40+ Birthday Activities for Kids to Make Their Day Special!

I am the mother of two kids, and here, I want to emphasize the importance of the activities that have tremendously added value to my kids’ lives.

It has provided them with a break-free moment and also developed them in such a way that their basic skills have become strong over time. They are becoming self-resilient as well.

Through these activities, kids can learn to take various experiences individually, develop the skills, and explore. As they engage in these games actively, I promise this will help them develop mature thought processes early on.

Amazing Birthday Activities for Kids

Are you clueless about how to celebrate your kid’s most important day: their birthday? Then, of course, you have landed on the right page. 

Whether the activities are candy swimming or helping in the decoration of the cake, the easiest and most entertaining activities for kids have been listed below to help your kids get easily interested and learn many new things.

These activities will help them enhance their recognition skill and motor skills, let their creativity and imagination come to life, and make the day a memorable one.

So, let’s quickly move ahead with some amazing activities.

Community Party

I and my kids love sharing birthday parties with my classmates or neighbors. Kids can ask for community parties where all friends can gather and have great fun over music, games, and food.

This enhances the social skills among kids and also helps them understand their surroundings.

Blow Balloons

My kids love blowing balloons and get excited when it is a birthday event. Kids can blow balloons on their birthdays, helping elders with decoration.

This brings the joyful moment of blowing and popping balloons and enhances them to engage in physical activity.

Treasure Hunt

Kids can play a treasure hunt to make the birthday event more special. They can wrap the birthday gifts and hide them in any corner of the house.

And ask the birthday boy/girl to find out. This fun includes the enhancement of fine motor skills and creativity.

Freeze Dance

On my daughter’s recent birthday, I introduced this activity, and guess what? It was so beautiful to watch.

Kids can dance by freezing themselves into any position and dance with their ride or die. This activity fosters good physical exercise and enhances their social skills.

Musical Chairs

I did this game when it was my son’s birthday. And watching little humans having fun along with music is amazing.

Kids can play and get engaged in a great social activity while also increasing their creativity and physical coordination.

Three-Legged Race

My kids played this game to add more fun to the birthday event. Kids can make teams of three and run on the gunshot or whistle.

The winning team gets extra chocolate or a special return gift. This amazing activity indulges the fun and laughter, and it enhances their motor skills.

Celebrate at a park.

I love celebrating my kid’s birthday when I want it to be affordable. Kids can celebrate their birthday with friends and family in a park and have a great fun time in nature.

This activity allows them to be in nature and understand that birthdays can be made simple and beautiful.

Party Painting

Kids can paint anything related to birthdays and gift it as a card to themselves or their friends. This brings the joy of making something special and can be added to a good memory.

This fosters a good friendship and also enhances creativity.

DIY Slime for Birthday Bash

My daughter made an amazing art made with slime. Kids can add mini plastic birthday items on slime and make any birthday-related items from this.

I believe this brings creativity and imagination to the table. They also learn that it can be used for decoration purposes.

Pro-Tip: I always make sure that my kids are safe while using slime. I would recommend that you keep a close eye on it.

Sweet Swimmers

I tried this with my kids during their birthdays. Kids can jump into the pool of candies and play with it and eat.

This a fun way to celebrate the birthday by being a sweet swimmer. This brings joy and also makes kids more socialized.

Handmade Crown

My daughter loves making her crown for any event. Kids can make a crown for their birthday and wear it or make it for someone else.

This amazing creativity brings the joy of gifting yourself a piece of art and also enhances the bonding of friendships.

Inspector Party Game

Kids can play this game in a group where one of the kids would have a candle to light up above the cake.

The birthday girl/boy would find the candles by inspecting them carefully. This is a fun activity in that one gets engaged socially.

Bottles Toss

My kids played this activity at their friend’s birthday event. Kids can pour candies into any of the bottles and ask their friends to toss or target them to get the candies from the bottle.

This fun game allows them to be creative.

Birthday Present Stack

My kids love doing this. Kids can take all the gifts and keep them on a stack and let themselves decide which one to pick first without letting the stack fall.

This activity increases their curiosity and fosters physical coordination.

Pool Painting

My kids tried this when he was invited to be a part of their friend’s birthday.

Kids can jump into an empty pool and paint pictures related to birthdays and make it a surprise for their friends. This activity enhances the extra skills like art and creativity.

Popcorn Drop

Kids can play this game by pouring the popcorn into a bowl from the cups placed on the table.

The one who fills the bowl fast is awarded with mini gifts. This activity helps kids to engage their physical coordination and understand their surroundings.

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

My kids tried this game while we were on vacation, and it was amazing to celebrate their birthday. Kids can go inside the bubble and smash the birthday presents.

The more the gifts are smashed, the more he is rewarded the points and allowed to take those gifts.

Tug of War

I introduced this game during my son’s birthday. Kids can make a team of two and take a safe rope to play a tug of war.

The one team that wins gets chocolates or candies, and the other team can be given a task to perform.

Outdoor Word Game

I introduced this activity on my kid’s birthday. Kids can take a pencil and paper and write a word with the given alphabet related to birthday items.

This activity not only fosters motor skills but also helps them to learn a language in the best possible way.

Frisbee Toss

Kids can play the frisbee toss while making the tic-tac-toe on the ground and throw a frisbee on the respective sections.

This fun game brings creativity among the kids and also helps them to get engaged in physical activity.

Silly Sack Race

I introduced this activity on my kids’ birthday. Kids can wear the sack and jump with it to reach the finishing point and collect the chocolate or the birthday presents.

This is an amazing way of receiving gifts from friends and family. Also, this helps kids to engage in physical activity.

Wooden Block Stack Game

My kids love this game, and it can also be a good choice to keep on birthday events. Kids can make a stake of wooden blocks and try taking them one by one without letting the block fall.

The one who smashes the block can be given a task to do, and the one who wins gets an extra reward.

Pool Prize

I introduced this on my kids’ birthday, and it was great fun. Kids can jump into the pool of prizes or small gifts and play with it.

This a very simple and amazing activity that kids can safely play around at birthday parties. This allows kids to properly coordinate their physique.

Bubble Wands

My kids love blowing bubbles. Kids can add fun to their or another birthday event by blowing bubbles.

They can make wands of different shapes and make them blow during cake cutting or even after a party. This brings creativity and fosters motor skills.

Make your boats

If someone’s birthday falls in the monsoon, and it is so impossible that the birthday outdoors gets canceled, then this activity will be the most fun one.

As kids love rain, they can make boats, write birthday wishes with permanent markers, and make them float on water or in a pool.

Pick up the Chocolate

I tried this game with my son on his birthday. Kids can try collecting the chocolate or candies that are tied and hung on a thread.

And to add extra fun, they can come to the challenge of collecting candies with their mouth. The more they collect, the more points they get.

Yard Maze

My kids tried this activity during their birthday. Kids can take up a puzzle by running on a maze with an idea to find their birthday gift.

This lovely activity not only adds laughter and joy but also enhances their physical coordination and imagination.

Balloon Racket Game

I played this with my kids. Kids can take as many balloons as they want and choose a partner to play this game.

Instead of using any hard shuttle or balls, balloons bring a safe environment and fun to the moment. This way, they enhance fine motor skills.

Cone Run

I introduced this to my kid’s recent birthday. Kids can take a cone and, at the top, add candies and play a relay race with it.

Then, the winning team gets an extra piece of cake or chocolate. This fun activity brings joy to them and develops physical coordination skills.

Ice Craft

My kids made this during one of their friend’s birthdays. Kids can add the birthday stickers or candies on ice cubes, add colors for decoration, and ask the birthday girl/boy to smash it.

This fun activity brings imagination and creativity to children.

Pro-Tip: I ensure that my kids are safe while smashing ice blocks, as it might cut their hands and make them numb. I recommend you do the same.

Outdoor Dice Game

I introduced this game to add extra punch to the celebration. Kids can play outdoor dice games on their birthday to make the event extra special and memorable.

This way, kids not only socialize themselves but also enhance their motor skills.

Outdoor Art

My kids, on their birthday, made a mini art piece to create a memory. Kids can make a painting or art that can depict the celebration of a birthday or the items used in the birthday.

This enhances their imagination and creativity and fosters motor skills.

Paper Airplane

Kids can make paper airplanes and write their birthday wishes on paper and fly in the air or shower at their friend’s birthday party. .

This brings a different way of celebrating with laughter and joy. Also, this enhances their creativity and imagination.

Ice Cream Social Party

My kids have their birthday in summer, and this is the perfect fun I have ever had with my children.

Kids can arrange an ice cream party with their friends and enjoy the birthday and summertime. Kids can get help from elders and help themselves to enhance their motor skills.

Cupcake Decoration

My kids love decorating their birthday cakes. Kids can help their parents decorate birthday cupcakes for themselves or others as a gift.

Using the kid’s safe fondant or creams can be added to the cake, and this allows them to enhance their imagination.

Backyard Movie

I introduced this to my kids when they had their birthdays on our vacation days. Kids can watch a movie with elders in the backyard of a house or the inn and make it a very comfy celebration with good food.

This gives them a sense of a different environment for celebrating a happy event.


These birthday games and activities will keep your child entertained while also teaching them important developmental skills that should be incorporated into their occasional routine.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the activities listed above and gained some ideas for how to engage your children in a fun way.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional activity suggestions or questions for me to answer – I’d love to hear from you! ❤️

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