100+ Greek Riddles that Will Not Make Your Brain Feel Ancient

Greek riddles are loaded with mysteries and secrets. The Oedipus myth is the source of the most well-known riddle. This myth tells a complex and melancholy tale; let’s explore it.

Only Oedipus could unravel the complex riddles that the terrifying Sphinx, a half-woman, half-beast, presented to Thebes’s citizens and other travelers.

Greek riddles for kids

To help you and your kids understand more about this outstanding civilization and its heritage, we present to you a compilation of riddles concerning Ancient Greece, its heroes, as well as its enigmatic creatures.

All of them will be greatly enjoyed by children. It also helps them to know about Greek culture.

Q. I destroy trees, but people still need me. Although being here since the period of ancient Greece, I am easily pushed by a breeze. Who am I?

A. A piece of paper

Q. I am always the Father of History since I penned down the Persian Wars on a piece of paper after reading about them in the Olympics. So who am I?

A. Herodotus

Q. I gave men horses, I can stop earthquakes, and I am the sea god. Who am I?

A. Poseidon

Q. I was given a death sentence, accused of disbelief in the gods, as well as the inventor of the Socratic method. Then who am I?

A. Socrates

Q. I am the “Father of Scientific Medicine,” and I devised the Hippocratic Oath because I was conscious that disease has natural causes. Who am I?

A. Hippocrates

Q. I was one of Socrates’ most well-known learners, and I had always aspired to be a politician. And who am I?

A. Plato

Q. I am known as “The Master of them that Know,” and I created the first two phases of the scientific process in addition to writing more than 200 books. Then who am I?

A. Aristotle

Q. I am a goddess of wisdom, I guard those who worship me, and I encourage artisans. Who am I, then?
A. Athena
My Experience: Reminds me of the intriguing tales of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The stories of her guardianship and inspiration for artisans always captivated my imagination. 🏛️🦉

Q. I am a guardian of the truth, the sun’s god, and the gods’ messenger. And who am I?

A. Apollo

Q. I am the god of commerce, the thief’s protector, and the gods’ messenger. So who am I?

A. Hermes

Q. What is created in a second but lasts a lifetime; 

What can make you cry, laugh, or feel young; 

And what can bring the dead back to life?

A. Memory.

Q. This thing is devoured by everything involving animals, plants, and even birds. It can munch through steel and break strong stones into food. Then who am I?

A. Time.

Q. Some people try to hide, while others try to cheat, but time will indicate that we always come face to face.

Please try to guess what my name is.

A. Death.

Amazing Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. I am as tiny as your thumb and fly through the air.

Trust that I’m here even if you hear me before you recognize me. So who am I?

A. Hummingbird.

Q. I have no breath, I’m as freezing in life as I am in death, and although always drinking, I never feel thirsty. 

A. Fish.

Have you ever considered Greek Mythology? 🏺
Greek mythology, with gods like Zeus and heroes like Hercules, has influenced art, literature, and culture worldwide.

Q. I use earthen string to make my lair and a biting sting to kill my prey. So who am I?

A. Spider.

Q. What never pushes, always pulls; never sad, occasionally blue; never empty, sometimes filled; always old, sometimes new?

A. Moon. 

Best Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. Never sleeping or staying still, it moves softly from hill to hill, never trotting or walking, and everywhere it goes is cool. Who am I, then?

A. Sun.

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Q. They appear at night without being fetched, and they disappear during the day without being taken. So who am I, then?
A. Stars.

Q. I wear more clothing in the summer and less in the winter because it is cooler, and I am gay in a stunning array in the spring. Who am I, then?

A. Tree.

Interesting Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. What is taller than trees, large, and never grows? 

It also has unseen roots. 

A. Mountain.

Q. What has a mouth but never talks, a head but never weeps, a bed but never sleeps, and can run but never walk?

A. River.

Q. I speak without the need for a tongue and hear without any ears. Even though I don’t have a body, I always feel the wind when it blows. Then who am I?
A. Echo. 
Pro Experience: It reminds me of something that speaks without a tongue, hears without any ears, and always feels the wind when it blows—an echo. 🗣️👂🌬️


Q. I have no roots, much like a tree. I am tasteless bread. We live, but not freely. I am a house that needs no place. So who am I?

A. Family.

Q. People can see through walls owing to an old device that is still in use in certain parts of the world. What is it?

A. A window.

Hard greek riddles

Riddles are an old concept. In actuality, they have survived for thousands of years, even longer! The bulk of Greek riddles is surely going to excite you.

After all, the earliest writings aren’t necessarily the ones that have endured to this day. These archaic riddles are probably some of the earliest riddles that humanity is aware of!

Q. Why were youngsters in ancient Egypt mystified?

A. The notion that their fathers were mummies!

Q. What is written in tombs from ancient Egypt?

A. Guaranteed satisfaction, or your mummy gets her double money back!

Q. Why weren’t the Egyptians on vacation?

A. The mummies are scared of unwinding and unraveling!

Have you explored the possibility of Greek Philosophy? 🤔
Greek philosophers like Socrates and Plato explored ethics, politics, and metaphysics, shaping Western thought.

Q. I ruin trees, but people still need me.

Although being here since the time of ancient Greece, 

I am easily carried by a breeze. Am I indeed a?

A. A sheet of paper

Q. If Athena didn’t have any friends, what would she still be called? 

A. A lonely Athena.

Fascinating Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. What game did Greek gods play the most frequently? 

A. Hydra and seek.

Q. Where did Greek women go before visiting lavish events? 

A. They went to their appointments with Hera.

Q. Have you shown Greek mythology-themed movies to your kids? 

A. They odyssey them.

Q. Why did Aphrodite never approach tennis-playing men? 

A. They don’t place any value on love.

Q. The sea monster was welcomed by Poseidon in what way? 

A. What the heck is Kraken, buddy?

Q. What was the construction material used by the Greeks? 

A. Con-crete.

Q. Why wasn’t the Trojan horse popular? 

A. He was difficult to manage.

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Q. Your friend dubbed her philosophy professor Hades, but why? 
A. She used to get so bored with him.

Q. Why was a Greek god put in prison?

A. He was jailed due to a misdemeanor.

Q. Why were comedians in Greece outlawed?

A. After Icarus, no one was allowed to be roasted.

Q. What made the Greek goddess so driven to slim down?

A. She aspired to be revered as a god.

Q. After vehemently insisting on giving his chicken a Greek name, what would the Spanish farmer start calling it? 

A. His title was Apollo.

Awesome Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. Who in Greek mythology likes to have a wide variety of animals as pets?

A. Zoos.

Q. What did Zeus say to the other gods when he was furious?

A. You all are never capable of completing anything. Without me, you’re all Zeusless.

Q. Why did all of the Greek gods have such amazing athletic abilities?

A. They wore tennis Zeus all the time.

Q. What do you name a vocalist who hates Medusa so much?

A. A rockstar.

Q. What else does Ares do if he is isolated in his home all day?

A. His game is “God of War.”

Q. Why did the boy fail the Greek mythology exam?

A. His weak point was the subject.

Q. If Chiron had a side practice in medicine, what might he have been called?

A. He may have been known as the Centaur for the Prevention of Disease.

Q. Why was Greek mythology quiz night boring to my brother?

A. He hades jokes in Greek.

Q. How many Greek deities are needed to replace a lightbulb?

A. They’re olive.

Q. Why did my Greek joke lose its mark?
A. It was a pity that it was an Artemiss.
Sigma Experience: It reminds me of a humorous attempt that didn’t quite land as expected. Sadly, it missed the mark, much like an arrow from the goddess of the hunt. 🏹🎯

Q. How could the Greek gods maintain their equipment?

A. Greece.

Q. After the New Year, what does the Greek deity tell a woman?

A. I’m shocked that I have never seen you in a gyro before.

Q. After Apollo unintentionally used his shampoo, what did Zeus reply to him?

A. I apollo-gize; I didn’t realize it was your shampoo.

Q. Which Greek deity was ordinary in every way? 

A. Mediocretese.

Q. What would the Greek gods eat at breakfast during the day? 

A. Helios.

Q. What do you think the Greek deity of stand-up comedy is called? 

A. Heli-rious would likely be his name.

Q. When Persephone was brought to the underworld, why did many people receive parking tickets? 

A. Demeter wasn’t functioning perfectly.

Nice Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. From whom did Poseidon seek guidance to see his foe from a distance? 

A. A sea horse.

Q. What Greek-era location does each photographer try to capture? 

A. Delphi is a popular concept for photographs because it is located in Phocis.

Q. How did the Greeks of ancient determine the length of their crop production? 

A. Demeter.

Did you ever wonder about Greek Architecture? 🏛️
Greek architecture, with iconic structures like the Parthenon, reflects beauty, symmetry, and engineering brilliance.

Q. Why should you stop visiting Ancient Greece? 

A. Your travel plans will be ruin-ed.

Q. In ancient Greece, what attracted many people to the Acropolis? 

A. To acquire some new Ares.

Q. What response did the professor make when someone made fun of his knowledge of ancient Greece?

A. He advised the pupil not to play the Socratic tease.

Funny greek riddles

Discover exactly what Greek riddles are! The solutions are also provided. Therefore, you avoid being like Homer!

Greek mythology depicts the Sphinx as a beast with something like a human head or one of a cat, sheep, or falcon, a lion’s body, and wings.

A wonderful collection of a number of the greatest Greek riddles from ancient times.

Q. What did a Greek say while his friend was causing him a lot of difficulties?

A. Do not step on Minerva.

Q. When he wished to go quietly without anyone hearing, what did the person from ancient Crete say?

A. Regarding my departure, I desired to be dis-crete.

Q. Before the youngster walked outside just to play with his pals, what did his mother tell him?

A. Before 10:00 pm, I like to see you at home. You can now use Corfu.

Q. Why does it not matter how you travel to Greece?

A. All of the Rhodes lead there.

Q. What Greek city had a notoriety for always being home to thieves?

A. Thebes, the city.

Q. When he was not able to secure their travel plans for a voyage to Argos, what would the Ancient Greek person say to his wife?

A. I worked pretty hard to arrange a fun vacation for all of us, so f-argive me.

Q. How did the Greeks of history get around Corinth?

A. Using a polybus.

Q. What do you term a philosopher who moves the boxes of other people?

A. Socrates.

Do You Have This Kind Of One? Share With Us! 😊
Q. What did the mother of the Greek philosopher tell him every evening before dinner tonight?
A. Can the food be plat-oed?

Q. When the Ancient Greek tire in Laconia lacked air, what did he say?

A. I hope I had a Sparta-re, man.

Q. Why wasn’t the drama about ancient Greece famous?

A. A tragedy occurred.

Q. What would you call an ancient Greek film about children’s rocking horses?

A. Troy tale

Q. When his crops were not even properly harvested, what did the Ancient Greeks say?

A. Are you Ceres?

Q. What would the Greek remark when he observed a woman trying to obtain housing in Corinth?

A. I would like to assist her, but since it’s her mess, she should handle it on her own.

Q. Why did Orphism have such a following in ancient Greece?

A. It was full of phanes.

Q. Which place in ancient Greece was most revered?

A. Athena Pallas

Q. In ancient Greece, how did Gods communicate with humans?

A. They had perse-phones.

Q. Which bands did Medusa enjoy listening to in Ancient Greece?

A. She attended various rock and roll events.

Q. Who in Greek mythology frequently dealt with the handbags carried by Greek women? 

A. Perseus. 

Excited Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. What dish do Greeks detest the most?

A. A supper at Chili.

Q. When his friend first tasted feta cheese, the Greek man told him something. What did he say?  

A. Never too late for feta.

Q. On their wedding anniversary, what did the Greek wife tell her husband?

A. Olive you.

Q. What would you call a Greek thinker who always enjoyed eating rice?
A. Arisotto.
Ultra Pro Experience: It reminds me of a witty twist involving someone with a philosophical inclination who happens to love rice. They could be humorously dubbed as someone with a taste for “rice-ophy.” 🍚🤔

Q. What kind of meal do Greek dogs adore?

A. Barklava.  

Q. Why didn’t the man’s wife like the Greek salad the chef made?

A. She desired to have accessibility to her vegetables in their unfeta’d state.

Great Greek Riddles For Kids

Q. What yogurt has significant cultural importance?

A. The Greek yogurt.

Q. Why is it prohibited to consume meat in Greece?

A. It is distinctly Greece-y.

Q. The Greek man loves to eat a smoothie with his supper. Why?

A. It is his fava-rite.

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