100+ Spring Riddles to Play with Your Brain

What sets these springtime riddles apart from a simple and straightforward knock-knock riddle? The responses are brilliant riddles or wordplay. Riddles provide a small problem or puzzle for the audience to solve.

Riddles are especially advantageous for keeping your kids amused at the dinner table or during the lengthy car line at school drop-off since they need the effort to comprehend.

Spring riddles for kids

A spring riddle is a fantastic way to make your kids or friends smile as the days keep growing as well as the robins begin to trill.

What would walk but can run quickly? Which flower produces the nicest smooches? Why do birds make such awful presents? Springtime is brimming with newborn animals, blossoming flowers, and rainbows as April’s showers usher in May blooms.

Q. How come April is generally the tidiest month? 

A. May showers.

Q. What type of bow is hard to tie? 

Spring Riddles

A. The Rainbow

Q. What cannot walk but can run really fast? 

A. Water.

Q. What, if not a pitcher, can fall and pour without injuring anyone? 

A. Rain.

Q. How can ten children fit under one umbrella so that none of them get wet? 

A. Because of the absence of rain, they don’t get drenched

Q. In the case of rain, what begins to rise? 

A. A shelter.

Q. What has the potential to rapidly alter the weather? 

A. A cyclone.

Q. How do we wrap up Spring? 

A. Using a G.

Q. What gift is offered to May by April? 

A. Flowers.

Q. How did the daffodil win the car race? 

A. With the help of the metal petals, it won.

Q. What are 10 feet tall, yellow, and therefore not a giraffe? 

Spring Riddles

A. A sunflower.

Q. Which flower makes the best hugs and kisses?

A. Two-lip.

Q. What do trampolines as well as flowers have in common? 

A. They embrace Spring (s).

Q. What needs to be destroyed before it can be used? 

A. An egg.

Q. Why do birds make such poor gifts? 

A. They cost little.

Q. Why was the bird detained by the police? 

A. He was a robin.

Q. In the Spring, why do birds migrate north? 

A. Because strolling would take too much time, that is why.

Q. On a treasure map, how can a bird locate its nest? 

A. Eggs denote the location.

Q. How do birds exchange emails? 

A. Twitter is being used.

Q. What do you name the Easter bunny after Easter day? 

A. Tired

Q. What was said between both the lambs? 

A. I love ewe.

Q. What does a baby sheep who likes karate is known for? 

A. A chunk of lamb.

Q. What happens from the mating of a bee as well as a rabbit? 

A. Honey bunny

Q. Where do sheep go to get their haircut in the Spring? 

A. The baa-baa store.

Q. What do you call a bunny who likes solving puzzles

A. A funny bunny.

Q. I stumble, although I am uninjured. 

Although I pour, I am not even a jug. 

While I assist in growing plants, I not being the sun. 

So who am I?

A. Rain.

Q. A gosling, a rabbit, as well as a cub are strolling around each other. 

They each cough once. 

The animal that jumps, as well as the creature that glides, is not it. 

What animal sneezed?

A. It is a cub.

Q. I am a bow that is difficult to tie. 

Who am I?

A. The Rainbow

Q. What continuously remains hidden while still being little, spherical, and colorful?

Spring Riddles

A. An Easter egg.

Q. There are four seeds as well as five holes in the earth. 

One seed is deposited into the second hole by a small child. 

Then, a seed exactly to that seed’s right. 

He subsequently plants a seed in the fifth hole, and as well as four holes to the left of that, he plants another seed. 

Which hole was still not planted?

A. Hole number four.

Q. Raccoons are circling the tree in a race. 

Do you understand how to pronounce that without any “r’s”?

A. T-H-A-T

Q. Two of a mother robin’s daughters. 

She has a brother for each of her daughters. 

What amount of kids does Mama Robin have?

A. She has three children, and every one of her daughters shares a brother.

Q. What must be eliminated before this can be used?

A. An egg.

Q. Puddles were measured by a teacher and a student. 

Even though the teacher’s daughter, the student’s mother, was not the teacher. 

Who was the teacher?

A. Her dad.

Q. What would walk but can run?

A. Water

Q. What do you name a flea-infested rabbit?

A. Bugs Bunny

Q. What did the dirt tell the rain?

A. If this persists, I will be known as Mud.

Q. I am difficult to tie bows. What am I?

A. The Rainbow

Q. What is a cyborg bee termed?

A. A pollinator

Q. Although I leave this world once a year, the time has strengthened me.

Who am I?

A. A tree.

Q. What prompted the bird to go to the hospital?

A. It required tweeting!

Q. What grows in the spring and therefore is Irish?

A. Furniture by Paddy O

Q. Which month gets you to enjoy walking the most?

A. March

Q. I am a flower, yet you can discover me in your eye. 

What exactly am I?

A. It is an iris.

Q. What is the preferred plant of a baby chick?

Spring Riddles

A. EGG-plants.

Q. What is the best time of the year to goof off with your peers?

A. Of course, it’s April Fool’s Day.

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Hard Spring Riddles

These goofy springtime riddles are sure to make people grin despite their silliness. Yes, they play on the themes of the season and are a little too silly, but that’s what makes them so amusing and makes your kids think.

Include a letter with one of these springtime riddles in your child’s lunchbox, save the homepage for when your group starts to get restless.

Q. What did the big flower have to say to the little flower?

A. Bud, you are truly growing!

Q. What starts to rise when the rain comes?

A. An umbrella.

Q. What does a bee use to brush its hair?

A. With its honeycomb.

Q. Why are waterbeds so sturdy?

A. They are overflowing with spring water.

Q. Why is April the cleanest month of the year?

A. April Showers.

Q. There are five holes as well as four seeds in the ground. 

One seed is sown in the second hole by a young boy. 

Then a seed to the exact right of that seed. 

He then plants a seed in the fifth hole, accompanied by a seed with four holes to the left of that. 

Which of the following holes did not receive a seed?

A. The fourth hole.

Q. How do you know bees are satisfied?

A. Because they hum while functioning, that is why. 

Q. A teacher, as well as a student, were measuring puddles. 

The student was the teacher’s daughter, but the girl’s mother was not the teacher. 

Who was the instructor?

A. Her father.

Q. There were two kids, a son and a daughter. 

The son was born on March 12, as well as the daughter on January 20. 

They both were born in the morning. 

Which did their parents become aware of first?

A. The sun as it was very early in the morning.

Q. What do you call a rain-soaked grizzly bear?

A. A drizzly bear.

Q. Why did the farmer bury his entire net worth?

A. To help enhance his soil.

Q. What is the difference between spring and summer rolls?

A. Seasoning.

Q. Why does the letter A represent a flower?

A. A bee (B) pursues it!

Q. When the bunny was told it would need to hop much farther east, where did it go?

A. Easter

Q. What do you name a lion who is well-dressed?

A. A charming lion.

Q. How come the flower could not keep riding its bike?

A. It had slipped its petals.

Q. Have you heard the story about the pregnant bedbug?

A. She will have her kids in the Spring.

Q. Do you know everything there is to know about April 1?

A. Yes, I am well fully cognizant of it!

Q. Why is Spring an excellent time to start a gardening business?

A. Because this is when you can truly “rake in the dough!”

Q. What do bears require in the Spring?

A. The absolute necessities.

Q. What did the mother worm say to the late little worm?

A. What have you beeeee-n doing?

Q. A baker has what type of garden?

A. It is a flour garden.

Q. What is Spring’s favorite snack?

A. An onion in bloom.

Q. Why are basketball players unable to consider taking a Spring Break vacation?

A. They’d be called up for travel.

Q. If during April showers, May flowers can be brought, what is the purpose of May flowers?

A. Pilgrims

Q. A mama robin has got two daughters. 

Each of the daughters has a brother. 

Exactly how many children does mama robin possess?

A. She has got three children. Both of the daughters have the same brother.

Q. I fall, but I am not injured. 

I pour, but I am not a pitcher. 

Moreover, I grow plants, but I am not the sun. 

What am I?

A. Rain

Q. What actually occurs when you throw a bunch of Easter eggs down a steep hill?

A. Spring rolls.

Q. What is Spring’s top choice regarding pickles?

A. Daffo-dills.

Q. What precisely is a five-month-old spring chick?

A. Six months old

Q. Why do people who go camping on April 1 often seem exhausted?

A. Since they simply completed a March.

Q. What is the reason that the worm crosses the scale?

A. To be into an inchworm.

Q. When is the perfect time to play using a pogo stick?

A. Springtime.

Q. In a Chinese restaurant, what would the Easter Bunny purchase?

A. A Hop Suey.

Q. Where do ants go for Spring Break?

A. France (Frants)

Q. When do you think is the ideal time to wash your Slinky?

A. During spring cleaning.

Q. What is tiny, round, as well as colorful and gets pushed back again and again?

A. An Easter Egg.

Q. What monster tends to be in most April Fool’s jokes?

A. Prankenstein

Q. How can one assume spring flowers are amiable?

A. They usually possess new buds.

Q. Why is Yoda from Star wars quite a decent gardener?

A. He has got a green thumb.

Q. Who is an herb’s top most preferred singer?

A. Elvis Parsley

Q. Which superhero likes Spring the best?

A. Robin

Q. I stay awake longer in the summer and go to bed earlier in the winter. 

Who am I?

Spring Riddles

A. The sun.

Q. Flowers are in bloom, and I bring rain showers. 

I live in your bed and on trampolines as well. 

What am I, then?

A. Spring.

Q. Where do sharks spend their Spring Break?

A. Finland

Q. Where can you see a lot of pretty flowers in the springtime?

A. At the flower shop.

Q. What made one bee tease the other?

A. Since he was behaving like a baybee, that is why!

Q. What month is the shortest in the whole year?

A. May because it only has three letters.

Q. What can be seen in the middle of April and March which cannot be seen at the start or 

End of any of the said months?

A. The letter “r.”

Q. How can you tell if the weather is heating up?

A. Because there is a spring in people’s steps, that is why.

Q. Name a spring month that rhymes with the day.

A. May

Q. What kind of bird should you never take to the bank?

A. A robin.

Q. Which spring blossom rhymes with hairy?

A. Cherry

Q. In what situation does daffodil top the car race?

A. Petal to the metal.

Q. What is the time when it is quite tough to plant flowers?

A. When you haven’t studied botany, then.

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Funny Spring riddles

These Spring riddles include subjects relevant to springtime. We will explore the spring season in a unique and humorous way by utilizing weather, recreational sports, as well as other spring-related themes.

With this collection of Spring riddles, you can challenge your friends to see who knows the answers. Want to laugh more with your family? Here are some more riddles to share!

Q. What is the thing that is yellow, 10 feet tall, yet not a giraffe?

A. A sunflower.

Q. Which flowers like to kiss?

A. Tulips

Q. What do you call a girl who has a frog on her head?

A. Lily.

Q. If you recognize my name, please notify me since I am a spring flower that rhymes with the hill.

Who am I?

A. Daffodil

Q. What do the trees say when they start to re-grow their leaves throughout the Spring?

A. What a re-leaf!

Q. More and more clothing I put on as the temperature goes up, as well as the cooler it becomes, the gayer I look in the Spring, covered in a green variety. So who am I?

A. A tree.

Q. How did the seed address the flower?

A. OK, Bloomer!

Q. What do sheep do to commemorate Memorial Day?

A. With a baa-baa cue.

Q. What drove the bee crazy?

A. It would be mad, too, if someone snatches away their honey and nectar.

Q. What benefit does the Easter Bunny gain by weaving a basket?

A. Everyone else has two points.

Q. What did the bread do during Spring Break? 

A. It walked around cluelessly.

Q. What compelled the farmer to plant a seed in his pond?

A. He was trying to cultivate a watermelon.

Q. What is the best Mother’s Day flower a boy can give to his mother?

A. A son-flower.

Q. A cub, a bunny, and a gosling are going for a nice walk.

One of them sneezes.

It is not the animal that hops or the animal that flies.

What kind of animal sneezed?

A. The cub. 

Q. What spring day has the most children? 

A. Mother’s Day!

Q. Why is April the cleanest month of the year? 

A. Because April showers, that is why.

Q. Which month love to walk? 

A. March

Q. Why is the bunny over the moon? 

A. Since some other bunny loves him, that is why.

Q. I don’t possess wings, but I can fly. 

I have a tail. 

I am way more colorful, yet I am not a bird. 

What am I? 

A. A kite

Q. I stay up late longer in the summer and then go to bed earlier in the winter. 

What exactly am I? 

A. The sun

Q. What did the bird utter when he witnessed the bees dancing? 

A. I don’t believe it

Q. Throughout the day, cows take a stroll on me. 

All across the night, cows stay in bed with me. 

And cows eat me, although it is OK. 

What exactly am I?

A. Grass.

Q. After 12 years, it is my flip to wish you great luck. 

I can navigate my way out of a maze, although I am simple to please; 

Just provide me with some cheese! 

What exactly am I?

A. A mouse

Q. You have to split me before you are able to use me. 

If I am having a good laugh, you put me out. 

What am I?

A. An egg

Q. What do bears require in the Spring? 

Just the bare stuff.

Which month always provides answers to requests? 

A. May

Q. What kind of rain do you want to fall on your birthday? 

A. Sprinkles

Q. I can fly forward as well as backward. 

I can zip here and there. 

My wings can be heard, but you can’t see them. 

Who am I? 

A. A hummingbird.

Q. How does a flower bomb sound?

A. Kabloom.

Q. What does April bring to May?

A. Flowers

Q. When is the ideal time to use a pogo stick while playing? 

A. Springtime!

Q. Do springtime bees know how to tie their shoes?

A. Maybee, maybee knot.

Q. What do you call a cow that runs on gasoline in the garden?

A. A lawn Moower.

Q. Which flowers enjoy kissing? 

A. Tulips.

Q. I am a flower, but you can find me in your eye. 

What am I? 

A. Iris.

Q. What is the name of a pig that lives underground? 

A. A groundhog.

Q. When the bunny was told it needed to hop further east, where did it go? 

A. Easter

Q. How did the daffodil win the car race?  

A. By putting the petal to the metal.

Q. What day is it acceptable to fill a sink with mayonnaise? 

A. Cinco de Mayo!

Q. When you jump on a trampoline, what season are you in? 

A. Spring time

Q. What falls but never gets hurt? 

A. The rain!

Q. What urged the farmer to plant a seed in his pond? 

A. He intended to cultivate a watermelon.

Q. What kind of garden does a baker have? 

A. A ‘flour’ garden.

Q. What did summer have to say to Spring?

A. “Help, I am going to Fall!”

Q. Why does the letter A depict a flower? 

A. A bee (B) follows it!

Q. What flowers grow on people’s faces?

A. Tulips (Two-lips)!

Q. What is Irish and appears in the Spring?

A. Paddy O Furniture

Q. What rises when the rain falls?

A. Umbrellas

Q. When is the best time to jump on a trampoline?

A. Springtime

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Spring Riddles

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