How to Draw a Chicken In Just 7 Easy Steps!

Let’s learn how to draw a chicken!

Drawing a chicken can be fun and rewarding. Chickens have unique features that make them interesting to draw.

By drawing a chicken, we can appreciate how charming they really are.

Focus on key details like the comb, wattle, beak, and feathers. These will make your drawing stand out.

Ready? Let’s draw a chicken together!

How to Draw a Chicken

Step: 1

Start by drawing the head of the chicken, adding a small beak.

Step: 2

Draw the comb on the head and the wattle under the beak.

Step: 3

Extend the body from the head, creating a large, rounded shape.

Step: 4

Draw the two legs extending from the bottom of the body, with claws at the end.

Step: 5

Add the wings on the sides of the body, giving them a slightly curved shape.

Step: 6

Draw the tail feathers extending from the back of the body, making them long and pointed.

Step: 7

Finish by coloring the chicken with shades of yellow for the body and red for the comb and wattle.


We’ve discussed drawing chickens, focusing on their cute traits and unique personality. Did you find our guide useful for capturing their fluffy feathers and distinct features? Your feedback matters! Tell us how the tutorial went and where we can do better. Your input helps us improve our drawing guides, making them as charming and accurate as the chickens they portray. Share your thoughts with us!

How to Draw a Chicken
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