Playing the Simon Says Game with Children

Playing the Simon Says Game with children is a great way to help them learn how to stay focused and attentive. After all, it’s hard to pay attention when noises and activities are happening around you. Playing the Simon Says game helps you do just that.

Children love the game so much that they will keep playing it repeatedly. If you plan on playing this game with your kids, here are some helpful tips and tricks for a successful session:

Things consider for playing the Simon Says Game

Make sure everyone is ready to play.

When you first get into the Simon Says game with your children, they must be both ready to play. This means they should be able to stay focused on one activity for an extended time.

Of course, it’s important that you don’t pressure your child to be able to stay focused. But, if you see that he or she is eager to play, it’s an indication that your child is ready to learn. 

If you see that your child is not ready to play the game, don’t force them to do so. 

There’s no need to put unnecessary pressure on your child. Instead, you can take them to a park or the beach and let them play there. As long as they are having fun and not getting into trouble, it’s okay to let them be.

Choose an activity that suits the age of your child.

When you first get into the Simon Says game with your child, you must choose an appropriate activity for their age. This is because age is one of the main factors determining how easy or difficult a game will be for your child.

So, if you see that your child is younger than three years old, choose an activity that is easy enough for them. Instead, you can choose an activity that is more suited for toddlers. This means you can select an activity like finger painting, playing with blocks, or building a sandcastle. 

However, if your child is over three, you can choose an activity that is more difficult than finger painting. This means you can select an activity like playing a board game, reading a book, or playing a computer game.

Have your children color in advance.

If you are going to play the Simon Says game with your children, you should have them color in advance. This is because it’s a great way to give your child a quiet activity to do. However, you should make sure that they don’t color too much.

This is because you don’t want your child to indulge in coloring excessively. Instead, you want to make sure that they color in moderation. This is because coloring excessively can cause problems in the future. 

Excessively coloring can lead to ADD or ADHD. 

If you have a child with either of these conditions, you can talk to your doctor about the negative effects excessive coloring can have on a person’s health. There are also many benefits to coloring in moderation, such as improved concentration and creativity.

everyone has to have a good balance of sleep and eating.

It’s important that you take your children to play the Simon Says game at a time when they have a good balance of sleep and eating.

This is because playing the game when you are too tired or hungry is not a good idea. It’s better to leave a game like this until after you have had a good meal and gotten some sleep.

If you don’t have a good balance of sleep and eating, you will be at a disadvantage during a game like this. This means you will be less able to stay focused and likely make more mistakes. This is not something you want to happen when trying to learn something new.

Don’t be afraid to add difficulty

It’s important that you don’t be afraid to add difficulty to the game as children get older. This is because children tend to learn best when they are challenged. So, if you notice that your child is getting bored or losing focus in the game, you can add a new level of difficulty to the game. 

This means that you can make the activity tougher or add obstacles to the activity. This will help you to keep your child’s attention and increase their chances of learning. As your child gets older, it’s important that you add more and more difficulty to the game. This is because children tend to learn better when they are challenged.

end the session with a song and a game together.

As you end the game with a song and a game together, you should make sure to add another song and activity to the session. This is because it’s important that you end the session on a high note. 

Here’s how to play Simon Says (game guideline, step-by-step)

Playing Simon Says is a fun and engaging game for children of all ages. Here are the steps to play Simon Says with kids:

  1. Gather the children together and explain the rules of the game. Simon Says is a game where one person, designated as “Simon,” gives commands to the group. The group must only follow the commands if the phrase “Simon says” is included in the command. If the command does not include “Simon says,” and someone follows it, they are out of the game.
  2.  Choose the first person to be Simon. Simon should stand at the front of the group where everyone can see and hear them.
  3.  Simon will begin by saying, “Simon says,” followed by a command, such as “Simon says touch your toes.” The group must follow the command.
  4.  Simon may then give another command, such as “Jump up and down,” without saying “Simon says” first. If someone jumps up and down, they are out of the game.
  5.  Play continues with Simon giving different commands, some with “Simon says” and some without. The goal is to try and trick the group into following commands without saying, “Simon says.”
  6.  The last person standing becomes the new Simon, and the game begins again.

Some example commands that Simon can give are:

  • Simon says clap your hands.
  •  Simon says touch your nose.
  •  Simon says spin around.
  •  Simon says hop on one foot.
  •  Simon says march in place.
  •  Sit down
  •  Stand on one leg

Top benefits of playing Simon Says with kids. 

Increases listening skills: 

Since players must carefully listen to the instructions given by Simon, the game can improve their ability to concentrate and pay attention.

Improves memory: 

Simon Says requires players to remember a series of commands and actions, which can help to enhance their short-term memory.

Develops motor skills: 

The game also involves a variety of physical movements, such as jumping, clapping, and stretching, which can help to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Enhances social skills: 

Playing Simon Says requires players to interact with one another and take turns being the leader, which can help to improve their communication and social skills.

Promotes self-control: 

Players must only follow commands when Simon says the game can help develop self-control and discipline.

Encourages creativity: 

As the leader, players can be creative with their commands, which can help foster their imagination and problem-solving skills.

Simon Says for KIds
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