20+ Pet Activities for Your Kids that You Might Know!

This world consists of a huge number of animal species. Most of them are considered wild animals who are often not deeply linked with us humans. But alongside them, several creatures are very friendly to us. Such animals are termed as pets. 

We receive tons of love 💝, affection, and protection from such creatures. And throughout the years, our bonds have strengthened drastically. 

So we need to pass on information about such valuable aspects of our lives to the newer generations.

Thus, in this blog post, I am going to list a bunch of activities surrounding such friendly and human favorite creatures whom we call “pets” for your kids.

Interesting Pet Activities For Your Children

I would suggest that these few pet activities will be very fun and enjoyable for all of your kids. 

It will also bring with it lots of information and enjoyment surrounding such adorable and affection-deserving creatures, which is surprisingly not quite discussed among kids despite their pure and innocent nature, so these activities should be performed by the newer generation 👦 to understand such creatures more fluently. 

On top of this, your kids will also be able to experience and improve a bunch of new skills and abilities while performing these activities, which will also help them in the long run. 

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of pet activities that are fun as well as enjoyable for your kids.😁

Pets and Their Homes Matching Activity

Pets And Their Homes Matching Activity For Kids

According to me, this is a very interesting and unique pet activity for all the kids out there. As we all know, kids always love some healthy competition, which in turn helps them focus more and eventually enhance their experience. 

So, to reap the benefits of this activity, you should include this pet-theme matching activity in your list! Therefore, you should allow your little ones 👶🏻to practice and improve their deductive reasoning skills with the help of this easy matching activity.

Ocean Animals Suncatchers

Here is another great activity for your little pet lovers.

Although ocean animals 🌊 aren’t always considered pets, your kids can still have so much fun reading a book about the different kinds of creatures in the ocean and then completing this activity. This excellent and interesting activity requires very little preparation! 

So, to perform this activity effectively, your kids require coffee filters, a few watercolor paints, glue, scissors, and colored construction paper.

Bird-themed Alphabet Practice

Practicing Bird-themed Alphabet Activity For Kids

According to me, this is another great activity for your little pet learners. This is a great learning activity for younger kids who still aren’t completely familiar with the alphabet 🔤.

This bird-themed alphabet recognition activity helps your kids to practice their alphabet skills. For this activity, your kid will require an unbreakable container, salt, some colorful feathers, and bird letter cards.

Your kids can make these letter cards themselves. Thus, it is surely a great activity that your kids must try.

Pro Tip:

If your kids are having some kind of problem making these letter cards themselves, then you can either help them make them or purchase these letter cards from an online website, which will cost just a little over a dollar.

Feed-the-Dog Letter Recognition Activity

Here is another great and easy activity for all of the kids. This particular activity is also an all-time favorite activity of my little son. This particular activity of “feed-the-dog “🐕is a fantastic letter recognition activity for your little ones. 

This activity consists of the bone alphabet cards, which is a very cute way for kids to practice recognizing letters while pretending to feed their pet dog a bowl of food. 

This is surely one of the cutest activities out there, which will not only teach your kids a unique way to recognize letters but also help them learn about feeding their pet dogs.

Pet-themed Yoga

Pet-Themed Yoga Activity For Kids

Another great activity that my little son became highly addicted to was the “Pet-themed yoga” activity. Yoga has been proven multiple times to show kids how to relax by using several kinds of breathing techniques. 

This pet-themed yoga pack is an excellent addition to this list of exciting pet 🐶 activities and an excellent fun activity for all of your little ones.

Pets Brain Break Dice

Another great activity that I recommend is performing this easy “Pets Brain Break Dice.” In this activity, instead of using an outside material, your kids will create a new activity. Such homemade activities are always special! 

This activity of brain breaks is an excellent opportunity for kids to recharge for the next learning 🧠segment. For this, your kids need to slip these brain-break cards into the giant dice, and then you need to let kids have fun being animals. 

This activity is perfect for preschool-aged children who are between three and five years old.

DIY Pet Collars

Creating Pet Collars Activity For Kids

To me, this is one of the best activities among the whole series of activities associated with DIY pet collars. 

This specific activity is not only super easy for your kids to perform, but it is also a very fun activity that would also help your kids to master their crafting and creative 🤩skills.

For this, your kids make their very own pet collars. This is an excellent activity for your kids to practice focus skills.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids put their self-made pet collars on the stuffed animals for fun. This will excite the kids and help them concentrate and learn about these things in a fun and unique way.

Read a Fun Book about Pets

Reading Books Activity For Kids

In my opinion, this is another great activity that not only focuses on the fun elements but also teaches your kids a variety of other things. This activity is a very basic way for your kids to learn about pets with the help of a fun book. 

You can add themed literacy activities to this type of celebration to increase reading readiness for future grades 🏆. This excellent book about pets is the perfect addition to this list of activity ideas for kids! 

While many books about pets are a great addition to your pet-themed activities, you cannot go wrong with a Dr. Seuss book.

Pretend to be a Vet!

To me, this is another wonderful activity that is not only innovative but also very valuable and filled with lots of fun for your kids. 

For this activity, your kids need to add a dramatic play center in their home for a super exciting 😃 and entertaining pet theme activity. 

After this, your kids need to complete the set with various kinds of pets, consisting of stuffed animals, a center for pet care, and pictures associated with animal movement phrases. 

These kinds of activities will surely make your kids extremely curious and excited about the different kinds of pet animals.

Desk Pets

Making Desk Pets Activity For Kids

Here is one of the most unique yet simple activities that your kids must try out as soon as possible. These kinds of activities are extremely simple and time-conserving. 

Desk pets are a fantastic tool for your kids, which will teach them to care for other things. With this activity, your children can learn about animal home-building supplies through a positive🤗 approach and outlook. 

It can also serve as a classification activity and be a learning tool for animal habitats. Therefore, it is a wonderful activity filled with lots of fun and enjoyment, and it also teaches the kids a valuable lesson.

Pro Tip:

I would also recommend you all purchase plastic containers to use to make homes for these pets. 

Paper Roll Puppies

Another great activity that my little son got highly addicted to was the “Paper Roll Puppy” activity. 

This activity is a paper 🗞️ roll craft that serves many purposes for your child. With the help of this activity, your kids will not only be able to make cute little puppies out of a paper bag and use it as a puppet, but they can also use it as a goofy toy! 

This will be a wonderful and very time-conserving activity that your kids will love to perform.

Pro Tip:

For this fun activity, you can use either toilet paper rolls or paper towel tubes, and then you can cut them into thirds. 

Pet Puppets

Making Pet Puppets Activity For Kids

Another great activity surrounding the puppet craft is the “Pet Puppets” activity. This is another one of those activities involving pet puppets made with the help of several paper 📃 bags. 

With the help of these activities, your kids will be able to make several paper puppets that are paper-themed; this will also eventually help them improve their crafting skills. 

And I am quite sure of the fact that without adding this extremely addictive activity to your to-do list, you cannot have a pet-themed day. 

Your kids can make puppets of any kind of pet animal. The possibilities of this are endless with some paper bags, card stock, and glue.

Make a Bird Feeder!

Here is another great and easy activity for all of the kids. This particular activity is also an all-time favorite activity of my little son. 

The kids, irrespective of their ages, will surely be fond of wildlife 🐯. They love it to a great extent, and they are amazed and entertained even more when the wildlife is close to them. 

Making bird feeders will be a great and efficient way for your children to interact with the wildlife and see it up close. 

Pro Tip:

You can help your kids by setting up the bird feeders, and then you can let your kids feed the birds. This will be a great experience for your kids as they will get the opportunity to interact with wildlife for the very first time.

Make Pet Rocks!

Here is another interesting crafting activity that will help your kids learn more about such innovative crafting activities and improve their crafting skills.

Your kids can choose to paint any type of pet animal, including pet birds🕊️, mice, or even fishes, but these pet animals made with the help of rocks will surely be something they can keep and will remember for a long time. 

With the help of beautiful, bright, and a variety of paint colors, your kids will not only be able to create a work of art but also learn about different kinds of pet animals and color mixing. 

With the help of this activity, your kids will be able to practice or even master several fine motor skills while allowing your kids to exercise their social skills.

Paper Plate Art Activity

According to me, this is another great paper plate activity for your little ones. This is another of those activities that help your kids maximize their arts and crafts skills. 

For this activity, your kids need some bright-colored paint, a pair of googly eyes 👀, and a paper plate to make some incredible pet animals. 

Therefore, I recommend this activity to all the little pet lovers out there.

Pro Tip:

You can also let your kids pair this amazing activity with another activity consisting of reading some non-fiction pet books. All of this will eventually result in your kids having a wonderful learning experience while having a very entertaining time.

Make a Paper Plate Rainbow Fish

Making Animal Habitats Activity For Kids

Another great paper plate activity under my recommendation is the “Make a Paper Plate Rainbow Fish” activity. This is another one of those activities which is not only entertaining but it also helps your kids to maximize their learning and crafting skills. 

With this being said, one of my favorite books to read during circle time is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. 

With the help of these books, your kids can easily make giant fish bowls on the bulletin boards and can also add several awesome and cute-looking paper plate rainbowfishes 🐠. 

This will be a perfect way for kids to look at their beautiful, self-made art.

Make Animal Habitats

Making Animal Habitats Activity For Kids

This is another great activity for your kids who are interested in these little yet interesting pet creatures. 

This activity will not only be exciting for your kids but it will also improve their crafting skills along with their knowledge about the different kinds of habitats of several pet animals. 

I also love this activity because it comprises a series of sensory activities that will help your kids improve their sensory skills. The different kinds of habitats can include sand ⏳, pieces of turf, water 💦, and ice 🧊 makers. 

These different elements of the several habitats are an excellent opportunity for your little children to learn about the different animals and their habitats easily and efficiently, and it will also provide a sensory experience.


My son and I have played these activities together to teach him about the importance and significance of such a variety of adorable pet animals. This also helped him learn and improve various varieties of skills while also enjoying the fun and excitement that all of these activities provided 😍. 

In addition to all of it, he also could learn more about these different varieties of fun yet valuable pet activities that were so innovative and creative. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine, and I hope that my suggestions were helpful for all of you🥰.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list related to this topic regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from all of you! ❤️

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