45+ Dog Activities for Preschoolers that No One Knows

Nobody said it is easy to be a parent, but you will agree that it is the most exciting job one can have, right? 

I adore indulging in several activities with my kids, and you should, too!

As a mother, I understand the energy and curiosity our little ones bring into our lives. Keeping our preschoolers engaged and entertained is a vital job, and what better way to do that than with our furry friends- dogs🐶! 

You can introduce your little one to various activities, which can bring in endless giggles and joy and create a bond that will warm your heart❤️ . These activities help to infuse a sense of empathy, love, and kindness towards animals around them.

Interesting Dog Activities for Preschoolers

If you are looking forward to nurturing a beautiful connection between your little one and their furry friend 🐾, you have come to the right place.

I have put together a list of a few heartwarming activities for your fur-loving child that can keep your little ones entertained and help strengthen the unique and beautiful connection they share with their four-legged buddies🐕.

In this blog post, various activities of different interests include crafting, baking, playing, and more that you and your little one can indulge in😃.

Puppy storytime

You can gather some short and adorable dog-themed storybooks 🐶and create a cozy reading experience. Join your little ones, read these cute stories during bedtime 🛌and help them understand furry friends together. 

You can also give them storybooks and help them read these stories by themselves. This can improve their vocabulary and understanding ability.

Pro tip: I use books with colorful illustrations, pictures, and engaging stories, as this helps captivate my little one’s attention.

Sock puppies

You can let your little one transform old socks🧦 available in your house into adorable sock puppies🐾.

Your little one can decorate, stuff, and give their new little furry friend a special name. Use children-safe cleaned materials, and let your little one practice basic sewing skills with your assistance.

Puppy Playdate

If you have a dog at your place, I am sure every day is a playdate for your little one with his fur friend.

In case you do not have one, you can organize playdates with friends who have dogs🐕. This is a fantastic way for your child to learn about different dog breeds and develop social skills❤️.

Pro tip: I always try to ensure my little one and the dogs are comfortable with each other.

Canine Obstacle Course

You can make your kid’s and doggy’s playtime even more fun by organizing a canine obstacle course🏃. Set up a mini obstacle course in your backyard for your preschooler and your dog to navigate a treat🦴.

Make use of hula hoops, tunnels, and low jumps. Try keeping it simple and safe so that you can make sure the activities are age-appropriate for your child ️.

Origami puppies

As a kid, I felt origami was a fun activity to indulge in as it was very easy yet creative. You can introduce your child to the world of origami by helping them create paper puppies🐶. There are several simple origami tutorials available online. 

You can make sure your little one makes the best out of old newspapers 🗞️and magazines📰 to prepare these puppies. You can start with simple folds and then move forward with complex folds as and when their skills and interests develop.

Doggy Day Spa

You can turn bathing into a fun and exciting spa experience for your child and the doggy. Let your kid help with gentle brushing🪥 and pampering. You can put a few toys in the bathtub 🛁 for your little one to play with the dog. 

Try using dog-friendly grooming products, making it a positive and healthy experience for your furry friend. 

Doggy Photo Album

Capturing every cute time of your little one with their dog 🐶 through photographs📸 is always a beautiful gesture, and bringing those nostalgic photographs together and reminiscing about them is always a fun activity for your little one.

 You can create a scrapbook or digital photo album🖼️ of pictures filled with your child and their canine buddies. It is a sweet way to preserve beautiful memories and teach them about the importance of cherishing memories. 

Pro tip: I always try to include cute captions and short stories with each photo to make it a storytelling adventure for your little one.

Dog Bone

You can engage your little learner with a delightful literacy center activity with the help of a dog bone shape🦴. This activity can be a fun and interactive exercise that can help to focus on honing letter recognition skills, helping them distinguish between “d” and “b” letters. 

The dog shape can add excitement, making literacy practice 📝more effective and engaging for your little preschooler.

Paw print painting

You can get your kid into their creative shoes by indulging them in painting🖌️. Get them creative with paw print painting🐾 using child-safe, washable paint.

 You can dip your dog’s paw in the paint and let your child create unique and fun masterpieces with them. 

Pro tip: I always use non-toxic paint and have my wet wipes handy for quick clean-ups.

Dog-shaped cookie

You can let your kid wear their baker hat and apron. Bring them to bake some fun, doggy-themed cookies🍪.

You can use cookie-cutters to make various breeds of dogs and let your little one decorate them with dog-friendly treats like yogurt drops and chocolate chips.

Make sure to choose simple designs and cookie recipes. You can also try to involve your little one in measuring📏 the ingredients used for baking.

Breed sorting game

You can print pictures of various dog breeds and have your child sort into groups based on similarities📝.

Activities like these can help them learn and know more about several dog breeds and groups. You can use this activity to introduce your preschooler to the basic concept of classification and identification.

Puppy puzzle play

You can introduce your little one to the world of puzzles🧩 that could bring a lot of joy to them and help them assert their memory and concentration to put things together.

You can introduce puzzles of dog illustrations to your preschooler.

You can work around with your little one to solve them and discuss different parts of each dog. Activities like these can help them improve their cognitive skills and patience. 

Pro tips: I always keep the puzzles very simple, which would not create confusion. This would not lead my preschooler to end up in a confusing situation.

Dog bingo

The game of bingo is always a fun way to keep your child’s motor skills, speed, and listening abilities aligned📝.

You can make bingo cards with pictures of different dog breeds. Play a round of bingo with your little one and give them small treats🍫 as markers. This game can add to promoting our kids’ visual recognition and focus. 

Do It Yourself- Puppy Collar

You can get crafty with your little one by involving them in making simple, playful, and colorful dog collars.

You can use colorful 🗞️, fabric scraps, beads📿, stickers, paper strips, and yarns. This activity can promote your little one’s motor skills and creativity. You can teach the importance of identification with the help of this activity.

Doggy Friendship Bracelets

My little one believes that her furry friend is her best friend 👣🐾, and I suppose this is the same with your little one, too.

You can cherish their friendship by involving your little one in creating friendship bracelets for their furry friend with dog-themed charms or beads. 

You can discuss the values of a good friendship during this activity. This activity can help your little one develop their creative and social skills.

Do it yourself Doggy treats

You can organize a fun activity for your little one by introducing them to baking👩‍🍳. You can spend an afternoon baking simple, dog-friendly treats for your furry friend in your home.

You can let your young one take a headstart in mixing ingredients and shaping the treats into cute and quirky shapes.

Do not forget to involve your canine companion in tasting the final treats you and your little one made🍽️.

Pro tips: I always try to find easy, simple, and healthy dog treat recipes online, ensuring the ingredients are safe for my pets.

Paper plate pooches

My little one finds masks 🎭as always fun accessories to play around with her peers. You can help them turn paper plates into adorable dog faces🐶 by adding ears, a nose, and a pair of googly eyes.

This can encourage our kids to be more imaginative and creative with different breeds and expressions. 

Pro tips: I provide various craft materials for my little one for customization of her masks, including colorful papers, markers, crayons, and pom-poms.

Puppy playdough party

You can introduce your little one to the art of sculpting through this exciting activity. You can use homemade playdough and sculpt various dog shapes.

You can let them paint the cute little sculptures they prepared resembling their furry friends🐶 with non-toxic paint available in your home. This tactile activity promotes fine motor skills and creativity.

Pro tips: I always include cookie cutters and safe tools for added playdough fun.

The Dog Detective

Kids always have a blast running around in the house, and bringing learning together can be fun.

You can create a scavenger hunt in your home with “clues “leading to hidden dog-related items. You can hide dog-related items 🦴in each part of your house and ask your kids to find them.

You can then give hints about them as this shall surely bring the little detective in them to life. This detective game 🕵️not only entertains your young one but can also hone their observational skills.

Pro tip: I always place the items in a reachable place, ensuring that my kids don’t hurt themselves during the hunt. Remember to incorporate small exercises 🏃during the game; this makes it physically active and fun.

Dog house building

You can let your child construct a mini dog house 🏠 using cardboard boxes📦, sheets, curtains, tissue boxes, and papers.

Allow your little one to decorate the doggy house and create a cozy and comfortable space for their stuffed toys.

You can also join hands with them in this construction activity, which makes it a fun and amazing team-building activity.

Doggy yoga

Yoga helps in mind and body relaxation and can help in better concentration🧘. You can introduce yoga to your preschooler with some twists.

You can teach them simple yoga poses with doggy twists. From “Downward Dog” to “Puppy Pose,” these activities can combine physical exercises with imaginative play.

Pro tips: I always try including deep breaths, meditation, and relaxation during the yoga session for a better experience.


These dog-themed activities are not only entertaining but also provide a lot of valuable learning opportunities and scope for bonding with your little one👨‍👩‍👦.

As a mother, I have realized that these activities bring a lot of joy and excitement to our home, creating cherishable nostalgia lasting for a lifetime.

Try indulging your little ones in these activities and see them have a blast. Always remember to adapt these activities according to your child’s abilities, age, and interests. Most importantly, do not forget to have fun together and make learning joyful❤️!

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