45+ Amazing Easter Egg Activities to Do with Your Kids

Being a mother, I truly feel how important it is to add creative activities🧩 to children’s schedules and keep them engaged. 

Once your kids jump into the pool of activities, you’ll notice some changes in your child, like a greater desire to learn new things and an increase in their intelligence. Also, engaging your child in incredible activities fortifies their bond with parents, generates enduring memories, and promotes a feeling of confidence.

Here is the list of Easter Activities for Kids

In this modern time, Easter🥚 has been an important day for everyone. Easter is a symphony of joyful renewal and budding hope. So, this Easter, are you looking for amazing activities to be showcased in front of your kids? 

So, let’s jump into some activities that will boost skills among your kids, and you, as a parent, have a good fun time with them.

In this blog, I have listed engaging and safe Easter Egg activities for kids of different ages.

Craft Plastic Eggs

Craft Plastic Eggs Activity For Kids

My kids love this activity! Let your kid also create adorable animal faces out of plastic eggs 🥚for a fun Easter craft! 

To give each creature a unique personality, use paint, glue, and googly eyes. Then, these adorable animals become playmates, inspiring creative journeys in a world of boundless happiness.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that your kids are safe from glue and paints. I suggest this activity for 5- to 6-year-old kids. 

Chocolate Treasure

Chocolate Treasure For Kids

I tried this activity last Easter with my kids, and I was happy to see their joy! So you can try it too by hiding chocolate🍫 coins inside sinking eggs to start a sweet adventure. 

Celebration becomes extraordinary as they explore and retrieve chocolate treasures, all while laughing aloud.

Alphabet Hunt 

I let my children explore an educational quest to find alphabet eggs. So you too can try hiding alphabets into every vibrant shell and transforming the endeavor into fun. 

The excitement of the hunt brings the joy of learning as children gather, spell, and arrange their finds.

Easter Egg Cupcakes

Easter Egg Cupcakes Made By Kids

My 2-year-old daughter loves this. Kids can make delightful egg-shaped cupcakes🧁. Kids will need a plastic egg, paint, brush, paper, and glue to adorn each cupcake. 

These whimsical treats become edible masterpieces, adding a sweet touch to festive celebrations and culinary creativity to the Easter table.

Twist the Egg

Kids can twist Easter eggs to practice word families. Children would twist and turn the plastic eggs to form new words, each of which contains a word ending. 

I believe that this learning of words becomes a fun and engaging Easter activity as it’s a playful way to reinforce literacy skills.

Will the Egg Shrink or Float?

Egg Shrinking Or Floating Deciding Activity For Kids

Let your kids determine whether eggs 🥚will float or sink to discover the wonders of science and have some Easter fun. 

Add a surprise element by placing objects like dice, feathers, or LEGO pieces inside the eggs. I firmly believe that it’s a delightful and surprising combination! 

Pro-Tip: Make sure your kids are safe while playing with Lagos. It does have chemicals that are harmful to kids.

Thread a Number Snake

My kids often make this engaging activity. Your kids, too, can try using plastic eggs to thread a number snake🐍. 

They would string the half-plastic eggs in numerical order, matching numbers and connecting the dots. This practical exercise improves problem-solving, numeracy, and fine motor skills.

Cute Glowing Bugs

I tried this last Easter, and everyone loved it. Kids can have fun creating the cutest lightning bugs out of plastic eggs. 

They can make it by painting the shells, adding gooey eyes, and attaching tiny cotton wings. These add a charming touch to gardens as dusk draws in. 

Pro-Tip: While using the lights, be sure that they are not doing it all by themselves. This activity is for kids older than seven years old. 

Snacks in Eggs

Snacks In Eggs For Kids

Treats can be hidden inside plastic eggs to add a playful twist to snack🥐 time. Kids can open the surprises to reveal a variety of snacks and name them. 

I believe it’s a delightful way to bring joy to snacking moments, turning common snacks into a whimsical experience.

Bath Bombs

My 9-year-old son enjoys making this. Kids can make DIY bath bombs to elevate the bath experience! 

Kids can create fizzing, fragrant eggs by molding and combining colorful ingredients. When they place these in the bathtub, the water changes into a rainbow of hues and delightful aromas. 

Pro-Tip: Supervise your kids while making bath bombs because many chemicals would be used. Ensure that kids of 8 years and above do this activity. 

Pom-poms into Eggs

Kids can match vibrant pom-poms🌸 with plastic eggs. The excitement of exploration blends with the improvement of fine motor skills with every successful match. 

I believe this method transforms a traditional task into an exceptional, hands-on experience.

Spread Kindness

Kids can stuff notes of love, kindness, or compliments inside each egg. I feel not only does hiding and finding these sweet messages add a delightful touch to the Easter egg hunt, but it also encourages empathy and positivity in kids.

Shake the Eggs

My kids love making this, and they have great fun. Kids can transform plastic eggs🥚 into joyful noisemakers to add a symphony of joy to Easter celebrations. 

Kids can fill them with rice or beads. Let them shake eggs and dance to the beat, transforming Easter into a joyful experience.

Egg Tower

Egg Tower Made By Kids

Kids can arrange the plastic eggs in different ways and experiment with them by balancing and structuring them. 

I believe this practical exercise encourages creativity and problem-solving abilities, transforming Easter into a time for learning, exploration, and exciting discoveries.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that your kids are safe from sharp objects and glues. 

Egg Ramp and Roll 

My daughter loves this! Make Easter a hands-on experience for infants with Egg Ramp and Roll! Make a soft ramp of paper and let them roll out the plastic eggs. 

It’s a delightful sensory experience that helps the youngest guests of the celebration develop their motor skills and feel happy.

Easter Hidden Colors

Easter Hidden Colors For Kids

Kids can make it by blending colors and concealing various tones within plastic eggs. Blended hues reveal themselves to be a joyful surprise🎁 as they open their discoveries. 

I believe this creative, hands-on Easter activity transforms each egg into a vibrant work of art.

Crack the Egg

Crack The Egg Activity For Kids

My daughter loves playing this. So, you can put little pieces of paper with the names of different items and then place them inside plastic eggs. 

The excitement builds as children crack open the eggs to reveal the names, transforming each surprise into fun. 

Scoop the Eggs

Let your kids use kid-safe utensils to scoop and move plastic eggs. I believe Easter becomes an extra-special opportunity for exploration thanks to this tactile activity that improves fine motor skills, introduces fundamental concepts of coordination, and adds a playful touch to their early learning experiences.

Emojis on Eggs

I and my kids personally enjoy making this. Kids can decorate the eggshells with stickers, paint, or drawings of their favorite emojis😃. 

It’s a fun and imaginative activity that transforms every egg into a distinctive work of emoji art, bringing happiness and cheer throughout the holiday.

Stamp with Eggs

Kids can stamp the egg, and create vibrant patterns and designs. I feel this easy-to-do but fun project adds a festive touch to Easter crafts with its charming circular themes, in addition to creating one-of-a-kind artwork.

Mini Egg Garden

Mini Egg Garden For Kids

My kids planted a mini garden🏡 in plastic eggs to add a hands-on element to Easter celebrations! 

So, kids can fill each egg with soil and seeds to strengthen their connection to the natural world. It’s a fun way to introduce some greenery to the Easter celebrations.

Spin the Egg

I set an egg-spinning record with my kids to give Easter a fun twist! Kids can spin plastic eggs around with a simple flick of the wrist. 

The aim is to attain the longest spin time. Easter will be remembered thanks to this enjoyable and competitive activity.

Balance the Egg

Kids can work on their coordination by attempting to balance shaky plastic eggs on a spoon. I believe incorporating a playful element into the festivities enhances focus and fine motor control.

Light the Eggs

I let my kids do this activity with great supervision. I suggest you give a try where kids can use battery-operated LED lights💡 to turn plastic eggs into miniature lanterns. 

For kids, Easter becomes a radiant wonder festival as they engage in a hands-on investigation of light and creativity.

Pro-Tip: Be sure that when kids are done crafting, don’t let them fix lights into the eggs alone. Supervise them and keep them away from electricity. This activity is for 8 years and above.

Treasure Hunt

Let every plastic egg have a surprise inside, such as tiny toys or candies and stickers, and hide them. Kids would search the corners with great curiosity, getting more excited with every find. 

I believe, for the young, cute hunters, it’s an exciting journey that transforms Easter into a treasure trove of surprises.

The Golden Ticket

A golden ticket 🎫that is hidden among the vibrant plastic eggs holds the key to a unique reward or treat. 

I believe it’s an extraordinary journey that gives Easter celebrations a touch of magic and surprise.

Easter Egg Relay Race

I sometimes have an Egg Relay Race among kids to make Easter a lively celebration! Kids can work in pairs to balance plastic eggs on spoons while they make their way through an entertaining maze. 

It’s an exciting team-building and coordination test.

Puzzle Egg Hunt

I tried it on one occasion, and my kids loved it! You can also try this activity. Crack the eggshell and place the pieces into bushes or gardens. 

Kids would gather, and put together. With this captivating classic egg hunt🧩, Easter becomes both thrilling and intellectually stimulating.

Coloring Grading

Coloring Grading Activity For Kids

Kids can play with color by dying plastic eggs in different colors. Every egg turns into a different work of art, ranging from light to dark shade. 

I believe that it’s an artistic investigation of color that transforms the custom of decorating eggs into a vibrant festivity of individuality.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your kids are above four years old and engaged in this activity. And keep the paint away from them once they are done.

Egg Rainbow

Kids can use their imaginations to arrange the eggs into a gorgeous rainbow🌈. 

I suggest this whimsical and colorful project brightens Easter by transforming regular eggs into a work of art and a symbol of celebration.

Reverse Egg Hunt

This activity has always been my and my kid’s favorite. Kids can begin with empty plastic eggs, which they then fill with treasures they have discovered or little notes expressing gratitude to others. 

With a touching twist that encourages thankfulness, Easter becomes a thoughtful and memorable occasion for everyone.

Black Glue Easter Egg

This activity is my son’s favorite! Using black glue, kids can build designs on plastic eggs, which they then color in the blank areas with watercolors🎨. 

Each egg turns into an art where color mixes and contrasts against the black lines. It’s a captivating and imaginative way to celebrate Easter with style.

Easter Egg Roll

Kids can compete to see who can roll their decorated plastic eggs the furthest. 

I believe this easy-to-learn but exciting game combines friendly competition, inventiveness, and the delight of watching vibrant eggs roll across the lawn. 

Easter Egg Sensory Bin

I love seeing my kids get too engaged in this particular activity. Stuff shredded paper, plastic eggs, and surprise items into a bin🎊. 

Kids would play with textures, look for hidden objects, and enjoy sensory experiences. It’s an entertaining and instructive experience that transforms Easter into a sensory moment.

Easter Egg Treats

My kids love creating Easter wonders. Every treat, which can be converted to cookies and candies, is fashioned into a festive egg shape. 

Kids enjoy the making of snacks, adding laughter, and brightening Easter festivities even more. It’s a delicious twist that elevates common treats to extraordinary delights!

Bunny Eggs

My son loves making bunny🐰 faces. Kids can make Easter Eggs in the shape of bunnies. 

These adorable bunny forms, which are made from plastic eggs, serve as great imaginative designs. Kids can give the holiday an extra dose of creativity by painting and decorating their bunny eggs. 

Dip Dye Easter Eggs

Kids can dip each egg into a different color of dye and look at how the colors mix and patterns take shape. 

I believe this captivating and interactive craft transforms plain eggs into customized masterpieces, adding a splash of color and inventiveness to Easter.

Pro-Tip: Make sure the dye paint is safe and is made up of natural ingredients. There might be some chances that can be harmful for kids.

Easter Eggs Flowers

Kids can paint and arrange plastic eggs to resemble vibrant blooms, turning them into tiny floral 🌺wonders. 

I can see the benefit of the Easter celebration being enhanced by the charming fusion of joyous springtime, as each egg is transformed into a miniature bouquet, showcasing the splendor of nature.

Easter Egg Tree

My kids decorated the egg tree last Easter. Kids can use plastic eggs that can be hung from branches to create a whimsical Easter Egg Tree. 

The kids can decorate each egg with paint and glitter, then joyfully hang them to create a festive tree. 

Pro-Tip: Keep the glitters, glues, and other objects away from your kids.

Sprinkles in the Eggs

My kids love playing with sprinkles🎉! Kids can create festive surprises by stuffing colorful sprinkles into plastic eggs. 

As these playful eggs are cracked open, and everyone is showered with festive sprinkles, the joy only grows. This vibrant take on classic egg decorating transforms Easter into a confetti-filled celebration!

Frozen Easter Eggs

Before freezing, kids can fill plastic eggs with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Bright, frozen❄️ treasures waiting to be found are the result. I assure you it will add a frosty touch to the Easter joy. 

Pineapple Easter Eggs

With paint, kids can turn eggs into adorable pineapples🍍 by adding leaves made of paper onto the top of cracked eggshells. 

In my opinion, this imaginative and entertaining activity gives Easter a hint of tropical touch by transforming each egg into a work of art inspired by pineapples.

Pro-Tip: Make sure while making the leaves, the scissors are not used by the kids below five years old. Help them by cutting the leaves by yourself. Also, supervise the kids even if they are over six years old.

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

My kids love using these adorable decorations for some fun Easter crafts. 

Try getting your children involved in making salt dough by combining flour, salt, and water. Form the dough into eggs, then let your imagination run with a variety of bright acrylic hues.

Pro-Tip: Make sure your kids don’t swallow the dough. Keep these away from infants.

Recognize the Number

After numbering each egg, present a bowl filled with tiny candies, erasers, or other items. Observe as your kids carefully fill each egg with the appropriate number🔢 of items after reading the number on it. 

I believe never before has math learning been so interesting!

Easter Egg Cake Pop

Kids can make a batch by shaping cake 🎂crumbs into the shape of eggs and dipping them in colorful candy melts. 

I believe it’s a delicious and eye-catching dessert that combines creativity and deliciousness to add whimsy to your Easter dessert table.

Balance the Egg and Pass

I often let my kids play this activity. Kids can race to the finish line and balance plastic eggs on spoons held in their mouths and pass them to team partners. 

It’s a lighthearted game that injects some fun into Easter celebrations and also improves motor skills and focus.

Paper Egg Puzzle

Each piece of the puzzle🧩, which is made of paper, represents a portion of the entire image. Let the kids put the pieces together; they will find a fun picture inside. 

I believe this creative take on classic egg decorating adds a surprise element to Easter celebrations.

Easter Egg Bingo

My kids love playing this. Let kids make bingo cards with festive egg designs and mark the cards with paper eggs. 

The excitement of packing the card🃏 full of vibrant eggs unfolds as numbers are called. With this classic game, Easter becomes a bingo bonanza of excitement and anticipation.


These Easter Egg games and activities🧩 will keep your child entertained while fostering important developmental skills that should be incorporated into daily routines. 

By reading the listed activities🧩 above, I hope you enjoyed and got a clear idea of how to engage your kids in a fun way and make Easter a great celebration.

Please leave a comment below if you have any more activity ideas to add to this list or have any questions for me to answer – I would love to hear your feedback! ❤️

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