30+ Fascinating Education Activities to Spark Learning!

As a mother, I always want to increase my kids’ knowledge of their surroundings and social skills.

The best method to practice these both is to give your kids the freedom to play because while playing, they will use their own imagination. To help you, I am suggesting some educational activities.

Best Educational activities for your kids

Below, you will get some of the finest activities that you allow your kids to learn ๐ŸŽ“ while having a fun time.

Sunflower ๐ŸŒป word family activity 

As a parent, I think you have to make your child familiar with many new words, and you can do this very easily with this activity.

This exercise makes studying word families simple and pleasurable for all participants, bringing the material to life in a meaningful way.

Write each of the 26 alphabets around one of the paper plates’ edges. Take the second paper plate and attach a popsicle stick.

Cut out sixteen little petals, and on each petal, write a word family. Encircle the second paper plate with them all attached. I used the following 16-word families with two letters: ad, ag, an, and ap. 

Place the first plate of paper on top of the second. Using a pair of scissors โœ‚๏ธ with sharp tips, pierce a hole in the center. Brad pins are used to join the two paper plates together. Your learning device is ready to ๐Ÿชจ rock.

Sing together 

My kid loves singing ๐ŸŽถ and activities related to it are always awesome.

My youngsters love playing and tinkering with language, which aids in their learning of new words, their definitions, and the sounds that go with them. Sing, rhyme, shout, rap, whisper, and move to the rhythm of the music!

Painting and drawing

I would recommend you give your kids lots of chances to paint and draw. In addition to being enjoyable, this can promote the improvement of hand-eye coordination and control.

Allow your kids to play with a variety of tools, such as finger paint, pencils โœ๏ธ, crayons ๐Ÿ–, chalk, and paintbrushes of various widths. While kids paint and draw, you might try turning on some musicโ€”it can help to generate a soothing atmosphere.

Read books of all kinds together 

Encourage your little ones to read various kinds of books ๐Ÿ“š. This will help your kids get a strong grasp โœŠ on vocabulary.

Chromatography flowers ๐Ÿ’ 

Nothing is more beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ than science experiments, and as a mother, you must encourage your child to gain knowledge about science and science-related activities. But how can you do this? Don’t worry ๐Ÿ˜‰ just have a look at this activity.

This scientific project becomes something you would like to leave out on a table or desk. Coffee filters make a cool design on a flower-shaped filter when you use markers to draw stripes on them, fold them into triangles, and then submerge the pointed end in water.

The water will go up the filter and divide the marker into various colors.

Make colorful ice

I always encourage my kids to perform some educational activities, and they always cherish these activities.

It’s fun to do this preschool exercise. They will find out about the various colors and how to combine different colors to create new ones through this activity. I want to involve my young children in the process of creating colorful ice ๐ŸงŠ. 

Next, I instruct them to use the droppers to place the primary food colors into the ice tray. The colors can be combined to create secondary colors. They are thrilled when they mix the colors, of course.

Storytelling with pebbles 

My kids love listening ๐ŸŽถ various stories, and I always find various ways to make the storytelling unique, and storytelling with pebbles is always my favorite ๐Ÿ˜. 

They take pleasure in narrating and hearing stories. You can use this interesting exercise to teach basic sentences. You can urge them to use the pictures as prompts to learn simple words and put simple sentences together. Naturally, this instructive game for children can spark their creativity. 

Using the pictures that are painted on the stones, I create a silly tale. When I’m drawing a single picture on the stones, picture books are usually my source of inspiration. I then urge my young children to construct basic sentences.

Pet parade

I would recommend you introduce various essential skills to your kids by simply using this pet parade activity. I find it funny and enjoyable.

You can introduce your children ๐Ÿง’ to new ideas and topics about animals through entertaining and easy activities. Preschoolers may effectively practice important vocabulary ideas, patterns, sizes, classification, and spatial awareness with the aid of this game. 

Children’s educational activities increase their enjoyment of life while imparting knowledge, particularly concerning animals ๐ŸซŽ. I occasionally assist my children with spelling the names of the animals.

Pick your number 

Have you ever heard about this activity ๐Ÿค”? Then I will recommend this activity, which will help your kid to develop a solid ๐Ÿ‘ knowledge of mathematical calculations ๐Ÿงฎ.

I use a simple, entertaining exercise to teach these pre-math concepts. Two plastic jugs, marbles, an indicator, and construction paper are among the materials. I folded the rectangles I cut out of the paper ๐Ÿ“ƒ with the numbers on them. I then shake the cards after placing them in the container. 

My children will select a card bearing a particular number. In a different container, they must likewise count the marbles according to the number on the card.

Handprint leaves

I always encourage my kids to have some fun with leaves ๐Ÿƒ. This is a piece of great equipment to make handprints into the leaves ๐Ÿƒ. 

This craft is part of an enjoyable exercise that helps my kids improve their motor skills. With their handprint leaves, they can also participate in imaginative and instructive activities. The materials, which include scissors, glue, various colored sheets, and adhesive, are also simple to obtain. 

My children outline their hands on the paper when I ask them to. Trim the outline, then use glue to attach the cutting paper to the trunks. The handprint will, therefore, resemble leaves.

Find my name

I always love to teach my kids to have some fun while spelling their names. Naturally, the educational game ๐ŸŽฎ is ideal for teaching my child to recognize letters and learn the alphabet.

His pre-writing abilities and letter awareness have improved greatly as a result of the preschooler activity. I filled out the cutting papers with all of the letters.ย 

I then added them to the container and mixed them. You can write โœ๏ธ his first name on the paper as a point of reference. I urged him to use the name to locate the letter paper. This easy and enjoyable exercise can help students develop their pre-writing abilities.ย ย 

Draw a letter 

Do you know one bad thing about kids? They become very lazy in terms of writing. I have found a way to solve this problem. To retain his attention, you can incorporate a painting exercise. He, therefore, finds pleasure in reading as he paints. 

Like me, you can urge him to recite passages from his book out loud. I select a word or phrase that can be colored with pastels or coloring pens every seven lines.

I gave him free rein to depict the scene using the term or phrase. He can continue to be interested in reading texts with this activity.

How Do I feel?

When dealing with my child’s feelings, I tend to become a complicated person. I was unable to discern my child’s desires. Thankfully, I have a “how do I feel” activity that provides enjoyable tasks to help him appropriately communicate his emotions.

Your kid is aware of the other typical emotions, such as joy, surprise, fury, grief, and more. With this activity, your child can quickly comprehend and identify the emotions.

It’s an easy activity. I let him assume the emoticon after displaying several emoticon images so that he could rapidly recognize his feelings.ย ย 

Coloring Fun

One of the kid-friendly educational activities is coloring. My young child enjoys using his coloring pens and crayons for play. I gave him a coloring workbook of a little home to keep him interested. I encouraged him to add some color back into the artwork following my instructions. 

I assist him in choosing the appropriate color for the worksheet. My kids would love this entertaining activity. It fosters the development of the children’s fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

Say Hello to Different Languages

I make an effort to teach my child a variety of languages when he is in kindergarten. I urge him to introduce himself! Hao Ni! Salutations! In other languages, ciao.

He learns about the various languages spoken throughout the world through interesting activities and interactive posters.

Together, we use the printout of the flags and word strips with a welcome to create posters. Following that, I urge my child to practice saying “hi” in each of the selected languages.

Shopping List

I get my child involved in making a fantastic shopping list. Before he goes with me to the grocery store once a week, I ask my child to prepare his necessities, such as cereal, jam, candy bars, bread spread, and other items.

I love to involve him in making the grocery list because of this. I prepare my weekly grocery list and announce the item aloud to keep him interested. I urge him to create a shopping list on his own.ย 

Add Total

Are you ready to enhance your kid’s mathematics power with this add-on activity? My first-grader can practice addition with it, which is ideal. He could take on the role of the grocery store or shop cashier who totals the receipts. 

This math practice, of course, is part of the necessary practice outside of the classroom. With little regrouping, my child’s counting skills improve thanks to this activity. I offer to let him use some dice to make the exercise easier.ย 

Guess, Measure, and Weight

An exercise that involves guessing, measuring, and weighing is ideal for gauging my first-grader’s assessment. He should estimate the object’s weight and length without taking a measurement. 

Naturally, my child enjoys this enjoyable arithmetic exercise that provides easy and enjoyable practice outside of the classroom. 

Kitchen scales, leaders, pencils โœ๏ธ, cutters, and other equipment are what I require. I ask him to use weights and rulers to measure the scissor’s weight and length.

Through the exercise, he becomes knowledgeable about the idea and acquires excellent practice with various measuring instruments.ย ย 

Hot Air Balloon for science activity

I give my little child a basic science project using a hot air balloon๐ŸŽˆ. He learns about warm and cold air through the scientific project. To complete the basic experiment, all I need is an empty bottle, boiling water, and an inflated balloon. 

Through this experiment, my tiny child learned about the expansion of air when heated. Additionally, this exercise can improve his critical thinking. He will also be familiar with the hot air balloons’ operating system.


The kid-friendly educational activities mentioned above are ideal for keeping your young child ๐Ÿง’ interested. We provide entertaining arithmetic exercises for youngsters to practice, such as how many? Additionally, count and match. 

Searching for the words, locating your name, and other activities are good ways to increase vocabulary and reading proficiency.

A kid-friendly experiment using a hot air balloon is also available ๐Ÿ‘. The educational activities listed above are suitable for enhancing the children’s skills because they are entertaining and engaging.ย 

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