35+ Interesting Counting By 2s Activities to Have Fun With Kids

In a sense, I would say that mathematics is the poetry of rational thought. I have been teaching my children at home using a few fun activities to help them learn, and you can do that, too, to make math more fun.

You can include these activities with other innovative methods to provide a comprehensive and fun learning experience for your kids to learn math. The best part is that you can customize them depending on the child’s interests and learning style.

Fascinating Counting By 2s Activities For Kids

Let us now go through the counting by 2s activities that both your kids and you will enjoy. 

Counting fingers by 2s:

Counting Fingers By 2s

You can make your kids count the fingers in pairs as they hold out their hands. You can follow the order, where thumbs should come first🥇, then the index, middle, and so on. 

They can register and comprehend the idea of counting numbers in twos, this simple yet fun activity.

Use blocks or toys to count by 2s:

I suggest you bring together some tiny toys🪀 or blocks and teach your kids to count by twos2⃣. 

For instance, if there are ten blocks, for instance, they can count 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and so on. 

I found that this practical exercise strengthens the twos counting pattern and makes learning more interesting for kids.

Hopscotch counting by 2s:

Hopscotch Counting By 2s

You can use masking tape or a hopscotch grid to create a game inside, within the comforts of your home. Write the numbers in the squares⏹ by counting by twos. You can get them to say the numbers out loud🔊 as the kid moves forward ➡ on the hopscotch squares.

While playing this version of hopscotch, they are physically and mentally active when counting by twos.

Pro Tip:

I draw the hopscotch grid with chalk on our sidewalk for my son to play and count.


You can get your kids to Play “I Spy” with a companion by taking turns. As in, “I spy two pairs of shoes 👞.” The second person is required to count the items stated, stressing twos-only counting. 

In a fun way, this game develops observational abilities and strengthens their counting abilities.

Counting by 2s chant:

I recommend you create a catchy song or chant that uses the twos division➗ system.

You can clap or stomp along to the beat with your kids while singing the song or chant it aloud. Songs and chants are fantastic memory boosters that make studying enjoyable.

As my son would say – songs make everything more fun! 

Number Line:

You can use a long number line in the room or draw one on a sheet of paper. Make your kids count by twos✌while pointing at the numerals. They can go forward and backward, starting at a given number. 

Fun Fact

Counting by twos on number lines and charts often creates aesthetically appealing patterns that can create interest in mathematical connections.

Pair of 2s by shoes:

You can collect different pairs of shoes around the home🏠, place them in a row, and make your kids count the shoes in groups of twos. They will be able to relate the idea of numbering in twos to actual things via this practice.

 If there are six 6 pairs of shoes, for instance, they would count 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. 

Stomp while Stomping 2s:

As the youngster counts by twos, you can encourage them to clap👏 their hands or stamp their feet. A number is represented by each clap or stomp. 

I found that by adding a physical component, this kinesthetic game🎮 makes counting by twos more interesting for kids and aids with memory.

Pro Tip:

You can play catchy music and let your kids clap and stomp to the beats.

Stickers for counting by 2s:

Stickers For Counting By 2s

As your kids count by twos, you can give them stickers or stamps to arrange in pairs on paper📄. This practical exercise strengthens the idea and develops fine motor abilities in your kids.

Dots for counting by 2s:

I suggest you instruct your child to count the dots in pairs while stating the numbers aloud🔊. They can understand the twos counting pattern better thanks to the visual depiction.

Simon Says:

You can play a version of “Simon Says” with your kids where one person can be the leader – Simon to specify numbers🔢 and they have to count by twos.

This entertaining game develops math📏 proficiency and listening abilities in your kids.

Musical Chairs by 2s:

Musical Chairs By 2s

I recommend you get your kids to play musical chairs🪑 while also counting by twos. Make your children circle the chairs while they are counting, and when the music 🎶 stops, they announce the number they reached.

Objects in groups of 2s:

You can collect various objects around the house and then have your kids couple them in pairs for 2s. They may learn about groups and practice counting by twos✌ via this fun, hands-on exercise.

Pro Tip:

You can also tweak this activity and make your kids bring items from around the house in pairs, like two spoons, two dresses, two Lego blocks, and so on.

Counting Toes:

You can ask your kids to count each pair of toes, beginning with the big toe. This idea💡of counting by twos is reinforced with this engaging activity.


Confusion might result from introducing many counting patterns. Before teaching further counts, concentrate on mastering 2s counting.

Rolling Dice:

You can play this game using a six-sided die 🎲. Your kids can roll the dice, and according to the number of dots, they can divide it by twos. For instance, if the dice stops at three dots, they can count 2, 4, and 6. 

By using this fun game-like method, counting by twos✌ is exciting.

Counting by 2s Puzzle:

You can create a problem where your kids🧒 must count by twos and place the numbers in the proper sequence.

This practical exercise strengthens the counting and sequencing abilities of your kids.

Abacus for 2s:

You can introduce your kids to an abacus for them to count by twos. They can move the abacus 🧮 beads in pairs to practice counting in 2s. 

I would say that your children can observe the growth📈 and grasp the idea of counting in twos using this tactile technique.

Counting 2s while dancing:

Counting 2s While Dancing

While your kids are jogging🏃 or racing around the home or in the park, you can make them count by twos loudly.

Counting by twos is a physical practice that utilizes both the body and the intellect, and your kids will have fun doing it.

Hot Potato:

Make kids sit in a circle⭕ and pass the “hot potato” around while counting by twos. When the count reaches a multiple of two (for example, 10, 20), the kid holding the item is eliminated. This activity boosts enthusiasm and promotes rapid counting abilities.

Coins to count 2s:

You can collect coins, beginning with those worth 2⃣ cents, 4⃣ cents, 6⃣ cents, and so on, and count them in pairs.

I believe that children learn the value of money💲 by using counting by twos in practical situations.

Trampoline 2s:

Trampoline 2s

You can encourage your kids to jump on a trampoline🤸‍♀️ and count out loud in a series of two. 

It’s a fun and engaging approach to learning counting since each leap corresponds to a certain number.

Memory Game:

You can play a memory game with cards🃏 that show numerals counting in twos, like 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on.

Flip two cards at a time as you take turns flipping the cards face down in an effort to locate matching pairs of numbers.

Counting Socks:

Place a pile of socks in front of your kids, and you can make them count the socks🧦 in pairs. 

For instance, if there are 12 socks, they can count 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and so on. 

I would say that you can make use of ordinary household items for two-digit counting.


You can give your kids cards, where each card🃏 should have the numerals counting by twos written or printed in a distinct color. 

While recognizing the pattern based on colors, ask your kids to place the cards in the proper sequence of numbers.



I recommend you create flashcards with numerals written in groups of 2 and present them one at a time to the youngster. You can get them to repeat 🗣️ the numbers out loud to reinforce the order.

Pro Tip:

I drew images to represent each number to make the flashcards more fun.


You can play the classic game of dominoes by making dominoes with numbers that are divisible➗ by two and let your kids match the numbers in pairs. 

Playing this game helps your kids develop pattern identification skills and promotes the idea💡 of counting in twos.

Counting in Different Languages:

You can encourage your kids to learn to count by twos in different languages. For instance, you can teach them to count by 2s in various languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or any other language the kid 🧒 is keen to learn. 

Through this multicultural strategy, your kids can broaden their linguistic abilities and increase ⬆️ variety in counting.

Pro Tip:

My son learned to count in Japanese from YouTube language tutorials and rhymes.

Playing Catch:

Playing Catch

I recommend you play a game of catch with a ball with your kids. You can get them to count the tosses made when playing catch with a ball ⚽ in pairs (e.g., 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.). 

I would say that counting by twos now has a physical component thanks to this interactive game.


Make sure your kids comprehend the value of counting by twos in various situations, such as skip counting with different numbers.

Jumping Rope:

You can get your kids to jump rope🪢 and say the number two out loud. It’s a rhythmic and enjoyable approach for them to learn counting as each leap corresponds to a certain number.

Scavenger Hunt:

You can ask your kids to discover and count things hidden around the home🏠 or yard that have numerals by two.

This interactive game promotes counting abilities and exploration. I guarantee your kids will have a good time while also learning about counting. 

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jacks'

You can make your kids do jumping jacks while counting out loud by twos✌. Since each jumping jack represents a certain number, counting while exercising is encouraged.


I suggest you play the game of charades with your kids for them to estimate the number as they count by twos while acting out the numerals.

Through the use of movement and arithmetic abilities, this game makes learning engaging and fun🥳 for them.

Building blocks for stairs:

As your kids climb the stairs, they can count by twos while stacking building blocks◼️ to form staircases. This practical method aids in visualizing the counting pattern.

Playing with Yo-Yo:

As your kid plays with the yo-yo🪀, make them tally how many pairs there are of swings. 

This is a wonderful method to learn counting since each up-and-down movement represents a different number.



I suggest you set up bowling pins🎳 with numbers that start with a 2 and let your kids use a ball🏀 to knock them all down sequentially. 

You can repurpose a few of the same-sized plastic bottles, let kids paint and decorate them to use as bowling pins, and you can write down the numbers on the bottles with markers. 

This game mixes the enjoyment of bowling with math📐 drill.


As your kids toss and catch the frisbee🥏, they can count out loud in 2s. 

I guarantee this will be an engaging and participatory approach to count by 2s since each throw and catch correlates to a certain number.

Magnifying Glass:

You can get your kids to examine the numbers on a printed number line using a magnifying lens 🔍 and count them in pairs.

I would say another goal of this activity is to enhance your kids’ visual and observant abilities apart from their counting skills.



You can let your kids dribble a basketball 🏀 while counting out loud in 2s. A number is associated with each dribble, making this a fun and active method to learn counting.

Spinning a Circle:

While turning in a circle⭕, make your kids count out loud by twos. The fact that a number is associated with each spin makes counting entertaining and engaging for them.

Foot Balancing:

You can ask your kids to balance on one foot 👟 while counting by twos. It’s a wonderful method to exercise their counting and balancing abilities since each count correlates to a balance⚖️ point.

Pro Tip:

You can also include a time limit to make the game more fun.

Puppet Theater:

Puppet Theater

You can use puppets🎭 for your kids to act out counting by twos. One puppet can announce the numbers, and the others can repeat the series by counting numbers in 2s.

This imaginative and engaging exercise incorporates narrative into the learning process, making it fun for our kids.

Pro Tip:

My son and I made puppets at home with colored paper for a puppet show to count numbers.

Fun Fact

The key to teaching counting by twos is to strike a balance between excitement and discovery. I recommend you establish a welcoming and engaging learning environment by addressing possible difficulties and praising the activity’s engaging features.


You can play the age-old game of Hangman using integers that are divisible by two. Others must guess the number by yelling out counting by twos2⃣ after the individual who came up with it drew blanks for each digit.


While bouncing and catching a ball ⚽, your kids can count out loud in 2s✌. This is a fun and active approach to teaching your kids counting since each bounce and catch corresponds to a certain number.


As they lift and lower the parachute🪂, have the youngster grasp onto the parachute handles and count backward from two.

This fun and cooperative game mixes counting with movement, making learning more exciting.

Yoga Poses:

Yoga Poses

I suggest you make your kids hold each yoga🧘‍♀️ stance for two seconds while counting by twos. For instance, they can hold a position for two breaths before moving on to the next one. 

This method of mindfulness combines counting exercises with relaxation 💆 for your kids.

Mini Trampoline:

I suggest you make your kids jump on a small trampoline while counting out loud in twos. I would say that this is a fun🎉and active method to teach counting since each bounce stands for a certain number.

With a Kite:

You can let your kids fly a kite 🪁 while counting loudly in 2s. This activity is a fun way for your kids to count since each number represents a kite-flying moment.

Pro Tip:

You can help kids make a kite at home with paper, sticks, and strings as a craft activity to count by 2s.

Board Game:

Board Game

I recommend you make a board game with squares⏹ designated by numerals that count by twos. As your kids go across the board, players recite the numbers. 

I guarantee this homemade game gives practicing counting a unique twist, and my son enjoyed playing with this board game.

Beach Ball:

Your kids can throw the beach 🏖 ball back and forth while keeping track of their throws by pairing them up (2, 4, 6, etc.). I would say that this game mixes playing outside while counting with twos.

Water Gun:

You can let your kids use a water cannon🔫 to shoot targets🎯 with numbers written on them by counting in twos. I guarantee this water-filled game makes practicing counting fun.

My water-loving son loved playing this game, and I’m sure your kids will love it, too.


You can create a whack-a-mole-style game 🎮 where the youngster must “hop” on numerals by counting by twos as they appear.

This interactive game can help improve your kids’ counting and coordination abilities.

Hacky Sack:

Let your kids play with a hacky bag👜, tapping it with your hands or feet and counting out loud in 2s. 

It is a dynamic approach to counting since each tap represents a different number, and kids can learn using this fun and hands-on activity.



You can encourage your kids to write a tale🧞‍♂️ where characters meet numbers that are divisible by two.

I believe that this activity makes counting practice fun and interesting when incorporating the numbers into the story.

Hula Hoop:

As your child uses the hula hoop, count the revolutions in pairs. It’s a fun and engaging approach to learning counting since each swing represents a specific number.

Missing Numbers:

Give your kids a number chart 📊 with some gaps on it, and instruct them to fill in the missing numbers by counting by twos. This exercise improves problem-solving abilities while reinforcing the counting rhythm.

Fidget Spinner:

Your kids can spin the fidget spinner and count the revolutions in groups of twos to engage them in a mindful exercise.

You can encourage them to audibly count the numbers as the spinner spins🌀 or mentally maintain track, which can help improve their attention and rhythmic counting.

Foam Sword:

Your kids can playfully slash their foam sword⚔️ on the ground or at objects in pairs to help them learn arithmetic while engaging in physical play.

Counting becomes a dynamic and energizing experience for your kids since each hit correlates to a number.

Paper Fan:

For each number that is counted by twos✌, you can make your kids open and close a paper fan once.

This activity turns count by 2s into a fun experience. The opening and closing action improves learning, making it more engaging and memorable for kids.

Pro Tip:

My son and I made paper fans at home as a craft activity to do this counting game.

Wind Up Toy:

You can wind up a toy and let your kids count the motions of it in pairs to add expectations and motions to counting. 

I guarantee that with the help of this interactive game, counting⏱ becomes fun and engaging for your kids, improving both their motor skills and mathematical comprehension.

Musical Chairs:

Musical Chairs

You can make your kids play musical chairs while counting the steps or motions while the music🎶 plays to include counting into a well-known game. 

My son loves playing musical chairs, and made counting more fun for him.

Hot Potato:

You can play a fun and interactive counting⏱️ game, which can played by passing an item around the circle while counting by twos, with the person holding the object when the count hits a specified amount being “out.”


These are some of the attentive exercises I do with my kids to help them learn to count by 2s. 

With these activities, your children can improve their numerical awareness, focus, and enjoyment of the present moment.

They can help kids improve their emotional control abilities and establish stronger connections with mathematical ideas and their environment by introducing mindfulness into these counting by 2s exercises.

Please comment below if you have any other activities or experiences to share.

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