25+ Dentist Activities for Preschoolers to Learn and Fun!

Life can get hectic sometimes. My husband and I get through the weekdays between work, chores, and a million other things on our to-do list. But amidst our duties, we always try to ensure our kids are happy and occupied ❤️.

We try to teach them good habits through various fun activities that can help them understand things better and easily.

We recently have discovered various fun activity ideas related to the dentist for our kid. Dental care is necessary🦷, and what better way to introduce this concept to them than through fun and quirky activities in the comfort of our homes?

Interesting Dentist Activities for Preschoolers

If you are searching for some engaging and fun dentist activities for your kid, you have come to the right place. 

I have put together a few easy yet fun lists of activities that can grab your little one’s attention and take them into a playful adventure that not only teaches them about oral health but also makes their dentist look like a superhero 👨‍⚕️. 

These activities will entertain your kids and contribute to their overall development.

Dental Playdough Creations

You can let your kid mix up a batch of toothpaste-colored playdough and let them make their dental masterpieces. Molding the playdough can be a fun playtime activity. 

They can create kinds of stuff like teeth 🦷, toothbrushes 🪥, smiling faces, and more, as the possibilities are endless. This activity can transform learning about dental care into a fun adventure. 

Pro tip: You can add glitter to the play dough for a sparkling effect, making oral hygiene more magical.

Tooth Counting Game

You can introduce basic addition and subtraction for your growing kid through a fun tooth-counting game. You can craft paper teeth and number them accordingly.

You let your child use a toy 🪥 to “brush” the teeth while counting aloud along with you.

This can be an interactive game that can improve your kid’s basic counting skills while teaching them about dental care.

Dental Health Journal

Allowing your child to journalize could be a fun activity for them to write down their experiences about the day. 

You can create a dental health journal 📒where your kid can write down their daily oral care routine, draw pictures of their healthy smiles 😁, and jot down any questions they have about their dental health.

You can review the journal every weekend with your child and address any concerns or questions they have.

Dental puzzles

You can introduce your kid to the world of puzzles🧩 that could bring a lot of joy. You can create a dental-themed puzzle that has images of toothbrushes, tooths, toothpaste, and smiling faces 😬. 

You can mix up the pieces of the puzzle and let your kid bring the puzzle together. This activity can improve your kid’s problem-solving ability and cognitive skills.

Pro tips: I keep the puzzles simple, which creates less confusion and would not lead my preschooler to end up in a difficult situation.

Healthy Smile Collage

Crafting and learning always help kids to think outside the box. College-making is one such fun activity my kid loves to do.

You can collect and bring together old magazines 🗞️ and newspapers 📰 or print out images of people with bright smiles.

You can let your kid create a beautiful collage poster using these images along with you. Try including images of your family members smiling in the collage, which can create a positive vibe.

Pro tip: You can frame their artwork and stick it around in their play area or bedroom. It is a confidence booster👍. 

Tooth Fairy tale time

You can tell a beautiful story to your kid about a tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️who visits the dentist to ensure everyone’s teeth are sparkly and strong. 

You can personalize the tale by including your kid’s name and favorite characters, making bedtime into a magical dental journey. 

Pro tip: You can start reciting these stories to them once they lose their first tooth. You can leave a tiny note from the “Tooth Fairy” 🧚‍♀️with a small treat to extend the magic beyond the bedtime story.

Dental care song playlist

You can make a fun and engaging playlist that includes catchy songs 🎶related to dental care. You can play these songs during toothbrushing time to make the routine more enjoyable.

You can allow your child to choose their favorite dental care tunes to include in the playlist.

Dentist Dress-up Day

You can engage your little one in an imaginative dentist 👨‍⚕️ dress-up play. You can give them a mini lab coat, a play stethoscope, and maybe a toy dental chair for added fun. They can use their stuffed toys 🧸as their patients. 

Through this activity, you can watch them pretend to be a dentist, bringing smiles to their stuffed animal patients. 

Pro tips: You can take photos of your little dentist in action and turn them into a personalized “Dental Hero” poster in their bedroom.

Dental health chart

You can create a colorful dental health chart for your kid. This activity can be a delightful way to teach and educate them about good habits. You can use stickers or drawings to make each day your kid successfully brushes his teeth 📊. 

This activity can turn oral care into a fun and rewarding experience in their daily routine.

Pro tip: You can celebrate their achievement at the end of each week by offering your child small rewards for completing a full week of tooth brushing without any breaks.

Dental health family tree

Introduce your child to your family members with this fun dental activity. You can draw a family tree 🌳with smiling faces 😁 included in them. 

With this fun activity, you can discuss the importance of passing down good dental habits from one generation to the next, and you can share various stories about dental care practices in your family with your little one.

Dental Adventure Board Game

You can design a fun board game 🎲 filled with dental adventures for your kid. These activities include avoiding sugary snacks and visiting the dentist for a check-up.

This interactive game can be included in your kid’s family night plans, which can engage the whole family while educating them about the importance of oral health. This activity can also include dental trivia questions for added fun.

Dental Healthy Bingo

Bingo is always a fun game to keep your child’s speed and listening abilities together. You can create a fun bingo card with dental health-related images for your little one. 

You can call out the dental terms or try showing some pictures and have your kid mark similar images and words accordingly. 

Pro tip: You can give small treats 🍭as markers for your little ones, turning the game into an engaging and joyful playtime experience.

DIY Tooth fairy pillow

Allow your kid to craft a tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️pillow along with you. This could be an exciting and memorable activity for you and your child.

You can add a pocket for lost teeth🦷, making me anticipate the visit from the tooth fairy and eager play. You can let your child choose the decorations of their choice for a personalized touch.

Healthy snack creations

You can turn your kid’s snack time into a dental adventure by crafting tooth-friendly treats🍥. You can let your child use apple slices, yogurt, and a few raisins to create smiling faces or tooth-shaped snacks. 

You can involve your child in the kitchen to make snack preparation a beautiful bonding experience. This activity can turn healthy eating into a creative and delicious experience for your little one.

Dental memory game

You can engage your kid’s memory skills with a dental memory game. You can craft cards featuring toothbrushes, toothpaste, and smiling faces, creating a playful way to let them know about the importance of dental care. 

You can increase the challenge by adding more cards as your kid becomes more skilled in the game for added fun.

 You can include your family in this activity, turning dental care into a fun and educational activity. 

Dental Floss Art

You can let your child explore the creative world with dental floss art 🎨. They can dip dental floss in paint and create beautiful and unique paintings on a paper sheet. 

This activity helps to introduce the concept of flossing to your kid in a messy and crafty yet entertaining way.

Pro tip: They can be given floss picks for easier handling while they make their masterpiece.

Toothbrush Timer Challenge

You can make toothbrushing 🪥 a fun challenge by using a timer. You set the goal of brushing for a fixed time and allow your child to choose a reward for completing the challenge. 

You can include flossing and tongue-cleaning activities in this, making it a fun and exciting hygienic activity for your little one. 

Pro tip: Try to use a colorful timer ⏰to make this activity visually appealing for them and note down their timing on a chart to show their progress.

Dental Treasure Hunt

You can turn your child’s boring playtime activity into an exciting dental treasure hunt 🕵️. You can hide items related to dentistry around the house or in the yard for a fun treasure hunt activity. 

You can include items such as toothbrushes 🪥, dental floss, and small dental-themed toys for this game and let your kid find the items. 

Pro tip: You can reward them with treats when they successfully find all the items, which can keep them motivated throughout the game. 

Toothbrush Bowling

You can turn a boring indoor playtime experience into a fun gaming activity. You can set up a small bowling alley using toothbrushes 🪥 as pins and a small ball 🏀 as the bowling ball. You can let your kid knock down the “pins” and have fun. 

Provide your kid with a small softball for a safe gaming experience. This activity can help you discuss the importance of brushing and turn dental care into a playful indoor game. 

Dental-themed T-shirt design

You can encourage your kid’s creativity with a dental-themed T-shirt 👕 design. You can give your child a plain white t-shirt and a few fabric markers 🖍️ to design their dental masterpieces. 

This activity can help your kid create wearable art with a healthy message. They can wear this t-shirt to their next playdate or birthday celebration and show off their creativity.

Pro tip: You can try using washable fabric markers for easy cleanups.

Toothpaste Artwork

You can allow your kid to experiment with toothpaste as an art medium. You can mix toothpaste with various food coloring 🌈and let your child create vibrant paintings or sculptures. 

You can use various flavors and colors of toothpaste for this activity. This activity can turn dental care into a sensory and visually appealing experience.

Pro tip:  Try using toothpaste that is safe for ingestion and easy to clean.

Dental Science experiment

You can let your kid explore simple dental-related science experiments to help them learn and know more about oral health. 

You can demonstrate the effects of different liquids on “tooth” 🦷 materials or discuss the importance of fluoride in a safe and age-appropriate manner.

Pro tip: You can document the experiments in a dental science journal for memories.

Dental ABCs

You can let your kids expand their vocabulary with a dental ABC 🔤chart. You can use dental-related words for each letter, which can help you in teaching your child about oral health.

You can create flashcards with dental images to add to their learning. This activity can improve their language skills simply and enjoyably. You can include a mix of common and unique dental terms in this activity for your kid to improve their vocabulary.

Toothbrush pet

You can let your child turn an old toothbrush 🪥 into a friendly “pet” with little googly eyes. They can name their toothbrush pet for a personalized touch. This toothbrush companion can join your child during their brushing routine, making oral care more enjoyable. 

You can host a small puppet show where they can put up little puppet shows with their pet.

Tooth-healthy smoothies

You and your child can make fun and healthy smoothies together that can take the place of unhealthy drinks in the market. 

You can create tooth-healthy smoothies 🥤 together using various ingredients like strawberries 🍓, blueberries, yogurt, and bananas 🍌. Try to include very little or no amount of sugar in the smoothie, making it a healthy drink. 

While making the smoothie, try to discuss how these smoothies contribute to strong and healthy teeth.

Pro tip: You can allow your child to choose their favorite smoothie ingredients, which can add a personalized touch and add them to the recipe book.

Summing up

These dentist-themed activities have brought so much joy and learning into our daily routines ✨. 

These simple and playful activities can lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of good oral health for your kid.

Each activity is like a small stepping stone in our child’s journey of learning and overall growth 🙂. These activities, as a whole, have brought a lot of joy, fun, and laughter into my home, and I hope they do the same to yours as well 😁.

Now, I would like to hear from you. What are some other dental activities you have tried with your kids? Share your beautiful experiences, and let’s create a community of little smiles and healthy smiles.

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