100+ Easy Riddles that Aren’t so Easy

Need a brief break to loosen up with some exciting and enjoyable brainteasers? Check out our comprehensive list of the finest riddles ever.

You can solve these with your kids! If you manage to make it to the end, you can actually attempt the remaining riddles, but also be careful—they’re slightly intimidating for kids and will need your help.

Some of the puzzles may seem easy, but for both kids and teenagers, one has to be sharp to solve them.  

Easy riddles for kids

It’s crucial to test young minds. Possibilities that inspire their creative thinking must be offered to them. These riddles proceed simply, and some of them are suitable for young children.

Others are challenging and might even call for mathematical prowess. Many are word and letter riddles, so if you’re not discouraged, keep reading.

Q. How many months have a total of 28 days within a year?

A. There have been *at least* 28 days in each month.

Q. What can’t hold anything or smile but seems to have hands and a face?

A. The clock.

Amazing Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. Even though it is yours, your friends use it more frequently. What is it?

A. Your name.

Q. I will split if you do not even retain me. So who am I?

A. A pledge.

Q. There is just one misspelled word found in the dictionary. What is it?

A. “Wrong.” It is the only word that would be spelled with the letter W.

Q. When you reach the end of a race, you surpass the person in second place. Where were you placed when the race was well over?

A. You ended up being in 2nd place.

Q. I am nothing other than a tail and a head. So who am I?
A. A coin.
My Experience: I once had a coin with just a head and a tail. It seemed to symbolize the duality of choices in life, reminding me of the constant flip-flop between decisions. 💰😄

Q. What are two breakfast foods you just cannot eat?

A. Dinner and lunch

Q. Which word gets two extra letters to make it shorter?

A. The word “short.”

Q. What is France’s capital?

A. The “F” letter, of course. In France, it is the only capital letter.

Q. I travel around the world, but I never venture over and above my neighborhood. So who am I?

A. An adhesive stamp.

Best Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. Venus, as well as Neptune, do not have me, but you can discover me on Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. So who am I?

A. The letter ‘R.’

Q. What is it that can just go up a chimney but, again, cannot go down?

A. An umbrella. Your umbrella will just not fit through such a chimney if it is placed “up,” whereas if it is “down,” it will!

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Q. When I am transforming, I make a loud sound. However, when I entirely change, I put on weight while continuously growing. So who am I?

A. Popcorn.

Q. It appears to lack locks but still has keys. It seems to have room, but there isn’t any room. You can reach it, but you cannot go in there anyway. It is what?

A. A keyboard.

Q. I do not even take up space, but I can fill a room. So who am I?

A. Light.

Interesting Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. The one and only place in the world where today comes before yesterday. Where is it located?

A. The dictionary.

Q. I don’t give it all away when I’ve got it. I don’t have it unless I share it. What is it?

A. A secret.

Have A Easy Riddle Of Your Own? Share In The Comments! Especially Like This 🤣
Q. What fades away when you talk about it?
A. Silence.

Q. What has a greater vertical leap than a building?

A. Anything is competent of leaping — but buildings don’t jump!

Hard Easy riddles

Many individuals can agree that perhaps the sense of accomplishment that accompanies cracking a tricky riddle is like none other.And there’s a good chance that your kid will actually appreciate riddles as well!

There are numerous benefits to teaching your child riddles. Riddles are indeed a wonderful method of engaging kids’ minds.

They must participate in some field days in order to practice being critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Q. Think of yourself as being in a room with no windows or doors. How are you going to escape?

A. Quit daydreaming.

Q. Bunnies were celebrating their birthdays together. What genre of music did they like?

A. The musical style of hip-hop music.

Fascinating Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. Where would you take the sick boat?

A. The dock, precisely.

Q. Exactly what sort of space appears to lack any windows or doors?

A. A mushroom.

Q. I have always had an orange color, a green hat, as well as a parrot-like pronunciation. So who am I?

A. A carrot.

Q. What fruit can’t make you feel happy?

A. A blueberry.

Q. To the eight, what really does the zero say?

A. Good belt!

Q. What goes up but never goes down?
A. Age
Pro Experience: I once contemplated the concept of age, realizing it’s like a one-way journey upward with no return ticket, much like trying to defy gravity. 🎂⬆️😄

Q. What is in seasons, seconds, centuries, as well as minutes that are just not in days, years, or decades?

A. The number N

Q. What is it that leaves your head in the morning and wakes up at night?

A. A pillow

Q. If you drop me, I will end up breaking, but then if you smile at me, I will always extend the same courtesy. So who am I?

A. A mirror

Q. I can shave 25 times per day and still maintain a beard, and there’s a mirror? So who am I?

A. The barber

Awesome Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. Exactly what sort of band does not really perform any songs?

A. An elastic band

Q. Which framework contains the most stories nationally and internationally?

A. A library

Q. The mother of Bob has three kids. Huey, Dewey, and what is the name of the 3rd child?

A. Bob

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Q. I grow once fed, and even though I cease to exist when offered water. So who am I?

A. Fire

Q. Which of the things does have hands and doesn’t clap?

A. The clock.

Q. You will consider purchasing me, and yet you won’t ever wolf down me. So who am I?

A. A dish.

Nice Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. What cannot hear but has a number of ears?

A. Corn.

Q. What is so fragile that, indeed, attempting to say its name provokes it to tear?

A. Silence

Q. What tends to fall in the winter season but is completely unscathed?

A. Snow.

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Q. How can a cracked pumpkin be fixed?
A. With a patch of pumpkin.

Q. What has so many keys but is not able to access any doors?

A. A piano.

Q. I possess wings, I could indeed fly, and despite the fact that I’m not a bird, I soar high, well above the earth. So who am I?

A. An airplane.

Funny Easy riddles

To ensure that you’re entertained, we even included a few amusing and funny riddles here. Riddles can also cause your child to laugh and feel productive while raising their spirits.

They’re indeed a wonderful way to keep kids active and acquire knowledge at home while having a great time. As a fun family activity, team up to solve each riddle! Likewise, it gives a chance for togetherness.

Q. What can you not throw but you can indeed catch?

A. A cold.

Q. I continuously try to emulate you as well as mimic your movement patterns, but you cannot get any closer to me or capture me. So who am I?

A. Your shadow.

Q. What is brown, appears to lack legs, as well as has both a head and a tail?

A. A penny.

Great Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. I don’t really have legs. I’ll never walk; I’ll always have to go running. So who am I?

A. A river.

Q. In the summer season, what do you notify a chihuahua?

A. A hot dog!

Q. Where would Friday come before Thursday, exactly?

A. The dictionary 

Q. What would run without starting to get tired?

A. A water faucet.

Q. So why would bees have hair that tends to stick?

A. They utilize their honeycombs, that’s why.

Q. What is the word for a bear that lacks teeth?

A. A gummy bear

Q. What tends to result from mating a vampire as well as a snowman?
A. Frostbite.
Sigma Experience: I once stumbled upon a quirky comic strip where a vampire and a snowman were depicted as an unlikely couple. It was a humorous reminder of the imaginative twists artists can put on classic characters. ❄️🧛‍♂️😄

Q. Why would teddy bears not get hungry?

A. They are always stuffed, therefore.

Q. What was present in the duck’s soup?

A. Quackers.

Q. What exacerbated the tortilla chip to begin to dance?

A. Due to the salsa they applied over the tortilla.

Excited Easy Riddles For Kids

Q. Which fish seems to be the priciest?

A. The goldfish

Q. What term in the dictionary is misspelled?

A. Wrong.

Q. How can a school of fish being caught?

A. With the help of a bookworm.

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Q. What made the math book as such disappointed?

A. Because there were multiple problems with it.

Q. More of it is left behind the more you consider taking. What are they?

A. Footsteps.

Q. In the month of November, you find me twice, once in June and not once in May. So who am I?

A. The letter ‘E.’

Q. The strongest person cannot hold me, who measures about the size of a feather, for any more than five minutes. So who am I?

A. You breathe.

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