How to Draw a Carp In Few Easy Steps!

Today’s drawing session is all about the carp, a fish known for its beauty and interesting features.

Drawing a carp is a great way to practice capturing smooth shapes, detailed scale patterns, and water movement.

Carps are famous for their shiny scales and flowing fins. When drawing one, you can focus on how light plays on its scales and the elegant curves of its body and fins.

Let’s grab our drawing tools and begin illustrating the carp. We’ll concentrate on its scale details, the smooth fins, and its overall shape that shows its calm presence in the water. Ready to start? Let’s bring this beautiful fish to life on our canvas!

How to Draw a Carp

Step: 1

How to Draw a Carp Step 1

Begin by sketching a curved line to shape the upper part of the carp’s body. This line will form the basic outline of the fish.

Step: 2

How to Draw a Carp Step 2

Draw a line extending from the top, curving it downward to create the tail. Then, draw a similar line for the bottom part of the body, connecting it to the tail to shape the fish.

Step: 3

How to Draw a Carp Step 3

Add small triangle-shaped fins to the sides and bottom of the body. Start with the fin near the front, called the pectoral fin, and then add the pelvic fin, which is further back.

Step: 4

How to Draw a Carp Step 4

Add a wavy line on top of the body for the dorsal fin. For the tail fin, draw two curved lines that come together at a point.

Draw a small circle for the eye and add a smaller circle inside for the pupil.

Step: 5

How to Draw a Carp Step 5

Draw tiny curved lines on the body to show scales. For the fins, draw lines from the base to the tip to add texture.

Step: 6

How to Draw a Carp Step 6

Color your carp using brown or golden-yellow. For the underbelly, choose lighter shades, and use darker colors for the back. Enhance the fins and scales with some highlights to make the drawing pop.


We explored drawing a carp, delving into the peaceful pond setting to capture the fish’s beauty. Did you find the guide useful for drawing the graceful curves and patterns of a carp? Your feedback matters. Let us know how the tutorial worked for you and any areas we can enhance. Your insights help us improve our drawing guides, making them as serene and captivating as the carp in a tranquil pond. Share your thoughts with us!

How to Draw a Carp
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