25+ Best Groundhog Day Activities to Make Your Kids Happy

As a mother, I’ve seen firsthand how engaging activities 🧩have significantly impacted my children’s development, molding them into resilient, imaginative, self-assured people who can face any obstacle in life. 

I assure you that children learn through the activities and can develop their physical, social, and cognitive abilities, creativity, and resilience for success in life. 

Also, engaging in incredible activities with your child fortifies their bond with parents, generating enduring memories and promoting a feeling of confidence.

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Interesting Groundhog Day Activities for Kids.

The folklore about Groundhogs is very famous in major parts of America. The Groundhog’s shadow mythology and its relationship to seasonal changes foster curiosity and a sense of wonder among the kids. So, this Groundhog Day, are you looking for amazing activities to be showcased in front of your kids? 

So, let’s jump into some activities🧩 that will boost skills among your kids, and you, as a parent, have a good fun time with them.

In this blog, I have listed engaging and safe Groundhog Day activities for kids of different ages.

Groundhog Paper Plate Craft

Last winter, my kids loved this activity. Kids can paint a brown paper📜 plate, draw facial features on it, and attach a craft stick. 

This cute puppet turns into a fun tool for creative storytelling. Kids will have endless creative fun while developing their motor skills and storytelling abilities.

Pro-Tip: I keep the essential items like glue and scissors used in making this craft out of children’s reach. I would suggest you do the same. 

Groundhog Letter Activity

I introduced this activity to my kids, and they enjoyed it! Kids can create letter-shaped groundhogs and decorate them with colors. 

Children can learn letter recognition, arrangement, and identification while learning about these cute characters. This practical method improves literacy abilities by creating an engaging and entertaining learning environment.

Groundhog Counting Activity

Kids can make numbered groundhog cutouts and put them in their burrows by using the. I believe children acquire fundamental counting 🔢abilities in an engaging, practical manner as they count and handle the pieces. 

Through creative play, this interactive activity reinforces mathematical concepts and makes learning numbers fun.

Groundhog Shadow Match Game

My son loves this! Children can develop their visual discrimination skills by matching groundhog cutouts to their corresponding shadows in the. 

As children participate in a lighthearted challenge and hone their observation and problem-solving skills, they improve cognitive development.

Groundhog Diet Activity

Kids can sort and arrange food items in the burrows of groundhogs to learn about their eating habits. 

I believe this interactive experience encourages learning through hands-on engagement while teaching about the natural diet of these animals and reinforcing categorization skills.

Let’s Guess It

My 2-year-old daughter loves this! Kids can forecast whether or not the Groundhog will see its shadow. 

With the help of this interactive activity, kids can become more excited and anticipate the weather, which helps them make educated guesses. It’s an enjoyable way to combine the activity customs with learning about weather patterns.

Groundhog Day Crossword Puzzle

My kids love playing this activity. Children can enjoy an educational and entertaining challenge. Kids can improve their vocabulary and critical thinking abilities by deciphering clues about groundhogs, seasons, and customs. 

This game not only gives education a fun twist but also effectively refreshes students’ memories of Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day Art Project

I introduced this activity to my son, and he liked it! Kids can let their imaginations run wild. They can create shadows, sketch 🎨burrows, and bring the Groundhog’s world to life using the art supplies. 

Kids can express their viewpoints on this special day while also developing their artistic skills.

Pro-Tip: I always keep the coloring items out of my kid’s reach. I suggest you to do the same.

Bake Groundhog Cookie 

My son loved baking! So kids can get hands-on experience in the kitchen as they shape cookies🍪. 

Kids can turn the kitchen into a delightful classroom as they measure ingredients and decorate their edible creations, developing baking skills and learning about the fun traditions of Groundhog Day.

Pro-Tip: I recommend supervising your kids while they make cookies. Be sure they are safe while using cookie cutter. And don’t allow them alone to put cookie trays inside the microwave. 

Groundhog Role Play

Kids in my family often play this! With this activity, kids can explore the world of groundhogs. They pretend to be groundhogs and engage in pretend play, predicting the weather, investigating burrows, and acting out Groundhog Day scenarios. 

This entertaining exercise improves social skills, creativity, and knowledge of the customs.

Let’s Sing

My kids have fun doing this activity. Kids can sing 🎤about Groundhog with upbeat songs. 

Singing along to cheerful songs about shadows and wacky weather forecasts not only makes learning fun but also helps to reinforce concepts. Include music to help kids learn about groundhogs and this unique day.

Craft Groundhog Puppet

Using paper bags or other craft supplies, kids can make adorable groundhog puppets for this activity. Following their creation, they can perform puppet shows in which their groundhog personas explore and forecast the weather. 

I believe this practical project improves storytelling abilities and creativity for a fun Groundhog Day celebration.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that kids are safe while using the scissors to make the puppet.

Story Writing about Groundhogs

Kids can make up stories about a groundhog’s travels, making predictions about the seasons or investigating its surroundings. 

Through the use of their imaginations, kids can express their storytelling skills and develop a love for both Groundhog Day’s whimsical nature and writing.

Pop Up the Groundhog

My son loves making this! Kids can make a 3D groundhog🦫 that emerges from its burrow. Kids can make their Groundhog come to life by using paper and basic folding techniques, which improves their spatial awareness. 

This interactive project gives studying groundhogs and their amazing behavior a fun twist.

Yoga Poses

Yoga can be made more interesting and instructive by including poses like “casting a shadow” and “peeking out of the burrow.” 

I believe this is a well-rounded activity that encourages physical activity in addition to teaching about groundhogs and the advantages of mindfulness and relaxation.

Pro-Tip: Supervise your kids while they do the yoga. Make sure that they do the poses in the correct form. This activity is only allowed for kids six years old and above. 

Scavenger Hunt

Kids can enhance the thrill of Groundhog Day by participating in a scavenger hunt. Kids can look for clues about shadows, groundhogs, or seasonal themes. 

I believe this engaging and instructive activity puts a humorous spin on learning about Groundhog Day customs while encouraging cooperation, problem-solving, and outdoor exploration.

Crafting a Mask

My son loves making this! Kids can create this to unleash their creativity. Children can use paper, paint, and craft supplies to create and embellish masks🎭 that mimic adorable groundhog faces. 

With this playful and creative spirit, kids can express their artistic side and improve their fine motor skills.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that your kids are safe while using paint and other craft supplies and don’t cause any harm.

Solve the Riddles

I let my kids solve riddles, and they enjoy it a lot. Make amusing puzzles about groundhogs’ distinct habits, burrows, and shadows. 

As children solve puzzles, this activity not only brings humor to the learning process but also fosters critical thinking, making the activity both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

Groundhog Dress Party

Throw a groundhog costume party where kids can dress up as groundhogs. This imaginative game promotes self-expression, creativity, and enjoyment. 

I believe kids can transform the celebration into an engaging and interactive experience by acting out scenes from Groundhog Day and participating in lively, themed play.

Weather Chart Craft Activity

With the Weather Chart Craft Activity, kids can make an interactive, colorful🎨 chart that shows various weather conditions. For a fun touch, include symbols related to groundhogs. 

I believe this engaging craft is a fun and instructive addition to Groundhog Day festivities as it helps kids learn about weather patterns and improves their fine motor skills.

Word Search

Kids can search a grid for words that have to do with groundhogs, shadows, and seasonal phrases. 

I believe in addition to improving vocabulary and focus, this entertaining and instructive activity honors the Groundhog Day theme in a lighthearted and interactive manner.

Math Puzzle

My son loves enjoying this! Groundhog Math🔢 Puzzles allow kids to incorporate math knowledge. Kids can figure out solutions for issues involving burrows, shadows, and seasonal patterns. 

Kids can learn while having fun with this activity, which not only reinforces mathematical concepts but also gives the celebration an educational twist.

Make Bingo

My kids love playing this! Groundhog Bingo is a great way to make Groundhog Day fun and exciting. Make bingo cards with phrases or pictures related to groundhogs, and let the kids have fun matching them. 

This interactive game is lively and engaging while also reinforcing vocabulary and observational skills. 

Color the Pages

My 2-year-old daughter loves colors! With coloring pages that have adorable groundhog illustrations, kids can celebrate Groundhog day.

By using a range of colors, kids can develop their artistic expression while bringing these cute creatures to life. Kids can express their creativity and add a splash of color to the celebrations.

Pro-Tip: I always keep the paint colors out of the kid’s reach. I recommend the same. 

Groundhog with LEGOs

My daughter loves playing with Lego! Kids can construct LEGO groundhogs and utilize them to make graphs that display different characteristics such as size, color, or features. 

This practical method adds a fun twist to learning about groundhogs and their traits while also reinforcing graphing abilities.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kids don’t take small parts of LEGOs into their mouths. I suggest you supervise them while they play with LEGO.

Pom-Poms Groundhogs 

I see smiles on my kid’s face while making these pom-poms! Kids can create adorable Pom Pom Groundhogs by using pom poms and other craft supplies to create fluffy groundhog figures. 

The fine motor abilities of kids are developed as they assemble and decorate their adorable creations through this tactile activity. 

Groundhog Paper Craft

Kids can use the bag🛍️ for imaginative play or storytelling after decorating it to resemble a groundhog with basic craft supplies. 

I believe in addition to encouraging creativity and fine motor skills, this practical project offers an enjoyable way to commemorate Groundhog Day.

Cupcake Liners

Kids can make a cute Cupcake Liner Groundhog Craft to commemorate Groundhog Day. Using construction paper, markers, and googly eyes, kids can turn cupcake liners into adorable groundhog faces. 

I believe this practical exercise improves fine motor skills and ignites creativity.

Groundhog Parade

My kids in the family love this! Kids can design groundhogs, shadows, and seasonal themes into themed floats, costumes, and banners and do a parade. 

In addition to encouraging creativity and teamwork, this engaging activity lets kids show off their enthusiasm for Groundhog Day in a bright, group-oriented manner.

Groundhog Maze

I did try an activity called the Groundhog Day Maze with my kids. You, too, can create a maze with Groundhog Day-related themes such as burrows 🕳️and shadows. 

Kid’s problem-solving abilities are strengthened as they make their way through the maze in this engaging activity that combines holiday excitement with fun.

Winter or Spring

I made a Groundhog Winter or Spring Matching Folder Game for my kids. Kids can match groundhog pictures to winter or springtime scenes that go inside a folder. 

This interactive, hands-on activity is a fun and instructive way to add some seasonal concepts to Groundhog Day celebrations.

Make a Story in Sequence

Use this exercise to enhance cognitive abilities and storytelling abilities. Kids can arrange cards or images that represent important scenes from a groundhog story. 

I believe in addition to improving kids’ sequencing skills, this interactive activity sparks their creativity as they arrange and tell their own Groundhog Day stories.

Groundhog Watch

Kids can organize this activity where they watch ⌚the weather outside to make weather predictions. The basic instruments required are thermometers, and request that they record temperature variations. 

I believe introducing scientific observation gives kids a new dimension by tying the holiday to the current investigation of the weather.

Groundhog Story

I often try this activity with my kids. You, too, can try by giving your kids a collection of pictures with scenes of burrows, groundhogs, and other animals. 

Kids can create and illustrate their own imaginative stories using these images. This activity fosters artistic expression by improving storytelling abilities.

Label the Groundhog

Kids can make an image of a groundhog and then identify its various body parts, including its paws, nose, and eyes👀. 

I believe this interactive activity turns Groundhog Day into a teaching tool for kids by reinforcing vocabulary while also incorporating an educational element.

Groundhog Hairbands

Kids can make headbands with cute groundhog faces, complete with whiskers and ears. 

I believe in addition to fostering creativity, this interactive project gives kids a silly accessory to wear on Groundhog Day, bringing a whimsical touch to the occasion.

Groundhog Day Directed Drawing

Kids can use an exercise to spark their imagination. Kids can follow the detailed drawing 🖌️instructions that include information about the Groundhog’s surroundings and burrow. 

I believe kids can celebrate the playful spirit of Groundhog Day while also developing their fine motor skills through a guided artistic experience.

Recite Groundhog Day Poems

Recite Groundhog Day Poems

Reading 📚 sweet poems about our favorite Groundhog is one of my favorite Groundhog Day games on this list.

These enjoyable groundhog-themed songs 🎵 or poetry will be a hit with your young preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Make a Groundhog Mask

This creative idea for a groundhog will amuse your class and help them celebrate Groundhog Day.

If you have construction paper 📃 in the colors of brown, white, and black, together with glue and popsicle sticks, you can make a mask🎭.

Groundhog Shadow Activities 

Young children can practice their fine motor abilities while learning visual discrimination techniques with this groundhog shadow-matching activity.

This is a wonderful game for young children or a great addition to your lesson plans for preschoolers. Who among teachers doesn’t adore printable resources?

Groundhog shadow Craft

Kids occasionally require a little friendly rivalry. Vote on whether the Groundhog can observe his shadow with the help of your pupils!

Give the team that correctly predicts a surprise 😮 treat or more playtime to make the victory even sweeter!

Make a stick Groundhog 

Make A Stick Groundhog

The stick groundhog activity is one of my favorite kindergarten projects! You’ll also need some glue sticks in addition to the items in the picture 📸 Building their pop-up Groundhog to commemorate this important day will be fun for your children. 

As they wait to see if the Groundhog detects his shadow, let your children hold the pop-up artwork they created.

Groundhog Finger Puppet

Why not create some hand puppets for reading along with a particular groundhog? Making these lovely groundhog finger puppets will be fun for your preschooler. 

Make a big groundhog doll

A glue stick, a paper bag, and some brown, white, as well as black building paper would be ideal. Your children will be overjoyed about this special holiday after participating in this practical activity. 

Have them talk via their dolls all day to make it considerably more entertaining.

Read a Groundhog Day story 

Read A Groundhog Day Story

Storytime, as well as reading aloud from books, is a very important part of the day when working with kindergarteners or other younger children, as you may know. 

 📚 Reading aloud during circle time helps kindergarteners develop important listening skills that they will utilize in later years. Your children can also hear a fascinating tale about this well-known Groundhog!

Groundhog-themed writing centers

Give your kids a brief writing lesson before letting them come up with their own versions of Punxsutawney Phil tales.

Students are urged to create a wide variety of stories because each center has a distinct writing challenge. Your kid’s inventive creations will wow you.

Groundhog footprints 

It’s so much fun to make this lovely groundhog footprint 👣 activity. Given that you’ll need hands and feet, you may use this exercise to make a handprint groundhog project.

To finish this project, you’ll need fingers and toes as well as some brown as well as green paint 🎨. 

Cut and paste groundhog crafts

I enjoy the Simple Mom Project’s free printable cut-and-paste exercise. The only thing I would modify about this exercise is to give the Groundhog’s arms and legs broad tacks rather than glue so that it can move around.

Groundhog Day pudding cups

Groundhog Day Pudding Cups

These delicious custard cups can be used to create a nice Groundhog Day dessert. Pick up a container of your preferred chocolate custard, some green 🥥 coconut shavings, a box of Nutterbutters, and miniature edible eyes.

Your Groundhog Day celebrations will reach their pinnacle when you devour this goodie!

Make a Groundhog Day toast

This groundhog toast is the perfect simple and entertaining snack to prepare with your child. You only need a toaster, your preferred bread 🍞, bananas, a few popcorn, and a few raisins.

Add & Color the Groundhog

Coloring within the lines is a necessary part of toddler development. These 📦 boxes can be supplemented with a little addition, and you’ll have a fun, all-encompassing exercise to include in your preschool plans for lessons. 

The simple addition questions found on the advertisement and color page are ideal for children who add and subtract with their fingers.

Number puzzles

Play some enjoyable number puzzles instead of playing games 🎮 inside in the chilly winter weather when it can be challenging! Your pupils will be motivated to learn maths and enjoy Groundhog Day with this adorable exercise. 

Kids can use ten frames to master the very fundamentals of maths with the help of this particular puzzle 🧩.

Groundhog Tunnel Game

Have the kids stand in a straight line. They should stand close to one another with both feet apart to create a tunnel. Let the Groundhog be the last guy in the queue. The first Groundhog should be made to crawl down the tunnel on their stomach. 

Have the Groundhog rise up and join the tunnel as it comes to its conclusion so that a fresh groundhog can begin to wiggle through.

Groundhog paper plate craft

Groundhog Paper Plate Craft

This cute little craft is perfect for Groundhog Day. Paper plate 🍽 crafts are my favorite because they are affordable and simple to do. Young Elementary kids in Preschool through third grade are best suited for this craft.

Groundhog letter activity 

This is the ideal teaching aid for a kindergarten class. Your pupils will enjoy saying the letters out loud as they feed the Groundhog. These kinds of practical exercises 👯‍♂️ truly add to the fun of learning.

Shadow themed activities 

The groundhog shadow test’s methodology will be better understood by students thanks to these enjoyable🫠 shadow exercises. Students will discover what produces shadows and how the time of day affects shadows.

Shadow Drawing 

Drawing shadows is a fun way for pupils to learn about shadows. Students can trace other people’s shadows while collaborating in pairs. The pupils enjoy 😉 it a lot and can interact with one another while they learn.

Online groundhog games

Give your kids access to internet games with a Groundhog theme using a laptop 💻 or tablet as an extension activity.

You can also give your distance learning students a link to the digital classroom where they can play these games. Digital activities are a great way to engage elementary school children.

Punxsutawney Phil Coloring Pages

Punxsutawney Phil Coloring Pages

Punxsutawney Students can have fun coloring Phil coloring pages 😀 and using them to spruce up the learning environment for Groundhog Day.

By holding a school coloring contest or door 🚪 decoration competition, you may add a competitive element.

Groundhog Bingo

Primary school pupils can have fun celebrating holidays with bingo. Bingo is a fantastic game to help children improve their communication skills while honing their listening, eye-hand cooperation, and number recognition abilities.

Groundhog math puzzles 

These arithmetic exercises are a fun way for children to sharpen their mathematical abilities on Groundhog Day!

This is a great math center exercise for elementary school pupils as well. The groundhog, cloud, – and sun symbols are all quite interesting to them and unusual from the usual emojis.

Groundhog word search

Free printable word searches with a Groundhog theme are available in this source. When you’ve got a few minutes to spare during a transition or at the conclusion of the school day, this is a terrific filler exercise 🤼‍♀️. 

These are enjoyable and interesting for students, and they are excellent for word recognition as well as language development.

Weather chart craft activity 

Weather Chart Craft Activity

The whole point of Groundhog Day is to make weather forecasts. For children who want to learn a bit more about the weather, this is a fantastic extension exercise.

Each morning, based on what they notice with their senses, they can predict the weather for the day ahead.

Delicious dirt pie

The words “delicious” and “dirt” don’t typically appear together in a sentence. However, it is completely fitting for this inventive treat!

To commemorate Groundhog Day, elementary school children will love creating and devouring their own delicious delicacies.

Groundhog dress-up party 

The majority of students like themed dress-up days in school. I adore the creative idea of having students dress up as groundhogs!

You may observe how imaginative the pupils and their loved ones can become in order to look like a real groundhog or perhaps Punxsy Phil!

Snow ❄️ craft

Snow Craft

This is a nice pastime to celebrate if the Groundhog forecasts an extra six weeks of winter. Students can make their own snowballs at home and engage in a ❄️ snowball war indoors.

This guide contains detailed instructions and is simple to follow. Merrymaking!

Spring flower craft

The Groundhog saw its shadow, right? Spring is coming, if not now! Make 🌼 flower crafts for your pupils to celebrate spring. Students can use lovely images 😊 to adorn their study environments.

Groundhog Day prompt writing 

Children can practice creative writing by using writing prompts. Planning the time each day that will be devoted to writing is helpful for kids.

These writing exercises will assist pupils in organizing their ideas and inspire them to write ✍️. 

Groundhog riddles 

When we start the day with a silly riddle, my preschool learners always have a good time. One suggestion is to print 🖨 each question on a separate piece of paper and distribute one to every pupil. Each student can guess the punchline as they take turns reciting their prank to the class.

Visit Punxsutawney

Attend the Groundhog Day Celebration at Punxsutawney. Early in the morning, crowds of people congregate atop Gobbler’s Knob to witness Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his burrow. 

If Punxsutawney Phil spots his shadow, a further six weeks of winter will be ahead. If not, spring will soon arrive! If you can’t make it to Punxsutawney, witness the exciting event live on February 2 by tuning in to the broadcast.

Throw a Groundhog Day-themed celebration

All of your pals are welcome to visit your home while wearing groundhog costumes. Prizes should be awarded to those who most closely resemble a groundhog.

 Be imaginative and serve delicious food, such as Dirt Pie for pudding and Groundhog Stew as an appetizer. 

Groundhog FaceMask 

Groundhog FaceMask

We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get working on Groundhog Day, as it will soon be here! With this beautiful Groundhog Mask 🎭, your children will undoubtedly have 😉 fun.

Math on Groundhog Day

 An entertaining approach to include Groundhog Day in your maths lesson. Fun events and holidays are not just for English classes and craft sessions.

Numerous of these are simple to include in maths lectures. How many groundhogs and weeks are left until spring?


Providing a method for kids, especially younger ones, to take a break from the academic year keeps them motivated. Students are encouraged to attend school by these small 💐🕺celebrations.  

For the holidays, both learners as well as educators can dress up, celebrate in a special way, incorporate enjoyable learning opportunities, and enjoy festive snacks. I hope you’ve liked 🫠 these preschool Groundhog Day activities for your little learners.

Groundhog Activities

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