50+ Interesting Dr. Seuss Birthday Activities to Do with Your Kids Now

Theodor Suess Geisel, famously known by his pen name, Dr. Seuss, was an American author and cartoonist who is one of the most beloved children’s book authors. 

His books are read worldwide and are known to be fun and easy to read, have quirky and colorful illustrations, and impart life lessons to his young readers. 

Dr. Seuss Day is marked annually on March 2nd as a celebration of reading and to honor and celebrate the author’s life and works on his birthday. πŸŽ‚

Dr. Seuss Birthday Activities for Your Kids

Dr. Seuss’s books have hugely contributed to my son’s love for reading and books, while my daughter enjoys his illustrations. πŸ’Œ

In this blog, I’ve compiled a list of Seuss-inspired activities you can do with your kids to celebrate the birthday of this beloved children’s author with a fitting tribute.

Have a Reading Session

There is no better way to commemorate Dr. Seuss’s birthday than picking up one or many of his books and reading them with your kids. 

You can have a Dr. Seuss book reading session at home with your kids. 

For readers to truly savor and enjoy his books, with their fun stories and quirky illustrations, is the greatest gift for Dr. Seuss. His books cater to readers of all ages and are still literary treasures. ❀️

Make Handprint Art

Time for your kids to get their hands messy to create beautiful art. πŸ–Ό

Apply paint on your kids’ hands and stamp their handprints onto a piece of paper. Add the facial features and extra details with a marker.

They can create handprints in different colors to create their favorite characters from his books.

Pro Tip:

These handprint arts make for memorable keepsakes – you can frame them in your house or turn them into greeting cards to send to loved ones.

Fill Coloring Pages

A simple art activity to create their versions of characters.

Print out coloring pages of different characters from Dr. Seuss’s books. 

Kids can grab their colored pencils or crayons and start coloring away. πŸ–

Let your kids experiment while they color and design the characters in a unique and fun style.

Cat in the Hat Word Game

Create word hats inspired by one of Dr. Seuss’s famous characters – Cat in the Hat, with this fun word game. 🎩

Cut papers into strips of two colors – red and white to make the striped tophat that the character wears. Stick the colored paper strips in a stack for the tophat.

Kids can write similar words in each of the stripes. You can create your versions of the word game and decide what they write on the hats.

This activity helps kids improve their knowledge of words.

Make Truffula Tree Bookmarks

Truffula trees are one-of-a-kind trees inspired by the Monterey Cypress and born out of the imagination of Dr. Seuss and featured in his book, The Lorax. 

My son loved making these truffula tree bookmarks. πŸŒ²πŸ”–

Trace and cut fluffy truffula tree top outlines on colored sheets of paper. Use a black marker and draw along the edges of the outlines to bring out the details. 

To make the trunk, kids can paint the popsicle sticks in alternating stripes of black and yellow. Glue the popsicle sticks to the tree tops to make the truffula tree bookmarks.

Make Tissue Paper Truffula Trees 

Truffula trees made with tissue paper make for a beautiful and simple craft.

Cut small-sized circles out of thick cardboard. Crumple colored tissue papers lightly. Stick the crumpled tissues onto the cardboard circles to make the treetops. You can use different colors of tissues for each of the base circles. 🌲

Color popsicle sticks with two alternating colors of your choice and glue them to the back of the cardboard to make your truffula trees.

Bake Grinch Cookies 

Bake along with your kids to make Grinch-themed cookies and cupcakes.

To make the cookie, follow a recipe you like to make the dough and add green food coloring to it. Decorate these green cookies with heart-shaped sprinkles, and enjoy! πŸͺ

Create Green Eggs Stamping Art

A simple art activity inspired by the book – Green Eggs and Ham.

Draw outlines of sunny-side-up eggs with a marker on a white sheet of paper. Fill the space with these blob-like egg shapes. 

Give your kids green paint and a wine cork to stamp on the green yolks on all the eggs. 🍳

Kids improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by doing this activity.

Match the Socks Game

A fun and engaging activity based on Mr. Fox, who always wears blue socks. 

All you need are a few pairs of socks – in different sizes, colors, and patterns. 🧦

Mix them up and make a pile of socks. Get your kids to rummage through the pile and match the socks with their correct pairs. 

Play a Cat in the Hat Cup Game

A simpler version of the classic cup stacking game for kids to play. πŸ‘Ύ

For this activity, cut squares from thick white paper according to the size of your red paper cups.

 Kids can stack the paper cups with the paper squares in between them to build the red and white tophat of the Cat. 

Pro Tip:

The paper squares are added between the paper cups to create a stable base and distribute the weight to keep the stack standing firmly.

Make Homemade Butter 

After my son finished reading The Butter Battle Book, we made butter in a jar with this easy experiment.

Whipping cream is all you need to make delicious homemade butter. Fill half of a mason jar with heavy whipping cream and secure the lid tightly.

Shake the mason jar for 15 minutes or until you get a clump of butter and liquidy buttermilk. Drain the buttermilk and enjoy some soft butter on toast. 🧈

Make Pinwheels with Book Pages

If you have a Dr. Seuss book to spare for a craft activity, you could make these pretty themed pinwheels. βœ‚οΈ

Colorful pages with illustrations are perfect for these pinwheels. 

Cut 5-inch x 5-inch squares from the pages of a Dr.Seuss book. Draw four diagonal lines from the corners of the square towards the center. Cut only halfway along the lines. Fold the four long corners toward the center and glue them.

Add a push pin through the center and glue it to a paper straw to make these pinwheels.

Create Ooblecks 

Make an Oobleck inspired by the book Barthomelow and the Oobleck using this easy and interactive science experiment that your kids will love.

Making an Oobleck is a hands-on activity that results in sensory play material.

Combine 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of water in a bowl. After it is combined well, add ten drops of green food coloring. Kids can mix until the color is incorporated thoroughly. 🟒

Store the Oobleck in an airtight bag when not in use.

Pro Tip:

The original Oobleck from the book is green, but you choose any shade of food coloring to make this. Get your kids to wear rubber gloves to prevent their hands from staining with the color.

Draw Fish Patterns

A fun pattern drawing game that my son loves playing and lets him get creative.

Divide a page into four sections. Ask your kids to draw these in the four sections – one fish, two fish, red fish, and a blue fish. 

The activity is a direct reference from the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. 🎏

Play a Character Connecting Game

An easy matching game with Dr. Seuss’s book characters.

Print characters that are the same on both sides of a paper in different orders. Kids can use a pencil to connect similar characters to complete the matching game. 〰️

Play a Counting Game

Kids can count the number of elements from the book. 

Create counting cards with some of the elements from Dr. Seuss’s books – the truffula tree, the red and white hate, red fish and blue fish, green eggs, and so on. 

Let your kids count each card with different quantities of these elements and write down the corresponding number.

These counting cards help kids improve their one-to-one correspondence skills. πŸ”’

Pro Tip:

Another way to count these cards is by adding options for the answers on each card. This activity allows kids to identify the number corresponding to the elements.

Prepare Pink Ink Drinks

My son loves making this pink concoction that the Yink from the One Fish, Two Fish book also likes to drink.

Combine 4-6 fresh strawberries, 2-3 tablespoons of vanilla-flavored yogurt, half a cup of orange juice, and a handful of ice cubes and blend. 

This recipe makes for one serving of the delicious pink drink. 🍷

Your kids can drink and wink like the Yink while they curl up with their favorite book!

Make a Cat’s Hat Parfait

Recreate a quick and delicious dessert to resemble the Cat’s iconic tophat.

Fill a clear tall glass with alternating layers of macerated strawberries with its juice and vanilla yogurt to look like the stripes of the Cat’s tophat. 

Add a dollop of whipped cream to top it off.

My daughter’s all-time favorite dessert! πŸ“

Make Paper Kites

Thing One and Thing Two, the twins, love flying their kites.

Make some paper kites at home following a tutorial. Kids can decorate them by adding stickers or ribbons. πŸͺ

Take the kites outside when the wind is gentle and let the kites fly in the air.

Create a Keepsake Suitcase

Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go piqued my son’s interest in wanting to travel the world. 

Make a mini suitcase with your kids using an empty cardboard cereal box. 

Add straps and a handle to the suitcase. Wrap the box with colored paper or paint it. 

Kids can personalize and decorate it with stickers, sequins, and beads.

This mini-suitcase is perfect for treasuring your keepsakes and memorabilia. My kids have a mini-suitcase each as a memory box. 🧳

Collect Branches

Dr. Seuss shows the reality of what would happen to the world without trees in The Lorax. 

Teach your kids to appreciate the beauty of the trees around them and teach them their importance to our daily lives. 

Collect twigs and branches fallen in your garden or park and arrange them in bottles to add beauty to your home. 🌳

Play a Fish Matching Game

Cut out outlines of fish in two colors – red and blue. Write down uppercase and lowercase letters on one side of each fish.

Turn the letter side of the fish down on the table and let your kids match the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters. 🐟

Play a Hop on Pop Alphabet Game 

My kids love playing this game around the house. 

On square pieces of paper, write down the letters of the alphabet individually. Scatter them on the floor close to each other. Make your kids hop to the square with the letter you call out. 

Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop is the idea behind this activity and helps make learning fun for your kids. πŸ”€

Pro Tip:

You can customize this activity and tailor it to your preference based on what you want the kids to learn. You can teach them shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and even words with this game.

Make Cupcake Liner Fish

Kids will love this simple activity for making fish art based on Dr. Seuss’s book One Fish, Two Fish.

Use a blue sheet of paper for the ocean and stick yellow paper for the ocean’s bottom. Glue small-sized flattened cupcake liners to make the body of the fish. Draw the details of the fish along with some bubbles and waves to finish. 🎏

Make a Paper Plate Horton

My kids loved making Horton the Elephant from Dr. Seuss’s book Horton Hears a Who!, which teaches the importance of being kind and respecting people. 🐘

Kids can paint a paper plate with blue or gray paint. Print and cut out a template with pieces to make Horton’s trunk and ears. 

Trace and cut the paper plate with a template to make his head. Glue his trunks and ears to the plate and add details with a marker. 

Create a Blow Painting 

Create a blow painting of the twins, Thing One and Thing Two, with a fun art activity. 🎨

Draw Thing One and Thing Two’s faces and bodies on thick sheets of paper, and then color their bodies.

Add drops of blue watercolor above the head of the Things, and kids can blow the paint with a straw to create their blue hair.

Don’t forget to add two circles labeled Thing One and Thing Two to stick on them.

Make Joke Cards

Print and cut some of Dr. Seuss’s jokes into small-sized cards.

Your kids can indulge in laughter therapy as you tell them these jokes. πŸ˜‚

 They can then repeat them to their friends and family, spreading laughter.

Create Origami Foxes

Fold some origami foxes to make your own Mr. Fox from the book Fox in Socks with only paper.

Follow an origami tutorial and fold a fox with orange-colored sheets of paper. Draw the features on with a marker.

My son loves origami and had a lot of time making these foxes. 🦊

Make Cake Toppers

Add fun details to your cakes with Dr. Seuss’s character toppers. πŸŽ‚

Use thick paper to draw and cut the elements and characters your kids like from the Dr. Seuss world. 

Kids can get creative and design them as they like. Glue a toothpick or a skewer to make your cake toppers. 

You can also laminate the toppers to make them last longer.

Have a Book Discussion

My son and I discussed the books and the characters, which helped him broaden his understanding.

Teach your kids the life lessons Dr. Seuss wants to convey through these books and their characters. Each story has a takeaway message for your little ones and even adults that can shape them into better people. πŸ’–

Dr. Seuss’s books inspire his readers to make the best of their lives and the qualities that make the world a beautiful place.

Dress like the Characters

A fun way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is to dress up like some of the characters from his books.

Kids can pick their favorite character from the Dr. Seuss world, and you can help your kids create their costumes and make accessories to match the characters. 🧣

Red T-shirts with white labels with Thing One and Thing 2 written on them for the twin, or a red bowtie and a red and white tophat for the Cat, green outfits for the Grinch, a pink dress with pink for Cindy Lou are some ideas you could try.

Make Grinch Slime

Make a Grinch-inspired slime that is hands-on and easy to do with your kids. 🟩

A Grinch is a solitary and grumpy creature from the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 

Follow the steps to make a basic slime. Add drops of green food coloring to match the Grinchy-green color, and mix in tiny red confetti hearts as a nod to his heart that is “two sizes too small.”

Slime gives kids a sensory experience and is fun to play with.

Play an Apple Counting Game

A fun counting activity that also makes for an art session, inspired by the book Ten Apples Up On Top.

My son loved playing this game and learned to count better. 🍎

Cut an apple in half, dip it in red paint, and make your kids stamp ten apples on white paper. Add stems with a marker, cut along the edges of the apple stamps and laminate them.

Use the apple cutouts to get your kids to count the numbers by placing an equal number of apples for each number.

Engage in a Memory Game

My son loves this Dr. Seuss-inspired memory game.

Print the characters in pairs from Dr. Seuss’s books on thick paper squares and laminate them to make them more durable.

Lay the cards facing down on the surface and let kids try to match the character pairs like in the classic memory game.

Kids can have fun and develop their memory skills with this game.

Create Photo Props

Create fun photo props to take some adorable pictures to celebrate the day.

You can draw or print the cutouts of the elements you like from the world of Dr. Seuss and laminate them. Glue the cutouts to skewers to make the props and take some silly photos. πŸ“·

Play Seuss Style Scrabble

Add a fun twist to a Scrabble game by using words relevant to the world of Dr. Seuss and his books.

Kids will love forming words that remind them of the stories in these books and their settings and messages. πŸ” 

Make a Hot Air Balloon 

Make a hot air balloon craft with your kids after you’ve read Oh, The Places You’ll Go and have the urge to explore the world.

Paint and decorate a small-sized paper plate to make the balloon. Cut a square and two thin and long strips from thick paper. Glue the thin paper strips in such a way as to join the balloon to the basket to complete the hot air balloon. 🎈

Make a Wish Jar

Dr. Seuss’ book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! encourages people to live meaningful lives while convincing the readers that they can achieve anything.

In a mason jar, let your kids add strips of paper with their wishes written on them and fill the jar. They can include all their dreams and visions for the future in this wish jar, however small or big. 🧧

Making this jar will be an encouragement for your kids to dream fearlessly.

Bake a Cake

Indulge in one too many pieces of some delicious cake to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Have a baking session with your kids to make their favorite cake and enjoy the day! πŸŽ‚


Let’s wrap up with one of Dr. Seuss’s quotes – Why fit in when you were born to stand out? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog with ways to make the day fun and memorable. Comment below if you would try these activities at home with your kids. πŸ˜‡

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