How to Draw a Bird in Easy Steps!

Hey, young artists! Today, we’re spreading our wings and learning how to draw a bird. Whether you’ve seen birds soaring in the sky or chirping in your backyard, we’re going to bring their beauty to life on paper.

Follow my easy steps, grab your pencils, and let’s create our very own feathered friend together! 🐦

How to Draw Bird

Step 1:
Begin by sketching a small circle for the bird’s head. Next to it, draw an oval shape for the body, ensuring that the circle overlaps the top edge of the oval slightly on one side. This will create the basic outline for the bird’s head.

How to Draw a Bird Step 1

Step 2:
Inside the circle, draw two circles for the eyes, with small dots for the pupils. Right below the eyes, add a small curved line for the cheek. Sketch a small triangle with the base along the circle’s edge for the beak, and add a line inside for detail.

How to Draw a Bird Step 2

Step 3:
On the body, draw a curved line starting from the head and swooping down and then back up to create the wing. This shape should resemble a leaf or a teardrop lying on its side.

How to Draw a Bird Step 3

Step 4:
Add a curved line starting from the neck and connect it to the wings.

How to Draw a Bird Step 4

Step 5:
Add some feather details to the wing by drawing curved lines within the wing’s shape. These lines should be similar to the shape of the wing itself but smaller and placed at the wing’s bottom.

How to Draw a Bird Step 5

Step 6:
Draw two short lines descending from the bottom of the body for the legs. At the end of each leg, add three small lines for the toes, with one toe pointing backward and two forward.

How to Draw a Bird Step 6

Step 7:
Give the tail feathers some texture by adding lines within each feather for detail. These lines should follow the direction of the tail feathers.

How to Draw a Bird Step 7

Step 8:
Now draw a branch by creating two lines.

How to Draw a Bird Step 8

Step 9:
Add a leaf to the branches as shown in the picture.

How to Draw a Bird Step 9

Step 10:
Finally, your bird is ready now color it with shades of orange, yellow, green and brown.

How to Draw a Bird Step 10


Flying through “How to Draw a Bird” has been a wing-tastic adventure! Did they capture the graceful beauty of these feathered creatures or have you soaring with artistic delight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our drawing guide stay as free-spirited and captivating as the birds themselves, with steps that make the creative process take flight! 🐦

How to Draw A Bird
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