85+ Google Riddles that Need You to Google the Answers

A statement, query, or expression that has two meanings is referred to as a riddle. They begin simple, and some of them are suitable for kids. Others, though, are challenging and can need you to be a riddles prodigy.

The secret is to put these riddles in mind so that you can access them quickly when you wish to test your friends and kids.

Stories, riddles, and brain teasers are fantastic for making kids happy while also engaging their brains.

Google riddles for kids

You’re in luck if you’re seeking some Google riddles to carry around in your back pocket as a conversation starter or party trick. Need a mini break to relax with some interesting brainteasers?

A practical option to allow children to celebrate while learning the riddles about the curious events and engaging them in the processing time would be through Google riddles. See our complete list of the greatest google riddles ever down below.

Q. What needs to be damaged before it can be used?

A. A hen’s egg.

Google Riddles

Q. When I’m young, I’m tall; when I get older, I’m short. So who am I?

A. A candle

Q. Which calendar month includes 28 days?

A. The whole of them. Since all months include 28 days.

Q. What has a lot of holes but nonetheless is capable of holding water?

A. A sponge

Q. To what question is there no “yes” answer?

A. Are you asleep yet?

Q. What is constantly right in front of you yet cannot be seen?

A. Future

Q. There is a one-story house including all yellow inside. 

Yellow furnishings, doors, and walls. 

What is the color of the stairs in the house?

A. Since the house is only one floor, there are no stairs.

Q. Even if you could not grab me or touch me, you can break me whenever you want.

Who am I?

A. A pledge

Q. What goes up but never goes down?

A. Your age

Q. A man went out into the rain without a hat or an umbrella, and not a single hair on his head was wet. Why?

A. His head was bald.

Q. After giving something to someone, what can you keep?

A. Your word

Q. There isn’t a single individual on the boat you see filled with passengers. 

How is that even feasible?

A. The entire crew of the boat is married.

Q. On his 25th birthday, a man passes away from old age. How is this even possible?

A. He had been born on February 29, to be exact.

Q. I have branches. However, no fruit, trunk, or leaves. Exactly who am I?

A. A bank

Q. What cannot speak but can react when addressed to?

A. An echo

Q. You see less of this whenever more of it is there. What is it?

A. Darkness

Q. What circles a backyard constantly yet never moves?

A. A fence

Q. What can tour the entire earth without ever leaving its corner?

A. A stamp

Q. What is not a hand yet has a thumb as well as four fingers?

A. A glove

Q. What does not have a body but has a head and even a tail?

A. A coin

Q. Where do two walls meet?

A. At the corner

Q. What construction has the most stories?

A. The library

Q. I can’t be measured till I am measured. 

Yet you miss me very much after I leave. 

And who am I?

A. Time

Q. How much dirt is in a two-by-three-foot hole?

A. There is none; it is a hole.

Q. What has only one letter and starts with the letter “e”?

A. An envelope

Q. What else do you keep when you don’t want to utilize it but throw away when you want?

A. An anchor

Q. In November, you can see me twice, once in June, and not a single time in May. 

Who am I, then?

A. “E” is the correct response.

Q. What term in the dictionary has incorrect spelling?

A. Incorrect

Q. A man steps out into the pouring rain without anything to shelter him. 

He doesn’t have any wet hair. 

How is that even possible?

A. He has no hair.

Fun Google Riddles

Q. Which word retains the same accent when four among its five letters are removed?

A. Queue

Q. What is so brittle that uttering its name causes it to disintegrate?

A. Silence

Q. What takes up no room yet can fill a space?

A. Light

Q. I am heavy going forward but not going backward. Exactly who am I?

A. Footsteps

Q. Which five-letter word has two letters included to make it shorter?

A. Short

Q. What must be disposed of before it may be used?

A. An egg

Q. What object has a neck and yet no head?

A. Guitar

Q. What comes only once each minute, twice every moment, and not once in tens of thousands of years?

A. The answer is “M.”

Q. When trying to put on such a coat, what sort of it is pretty wet?

A. A coat of paint.

Q. If your entire stomach is empty, how many bananas could you eat?

A. Just one; after that, your tummy is no longer vacant.

Q. Which letter of the alphabet has the most water by far?

A. C

Q. What goes with gas as well as contains ten letters?

A. Automobile, of course

Q. What moves up and yet never falls back?

A. The age

Q. What has a better flavor than its smell?

A. Your tongue.

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Fun Google Riddles

Hard google riddles

When someone employs a riddle, it might be an interesting task for you to solve on your own, or it might be a humorous remark that makes you smile. To solve them correctly, you need critical thinking and a great sense of humor.

For instances of riddles for children, adults, and anybody who enjoys solving puzzles, continue reading the brainstorming Google riddles.

Q. There are three sons born to David’s parents: Snap and Crackle, and what is the name of the other one?

A. David

Q. I always follow you and imitate your actions, 

Yet you can’t get a hold of me or grab me. 

But who am I?

A. The shadow of your body

Q. What has numerous keys while being unable to open even one lock?

A. A piano

Q. What can you carry in your left hand, although not in your right? 

A. Your right elbow

Q. What is white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean?

A. The chalkboard.

Q. What grows in size when more is stripped away?

A. A hole

Q. Even the strongest person can’t even hold me for five minutes, 

Although I’m as light as a feather. So who am I?

A. Breath.

Q. I’m commonly found in playful kittens’ paws as well as socks, scarves, and mittens. 

And who am I?

A. Yarn

Q. From where does yesterday come?

A. From the dictionary

Q. What technology enables you to see directly through a wall?

A. A window

Q. If you have me, you like to share me, but if you do, you haven’t kept me. So who am I?

A. One secret

Q. What cannot be placed in a saucepan?

A. The lid

Q. What moves up and down yet remains still?

A. A stairway

Q. What time is it when an elephant is seated on a fence?

A. The fence has to be fixed.

Q. What dries while being wet?

A. A towel

Q. What separates a jailer from a jeweler?

A. A jeweler sells watches, and a jailer keeps an eye on the cells.

Q. What is it that can just go up a chimney but not down one?

A. It is indeed an umbrella.

Q. What is it that you can grasp in your right hand but not in your left?

A. Your left hand

Q. Exactly what sort of band never performs music?

A. The rubber band

Q. What has numerous eyes but is blind?

A. A potato

Q. What only has one eye and seems to be blind?

A. A needle

Q. You alter me every month, no matter how little, but it matters how much you utilize me. But who am I?

A. I am a calendar

Q. I have branches but no leaves, fruit, or trunk. And who am I?

A. Bank

Q. What relationship does your uncle’s sister have with you if she is not your aunt?

A. Your mum

Q. What does T begin with, conclude with, and consist of?

A. A teapot

Q. Despite both having the same parents, the 22nd, as well as 24th presidents of the United States of America were not related. How is this even plausible?

A. He was the same person. Gerald Cleveland

Google Riddles for Kids

Q. What are four as well as five if two is company and three is a crowd?

A. Nine

Q. One brother is shared by each of Sara’s four daughters. What number of kids does Sara have?

A. Five—all of the daughters share a brother.

Q A tonne of feathers or a tonne of bricks, which is heavier?

A. Since they both weigh the same.

Q. Take one out, and I will scratch my head because I used to be red, and now I am black. So who am I?

A. A match

Q. There seem to be three persons in the vehicle, even if there are two fathers and two sons onboard. How can it be possible?

A. They are Grandfather, father, and son 

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Funny google riddles

Many are word and letter puns, so if you’re not deterred, keep reading. To keep you entertained, we also included some amusing puzzles.

Once you reach a conclusion, you can attempt the remaining riddles, but be careful—the difficult adult riddles will put your skills to the test!

You may find a tonne of amusing Google riddles as well as trick questions.

Q. What position are you in if you pass the runner in second place during a race?

A. The second position

Q. It’s yours, but somebody else uses it more often than you do. What is it?

A. Your name

Q. What has a lot of needles but doesn’t sew?

A. A Christmas tree

Q. What possess hands yet have been unable to clap?

A. A clock

Q. What has legs but can’t even move?

A. A table

Q. What has one head, one foot, and four legs? 

A. A bed

Q. What can’t bite yet has many teeth.

A. A comb

Q. What is cut on a table but never consumed?

A. The pack of playing cards

Q. What speaks, yet never speaks?

A. A book

Q. What two breakfast foods are off-limits?

A. Lunch and supper.

Q. Exactly what sort of room doesn’t really have any windows or doors?

A. A mushroom

Q. What do Winnie the Pooh and Alexander the Great have in common?

A. Their middle names, to be exact.

Q. What was the tallest mountain in the world prior to the advent of Mount Everest?

A. It is Mt. Everest; it was just never found.

Q. When does everything come to a close?

A. The answer is “G.”

Q. Where on a chicken are there the most feathers?

A. Outside

Q. What has a top that has a bottom? 

A. Your legs

Q. How far into the woods can you walk?

A. The halfway point is where you start walking out.

Q. What color is red and has a paint-like aroma?

A. Red paint

Q. When does a door cease to be a door?

A. When it is ajar, that’s when.

Q. One in a shelter, two in a corner, one in a room, zero in a house. But who am I?

A. The letter R

Q. Between the borders of France and Belgium, a plane crashed. Where were the survivors buried?

A. The answer is no. There is no reason to grave the survivors.

Q. Poor individuals possess it. The affluent want it. It kills you if you eat it. What is it?

A. Nothing

Q. What never walks but always runs? 

Whispers but never speaks. 

Has a bed but never goes to bed 

Possess a mouth and yet never consumes anything?

A. A river

Q. I have cities but no homes. 

I don’t have any trees, only mountains. 

There is water here but no fish. But who am I?

A. A map

Hard Google Riddles

Q. Forward-spelled I’m what you do each day, but in backward. 

I’m a thing you hate. 

And who am I?

A. Live

Q. Neither the maker nor the purchaser of the good or service has a need for it. 

It is not observable to or audible to the user. What is it?

A. It is a coffin

Q. You enter a space that includes a fireplace, a kerosene light, a candle, and just a match. What would you use first to initiate the light sources?

A. The match

Q. The three sons of Jared’s father are named Snap and Crackle. Who is the third one?

A. Jared

Q. I have three eyes in a row, and as the red one opens, they all suddenly become as frozen as snow. Who am I?

A. Traffic light.   

Q. What becomes wetter and wetter the more as it dries? 

A. A towel.  

Q. I have just a head and a tail, but nobody. I’m not a reptile. So who am I? 

A. A coin  

Q. What number of months contain 28 days?  

A. All of them

Q. What word gets shorter as more letters are added to it? 

A. “Short”

Q. What direction will an egg roll if a rooster is perched on a rooftop facing north? 

A. Roosters do not even lay eggs

Q. A cowboy came to town on Friday, stayed for one night, and thereafter left on Friday. How is that even possible? 

A. Friday is the name of the horse.

Q. I’ll give you two 15-cent coins. Coin number one is just not a nickel. 

What currency have I given you? 

A. A dime as well as a nickel; one of the coins is not really a nickel, whereas the other is!

Q. Which architecture contains the most tales nationally and internationally? 

A. Library.

Q. Once in June, three times in September, and not once in May. Can you see it. What is it?

A. The letter E

Q. After Friday, where did Thursday arise from? 

A. The dictionary

Q. Three kids seem to be in Kira’s mother’s family. 

Their names are Huey and Dewey. Who is the third one? 

A. Kira

Q. What phrase in the dictionary is spelled wrong? 

A. “Wrong”

Q. What can you not grasp with your left hand but rather that you can hold in your right hand?  

A. Your left hand.

Q. What excludes all other organs but seems to have thirteen hearts? 

A. A pack of cards

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Best Google Riddles

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