20+ Fun Horse Activities For Kids To Explore The Nature

In this world, we are not the only living beings to exist. There are various varieties of living beings who are just as or are more majestic than us. One of those creatures includes a very well-known and human-friendly animal known as a “horse” 🐴. 

So, just like dogs and cats, this beautiful animal also deserves to be known by the newer generation as well.

Thus, here are a few fun horse activities that will provide a better understanding of this creature for your kids. 😊

Horse Activities For Kids

I would suggest that these few horse activities will be very fun and exciting for your kids. It will also bring with it tons of information and will also let the newer generation 👦 know more about these beautiful creatures. 

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of horse activities that are fun as well as valuable for the kids.😁

Handprint Horse Craft

Handprint Horse Craft

If you want to make your kid do some craft work while educating him about the physical features of a horse, this activity is perfect for this role. For this, you will only need a few materials, and the kids will love it. 

It is a simple artistic activity for which you can let your kids be as creative as possible. It is a great activity for kids who love horses, and it can be done in a very short time ⌛.

No Sew Horse Puppet

Puppets are the best toys for any kid from any generation. Irrespective of the gender, almost all the kids like to play with puppets. So why not make a horse puppet 🎠? Thus, this activity aims at creating a horse puppet. 

I would recommend this activity to any kid who loves to play with puppets or likes horses. It is also a very time-effective activity with minimal requirements.

Pro Tip:

Suppose you have more than a single kid in your house🏠 just like me, then you can also try to set up a puppet-making competition between the kids. The competition will revolve around who can make a better-looking puppet.

Easy, Printable Cut Out Horse Craft 

Easy, Printable Cut Out Horse Craft

Another great way of crafting is to use cutouts for any art 🎨. These kinds of crafts are very easily accessible as well as very time effective.

So this activity focuses on this aspect. Here, a kid can just print out a horse template, and then he or she can cut out the pieces and then assemble it again. 

It is a very easy as well as a very fun activity that kids will love to play with minimum effort used during its production.

Horse Mask Craft

Masks 🎭 are one of the popular items that many of us, mainly children, love to wear. And these masks are so easy to make that any child can make it in no time. So, I would suggest this activity, which focuses on creating a mask based on a horse. 

For this activity, you and your kids will need a large and small paper plate🍽️, a few paints🖌️, elastic, glue, and a black marker pen.

Pro Tip:

If you don’t have an elastic, you can also use strings to make up for it. You can also let your kids pour in all the creativity they have in this cute activity by using all sorts of colors to make a horse face.

Paper Plate Horse Craft

I recently came up with one more paper plate-based activity as these activities are very cost and time-effective. In this activity, we are going to create a miniature horse with the help of a few paper plates 🍽️. 

This activity can be executed by first painting a paper plate, and then the kid can cut out two horse heads from a construction paper 📜. After this, he or she can glue the heads onto the paper plate. Now, to give it a finishing touch, kids can add some extra details to the horse, such as mane and eyes.

Fun Fact:

I tried this activity with my little son👦, and he loved this particular activity. As it was a simple craft, he didn’t need much of my assistance, and he was free to add any creative substance to it.

As this activity does not require any special substances, it was a very time-saving activity, which also helped me to teach him about horses.

Horse Collage

This activity focuses on creating a collage using several pictures🖼️ of horses either from any magazine📒 or online.

I would suggest this activity for the kids as it will not only be a fun experience to go through several pictures of these majestic creatures, but it will also educate them about these creatures throughout the process. 

So, for this activity, the kids need to first cut out different horse-related images and glue them on a piece of cardboard.

Pro Tip:

You can use these collages made by your kids to decorate the room or hang up somewhere in the house as a decor. This will prove to be a very unique and precious decor🎍 for you and your kids when they grow old.

Paint a Horse with Acrylic Paint 

Paint A Horse With Acrylic Paint

If you are looking for an even simpler activity to make your little ones learn about 

Horses, then I would state this is the perfect activity for this purpose. 

This activity focuses on painting a simple horse picture with the help of acrylic or watercolor paints🎨. You can show a picture of the horse to your little ones, and they can paint it however they like. This is surely a very fun and engaging way to teach your little ones about horses.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids experiment with different kinds of colors and a variety of brush strokes 🖌️ to create a unique artwork that you and your family preserve as a cute memory throughout the coming years.

Horsin’ Around Toilet Paper Craft

This is a very unique as well as a very fun activity where your kids need to make their very own horses. Just like the paper plate craft, the kids also need to create a replica of an actual horse. 

This activity requires some toilet paper rolls🧻 to create the structure of the horse, some paint to color the horse, and a pair of googly eyes 👀 to give the horse a complete look.

Pro Tip:

You can also add some extra details to the horse, like a mane, with the help of some strings or a piece of colored cloth.

 3-D Horse Carousel Craft 

3-D Horse Carousel Craft

This is another great activity for your kids to have fun and gain knowledge about horses and how important and well-known the animal has become throughout the years. 

This activity is a great way to bring the carnival 🎡just right to your living room🛋️. I am quite sure that your kids will love this craft because of its uniqueness. 

Pro Tip:

While your kids are spending hours having so much fun putting together the carousels 🎠and adding the horses, you can also teach them during this time.

You can ask or mention several facts or simple questions regarding the horses during this time. In this way, you can also teach the kids about the horses while they are enjoying the activity.

H is for Horse Craft

I would also suggest this activity as it again relies on zero preparation and can be performed anywhere with ease. In this activity, the kids can also learn the letter H perfectly. 

Cutting ✂️ out the letter H and then gluing a horse on this activity is a very simple and efficient way for your kids to learn the letter H along with the animal horse.

DIY Horse Costume

If your kids like to wear some cool outfits on various occasions, including Halloween 🎃 then this is the perfect activity for them. This Halloween, you can dress up your kids with a unique horse costume made with their own hands.

For this activity, your kids will need a large cardboard box where the top flaps should be removed first, and then a hole should be cut in the bottom. 

Along with this, long strings should be attached to loop over the kid’s shoulders. After adding a head, your kid is ready to go for an exciting adventure.

Pro Tip:

To make this costume lively, you can let your kid paint the cardboard costume just like an original horse 🐎and he or she can also add their creativity to it. This will enhance the look of the costume, and the kid will also have a very fun time performing it.


My son and I have done these activities together to teach him about horses in a fun and exciting way. This also helped him improve various skills while enjoying the adventure and excitement that the activities provided. 

And in addition to all of it, he also could learn more about his favorite animal. I hope you enjoyed reading the above list of activities that I have listed in this blog post.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list or have questions for me regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from you! ❤️

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