101+ Batman Riddles to Test Your IQ

It has been eighty years since the very first edition of the Batman comic was published in the spring of 1940, yet Batman is universally recognized as the world’s finest detective.

The Batman, a new film, is set to enter theatres in 2021, starring Robert Pattinson (the ninth actor to play Batman) as the title character. Some brilliant Batman riddles and humor are the perfect hidden weapon for rising classroom superstars. 

Batman riddles for kids

Our favorite superhero is Batman. After all, Batman has the Riddler as well as the Joker. There are also many amusing Batman riddles to be found. In that spirit, here is a collection of our favorite Batman riddles.

While these humorous characters were more popular during birthday parties in the early days, they are still popular today. 

Batman Riddles

Q. What are the connections between Putin, Batman, and Will Smith?

A. They all went after a comedian.

Q. Batman strolled into a bar. But he was expelled. Why does it happen?

A. That’s because his mask didn’t cover his mouth.

Q. How does Batman’s mother summon him to dinner?Β 
A. Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner….. Batman!
My Experience:Β I remember playfully calling my little brother to dinner by chanting his name repeatedly, mimicking the Batman summoning ritual. The laughter that ensued echoed through the house, reminding us of the joy found in simple moments of silliness and connection. πŸ½οΈπŸ˜„

Q. When I asked Netflix if they had Batman Forever, what did they say?

A. They claimed it was only available till the end of the month.

Q. What is the common thing between Batman and a pair of artificial teeth? 

A. They both show exclusively at night.

Batman Riddles

Q. When playing chess, Batman refuses to use the white pieces. Why?

A. He must always be the Dark Knight.

Q. What happens when Batman and Robin are confronted by a steamroller?

A. They transform into Flatman and Ribbon!

Legacy of the Bat πŸ¦‡πŸŒŸ
Leave behind a legacy of hope and courage, inspiring future generations to stand up for justice and fight against the forces of evil, knowing that the symbol of the Bat will always be there to protect them.

Q. Before they got in the Batmobile, what did Batman say to Robin?

A. Please, Robin, get into the Batmobile.

Q. Have you heard of Batman climbing a tree?

A. He was attempting to locate Robin’s nest.

Q. How come Batman couldn’t go fishing?

A. Robin had devoured the worms.

Batman Riddles

Q. What kind of diet did Mr. Freeze tell Batman he wished for? 

A. The Diet of Meltdown.

Q. Why is Two-Face one of the more iconic villains?

A. Since he is only halfway horrible

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Q. What did Poison Ivy wear to the superheroes’ ball?Β 
A. She wished to put on her Dark Knight robe.

Q. What makes Batman so skilled at cards? 

A. Because he always ends up with the Joker.

Q. Why did Batman take so many photographs? 

A. Because the first time, he failed to utilize the Flash.

Batman Riddles

Q. What makes Batman unique from a shoplifter?

A. Batman can go shopping without Robin.

Q. Why is Batman constantly so solemn? 

A. He isn’t the Joker, after all!

Q. What separates Batman from the Penguin?Β 
A. Batman Robin is never seen!
Pro Experience: I remember a playful moment with my friends, joking about Batman and the Penguin. We laughed about how Batman’s sidekick, Robin, is always by his side, contrasting with the solitary nature of the Penguin. It reminded me of the bonds that strengthen us, even in the face of adversaries. πŸ¦‡πŸ§

Q. Why is Batman so hostile to Mr. Freeze? 

A. He always turns his attention on him.

Q. Why doesn’t Batman enjoy going for a walk in the woods? 

A. He is worried about being in contact with poison ivy.

Q. What do you call a batman who is blind?

A. Christian Braille

Q. Do you believe Batman or Superman is the better businessman? 

A. There are no bat markets, so it must be Superman markets.

Caped Crusader πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈβš”οΈ
Stand as the symbol of hope and justice, protecting Gotham City from the forces of darkness as the Caped Crusader, using your martial prowess and intellect to defeat evil.

Q. Why did Batman query about Mr. Freeze’s clothing source? 

A. They looked cool to him.

Q. Why is Batman’s calendar only 363 days long?

A. Because there is no such thing as Mother’s or Father’s Day

Q. What would you call a battered Batman? 

A. Bruised Wayne.

Hard batman riddles

Why do we love creating Batman riddles? Is it because, despite the character being primarily designed for children, continuous darkness encircles the character and has also spread across the rest of the canon?

Is it because the idea of an adult and his younger pal running around in tights appeals to us in a childlike and innocent way?

Q. Where does Bruce Wayne acquire his lots of energy? 

A. Bat-teries.

Batman Riddles

Q. On the high school baseball team, what position did Bruce Wayne play? 

A. Bat-boy.

Q. What is it called when Batman comes into contact with a tree? 

A. Wayne, spruce up.

Q. How do you describe a three-year-old Batman who has fallen from his bike?Β 
A. Wayne was bruised.
Sigma Experience: I recall seeing my nephew, a little Batman, tumble from his bike at three. With scraped knees, he looked up, resilient and determined. It reminded me of the courage found even in our smallest heroes. πŸš²πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Q. How did Bruce Wayne get so popular on the cricket team? 

A. Because he was the greatest Batman ever

Q. What is Bruce Wayne’s favorite lunch recipe? 

A. It’s alpha-bat-ti spaghetti, he says.

Batman Riddles

Q. What went terribly wrong with Bruce Wayne’s movie date? 

A. He breathed like a bat.

Q. What is the difference between Batman and a robber? 

A. Batman can go shopping without Robin.

Q. What is Batman’s favorite part of a joke? 

A. The final line.

Q. What does Batman put in his bar drinks? 

A. Just-ice.

Q. What is the term for when Batman skips church? 

A. Christian Bale

Q. What did Batman do while shopping? 

A. Got-ham.

Q. What did Batman’s pal say to him when he came back from vacation?

A. Hello, bat.

Q. What kind of workout is Batman always looking for?

A. Aero-batics.

Q. What kind of tea does Batman tend to favor?

A. Vigilan-tea.

Q. What did Batman do while shopping?

A. I’ve got ham!

Gotham’s Guardian πŸ¦‡πŸ™οΈ
Stand as Gotham’s Guardian, a symbol of hope and resilience in a city teetering on the brink of chaos. Your presence instills fear in the hearts of criminals and reassurance in the hearts of the downtrodden.

Q. What did Bruce Wayne’s mother wrap up his cot with?

A. A mobile bat.

Q. What did the bread say to Batman?

A. Rye so serious! 

Q. What did Batman say to the loaf of bread?

A. “How serious is Rye?”

Q. What do you call a Batman who is injured?

A. Bruised Wayne

Q. When Batman skips church, what do you call it?

A. Christian Bale!

Q. What happens when you cross Batman and a tree?

A. Spruce Wayne!

Q. What happens when you roll over Batman and Robin?

A. Ribbon and a flat man

Q. What costume does Batgirl wear to the superhero ball?

A. Her Dark Knight gown.

Q. What ingredients does Batman put in his drinks?

A. Just-ice! 

Q. What is Bruce Wayne’s favorite baseball position?

A. Batboy.

Batman Riddles

Q. What do you get a Batman who has it all?

A. Bat Friends

Q. On his baseball team, what position did Bruce Wayne play?

A. He was known as the bat boy!

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Q. What goes into Batman’s drinks?
A. It’s just ice.

Q. What happens when you combine Robin and a Vita-Mix?

A. The Boy Blender, Robin

Q. Why would a black-dressed pig never be bullied?

A. Because Batman has pledged to keep Goth Ham safe

Funny batman riddles

The Riddler, the Penguin, the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Mr. Freeze are among Batman’s adversaries; search for these recognizable characters in the Batman riddles below!

Whatever the cause, we’ve compiled a selection of our best caped crusader-themed riddles. And, yeah, you have achieved these Batman riddles. Enjoy this comic and the funny riddles given below!

Batman Riddles

Q. My friend stated I was starting to frustrate her by connecting everything to Batman.

A. What a joker!

Q. Which Chinese food is Batman’s favorite?

A. Chicken Kung POW!

Q. Why did Batman decide to go on a break from battling crime?

A. Because it was turning out to be the bane of his existence

Q. What did Batman do while shopping?

A. I’ve got ham!

Q. Why doesn’t Batman enjoy going for walks in the woods?

A. He dislikes Poison Ivy!

Q. Why is Batman so opposed to Mr. Freeze?

A. He always keeps his back on him!

Q. Why did all of the photos from Batman’s party turn out dark?
A. He totally forgot to invite the Flash!
Ultra Pro Experience: I once organized a surprise birthday party for a friend, but I forgot to invite one crucial person – the friend who always brings the camera and captures every moment. When the photos turned out dark, it reminded me of Batman’s party mishap.πŸŽ‰

Q. How did Batboy turn into Batman?

A. He recently celebrated his Bat-Mitzvah.

Q. How many crusaders are required to replace a lightbulb?

A. None – they prefer it dark!

Q. What component of a joke does Batman enjoy the most?

A. The punchline!

Q. Which fruit is Batman’s favorite?

A. Ba-na-na-na-na-na-na-na.

Q. Why isn’t Batman able to go fishing? 

A. Robin is constantly eating worms.

Batman Riddles

Q. What kind of coffee does Batman favor?

A. As dark as night.

Q. Why is it so difficult for Bruce Wayne to get a second date?

A. Because he emits bat breath.

Q. What stopped Batman from going fishing?

A. As Robin ate all of the worms!

Dark Knight Detective πŸ¦‡πŸŒƒ
Embrace the mantle of the Dark Knight Detective, prowling the shadows of Gotham City in pursuit of justice. Your keen intellect and indomitable will make you a formidable force against the criminal underworld.

Q. Why did all of the photos from Batman’s celebration come out dark?

A. He almost forgot to invite the Flash!

Q. What made Batman decide to take a break from dealing with crime?

A. Because it was turning out to be the bane of his existence

Q. Why is Batman so afraid to go on camping? 

A. Because Ivy is poisonous.

Q. Why does Batman only wear black color?

A. Easy. Batman does not want to be shot.

Q. Why is Batman so terrible at card games?

A. He always ends up with The Joker.

Q. Why doesn’t Batman enjoy going for walks in the woods?

A. He dislikes Poison Ivy!

Q. Why is Batman not fond of Mr. Freeze?

A. He always turns his back on him!

Q. Why is Two-Face one of the more iconic villains?

A. Because he’s not at all horrible

Q. Even though many people actually believe Batman was born in Gotham, he was actually 

born in South Africa. Capetown, to be precise. Why is it so?

A. Since he always wears a cape, that is why.

Batman Riddles

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