How to Draw a Black Cat: Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there, young artists! Ready to get a little spooky and draw a black cat? Whether you’ve seen these mysterious felines in Halloween decorations or curled up at home, we’re going to capture their charm on paper.

Follow my easy steps, grab your pencils, and let’s create our own purr-fect black cat together! 🐾🎨

How to Draw a Black Cat

Step 1:
Draw a large oval shape for the head. At the top of the oval, add two triangular shapes for the ears, making sure they are symmetrical and point upward.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 1

Step 2:
Inside the head, draw two large circular eyes. Inside each eye, add a smaller circle for the pupil. Draw a tiny triangle for the nose, and add a curved line below it for the mouth.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 2

Step 3:
From the whisker spots, extend several straight lines outward on both sides of the face for whiskers. Add some short lines around the head for fur texture.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 3

Step 4:
Draw a small rectangle for the neck and a bow tie at the center of the neck.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 4

Step 5:
Draw a curved line down for the chest and the front leg as shown in the picture.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 5

Step 6:
Now draw another leg and add a line in the paws.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 6

Step 7:
Draw the back line from the back of the bow line down and curve into the backside.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 7

Step 8:
Add the hind leg by drawing a similar shape to the front legs but slightly larger to show perspective.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 8

Step 9:
From the backside, extend a long, curved tail upward with a rounded tip. The tail should be thick at the base and taper slightly towards the end.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 9

Step 10:
Fill in the drawing with black color for the body, maintaining the white of the eyes and adding color to the pupils. The bow tie can be any bright color for contrast, such as yellow or red.

How to Draw a Black Cat Step 10


Prowling through “How to Draw a Black Cat” has been a purr-fectly delightful experience! Did they capture the sleek and mysterious charm of these feline friends, or have you meowing with artistic delight?

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How to Draw a Black Cat
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