color the kite πŸͺ prints with magic markers.
  • Fold the butterfly’s body in half along the dotted line.
  • Now, from the first, fold each butterfly wing.
  • A long straw is inserted inside the first fold. Apply some white glue to the crease carefully.
  • Through the circle, put your kite string inside by making a hole behind the straw through the paper with the tip of your scissors βœ‚οΈ. 
  • This step is perfect to give your kite some strength.
  • Make a knot and let the length of the string hang down a bit; it will allow your toddler to fly the kite.
  • Make sure that the kite’s backside has a wooden skewer attached horizontally to the topmost edge of the kite.
  • Then, try to clip off the wooden skewer’s sharp edges before sticking it to the backside of the kite.
  • End the process by stapling some colorful paper tails in whatever color your toddler wants.

Your kite craft is done, and your kids can fly it.

Kite Bookmark

Is your kid a big fan of reading books πŸ“š? Then it’s high time that you teach them how to make cute and unique kite bookmarks πŸ”– that will make their reading experience surreal.

What you need-

Empty cereal box or any cardboard paper, marker pens of different colors, glue, and a satin ribbon.


  • Cut the cardboard paper into two kites πŸͺ of the same size.
  • Cut the satin ribbon carefully into an 8-inch strip.
  • Now, you must place the long satin ribbon between the two kite shapes and glue them together.
  • Take the marker pens, and your kid can make any design of their choice.
  • Take a satin ribbon of approximately 2-inch length and tie it at the end of the kite.
  • Your bookcraft is ready 😍.

Watercolor Fun

Making this kite craft is not only interesting 🀩 but also cost-effective and fun. Let’s do this without wasting any time.

What you need-

Paper, different watercolor paint, brush πŸ–ŒοΈ, scissors, paintbrush, glue or tape, and ribbon.


  • Ask your kids to apply any color they like to the papers in any pattern of their choice.
  • Let it dry for some time. Once it has dried completely, you can ask them to cut out the paper in the shape of a diamond along with three bows.
  • Then glue the string to these shapes so that your toddler can fly the kite πŸͺ .

Cupcake Liner Kite

This perfect weather has inspired my kids and me to try some different crafts, and here we are. We made a fun cupcake liner craft for this lovely springtime. I hope you and your kids will enjoy this craft as much as we did.

What you need-

Two regular-sized cupcake liners, blue cardstock paper, a white sheet of cardstock paper, colored cardstock papers to match the cupcake liners, white string, a small heart punch, glue stick, and Elmer’s school glue.


  • Start the process by cutting out two white clouds ☁️ shapes from the white sheet and, with the glue, paste them on the blue sheet of cardstock paper.
  • Then, fold the two sides of the cupcake liners to make a sharp point. You can use glue under the folds to hold them in place.
  • Now, stick the two cupcake liners together, thus making a diamond-like shape at each end. 
  • Now glue your kites πŸͺ onto the blue sheet and let it dry for some time.
  • Now, let your child make a line using the school glue from the bottom of your kite to the end of the paper, and then add your white string on top of the glue.
  • To make three bows πŸŽ€, cut six red hearts from the heart punch and stick them along the white string in such a way that two heart points face each other.
  • You are ready with your cupcake liner kite πŸͺ .

Paper Plate Kite

Flying kites is one of the most interesting πŸ₯³ activities among the kids. I am sure this paper plate kite craft will be one of your child’s favorite.

What you need-

Paper plate, Ribbons of various colors, width, and length, duct tape, 16-inch dowel, and scissors βœ‚οΈ.


  • Start the craft by cutting out the center of the paper plate.
  • Now, with the help of the duct tape, try to attach the ribbon to one end of the paper plate.
  • Punch a hole in the other end of the paper plate. Now, insert the dowel into the hole carefully.
  • Check if the dowel comes out of the other side, but I am sure you will not want it to stick out.
  • Use the duct tape to ensure that the dowel is secured to the plate.
  • Use a good amount of tape on both sides, and you can even add more square pieces around the top of the plate. Now you are all set to hold your dowel and fly a kite πŸͺ . The ribbons will flow along the wind.

Mini Paper Kite

Toddlers are big fans of various fun activities and love flying their kites in warm, spring, and windy weather.

What you need-

Craft paper, paper straws, string or twine for the kite’s string, lightweight strings for the tail of the kite, decorative ribbon scraps, Elmer’s school glue stick, All-purpose glue, scissors, pencil, and ruler.


  • Select two papers and carefully cut them in half along the longest edge.
  • Using the glue stick, cover the back of one sheet and carefully place the other color of your choice. Make sure there are no crumbs or bubbles.
  • Use a line following the measurements to connect the four dots and make the kite shape.
  • With the scissors βœ‚οΈ, cut out the kite πŸͺ .
  • Cut a piece of the string and attach one end of the paper straw.
  • Take the second straw and cut it into two to three pieces. Make the kite handle by tying the other end of the string to the middle of one of the paper straw pieces.
  • Add glue to the knot so that the string does not come out off the handle.
  • Choose the side of the kite that you wish to be the bottom and place it. Connect the corners with a pencil to draw a cross pattern and squeeze a dot of glue along the cross.
  • Place the paper straws into the glue to make the kite frame and let it dry for some time.
  • Make the kite tail by cutting a piece of string. Thread it through the straw’s long end and add a glue dot at the top of the straw to secure the string.
  • Attach a few decorative pieces to the tail and let it dry.
  • Complete the craft by making designs with glitter glue. This is my kid’s favorite part 😍.

Toddler kite craft

This toddler cute craft is simple to make and super fast to come up with. Let’s get started to make this βœ….

What you need-

Construction paper, foam stickers, crepe or streamers, string, bamboo kebab skewers, and a stapler.


  • Try to make a diamond ♦️ shape cut out from the construction paper.
  • Now, stick the stickers onto the foam paper.
  • Stick the two bamboo skewers onto the back of the construction paper.
  • Try to cut the crepe paper into long lengths.
  • Stick glue and paste the crepe paper to the construction paper with the help of a stapler.
  • Now, tie a piece of the string to the two bamboo skewers.
  • The craft is done βœ….

Easy Letter K Craft

Your toddlers can write the letter K or draw them with colored pencils. My kid’s favorite part is attaching the paper cut-outs and strings to make the kite πŸͺ . 

Let your kid decorate the kite as per their heart desires.

What you need-

Green construction paper, colorful construction papers, rope or ribbon, glue, and scissors.


  • Carve out the K letter, or you can download and print it.
  • Glue the letter on a contrasting colored construction paper.
  • Take four different colors of construction paper, cut out the shapes of diamonds πŸ”·, and make sure each diamond is smaller than the next.
  • Stick them on top of each other and the left side of the K letter.
  • Cut the string of long length to make the tail and glue it to the bottom side of the kite πŸͺ .
  • Cut some cloud shapes from the blue construction paper and paste them.
  • Your kite craft is ready to fly 😍.

Kite Headband

These types of headbands are perfect for kids who love doing crafts. You need to have some key supplies so that you will have your headband done in no time at all.

What you need-

Dollar Store Headband, Craft felt in different colors, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, half pearls, glue gun and glue sticks, glue, straight pins, scissors βœ‚οΈ, and kite patterns πŸͺ .


  • Download the template, paste it on paper, and cut it out properly. Pin the pattern to the craft felt and cut the portion.
  • Then, you can pin the bow patterns to different craft felt colors and cut them using scissors.
  • Thread the embroidery needle with six floss embroidery strands and sew a running stitch all along the line. 
  • Knot the floss back and leave some portion at the bottom for the tail part.
  • Attach the craft felt and the bow to your headband with the help of the blue. To decorate it, you can use the half pearls in the middle of each bow πŸŽ€ with a glue gun.

Driftwood Kite

Who doesn’t love to make kites πŸͺ and fly them in the sky? I am sure you and your kid are all set to display your creativity. Let’s get started.

What you need-

Two pieces of large watercolor paper, driftwood, glue gun, paint, paintbrush, cotton rope, scissors, and wooden balls or beads.


  • Let your kids collect sticks under your guidance. If you want, you can use dowels too.
  • You can paint your beads if you want to match them with your craft.
  • You can help your kid cut the sharp edges off the BBQ skewers.
  • Place a pony bead at the bottom of your skewer. This will secure your beads in place safely and prevent them from sliding down.
  • Try to string the beads.
  • Now, you can insert the skewer into the foam.
  • Complete painting your beads. 
  • Paint 🎨 with as many colors as you want for your kite.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • You can use any type of paint you want(acrylic or watercolor).
  • You need to let it dry completely overnight and then head on to the next step.
  • Now arrange them and glue the sticks onto the paper that you colored to make the kite. 
  • Try to trim off the edge of the paper.
  • To make the kite tail, take the rope and make a braid. 
  • Knot and tie their ends carefully.
  • Cut the bow shapes and glue a wooden bead in the middle of it.
  • To make the craft more drool-worthy 😍, you can add colored beads to it.
  • Once it has dried, you can add the bows to your braided rope and attach the tail to your kite.
  • To make it hang, you can make a loop using the rope and attach it to the top of the kite πŸͺ .
  • Let this amazing craft hang in your room to make your kid’s ceiling look magnificent. Your driftwood kite craft is almost done, and I hope you and your kid πŸ‘Ά enjoyed it.

Match the Shape

This is an excellent activity that you can try with your kids to let them try their hands on some new activities that will enhance their fine sensory and coordination skills.Β 

I made several dotted outlines of several kite patterns on a piece of paper and guided my toddler to cut themβœ‚οΈ following the dotted lines. I draw similar outlines of these kites πŸͺ on another piece of paper. 

My babies patiently try to recognize the cut-outs and then stick the pieces on the accurate outline of the shape on the second paper.

Kite Photography

I teach my little one how to use a camera πŸ“· very often. I teach them to imagine themselves as a professional photographer for a day, click as many pictures of kites as they can see πŸͺ and spot them anywhere.Β 

Amongst all the pretty flowers 🌼 , trees, shrubs, cupboards, toys 🧸 , books, and insects, they always end up clicking pictures of fascinating kites roaring in the sky along the spring breeze. 

We segregate the pictures of each color and pattern and stick them on a paper cut-out of the same color.

We decorate it using paint 🎨, pompom balls, or embellishments.

Kite Bracelets and Kite-themed Greeting Cards 

Kite-themed crafts are one of the most popular πŸ‘πŸ» among my children. My children nowadays always want to make several kite-themed bracelets for their friends using different colored🧡 threads. 

This allows them to learn facts about these crafts as I guide them in performing the activity following certain stepwise methods. 

Moreover, this craft activity also enhances their motor and sensory skills. While making greeting cards, we make use of an extremely ideal sensory activity utilizing threads. 

What you need– 

White chart paper, scissors βœ‚οΈ, marker pen, threads 🧡, and glue.


  • I guide them through preparing diamond-shaped πŸ”Ά pieces from the white sheet of paper by cutting them using scissors following the dotted border that is already marked by a marker pen. 
  • Now, the next step we can do is to apply glue and stick the pieces of different colored threads in diamond or tetrahedral patterns to make the cut-out resemble a kite πŸͺ . 
  • We stick together two such cut-outs to form an adorable πŸ’Œ greeting card. 
  • If your kids are unhappy with the pieces, you can teach them how to create a kite jersey using origami.Β 
  • This paper-folding kite activity is equally interesting and engaging for little ones. Your cute kite bracelets and greeting cards are ready.

Important Note:

You need to take care while teaching your child how to use scissors βœ‚οΈ during crafts safely to prevent any mishaps.

Kite Cookies

My kids never say no to chocolate chip cookies πŸ˜‹ and the idea of decorating it like a kite makes them even more fascinated. One of the most interesting things among kids is their craziness in knowing how to draw different types of patterns using piping bags filled with gels or creams, as these improve their focus 🧠, coordination, and mental ability.

What you need– 

Cookies πŸͺ, chocolates 🍫, bowl, piping bags, cream(with added food coloring), and candies.


  • I make regular diamond-shaped chocolate chip cookies πŸͺ for my kids and help them cover them with white cream using a spoon. 
  • I hand over separate piping bags containing red and yellow colored creams to my son and daughter and guide them through making different types of kite πŸͺ patterns on the cookie, such that it resembles a kite. My kids remain extremely focused 🧐 and do their best to make adorable kite cookies πŸͺ.
  • We also add kite-themed candies 🍬 to it. This process proves to be an extremely ideal sensory activity for my son and daughter.

Kite Counting Activity 

As a parent, it is important to look for different creative πŸ’‘ counting activities for our children. I have figured out an amazing way of incorporating kites into an amazing counting activity.

I just take a few cut-outs of different patterns of kites. I start the activity by arranging the cut-outs on the floor in random numbers and asking them to count how many pieces of a certain pattern they can point out. I ask them to write ✍️ the number of each cut-out on a piece of paper.

Sometimes, I write random characters and alphabets on these cut-outs to make things more interesting and ask them to form a word with these alphabets.

Finger Kite

Running with a finger kite πŸͺ in your hand with its tail fluttering in the breeze is a magical moment to witness for kids of all ages. You can also opt to make a finger kite with certain steps and instructions. Follow these steps.

What you need-

Four jumbo crafts sticks, streamers, pipe cleaners, scissors, hot glue guns, and kite materials like napkins, gift wraps, tissue paper, or plastic tablecloths.


  • Apply glue to the four sticks and place them in the shape of a diamond to form the kite frame.
  • You can use a hot glue gun or a normal white craft glue.
  • For the kite material, you can use tissue paper or a napkin.
  • Trace the frame onto the tissue paper you have selected. Cut it out properly, following the edges.
  • Glue it to one side of the frame; you can visualize the kite’s front part once it has dried.
  • Cut out four streamers about 16-18 inches long. To make them thinner, you can cut them in half.
  • Glue all four streamers together to one end and stick them at the back of the kite.
  • Cut the pipe cleaner in half to make the finger loop and glue them to the kite’s top.
  • And now you are done with your finger kite craft 😊.

Kite Craft

We all love making crafts, don’t we 😍? This super east kite craft is the perfect one for your toddler this springtime to play with, and it can even make a beautiful piece of decor that you can add to the interior of your house 🏠.

What you need-

Construction paper, scissors βœ‚οΈ, glue sticks, paper straws, paper plate, craft paint, ribbon, cotton swabs, bottle caps, and foam stickers.


  • Choose any colored construction paper to make the kite’s πŸͺ base color, and make some paint patterns and shades on the paper plate.
  • You can use cotton swabs to apply the paint and have fun making some summer and spring-inspired patterns.
  • Let it dry completely while going on to the next interesting step.
  • If you don’t have cotton swabs, you can use a pencil to make the polka dots, clip a pom pom to one end of the clothespin, trim sponges, and dip them in paint.
  • Now, fold the paper in half lengthwise.
  • Fold the sides towards the center to make the diamond shape.
  • Flip the paper over to see the shape and cut out the edges using scissors.
  • Your kite is taking its shape.
  • Now, you can proceed by adding the straws. You need to have the glue and scissors.
  • Stick your first straw down lengthwise and then go on gluing the second and the third down and trim the excess portion that you no longer need.
  • Now, you can use a colorful pipe cleaner to make the tail of your kite.
  • Try to fold the pipe cleaner, apply glue to it, and then place it inside the straw.
  • Add colorful ribbons and bows to the tail, and shape your pipe cleaner so that the kite looks like it is flying in the wind. Your craft kite is ready to fly 🀩.

Paper Straw Kite

 I guess you are all set to try out this new kite-making craft with your kids. You need to have some things in hand so that you can make it quick.

What you need-

Paper straws, craft knife πŸ”ͺ, hot glue, tissue paper, string, glue, and scissors.


  • Cut one straw to 5 and a half inches.
  • Now, cut a notch in the middle of both the straws.
  • Try to put the two straws together, and you can also put a dot of glue to secure them together. Cut a notch at the end of each straw.
  • String around all four straws and then tie them in place with the help of a square-shaped knot.
  • Place the thing on top of the tissue paper and cut about 1-inch margins all around.
  • Cut the corners with the scissors.
  • Stick the flaps.
  • Tie a string in the middle.
  • Your kite is ready to fly πŸ₯°.


Kite flying πŸͺ has been a favorite throughout centuries, and I love ❀️ to watch my little ones enjoy and learn about this wonderful game. I hope your kids will love these crafts as much as my toddlers and I did.

All these kite activities are extremely beneficial and entertaining for all the kids. 

If you have any other ideas πŸ’‘ of incorporating the theme of playing and making kites into amazing activities, then please let me know πŸ˜‡ in the comments below.

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