101+ Best Esl Riddles to Accelerate Your Language Skills

Riddles can be entertaining brain teasers or ones that make you think. Some of the best mysteries encourage introspection.

Our excellent and relative riddles make it possible for students to test their basic knowledge while evaluating grammar.

Your ESL students’ knowledge and conceptual understanding of various components of speech, including homonyms and adverbs, will be put to the ultimate test by these riddles.

ESL riddles for kids

The lovely, as well as dreamy sensation of solving riddles gives way to doing anything enjoyable and fascinating. Even a simple riddle can indeed be incredible and perplexing at the same time.

Some old and medieval puzzles/riddles; your kid should solve at least one. When you reach the end, you can try the remaining riddles, but exercise extreme caution because doing so will put your skills to the test.

Q. Underneath one umbrella is a woman and her nine friends. Yet, hardly anyone gets wet. What is the reason?

A. Because of the absence of rain.

Q. How many months have 28 days?

A. Every month does have 28 days (some have more than 28).

Q. Which tree species could you perhaps retain in your hand?

A. The palm tree

Tricky ESL Riddles

Q. What are the following letters in this and why? N, L, I, T, _, A, W, A, T, N (The response is in the question.)

A. You walk into a dim space.

Q. There is a lantern and a candle. Only ONE match is accessible. Which one should I light first?

A. Initially, light the match.

Q. 100 kph is the speed of an electric train traveling from east to west. 80 kph is the wind speed as it starts blowing west to east. Which way does the smoke appear to be moving?

A. Smoke is not existent. It’s an electric steam engine.

Q. So, what does this imply? HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH

A. A hearty “High Five!”

Q. A man confronted another man he knew while taking a trip to the zoo. This man was wedded seven times. Seven sacks were purchased by each wife. There were seven cats in each sack, and each cat also had seven kittens. How many individuals, animals, and things are planning to visit the zoo?

A. One (As a man was going to the zoo, the other guy, wives, sacks, cats, and kittens are just not going there).

Q. Without help, what tries to break?

A. A promise.

Tricky ESL Riddles

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Hard ESL riddles

Try a couple of the respective riddles with your students who are more intermediate. Students are urged to use their critical thinking skills as well as English language proficiency to resolve issues by using brain teasers.

However, it can be challenging for ESL students to grasp riddles, which is the reason we have gathered this list of simple riddles for them.

Q. The alphabet has how many letters in total?

A. 11 (t-h-e a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t).

Q. What does not possess arms or legs but has a face as well as two hands?

A. The clock, of course.

Q. A house appears to exist. One enters it anyway without sight and tends to leave after seeing. What is that?

A. A school.

Q. What musical instrument do you seem to be capable of hearing but not seeing?

A. The voice in your head.

Q. What tends to happen only once each minute, twice every second, and never in a million years?

A. The answer is “M.”

Q. Which alphabet letter includes the most water?

A. C (sea).

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Funny ESL riddles

Use these simple English brain teasers to make learning fun. Each kid-friendly English riddles on this page have simple English quiz questions.

These simple English tests are extremely good for young learners as well as beginning ESL students and act as a fun method for boosting students’ language proficiency.

Let’s take a look at some of the amusing and hilarious ESL riddles below.

Q. What five-letter word gets two extra letters to make it shorter?

A. Short (Short-er).

Q. What word has only one letter and an E at the start and end?

A. An envelope.

Tricky ESL Riddles

Q. I am indeed a word. Even though you pronounce my name correctly, it won’t sound correct. It’s okay if you pronounce my name wrong. So what word am I?

A. Wrong.

Q. What has four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?

A. A man.

Tricky ESL Riddles

Q. “This thing all things devour;

Animals, plants, flowers, and birds;

Bites steel, gnaws iron and grinds hard stones into a meal. 

Demolishes a town, kills a king, and ruins a mountain.

A. Time

Q. It cries quietly, flaps its wings, bites its teeth, and mutters with its own mouth closed.

A. The answer is wind.

Q. “If you break me, I’ll keep working.

My job is getting finished if you really can touch me.

You must quickly locate me with just a ring if you lose me. I, who am I?”

A. The Heart.

Q. “First, take into account the individual who goes about in disguise, 

Who interacts in confidentiality and therefore only lies constantly.

After that, tell me which is always the last thing to be fixed: the middle of the middle or the end of the end?

Finally, give me the sound that is frequently heard when going to look for just a complicated word.

Now merge them and would then respond to this question: “Which creature would you decline to kiss?”

A. Spider (spy – d – er).

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Tricky ESL Riddles

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