25+ Fruit Activities for Kids that You Should Know!

Being a mother, I truly feel how important it is to add creative activities🧩 to children’s schedules and keep them engaged. 

I can assure you that you will notice the changes after some point in time, like the curiosity to learn new and the development of intelligence 🧠within the kid. 

Also, engaging in incredible activities with your child fortifies their bond with parents, generating enduring memories and promoting a feeling of confidence.

Best fruit Activities for kids

Are you looking for amazing fruit activities for your kids? You are on the right page, and we will direct you to the world of various mind-blowing activities.  

So, let’s jump into some activities that will boost skills among your kids, and you, as a parent, have a good fun time with them.

In this blog, I have listed engaging and safe fruit activities for kids of different ages.

Fruit Dough

Fruit Dough Made By Kids

This activity can be given to 6-7-year-old kids. They can make this a masterpiece by combining flour, salt, water, and fruity 🍉scents to create dough.

Kids can create a fruitful world with countless possibilities. According to my experience, this exercise encourages imagination and boundless joy during playtime. 

Pro-Tip: I suggest you ensure that your kid does not swallow the dough or any items because it might be harmful to them. 

Fruit Sorting

Fruit Sorting Activity For Kids

Sort fruits to promote cognitive development! Children can arrange different fruits according to size, shape, or color.

This interactive exercise improves fine motor skills. This is one of my favorite activities in my household; my daughter loves it! Children learn through playing as they organize and classify.

Fruit Paints

Fruit Painting Activity For Kids

Kids can try to transform common fruits into a colorful palette🎨! This activity is safe for 4 to 5-year-old kids. Cut the fruit into slices, give them the matched fabric color, ask them to dip into it, and let them make a print on paper. 

Pro Tip: I ensure that the fruit slices being used for the activity are not being eaten by my little ones. I would recommend you to do the same. 

Fruit Flashcards

Kids🧒 can learn in a fun way by creating their flashcards. They can make customized flashcards with images, markers, and colorful cardstock.

After I introduced this to my kids, it has become an entertaining memory and a dynamic experience.

Healthy Fruit Plate

Healthy Fruit Plate For Kids

Through the use of vibrant paper, markers, and cutout food images, they create well-balanced plates that include a variety of fruits🍇.

This engaging exercise makes learning about healthy choices enjoyable by encouraging creative play while also emphasizing the value of nutrition.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kid is not eating the paper fruit. I would recommend you to do the same.

Fruit of the Week

I have recently tried this activity with my kid. And they love this. Every week, you can try introducing your children to selecting a featured fruit, learning about its health benefits, and creating artistic displays with crafts or drawings. This interactive project makes learning about healthful foods fun.

Apple Tissue Paper Craft

Apple Tissue Paper Craft Activity For Kids

With the tissue paper plate 🍎Apple Craft, your kid can unleash creativity! Children can use red tissue paper to cut out small squares that they then glue onto a paper plate to create a colorful apple. I have tried this with my kids, and it improves my kid’s fine motor skills.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kids are safe while using scissors and glue. I suggest you put the harmful things aside once they are done with making the craft. 

Fruit Dance Party

I turn playtime for my kids into a vibrant festivity with the Fruit Dance Party! Children can choose their favorite fruits and use sticks or strings to attach them to make dancing props💃. These fruity allies liven up the dance floor as they groove and move. 

Fruit Picking from Garden

Fruit Picking From Garden Activity For Kids

Take them out to a garden🏡, make chits of multiple fruits, and ask them to pick. As per that, ask them to pick fruits from the garden and also count how many they plucked. This helps kids enhance their sensory organs and also get into real-life examples.

Pro-Tip: I supervise my kid while plucking the fruits from the garden. I suggest you do the same because they might get attacked by mini insects or get hurt by small thorns from herbs.

Put the Right Fruit into the Basket

Fruit Picking From Garden Activity For Kids

Children gather labeled baskets 🧺and fruit cutouts. They reinforce recognition and categorization skills by matching fruits to their corresponding baskets using fine motor skills.

I believe that this captivating exercise makes education enjoyable and interactive by transforming learning into a fun, hands-on experience.

What Fruit Do You Like?

I encourage my kids by asking, “What Fruit Do You Like?” Kids can express their love for their favorite fruits through drawings, paintings🖌️, or crafts.

In addition to encouraging self-expression, this interactive activity introduces conversations about healthy eating, transforming artistic endeavors into a delightful investigation of individual preferences.

Match the Fruit Item

Kids Matching The Fruit Item

Children can make cards in pairs that are illustrated with different fruits🍊 and then shuffle them and match them.

I believe they reinforce recognition skills while having fun by matching corresponding pairs through memory and concentration.

Guess the Name?

Children can taste different fruits while wearing blindfolds and use their senses to identify them. This activity is my kid’s favorite.

In addition to improving taste and smell recognition🧠, this interactive game creates a fun, laugh-filled guessing game out of a straightforward blindfolded exercise, making learning enjoyable.

Eat Berries Without Hands

Engage your kids during snack time with “Eating Berries in Yoghurt”! Organize the bowls of yogurt and vibrant berries🍒.

With no hand, they must eat the dipped berries into the yogurt. In addition to promoting healthy eating, this interactive experience turns a basic snack into a delectable and entertaining pastime.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kid is not dipping his/her face completely down into the bowl because they might get choked. I recommend this activity for 6-7-years-old kids. 

Make Fruit Cookie 

Make Fruit Cookie Activity For Kids

My kids love this! Let’s kids choose their favorite fruits, then cut them into interesting shapes with cookie 🍪cutters.

Then, they can also garnish dried fruits on the top of cookies, transforming a straightforward baking task into a tasty and imaginative experience that combines the love of baking with crafting.

Pro-Tip: I am careful while they are using cookie cutters because it might hurt the kid’s hand. This activity is suitable for 6- to 7-year-old kids.

Letter Your Pasta

“Letter Your Pasta into Fruit Name” will transform lettered pasta into an entertaining educational experience! Children can create fruit names by arranging letters with pasta🍝  pieces.

I believe that with the help of this interactive spelling exercise, which blends language proficiency with creativity, regular pasta can become an enjoyable game.

Cracker Pyramid with Fruit

This game has turned my kid’s snack time into an artistic investigation! Kids can use colorful fruits as toppings and stack crackers to create a pyramid.

This practical exercise improves fine motor skills and adds a tasty, entertaining element to playtime, turning snack preparation into a creative and delectable adventure.

Fruit Smoothie Challenge

My kids have always enjoyed the Fruit Smoothie🥣 Challenge! Let your kids assemble a variety of fruits, yogurt, and drinks.

To come up with original smoothie recipes, let them try different combinations. I believe that snack time becomes a nutritious adventure with this interactive challenge that introduces healthy choices.

Pro-Tip: I ensure that I am there while my kids are using the grinder and making a smoothie. I would recommend that this activity is suitable for 8- to 10-year-old kids.

Describe the Fruit

Kids can select a fruit and use descriptive language to describe its texture, color, and taste. I firmly believe that this interactive exercise improves vocabulary and communication abilities, turning to learn about fruits into a fun language adventure that blends language development and exploration.

Draw the Fruit of the Season

I let my kids draw a fruit that is in the season to inspire artistic expression. Kids can select a fruit that is produced seasonally.

This interactive exercise turns drawing into an instructive exploration of nature while learning artistic abilities and the seasonal production of a variety of fruits.

Fruit Math

Fruit Math Test For Kids

Colorful fruits, such as berries, can be introduced to kids to practice addition, subtraction, and counting.

In my opinion, with the help of these fruity manipulatives, they can make arithmetic problems and group the fruits accordingly. This interactive exercise turns practicing maths into a fun and tasty educational experience.

Fruit Popsicles

My kids love Fruit Popsicles! This activity will change the way kids have a snack! Let them put the sliced fruits into the mixer and let them put the juice into different shapes. These homemade sweets turn into cool snacks when frozen🍧

Pro-Tip: I always ensure that my kid is safe while using the mixer and making juices. I would recommend you to do the same.

Citrus Fruit Stamping 

I love to discover new art activities for my kids! Let kids cut up citrus fruits, such as lemons, dip them in paint, and then stamp the images onto paper. You can stick those stickers into a rope and hang the rope on the wall. 

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kid is safe from the paint and glue. I would recommend you to keep these items far away from 4- to 5-year-old kids. 

Fruit Jello 

Kids can cut their preferred fruits into tiny pieces and add them to gelatin. They pour the mixture into molds and let it set to form wiggly, fruity treats.

My kids love making this. Cooking techniques are combined with a tasty and vibrant result in this hands-on experience.

Make Fruit Rainbow

I take my children on a vibrant journey with “Build a Rainbow🌈 with Fruit”! Kids can choose from a selection of fruits that symbolize seven distinct colors.

They can arrange the fruits in a colorful rainbow using skewers. I believe that this entertaining exercise transforms fruit into fun.

Beaded Berries

I have recently let my kids make berry beads📿. Kids can do it by stringing or weaving colorful berries onto the wire. I believe that it improves their fine motor skills; this practical craft project promotes imaginative play because the beaded berries can be used for decorations.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kid is using a blunt skewer for threading the beading. I would recommend you do not let your kids use needles. Also, be aware that they are not hurting their tiny fingers. This activity is suitable for 7-8-years-old kids.

Fruit Collage

I Explore my kid’s creative side with “Making a Fruit Collage”! Children gather various fruit-themed materials such as stickers, cutouts, and pictures.

They arrange these components to make a colorful and textured fruit collage using glue and a large sheet of paper.

Make a Fruit Kabobs

My kids love Fruit Kabobs! This activity has brightened up snack time for my kids! To make delicious kabobs, kids can take a variety of vibrant fruits🍇, chop them into tiny pieces, and thread them onto skewers.

In addition to encouraging a healthy diet, this hands-on activity transforms preparing fruit into a delightful culinary adventure.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kid is using a blunt skewer. I suggest you also be aware that they are not hurting their tiny fingers. This activity is suitable for 7-8-years-old kids.


These games and activities🧩 will keep your child entertained while fostering important developmental skills that should be incorporated into daily routines. 

By reading the listed activities🧩 above, I hope you enjoyed and got a clear idea of how to engage your kids in a fun way.

Please leave a comment below if you have any more activity ideas to add to this list or have any questions for me to answer – I would love to hear your feedback! ❤️

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