100+ Pizza Riddles to Play with Your Brains

Here are some pizza-related riddles for kids to pair with our additional food-related riddles. To use the What Am I riddle, explain the first line’s hint to your children and tell them to figure out the answer.

They might predict cereal, a pair of shoes, or chocolates because the hint is that it arrives in a box, but it’s not a kitchen item.

Pizza riddles for kids

Is there anything that’s more enjoyable than pizza night? Folks, the answer is “obviously not.” When it refers to pizza, there are a plethora of alternatives to choose from.

Do you prefer Domino’s thin-crust pizza or a pan pizza? And besides, clean riddles, as well as laughter, are necessary to prevent the kids from jumping off the walls.

Q. For a week, Robert and David contested against each other in numerous golf matches.

At each game, they competed for a pizza, but no pizzas were ordered until the end of the week.

Those pizza orders were canceled if Robert and David ever would have achieved the same number of triumphs. David won three pizzas while Robert won four matches (but no pizzas).

How many golf rounds were finally finished?

A. Eleven, David won seven games, four to offset Robert’s four victories, and three more to actually earn the pizzas.

Q. What do you describe as the elder brother of Jabba the Hut?

A. The Pizza Hut.

Q. What would work well on your pizza and is green as well as singing?

A. Elvis Parsley

Q. What tends to happen if you question the waiter about how long you will be your pizza?” 

A. “No sir, it’s gonna be round,” they will respond.

Q. When I am around, you will have to be conscious that I am nearby. So who am I?

A. A circular pizza

Q. Ten students participated in a party on the last day of class, and each of them got a slice of pizza. 

A package contained 10 pizza slices. 

Even though each kid took one, there was still one remaining; how did this take place?

A. Each student consumed a piece, but the last one took the box that included their pizza slice.

Q. This dish may fulfill your wish for quick food if you have a craving for it. 

It can occasionally have a stuffed crust or a deep dish.

What is it?

A. Pizza

Q. There is just one rule in Jack’s World, where you would be. 

The mirror does not display anything. 

Pizza is available with cheese but not sausage. Salt is lacking, but there is pepper. 

The door is there, but there is no route in or out. 

What is the law, exactly?

A. In Jack’s World, double letters are essential in every word.

Q. How is a shattered pizza fixed?

A. Tomato paste has been used.

Q. What distinguishes a Mel Gibson movie from a pizza?

A. Pizzas are good.

Q. Why did the person begin a pizza distribution business?

A. He intended to prepare the dough.

Q. What would happen from stacking up an enormous amount of pizzas?

A. The leaning pizza tower!

Q. What do a pizza delivery boy and a gynecologist have in common?

A. They are able to smell it but not devour it.

Q. What pizza flavor would a dog tend to favor?

A. PU. Peroni!

Q. To the cook, what did the pizza say?

A. “Would you really like to pizza me?”

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Hard pizza riddles 

Riddles are language brain teasers that use lateral thinking in order to come to a conclusion.

They run the gamut from simple and easy to solve to serious brain-busters that literally stimulates your brain—and we’ve compiled several of the latter for the riddling enjoyment of you and your kids. So, as we await our food, let’s have some fun.

Q. On Christmas, what sort of pizza do you buy?

A. A crust of cheese.

Q. What separates a redneck from such a big pepperoni pizza?

A. A big pepperoni pizza could feed a four-person family.

Q. When pepperonis move, where would they go?

A. The Pizza Leaning Tower.

Q. What did the Italian restaurant’s furious customer give the chef?

A. A pizza of his mind!

Q. When can a pizza and a hot dog get hooked up?

A. After their connection becomes really honest!

Q. What do a pizza delivery boy and a gynecologist have in common?

A. They are capable of smelling it, but they cannot consume it.

Q. What would happen from piling up a huge number of pizzas?

A. It forms a sagging pizza tower!

Q. Why did the person start a pizza delivery business?

A. He desired to make the dough.

Q. What is a sleeping pizza known as?


Q. What distinguishes a pizza from a Mel Gibson film?

A. Pizzas are delicious. 

Q. What toppings do aardvarks enjoy on their pizza?

A. Ant-chovies.

Q. Hawaiian Margherita, or meat lovers or supreme or four cheese pepperoni. Tell me about all of these.

A. These are types of pizzas

Q. I am not a pair of socks, but I am something that smells cheesy. 

I am a slice of food that has been delivered to you in a box. 

Who am I then?

A. Pizza

Q. If this food is cut, it can be served in slices. 

Anywhere that concludes in Hut is one location where you can order it. 

What is the name of the food?

A. Pizza

Q. When can a pizza and a hot dog get allowed to marry?

A. After they have had a very open relationship!

Q. To the chef, what would the pepperoni say?

A. “Want to pizza me?”

Q. What pizza flavor does a dog tend to favor?

A. PU. Peroni!

Q. Where do pepperonis enjoy their vacations?

A. Pizza’s Leaning Tower.

Q. What did the chef receive from the enraged client at the Italian restaurant?

A. A pizza of mind!

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Funny pizza riddles

You can find all kinds of pizza riddles on this page, including all of the well-known What Am I riddles, as well as harder and trickier pizza riddles for adults and kids too.

Would you like to hear some pizza jokes? If it’s really cheesy, that would be fine. A lot of other amusing, as well as humorous pizza riddles, will be “introduced” to you here. 

Q. How is a destroyed pizza fixed?

Pizza Riddles

A. Tomato paste is used.

Q. Why is it that the mushroom is often invited to pizza reunions?

A. He’s such a fungus, that’s why! 

Q. What do pizza and Homer Simpson have in common?

A. Doh

Q. On the phone with my wife, I assured her that I would be picking up pizza and soda on the way home from work. What was her reaction?

A. She certainly doesn’t appear to be happy, though. 

Q. Why does it seem to be like that?

A. She still feels terrible about naming the kids.

Q. What do pizzas wear to preserve their scent?

A. Calzogne

Q. How can you get the philosophy major off your porch?

A. Payback him for the pizza.

Q. Why are pizzas supplied in square boxes in restaurants?

A. Because they don’t compromise on quality.

Q. What did the cheese say to the pepperoni?

A. Slice to meat you!

Q. Why did the hipster’s pizza lead him to burn his mouth?

A. Before it was cool, he consumed it.

Q. What would the pizza tell the courier? And what was the deliveryman’s reply?

A. “You don’t own me with pepper”. “Hey, don’t get too saucy.”

Q. Have you heard about the terminally ill Italian chef?

A. He pastaway. He is now just a pizza history.

Q. What makes a pizza taste at its best?

Pizza Riddles

A. Teeth

Q. Who would not enjoy pizza that much?

A. A weirdough

Q. Though I arrive in a package, I am not a kitchen gadget. 

Despite possessing a base, I am not a baseball field. 

Although I have a crust, I am not the Earth. I am not a baby, but I can be delivered. 

Though I often have toppings, I am not ice cream. 

Who am I, then?

A. Pizza

Q. Anchovies and pepperoni may appear on the menu. 

Nevertheless, I also always have a foundation with cheese on top. 

So who am I?

A. Pizza

Q. What sort of pizza do you receive for Christmas?

Pizza Riddles

A. Crust with cheeses

Q. On the last day of school, ten pupils participated in a party, and each one of them received a slice of pizza. 

A box included ten slices of pizza. 

Each student took one, yet there still remained one pizza; how was this possible?

A. Each student gets a slice, but the tenth student snatched the box that contained their slice of pizza.

Q. What’s green, sings, and pairs well with pizza?

A. Elvis Presley

Q. You grab hold of my handle and shove me. 

As I work, I roll and rotate. 

When you exert pressure on me, I create conflict. 

Then, as you derive delight in the results of my effort, I am left alone, feeling cheesy and hot.

What am I?

A. A cutter for pizza.

Q. When Pharaohs are hungry, where do they like to eat?

Pizza Riddles

A. Burger Tut!

Q. What do you name the elder brother of Jabba the Hut?

A. The Pizza Hut.

Q. What is Italian, tall, and pepperoni-covered?

A. Pizza’s leaning tower.

Q. What is the proportion of the pizza if the crust had a thickness of “a” and a radius of “z”?

A. The pizza’s volume is pi * z * z * a.

Q. How many pizzas can nine teenagers consume in three days if one and a half teens can eat one as well as half pizzas in one and a half days?

A. In 3 days, nine teenagers can consume 18 pizzas. Pizza can be consumed by one teen in 1.5 days. One teen can consume two pizzas in three days. In 3 days, nine teenagers can consume 18 pizzas.

Q. I am a pie, but I also bring pizza with pepperoni and cheese.

Found in both the sky and pizza. 

When I am nearby, you will be conscious that I am present. Who am I, then?

A. A Circle

Q. What makes a pizza taste its best?

A. Teeth

Q. Why did the hipster’s mouth burn when eating pizza?

A. He gobbled it before it became cool.

Q. What did the pepperoni wish to say about the cheese?

A. Slice to meat you!

Q. What is the reason behind the man starting the pizza business?

A. He wished to create dough.

Q. What makes a musician unique from a huge pizza?

Pizza Riddles

A. A huge pizza can satisfy four people.

Q. The other night, I burned my Hawaiian pizza. Then I realized something.

What is that?

A. That I should have changed the temperature to aloha setting.

Q. Why are pizzas sold in square boxes in restaurants?

A. Because they do not spare on quality.

Q. How do you persuade a person with a philosophy major to leave your front porch?

A. Make the person pay for the pizza.

Q. What does a pizza put on it to smell nice?

A. Calzogne

Q. I contacted my wife and informed her that I would get her a pizza and Coke on my way home from work. But it appears she was unhappy. 

Why was that?

A. She still regrets allowing me to name the children. 

Q. Why is it that the mushroom is usually asked for pizza parties?

A. Because he’s a fungus!

Q. What is the favorite music of a pizza maker?

A. Baby, slice, slice!

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Pizza Riddles

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