30+ Fun Field Day Activities for Kids to Try Out

How do you know that the school year is coming to an end? Field Day! Summer is about to start, and kids are ready to step out of the classroom and have a day full of endless fun and excitement, doing interesting activities.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best field day activities you can do at school. Ready, Set, Go!🏃‍♂️

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have enough volunteers- Irrespective of how big your event will be. Your support team will be your biggest strength while e-planning and executing the field day activities.
  • Generate enough buzz among students so that they look forward to D-day- Hang up banners. Decorate the school grounds and spread the word through students and volunteers to ensure maximum participation and high team spirit.
  • Keep various challenge levels- Make sure kids are intrigued to cross all hurdles and embrace the spirit of competition. Arrange challenge levels based on the group of students participating.
  • Keep an indoor backup plan- Make sure you have an indoor backup plan in case it starts to rain, or you have an issue. Look out for ways to finish the vent in the hallway or school cafeteria. Make prior arrangements.

Overcoming Obstacles

Jump ropes, cones, balance beams, tumbling mats, and similar objects are the perfect obstacle courses for a Field Day.

Also, if there are weather issues, for example, if it is raining, you can always bring the party indoors.🎉

Themed obstacle courses

If you want students to truly get involved in field day, come up with themed activity ideas. For younger students, you can customize circus-themed obstacle courses like balancing a ball on the nose like seals or walking on a tightrope and juggling simultaneously.

Pro Tip: Kids will love zoo or pirate-themed activities.

Adding a challenge 

Well, add an extra hard level to the game so that kids find it more intriguing.

Include cones, jump ropes, and balls as usual, but make it interesting by asking contestants to balance balls between their knees while they tackle the course.

The reverse way

Once they can tackle the course in one way, see if they can maintain their speed and strength in the backward direction, too.

This is fun and also teaches them the importance of stability and flexibility while maneuvering obstacle courses.

Pro Tip: Perform this activity based on the safety and difficulty level of the assigned obstacle course.

Crab walking

Well, it’s time to make things more challenging. Try crab walking. Ask students to sit, bend their knees, lean back, and lock their elbows- looking like a crab. Next, they have to tackle the same course while staying in that position.

Treasure hunt

This is a great indoor activity. Our students in groups and give them maps and other information so that they can complete a course that leads to a treasure.

Make different routes for the groups so that they don’t crowd in a single path.

Pro Tip: This activity might be a little difficult to conduct if there are larger groups of students.

Adding Water

If you are planning to have a Field Day during summer, water activities are the best way for students to have fun and cool off.

Just make sure everyone has their swimsuits or an extra pair of clothes. Trust me, water games are a big hit!🧊

Tossing water balloons

Make two teams stand a foot apart and toss balloons at each other. Eventually, they keep stepping back until they miss.

Throwing water balloons and getting wet is so fun and refreshing for the kids. Make sure volunteers are constantly supplying more balloons.

Pro Tip: One cardinal rule for this game- There can never be too many pre-filled water balloons.

Wagon race

You need a minimum of two child-size wagons for this water activity. Make sure they are filled with small water balloons.

Make teams who pull the wagon around a zigzag course as quickly as possible without spilling or bursting the balloons.

Sponge pass

Make teams line up with a bucket of water and sponges on one end and an empty bucket on the other end.

The team passes wet sponges overhead until the last participant can squeeze its contents into the empty bucket. The team with a fuller bucket wins.

Pro Tip: If you want to make things interesting, let two sponges go on simultaneously.

Car wash relay

One team puts a sponge in a bucket of water and runs to squeeze it into a bowl before handing it over to a relay member. The team that can fill up the bowl first wins the race.


Explore the theme of fishing in water play if you are having a Field Day for younger participants. Let them ‘fish’ for rewards in a kiddie pool until they get what they want. This activity is best formed if you attach magnets to the ‘baits.’ 

Pro Tip: Make mini laminated cards with numbers on them for the students to fish for and redeem their price later.


Parctipanats lie down on their back while volunteers place a half-filled cup of water on their foreheads.

The one who can sit up without spilling or holding the cup with their hand will be the winner. This is a great activity for core strength and balance practice.

Run, run, run!

What better way to release all that bottled-up classroom stress and academic pressure than running on a field day? Let’s look at some ideas:🏃‍♂️

Combination relay

Relay races are amazing running activities for outdoor field play. Customise relays that consist of short runs and a quirky activity that kids will thoroughly enjoy. It makes the game more interesting and encourages the kids to be more competitive.

Pro Tip: You can try jumping jacks or making contestants somersault as they run the race.

Dress-up relay

Make two teams. Pile various clothing items for each team. Every player has to ‘dress’ quickly, run to the next player without dropping anything, ‘undress,’ and pass the remaining stuff to them. This activity smartly combines running with an interesting edge.

Passing the baton

Take your regular relay race up a notch and add special elements to it to make it more interesting and fun for the students to participate in.

Adding something to pass on that is of significance to them will encourage them to play the game with full dedication.

Pro Tip: For example, you can ask them to pass on the school mascot as the baton.

Speed relay

Sometimes, the best way to make a game interesting is by keeping it simple. Many physically active students will agree to participate in a basic race just for the thrill of it.

So, keep it basic and arrange a 50-yard dash on Field Day.

Pro Tip: Just to add to the fun, you can ask participants to run backward.

Balloon stomping

Make two teams. Tie balloons to the participants’ ankles using yarn. Now, as they run along the course, players of the other team will run behind them, trying to pop the balloons.

This is such an easy but fun running activity to do on Field Day.

Freeze tag

This is one of the classics everyone loves, no matter how old they are. The players spread out and are designated specific movements.

The one tagged has to freeze immediately and can unfreeze only when someone else gives him/her a double high-five.

Pro Tip: Make sure participants maintain conduct and only encourage age tagging, for example, light taps on the shoulder.

TV tage

This is also an interesting variation of the classic freeze tag game. Tagged players have to name a part of a cult character, and if one can’t think of a name that hasn’t already been told, they become ‘it.’ It’s amazing to see how many cartoon or TV characters kids are aware of. 

Spoon race

Now, who doesn’t remember the iconic spoon race that we have all played on Field Day at school?

Place a delicate object in a spoon that players have to balance using their teeth and reach the end line without dropping it. You can use marbles or other stuff.

Pro Tip: Use eggs for this activity for difficult levels if getting messy is not a problem. 

Amoeba tag

Okay, how could I miss this one? This is another fun twist to the tag game. When the ‘it’ player tags someone, they must hold hands with them.

Next, both of them run together after other players but can’t let go. Eventually, the chain of players holding hands keeps growing.

Jumping Through Hoops

If you want to do activities during Field Day that help students exhibit their physical strength and coordination, you can try these jumping exercise ideas:🪢

Hula hoop marathon

The goal is to last as long as possible. Kid are going to love doing this activity, and it is great for their physical and mental well-being as well.

It also encourages teamwork and increases understanding between the students. 

Pro Tip: You can try other variations of this activity, for example, around the middle, arm, or leg.

Frisbee throw 

We have all played frisbee on a sunny winter morning on Field Day at school. Just the basic game- participants throw Frisbees through hula hoops. Make sure they are set up at different distances and places.

Hula hoop ring toss

This activity is great for a fun Field Day. Set up about 18-20 cones and ask participants to toss hula hoops over them.

Start closer to the cones and gradually increase the distance to make the game more exciting and challenging.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a large, open space to perform this activity.

Hula hoop soccer

Yes, you read that right. Combine the fun and thrill of two games into one. Cut the hula hoops in half and install them in the ground with dowels.

This forms a quirky course for the participants to kick balls through, and they will love this twist to the classic game of soccer!

Hula hoop teamwork

This anxiety is a great way to encourage teamwork among students. Create two teams. The ground rule is that the hula hoop never touches the ground. Participants maneuver through the hula hoop in this way until it reaches the start again.

Pro Tip: Also, the circle made by joining hands cannot be broken. 

Musical hoops

Two games in one! Combine the fun of musical chairs with hula hoops, and I bet students will love this refreshing activity on a Field Day.

Two participants end up hopping in the same hoop. Then, the one who touches a foot in the hoop first will be allowed to stay.

Hula hoop course

Create a winding course consisting of 8-10 hula hoops. Participants have to maneuver in and around the course while keeping in mind specific instructions given to them.

This activity is great for mind-body coordination and helps improve focus and mutual understanding.

Pro Tip: Give mindful instructions; for example, hop on one leg for the first hoop.

Let’s Dance

I love this section of activities because you can do it on a Field Day, both indoors and outdoors. Kids will love a nice dance session with their classmates where they can dance their hearts out.💃

Group dance

Set up different zones and divide students into groups. Assign one or two volunteers to each group and ask them to teach the kids specific dance moves.

Next, kids can put up a solo or group dance performance for everyone.

A dance competition

Kids love to showcase their talents in front of their classmates and teachers. So, you can arrange for a dance competition on Field Day.

Kids can rehearse a group dance performance, and a judge will decide their merit and rank them accordingly.

Pro Tip: Keep prizes as incentives to make students eager to take part in the competition.

Copycat dance

Participants form a circle, and one of them starts an original dance move. The next student copies it and adds a move of their won.

This way, the circle progresses. This activity is fun to do and a great way to boost memory.

Limbo dance

Students are going to love doing this activity. The aim is to move forward under a low bar while doing various dance moves, but without dislodging the bar. See how low they can go and if they can continue dancing naturally.

Pro Tip: Make sure that participants have their backs facing towards the floor.

Make Something Messy

If you are having an outdoor Field Day, don’t hesitate to get messy. Let kids get their hands and feet dirty, doing something creative.🖼️

Finger painting

Set up craft stations and divide students into groups. Finger painting activities are so fun and creative.

You can provide each group with a specific art project or let them go with the flow and come up with their ideas.

Sidewalk chalk

Provide studies with some sidewalk chalk and let them draw on pavements or walls around the premises. They can also play fun, interactive outdoor games like hopscotch and four square.

Pro Tip: You can encourage students to create murals or graffiti messages to send out a message.

Bubble painting

This is one of the best Field Day activities with an artistic edge. Just add a few drops of watercolor to some prepared bubble nix.

Next, ask participants to blow these colored bubbles on paper. The fun part is that every artwork will be unique and quirky.

Tissue collage

If you are thinking of solo or group art projects to do on Field Day, this is the one! Participants can easily attach tissue paper squares to a board to create their unique collage. They can brush glue mixture onto the board before.

Pro Tip: Prepare glue mixture by mixing ½ cup of craft glue with 1/4th cup of water.

Painting with marbles

Yes, marbles are a great idea for Field Day art activities. Participants can roll marbles around in paint and then, onto a sheet of paper, create their version of exquisite, abstract art. It’s so fun to look at the various textures and patterns thus created.

Let it drip!

Field Day activities get more fun when they involve art exercises using squirt bottles and acrylic paint.

All students, young and adults, will surely love using bright colors to express their creativity, and it results in so many quirky, fun art projects. 

Pro Tip: You can instruct students to drip paint on flower pots and gift boxes.

Leaf prints

Give your outdoor Field Day a natural theme by involving natural objects in kids’ activities. For example, ask participants to go around collecting leaves of different colors and patterns.

Then, let them express their creative inspiration to mature by making artwork using the collected leaves.

Use Your Noodle

What’s the best thing about pool noodles? There are so many fun games and activities to do using them.

Also, they are so cheap and, therefore, make up for amazing items for your Field Day game ideas. Let’s look at some fun ones:🛟

Pool Noodle Ring Toss  

Pool noodles can be so easily cut into different shapes for a wide variety of activities. You can make rings to toss or targets in the soil.

Just create circles with the noodles and tape them lightly to make rings. Then, place them on sticks pushed into the ground.

Pro Tip: Use long sticks, pegs, and duct tape to cut pool needles into shapes.

Noodle Obstacle Course 

Pool noodles are so efficient for activities. Did you know that if you bend and secure pool noodles, you can make amazing obstacles in a course for participants to maneuver? It’s so fun to jump over or climb under these obstacles. 

Pro Tip: Pool noodles are very delicate. So, the chances of participants getting hurt are also reduced greatly.

The key to having a fun and super engaging Field Day is throwing in a large variety of activities to make it fun for kids with different tastes. Make sure everybody finds their dream game! Let’s have a Field Day that goes straight into the record books!📕


Phew! So many ideas to try out on Field Day! Well, I hope you like these ideas. I am looking forward to all of you trying out these activities in your school and letting me know how it tried out.

Maintain safety precautions, arrange appropriate challenges, and make sure kids have endless fun and laughter on a bright day out on the grounds!👨‍👧

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