25+ Snowflake Activities for Preschoolers to Spark Creativity!

As a busy housewife, I hardly have any time for kids. However, I manage to take some time out on the weekends and conduct interesting and productive activities with my kids. These interactive activities help me spend some quality time with my kids and improve their skills.

My kids are preschoolers, and they love playing with snowflakes during the winter. So, I have researched some very interesting and productive snowflake activities that they can play during their free time. Snowflake activities are among the best winter activities to conduct with kids.

You should also try these snowflake activities as they will help you to know your kids and their world more deeply. These activities will provide your kids with fun and an enjoyable time.

Interesting snowflake activities for your preschoolers

You are at the right place if you are searching for some creative and pleasurable予 activities for your preschoolers to do during their free time. I will provide you with some fun snowflake儭 activities that you can conduct with your preschoolers.

These activities will help them improve different skills like their creativity, fine motor development, concentration, and imagination. This will make them aware of their surroundings and gain more experiences, which will help them in their overall development.

In this blog, I have listed all productive and exciting snowflake activities in detail that will help your kids to have an enjoyable day.

Snowflake Ornament

Kids love making handmade accessories and gifting them to their friends. You can persuade your kids to make these accessories using snowflake-shaped ornaments. They can make a snowflake pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings, etc.

Materials needed for this activity are snowflake-shaped ornaments儭, strings, scissors, beads, and other beautiful ornaments that can make your kids’ jewelry attractive. Your kids’ creativity and imaginative skills will be improved through this activity.

Pro Tip:

My kids made very beautiful snowflake jewelry. They even gifted that jewelry to their friends and elders. This was a very interesting winter扒 activity. They had a very fun and productive day.

Cotton Ball Snowflakes

You can motivate your kids to create snowflakes儭 with the help of cotton balls. Materials needed for this activity are a paper plate, glitter, glue, cotton balls, and paint.

Kids can draw snowflakes on a paper plate and paste cotton balls on it with the help of glue. They can color these cotton balls with paint and add glitter to them. This will be a different and exciting activity for your kids.

These types of activities help in developing several skills in your child. I usually conduct these creative activities with my kids so that they can have fun as well as learn something new.

Snowflake cookies

Kids love eating freshly baked cookies. You can persuade your kids to make snowflake-shaped cookies. This will help your kids to show their creativity and innovative skills.

Materials needed for this activity are eggs, sugar, flour, chocolates, cream, sprinklers, dairy, etc.

This activity should be done under your complete guidance, as kids can hurt themselves. Kids will enjoy making delicious snowflake cookies and decorating them.

Pro Tip:

My kids had a very enjoyable time while making these snowflake cookies儭. They even distributed these cookies to their friends and cousins. They felt extremely proud and satisfied when they were praised.

Snowflake Stamp

Kids enjoy playing with stamps. They use stamps of different shapes like flowers, cars, rockets, smiley faces, etc. But making their own stamp would be a more interesting and fun activity to do. You can persuade your kids to make a snowflake stamp this winter扒.

This will be a nice winter activity. Materials needed for this activity are paper, colors, cardboard, scissors儭, glue, and markers. After making their snowflake stamp, kids can stamp it on their notebooks, envelopes, diaries, etc.

My kids also performed this stamp-making activity. They made stamps in different shapes like flowers, snowflakes, sun儭, etc. They were extremely happy and proud after they made stamps.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake

Instead of throwing popsicle sticks away, you can persuade your kids to make a snowflake with the help of it. Their artistry and concentration will improve through this activity.

Materials needed for this activity are popsicle sticks, paint, glue, markers, and a string孝. Kids can glue popsicle sticks with each other in the form of a snowflake儭 and decorate it. They can hang this in their rooms by attaching it with a string.

Pro Tip:

My kids hung these popsicle stick snowflakes on their balcony. It was a very creative and interesting activity. It gave them a chance to bring out their creative side.

Cardboard Tube snowflakes

You can persuade your kids to make snowflakes儭 with the help of cardboard tubes. Materials needed for this activity are some cardboard pieces, flue, blue and white paint, and scissors儭.

Kids can gather cardboard pieces together and fold them into a tube. Then, after making these tubes, they can paste them in the form of snowflakes. They can paint and decorate this snowflake.

My kids made many cardboard snowflakes and joined them with a string孝. They had a lot of fun creating beautiful snowflakes and also improved their creative skills. These innovative activities help kids to improve their imagination and keep them engaged.

Snowflake Storytelling

Preschoolers love to listen and read stories. You can make your kids read and present a winter story related to snowflakes儭. This will be an interesting and productive activity and will help kids to improve their communication skills儭.

You can gather your family兩抽 together and ask your kids to present a story in front of them. This will help them gain confidence. Prepare some rewards for your kids to make them feel appreciated.

Pro Tip:

Almost every weekend, I conduct these types of activities at my home. It helps my kids to have fun and spend some enjoyable time with their families. The topic for every story is different, like rain儭, snow, spring, swimming, etc.

Sorting Snowflakes

Sorting different things according to their color and size helps preschoolers to gain recognition of their surroundings. You can motivate your kids to sort snowflakes儭.

Materials needed for this activity are colored sheets and scissors儭. Cut snowflakes in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Now, ask them to sort it according to their characteristics. This activity will help your kids to gain good recognition skills while having fun.

When I made my kids do this activity, they made some mistakes in the beginning but improved with practice. It fulfilled both the purposes of fun and education兩. I even gave them different things to sort, like toys, flowers, colors, accessories, etc.

Snowflake Hunt

Kids enjoy playing treasure hunts with their friends. You can assemble your kids and their friends and persuade them to play a snowflake treasure hunt. This will be an adventurous and exciting activity.

Hide paper snowflake cutouts in the different areas of the house and ask kids to find them. Whoever got most of the snowflakes first will be the winner of this game. To avoid any confusion, explain the rules and regulations to kids carefully.

Pro Tip:

I also conducted this activity at my home. All the kids had a lot of fun and got closer through this activity. I even kept some rewards to make this activity more entertaining and enjoyable.

Snowflake Collage

You can persuade your kids to make a snowflake collage儭. This will be a fascinating winter activity. Materials needed for this activity are colored sheets, cardboard, glue, scissors, and paint.

Your kids can cut out numerous snowflakes and paste them together in the form of a collage. Make sure kids use scissors儭 under your guidance so that they don’t hurt themselves. They can decorate this collage with the help of paint, markers, and glitter. They can hang this collage in their room儭.

It is a very innovative activity. My kids made a very beautiful collage and were very proud of it. This activity helped them improve their artistry and design skills.

Painting snowflakes

Kids enjoy painting different patterns and designs. You can persuade your kids to paint different snowflakes儭. They will enjoy this activity and will learn more about painting.

Materials needed for this activity are chart paper, colors, paint, glitter, and scissors儭. Now, kids can draw snowflakes on paper and decorate them with paint and glitter.

This activity will help them in fine motor development.

Pro Tip:

My kids were so enthusiastic and energetic throughout this whole activity. They gave their best to make these snowflakes. I even appreciated their work to make them feel confident and happy. This will help them to do better in the future.

Snowflake Puzzles

Kids enjoy solving different and interesting puzzles妝. You can make some fascinating snowflake puzzles for your kids and ask them to solve them. Snowflake puzzles can be made by cutting snowflake儭 pieces in different shapes.

This activity will help your kids improve their problem-solving and analytical skills, which will help them in their future development. Kids usually play with normal puzzles, but playing with snowflake puzzles will make this activity more exciting.

When I made my kids do this activity, they were very excited. They solved more than ten snowflake puzzles妝. Overall, it was a very peculiar and thrilling activity.

Threading Snowflakes

Kids can make snowflakes with the help of thread孝 too. You can encourage your preschoolers to do this interesting activity. Items needed for this activity are thread, beads, and scissors儭.

After gathering all the materials, kids can start making snowflakes儭. They can also add beads to make it look more attractive. It would be nice if they used a blue color thread.

Pro Tip:

My kids made cute snowflakes with threads. They had a lot of fun in this activity as it was different from their usual ones. Their love for snowflakes was enhanced. They got to know about the concept of thread art.

Fingerprint Snowflake Art

Preschoolers love doing finger art儭. You can propel your kids to paint snowflakes using their fingers. Materials needed for this activity are blue and white paint, chart paper, and glitter.

Firstly, you can draw your kids a rough picture of snowflakes on chart paper. Then, they can dip their fingers in the paint and apply it on the paper. By doing this, they will create a fingerprint snowflake儭.

My kids found this activity extremely fascinating予. After making a fingerprint snowflake, they made different fingerprint pictures like flowers, fruits, sun, birds, etc. They had an enjoyable time doing this activity.

Counting Snowflakes

All preschoolers should know how to count things. To make your kids’ counting skills better, you can persuade them to count snowflakes儭. This will help them in fine motor development and improve their mathematics.

You can give your kids a sheet with several snowflakes drawn on it. Now, ask them to count the snowflakes and tell them the exact number. This will be a fun and fruitful activity.

Pro Tip:

I made my preschoolers do this knowledgeable activity. It helped them improve their counting skills, and they also had fun while doing this. Kids enjoy these types of basic and interesting activities.

Dot Sticker Snowflakes

Kids enjoy playing with stickers. They like to paste different shapes of stickers on their notebooks and diaries. You can persuade your kids to make a snowflake儭 using dot stickers.

Items needed for this activity are a white sheet, dot stickers, glitter, and scissors儭. You can provide them with a snowflake drawing, and they can paste colorful dot stickers all over it. Kids can also apply glitter to make the snowflake look more attractive.

My kids made a very large snowflake with dot stickers. They then pasted it on the wall of their room儭. This was a very delightful and entertaining activity. It added some fun to my kids’ boring弗 day.

Snowflake Tracing

Tracing is a basic activity for preschoolers. They love to trace different shapes and drawings. You can propel your kids to trace snowflakes. Things needed for this activity are tracing paper, pencil儭, paint, and glitter.

Firstly, you can ask your kids to trace snowflakes on tracing paper. Then, they can paint it and decorate it with glitter. This will make the snowflake儭 look attractive.

Pro Tip:

My kids usually do tracing activities at home, but this one was more interesting and fun to do. They made their favorite snowflakes. This activity was constructive as well as entertaining.

Snowflake Hopscotch

Kids usually love to play hopscotch with their friends. You can encourage your kids to play a snowflake hopscotch. They can create the hopscotch grid in the form of a snowflake and then play on it.

This will be a different and exciting way to play hopscotch. Kids can draw the hopscotch grid with chalk儭 or tape. They can hop from one snowflake儭 to another and complete the grid.

My kids played this game with their friends. They had a lot of fun while playing this. Kids recall these types of simple and fun activities.


In conclusion, these snowflake activities provide preschoolers with a very delightful and interesting予 way to learn different things.

These interactive snowflake-themed activities provide them with enjoyable experiences and enhance their fine motor skills, concentration, problem-solving, recognition skills, and creativity.

They provide kids with opportunities for social interaction and cooperation as kids engage in fun games, treasure hunts, and different crafts. I expect you enjoyed reading about these fun and interactive activities. Hope you conduct them at home with your kids.

If you have any questions for me to answer or if you know of any other activities I should add to this list, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would be happy to speak with you! 歹

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