15+ Escape Room Riddles for You to Test Your Brains

This gate will take you to another room where a fresh set of mental challenges will indeed be seeking you.

You will be observed by CCTV cameras while you’re in the room, and you’re going to regularly obtain useful tips to aid you in attempting to solve the riddles there. 

Escape room riddles for kids

Riddles regarding jailbreaks or escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. You, along with a few of your friends, will indeed be put in a room to solve these riddles.

Numerous variety of physical brain teasers must be solved in this room in order to access one of the limited doors which will enable you to break free.

Q. There are three doors in the room in which you’ve been stuck that you have the option to leave.

The army of armed people willing to stand behind the initial door will kill you at first sight.

Lions on the inside of the second door have not yet had food for a long time.

The third door leads to the bottomless pit.

Which room will you choose to escape from?

A. Second Door. These lions won’t be alive at this point because they haven’t been fed for a number of years.

Q. If going to dig thirty holes tends to take thirty minutes with thirty men. How long does it take a single individual to construct a hole?

A. To build a hole, one guy wants thirty minutes.

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Hard Escape Room Riddles

Hard escape room riddles

Check yourself with our gathering of riddles as well as brain teasers if you want to warm up before addressing our Escape Rooms!

Such types of brain-stimulating and hard escape room riddles would allow your children to improve general knowledge, cognitive skills, and creativity. Here are some of them down below.

Q. There is one window in this room that lets light in, but it is out of your reach. Once more, three doors are available.

The first door has a lens that amplifies sunlight so firmly that, indeed, going to open it will cause complete fires.

The acid in the second door will instantaneously burn anyone and everyone who opens it.

The third door leads to a room with live wild animals, and anyone entering this space, once the door is opened, will just become their meal.

Which door will you choose to consider leaving this room?

A. First door at night so that there won’t be any sun rays.

Q. Half of Black Bart’s gathering of glittering gold coins has already been stolen. He now has six coins after simply throwing the other half into the water. How much gold did Black Bart possess at the beginning?

A. He brought 24 pieces of gold pieces.

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Escape Room Riddles for Kids

Funny escape room riddles

These simple and direct riddles are fun and interesting to instruct and make fantastic icebreakers as well as reassuring exercises.

Let’s determine whether you could indeed discover the solutions to the simple and direct riddles and explore the funny escape room riddles down below that your children will actually appreciate attempting to solve.

Q. Now, if you only manage to get out of this room, you show up in the last room, and to leave this one, you should indeed move through one of the doors. 

In this room, it is very dark. You attempt to turn on the lights, yet there is no electricity. There seem to be three doors in this room, but only one of them will allow you to leave. 

The following sections explain their doors.

  1. The first door leads to a terrorist area where anyone attempting to enter will be shot by tens of thousands of bullets.
  2. The valley is haunted, and whoever attempts to enter will be tormented to death by the ghosts. The second door opens there.
  3. The electrical bridge linked up to the third door would shock you with high voltages that seem extremely dangerous to any individual who comes into physical contact with it.

Which door will you pick to eventually make your quick escape?

A. Third door. It is because there is no electricity. And there won’t be any concerns getting through the electrical bright.

Q. When there are two, there have been two; when there is only one, there are none.

What is it?

A. Choices

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Escape Room Riddles

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