15+ Best Father Day Activities to Surprise Your Dad!

Our parents are vital role models in our lives. Without their hard work, we all wouldn’t have achieved anything. While everybody acknowledges a mother’s struggle in the modern day, society fails to acknowledge the struggles that a father faces. 

For such heroic and selfless acts, there is a whole day designated just for them. On that day, the sons and daughters from all over the globe reserve their precious time just to celebrate it with their very own fathers.

So, to make this day special for your kid’s dad, here are some Father’s Day activities that your little ones can do to celebrate this occasion! 😍

Amazing Father Day Activities

From personal experience, I would say that these Father’s Day activities will really be fun for your kid, your whole family, and, of course, also for the great old man. A great number of these activities can also turn out to be one of your kid’s best memories with his or her father.

So, in this blog post, I mentioned and briefly described various kinds of activities that can be done by your kids for their father on Father’s Day. 😁 

Visit a Small Town

Visit A Small Town

If your kid’s father belongs to the 90s, then he would surely love a peaceful walk across a small town while frequently gossiping with him about any topic. 

Trust me when I say that a simple walk around a peaceful area like a small town 🌇 is a great way to strengthen your kid’s bonds with their father, which even he will love.

Treat Him with His Favorite Dish

Whether it’s a man or a woman, trust me, no one can remain his cool when his or her favorite dish is offered. A person is bound to be extremely happy after getting his favorite dish 🍕. 

And if your kid’s father is a foodie, just like me and my little son, then it will be the best highlight for him on that day.

Pro Tip:

If your kid knows how to cook, then instead of ordering it for him, he or she can try to make it with their own hands. There are tons of recipes on YouTube that kids can easily make with some assistance. This will make the dish even more special, and if it is good, trust me, it will be one of the best moments for their dad on that day.

Play with Him His Favorite Sport

Play With Him His Favorite Sport

Every man in this world has some kind of liking towards some kind of game ⚽. It can be outdoor as well as indoor. And according to me, most of us know which games our fathers are extremely obsessed and passionate about. 

So I would really recommend your kids to dedicate a couple of hours to playing with their father the games that he likes. And believe me, he is going to love this gesture of them. Even my son performed this activity with his father, and they enjoyed that play session for around 4 hours. 

We Love Dad Banner

Every being in this world desires love and affection from the people they care about. Most of us can’t express our true emotions to our fathers on a daily basis. So it will be a perfect opportunity to express our real emotions❤️ on this perfect day. 

This activity mainly focuses on this aspect. For this activity, your kid will need contact paper, cardstock, double-sided tapes, and a banner template to make this very special sign. Then your kid can hang it on one of the walls of the house and let his or her father know the true emotions of your kid. 

I personally like this activity as it is simple as well as a very impactful activity to be performed by your little kid for your hardworking father.

You are My Hero Card

You Are My Hero Card

Just like every little child, our dads also once had a dream to be a superhero🦸‍♂️. Although because of unrealistic expectations, this could never happen, the little boy inside our dad still craves to be a hero for someone. 

So why not make him feel special? I would really suggest performing this activity, which revolves around making your dad feel like the guardian or the hero he once desired. 

Help Dad Wash the Car

Apart from this, my son and my daughter also planned a similar Father’s Day activity last year to enjoy the day. It was as simple as a car wash. Yes, the whole family stepped up to wash our car 🚗. 

Little did we know with our kids 👦 around, this simple task of helping their dad wash the car would turn into an all-out fun water fight. 

Not only the kids but we were also engaged in this small dramatic fight, and we both were so overwhelmed by this experience that we returned to our childhood days. 

Sing a Song

Sing A Song

Literally everybody in this world loves to hear music 🎶. So, if your kid and husband are also music lovers, why not take this opportunity and have a little singing session? 

The feeling of joy and excitement he would get after listening to and seeing his little kid sing a sweet song for him would surely make him overjoyed and warm his heart.

Pro Tip:

To execute this activity smoothly, the kid should first practice the song he or she would sing for their father. And if performed well, it will melt their father’s heart like butter.

Painted Father’s Day Plate

It is always a great idea to present some unique art 🎨 to our loved ones as a gift. These gifts are both cost-effective and impactful. So, this activity focuses on creating a similar, unique art consisting of a painted paper plate. 

This activity requires paint of various colors and some paper plates, and then one can decorate it to represent it for their fathers.

This is a very fun activity that even my little son tried, and I am quite confident that not only will your kid love performing this activity, but it will also surprise and overjoy their father.

Customizable Dad Portraits

Most of us are somehow fascinated with art and sketches, right? So why not use this fascination of ours in a creative activity that the kids will love to create and the dads will love to see? Thus, this activity aims at creating a paper replica of your dad’s face 😊. 

Pro Tip:

Your kid should also pour some bit of creativity into this art. He or she can use different varieties of colors, including blue or black for the beard, yellow for the glasses, and green for his eyebrows and tie.

Treat Dad to a Backyard Picnic

Treat Dad To A Backyard Picnic

After cooking Dad’s favorite dishes, it’s time to spend some quality time with the whole family. For this activity, your kid can just go to your backyard, grab a blanket, and head out to set up for a small picnic party 🎉. 

While gossiping and feasting on dad’s favorite dishes, the kids can also arrange to play a number of small games or invite other family members or neighbors as well to enhance this small picnic experience of ours. 

Host an Indoor Movie Night

Host An Indoor Movie Night

It’s always a great idea to spend some time watching movies 🎦 with your family and friends. Everyone in this world likes to watch some kind of content that entertains them, and a prime example of it is watching movies. 

So I would truly suggest your kids watch some movies revolving around the importance of fathers 👨‍👩‍👧in our lives, or your kid, along with his or her father, can also watch a movie which he likes on this auspicious day. 

Every father likes to spend some quality time with his family and kids, so this activity performed by the kids will surely touch his heart. 

Make a splash at the pool

Father’s Day arrives at the beginning of summer🌅. And most of the time, none of us get the time to chill around a pool due to our hectic lives. 

This same situation happens with everyone’s father as well, who can’t afford to relax and chill for his personal satisfaction because he prioritizes his family first. 

So I would suggest it would be a great idea to spend some little time playing at the pool🏊‍♂️ and if possible also having a wild water battle.

Pro Tip:

Your kids can make water balloons 🔫and bring some light balls 🏐 to play several games while everyone is enjoying the pool. This will enhance the experience of this activity, and it will feel much more exciting and entertaining for both the kids and the father.

Go on a Hike Together

Go On A Hike Together

Who doesn’t like a breath of fresh air 💨 once in a while? On top of this, if your kid’s dad is a travel lover, just like my father, then he would absolutely love the idea of going for a hike on a nearby mountain 🏔️. 

Watching the beautiful natural elements, walking through the middle of the forest, observing several floras and faunas, all while gossiping about several aspects of life with the father. 

My son and daughter tried this activity with his father, and he absolutely loved it because both of them loved spending time ⌛ together. So, it is surely the perfect activity for an outdoorsy father.

Pro Tip:

Your kid, along with his or her father, can also plant some herbs 🌿 or plants while they are on the hike together. It will be a great idea to bring in some seeds of plants the kid likes and spend some time planting them with his or her father in a beautiful area of nature🏞️.


I, along with my little ones, tried all of these activities with their father throughout the years. And all of these activities proved to be an absolute memory maker for all of us. All of us enjoyed those moments to our fullest extent, and I really believe you will, too 😊.

I really hope you enjoyed reading the above list of activities that I have listed regarding Father’s Day.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list or have questions for me regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from you! ❤️

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