35+ Cinco de Mayo Activities For Celebrating with Colorful Cultural Crafts

Cinco de Mayo, to tell you, is a popular Mexican 🇲🇽 holiday, celebrated every year on the 5th of May to mark the victory of the Mexicans over the French, and is an occasion for us to have a fiesta with food, fun, and games. 

If you’re looking for fun and hands-on activities for your kids to do to celebrate the occasion of Cinco de Mayo, you’re in the right place!

Best Cinco de Mayo Activities for Your Kids

I would say these Cinco de Mayo activities can be helpful for your kids to participate in a celebration of another culture, Mexican in this case, and experience their food, crafts, music, dance, and games.

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of activities you can do on the 5th of May yearly to make the Cinco de Mayo festival fun for your kids. 😁

Make the Flag of Mexico

I would say the best way to set the tone for this festival from Mexico is to design their national flag.

You can divide a piece of paper into three vertical sections for your kids to color the tricolor flag 🇲🇽 – green, white, and red. Make sure you don’t forget to add the coat of arms of Mexico with the majestic eagle!

Pro Tip:

I suggest letting your kids use crayons, paints, pieces of torn paper, or even fingerprints to fill in the sections of the flag.

Wear the National Colors

Wear The National Colors

You can dress 👗 your kids in the national colors of Mexico – green, white, and red to honor the festival and the country it originated from.

We follow this annual tradition for Cinco de Mayo with my kids dressed in one of the three colors.

Learn About the Festival 

If your kids are celebrating Cinco de Mayo for the first time – I recommend you educate them about the festival.

You can help your kids understand what the holiday 🎊 represents and learn about its history and significance to make the celebration more meaningful.

Pro Tip:

My son learned about Cinco de Mayo by reading story books and watching videos, and you can try the same with your kids.

Teach Spanish Words and Phrases

Teach Spanish Words And Phrases

I recommend teaching your kids a few basic words and phrases 🗣️ in Spanish for a fun activity they will love. 

Some words I taught my son were: 

Hola – Hello, Si – Yes, No – No, Por Favour – Please, Gracias – Thank You, and Adios – Goodbye.

Plan a Mexican Dinner

What better way to enjoy Cinco de Mayo than eating delicious Mexican food 🌮 🌯 and allowing your kids to explore and appreciate the food from another culture?

You can include dishes like tacos, burritos, tortilla chips and salsa, quesadillas, enchiladas, tres leches, and flan to the menu.

I cannot tell you how much my son loves eating Mexican food.

Pro Tip:

If you have the time, you can make Mexican dishes at home, or I suggest you order from or take your kids to an authentic Mexican restaurant near you.

Complete a Word Search Puzzle

Complete A Word Search Puzzle

You can print out a word search puzzle 🧩 template with words associated with the festival of Cinco de Mayo. 

You can include words like Mexico, taco, fiesta, piñata, maraca, dancing, parade, victory, and so on for your kids to find.

I guarantee your kids will enjoy searching for hidden words while learning new ones, like my son did.

Create Mexican Paper Flowers

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet.

I recommend you follow a step-by-step craft tutorial to make Mexican paper flowers 🌸 at home with your kids using crepe or tissue papers of various colors and pipe cleaners.

My son and I had a good time making these Mexican paper flowers as decorations for the celebration, and we used them afterward to decorate my daughter’s room.

Create a Taco Bar

Create A Taco Bar

I would say my son, like me, finds assembling tacos as enjoyable as eating them. Rain or shine, it’s time for tacos! 🌮

You can lay out the assortment of prepared toppings – shredded lettuce, beans, grated cheese, sliced tomatoes and onions, sour cream, and so on in separate bowls to create a fun taco bar on your dining table.

Now, for the most exciting part, let your kids select and add the toppings to assemble their taco shells and enjoy some delicious homemade tacos.

Assemble Paper Tacos

I must admit that this is my favorite activity on this list – my son loved assembling these paper tacos 📄 🌮 so much, and your kids will, too.

You can cut circles from paper circles and fold them in half for the taco shells. You can cut the required shapes for the fillings, like shredded lettuce, beans, grated cheese, sliced tomatoes and onions, and so on, from colored sheets of paper and add details with colored markers. 

The fun part of the activity begins when you get your kids to assemble the paper shell tacos with fillings of their choice!

Make a Tres Leches Cake

Make A Tres Leches Cake

I recommend you involve your kids in baking a Mexican tres leches cake, a moist sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk, which is popular in Mexico.

As Marie Antoinette once said, “Let them eat cake! 🍰 I urge you to do the same to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your kids by indulging in one too many cake slices.

Design Themed Cake Toppers

Trust me when I say your kids will have so much fun making these Cinco de Mayo-themed cake 🎂 toppers to make any cake look more pretty. 

Draw and cut different outlines of a few elements related to Cinco de Mayo, like a cactus, Sombrero hats, the number 5, the Mexican flag, paper flowers, tacos, guitar, and tacos from colored sheets of thick paper. 

Let your kids decorate and add the details with colored markers, and then you can glue them to skewers or toothpicks to place the themed cake toppers in homemade cakes.

Pro Tip:

I laminated the paper outlines before attaching them to the skewers to preserve them for many years and avoid any cake stains.

Dine at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Dine At An Authentic Mexican Restaurant

You can take your kids to a Mexican restaurant serving authentic and traditional food 🍽️ to give them a taste of all the different dishes the cuisine has to offer.

My son enjoys dining at the Mexican restaurant down our street, run by the sweetest people, and having delicious food!

Create Papel Picado Banners 

I recommend you try this simple Mexican folk art activity, papel picado, that yields patterns from tissue papers and can be made into banners for your fiesta.

You can guide your kids by following a simple step-by-step tutorial to do this activity – give them square tissue papers in different colors to fold into sections. Let them cut different shapes with scissors, like triangles, squares, half hearts, and semi-circles, and snip the edges as they wish.

Open the tissue papers back to their original squares to reveal the beautiful and intricate patterns 🏵️ the shapes create, leaving your kids in awe. 

Pro Tip:

I remind my son that there are no mistakes in this art, and they only lead to the creation of beautiful patterns.

Make Piñata Decorations

Make Piñata Decorations

My son and I had a lot of fun making mini piñatas to decorate our home for the occasion.

You can repurpose empty toilet paper rolls into mini piñatas by wrapping them with colored tissue paper and filling them with sweet treats 🍬 for your kids to release with a thread or ribbon. You can use a string to bring all the piñatas together to hang them as decorations.

Make Plastic Spoon Maracas 

I found inspiration for this activity from my friend who made maracas, 🪇 a musical instrument, with her daughter. 

Let your kids fill a plastic Easter egg with rice, beads, or seeds to create the sound when shaken, and secure the egg between the heads of two inside-facing plastic spoons. You can use washi tapes to wrap the egg portion and the handles of the spoons, and voila!

Pro Tip:

I let my son choose 2-3 different washi tape patterns to make his maracas more colorful.

Decorate Your Home

I suggest you consider decorating your home 🏡 for Cinco de Mayo with craft decorations done with your kids and try to include the colors – green, white, and red.

My son and I always look forward to decorating our home, and this occasion gives us another reason to do so.

Fill Coloring Sheets

You can print coloring 🖍️ templates with outlines of elements associated with the festival of Cinco de Mayo and Mexican heritage. 

You can include outlines of a greeting saying Happy Cinco de Mayo, Sombrero hats, tacos, parades, piñatas, maracas, cactuses, and so on for your kids to color.

Decorate a Cutout of Number 5

As Cinco, in Spanish, refers to the number 5, I found a fun craft to do with your kids to include the number when we celebrate on the 5th of May.

You can draw and cut a number 5 5️⃣ cutout from cardboard and let your kids decorate it with scrunched tissue paper, crayons, paints, or stickers to display on Cinco de Mayo.

Trace Playdough Outlines

Trace Playdough Outlines

My play dough-loving son couldn’t be happier doing this fun and hands-on activity, which I have noticed has helped him improve his fine motor skills.

You can print or draw pictures on thick paper with outlines of elements commonly associated with Cinco de Mayo and laminate them to make mats. Now, encourage your kids to trace over the picture outline mats with play dough lines and shapes by molding the clay.

Pro Tip:

I wrote the names of the images on the mats for my son to learn something new and let him make a sentence using the word after he traced the shape with play dough.

Create Themed Photo Props

Celebrations are all about dressing up, gathering with loved ones, and taking photos with family and friends – I suggest making Cinco de Mayo-themed photo props with your kids to make your photos more memorable.

You can draw and cut out elements related to the festival from colored paper and let your kids decorate them with markers. Glue these cutouts to skewers to make the props, and take silly and fun photos 📷 with loved ones.

Create Cactus Art

Create Cactus Art

Your kids will enjoy creating their cactus 🌵 art – let them draw outlines of cactuses on construction paper, color, and decorate them using their creativity.

Pro Tip:

You can also get your kids to create their cactus art on canvas boards and display them in your home.

Make a Cactus Handprint Art

You can trace your kids’ hands on various shades of green paper and cut along the edges to make the paper handprint. 

Let your kids add googly eyes, a few lines or crosses for the needles, and paper flowers to make adorable handprint cactuses, 🌵 which you can use as cards or decorations.

Have a Dance Session

Have A Dance Session

I recommend you have a dance session with your kids – put on your dancing shoes and try to follow the traditional steps in Mexican dances 💃🏽 🕺🏾 to the beats of festive and traditional music to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. 

My son and I enjoy our dance sessions and have made a lot of memories.

Listen to Traditional Music

As my son would say – music makes everything more fun, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Introduce your kids to mariachi music, which is the traditional Mexican folk music 🎶 for them to sit back, listen to the tunes, and enjoy this new genre of music they’re listening to.

Play a Card Matching Game

I suggest playing a fun card 🎴 game where your kids have to match pictures related to Cinco de Mayo to their name cards.

You can prepare two sets of cards – draw or print pictures of details related to the festival on one and write down their names on another for your kids to match them together correctly. Use a timer to make the game more fun.

Pro Tip:

I noticed that my son had a lot of fun while also being able to identify and match the cards and learning new words.

Create Mexican Sun Art

It’s time for your kids to unleash their creativity and pick up their brushes for this art activity that my son had a great time doing.

Cut circles in various sizes from colored sheets of paper. You can find inspiration to make suns 🌞 in the style of Mexican folk art by letting your kids paint the paper circles and add details with colored paper shapes and colored markers. 

Make Sombrero Hats

I assure you Sombrero hats 🎩 are easy to make at home, and my son enjoyed wearing them for the occasion.

You can glue an upside-down paper cup to the front portion of a paper plate and attach ribbons to secure the paper plate on your kids’ heads. 

Let them paint and decorate the paper cup and plate with paints, stickers, pom poms, and so on to make their creative sombrero hats.

Create a Cactus Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a centerpiece to place on your coffee table or the dining table, you can try this simple craft, which is also easy for your kids to do.

You can get your kids to represent the stems of the cactus by filling clear glass bottles with strips of folded green paper in accordion style, also helping them improve their fine motor skills. 

Make cactus arms from green colored paper, glue paper flowers, draw the needles with markers, and tape the paper arms to the glass bottles to make beautiful cactus 🌵 centerpieces.

Create Paper Rosettes

Create Paper Rosettes

Your kids will love making these beautiful paper rosettes 🏵️ that you can hang as decorations for the Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

You can guide your kids to fold rectangle sheets of colored paper in an accordion fold style with equal-sized folds and bend them in half, resembling a fan. Attach a few folded accordion strips and glue them in the middle to make the circular rosettes.

Pro Tip:

My son and I made these rosettes in different sizes by altering the size of the rectangular piece of paper.

Attend a Virtual Cinco de Mayo Parade

If your kids cannot go to a parade in person, worry not, as you can still participate virtually from the comfort of your couch.

I recommend watching live broadcasts of colorful and lively parades from other parts of the world on YouTube or television 📺 with your kids so they can experience the fiesta.

Make Cardboard Guitars

My son had a lot of fun making a guitar 🎸 for himself and couldn’t wait to show his friends.

You can print a template of a guitar outline and trace it or draw one freehand on cardboard and cut it. Let your kids paint the cardboard guitar outline, decorate it with paper shapes and stickers, and attach three strings to complete the cardboard guitar for your little rockstars.

Pro Tip:

I suggest you make the cardboard cutout bigger for them to hold in their hands and feel like a real instrument.

Make Paper Plate Guitars

Make Paper Plate Guitars

I recommend these simple yet cute guitars 🎸 by repurposing paper plates for your little rockstars.

Get your kids to paint and decorate the paper plates with designs of choice. You can punch three holes on two opposite edges and attach three strings to make the guitar strings.

Cut and attach a strip of paper with lines to make the neck of the guitar, and your kids have their handmade guitar.

Create a Cactus Sensory Card

You can make this cactus-themed sensory card with your kids that goes well with the theme of Cinco de Mayo and allows them to do a craft activity and use it to engage in sensory play.

Draw and cut a cactus on a green-colored sheet of paper, paste it on a card, and draw a line at the bottom to represent the sand.

Add glue inside the outlines and let your kids cover the cactus 🌵 drawing with rice and the sand portion with sand to complete the sensory card for your kids to touch and feel different textures and nurture their senses.

Pro Tip:

I glued some 3D tissue paper flowers on the cactus to add more beauty and sensory texture for my son to play with.

Play Cinco de Mayo Style Scrabble

You can add a twist to the classic Scrabble literary game by forming words associated with the festival of Cinco de Mayo, and your kids will enjoy thinking of words that come to mind when they think of the occasion.

Pro Tip:

I would usually prompt my son with simple questions to help him come up with the words to form while also learning new words.

Design Posters

Design Posters

Bring out the art supplies for your kids to design posters 🖼️ for Cinco de Mayo by drawing and coloring pictures associated with the festival and showcasing their creativity with art.

I’m sure this activity will help keep your kids engaged and allow them to use their imagination.

Make a Themed Banner

You can make a fun and colorful Cinco de Mayo-themed banner 🪅 with your kids to put across your wall to celebrate the occasion.

Draw or print outlines of pictures related to the festival on colored sheets of paper and cut them. Let your kids color and decorate them as they like. Punch a hole in all the cutouts, tie them together with a string, and you have a handmade banner made by your kids to display.

Pro Tip:

You can make an assorted banner using different outline pictures or choose one outline and decorate it in various ways for a one-design banner.

Read Story Books

I recommend you find story books 📖 on the Cinco de Mayo holiday and read them with your kids as a resource for them to understand more about the occasion by looking at the illustrations and reading the story.


My son and I have done these activities together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and have helped him engage with the Mexican culture and learn about their food, games, crafts, music, and dance. 

My daughter, barely two, enjoys the yearly fiesta 🪅 – all the color, music, and food!

I hope you enjoyed reading the above list of activities I have listed that are fun and exciting for your kids to mark the occasion of Cinco de Mayo and make the day memorable.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list or have questions for me to answer – I would love to hear from you! ❤️

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