20+ Engaging Lobster Activities For Kids that Are Amazing!!

Did you know that lobsters 🦞 and other crustaceans that inhabit tropical waters play an important role in the formation and conservation of coral reef ecosystems? It is true! 

Lobsters help control the growth of algae, which can hinder the growth of corals. They ensure the stability of the food web in marine biodiversity and even provide shelter to small fishes and invertebrates that contribute to the reef ecosystem. 

These are just some of the many fascinating things about lobsters 🦞. I firmly believe in teaching children about where their food comes from, especially meat. This is because I want my kids to learn about not just the habitat of these animals and their temperaments but also about the ecological impact of eating meat. 

In this article, I have listed a bunch of different art projects, snack ideas, and learning exercises that are inspired by lobster🦞. 

Interesting lobsters for Kids

With these lobster-inspired 🦞 art projects, snack ideas, and learning exercises, you can fuel your child’s curiosity about the incredible diversity of marine biodiversity. 

The purpose and aim of these activities are to help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, reading comprehension, artistic skills, and speaking skills. Hopefully, your kids will enjoy these activities. 

Empty Toilet Paper Roll Lobster 

Toilet Paper Roll Lobster Making Activity For Kids

Children will love making this adorable craft. 

What you need- 

Empty toilet paper roll, red cardstock paper, pencil ✏️, paint, paintbrush🖌️, box cutter, googly eyes 👀, marker, glue, and scissors✂️. 


  • Paint the empty toilet paper roll red with a paintbrush🖌️. 
  • On the cardstock paper, draw two circles, claws, and legs and cut using scissors✂️. 
  • Paste a googly eye on each circle and then paste on the painted toilet paper roll. 
  • Next, paste the claws and the legs under the claws. 
  • Ask your child to use the marker to draw different aspects of the lobster. 

Lobster Mashed Potato 

I don’t think any parent will argue with me when I say that all children love mashed potatoes. Luckily, many even enjoy the simple and subtle flavors of lobster 🦞 meat. In this dish, we combine mashed potatoes and lobster 🦞 to create a fusion of strong flavors. 

What you need- 

Russet potatoes, shredded cheese, whole milk, butter, heavy cream, chili powder, fresh chives, and cooked lobster 🦞 meat. 


  • Depending upon the number of people you are cooking for, cook diced potatoes in salted boiling water until they are tender. 
  • Drain the potatoes and mash them in the same pan. 
  • Place the pan on medium heat and add cheese. Once the cheese has melted, mix half a cup of whole milk and cook until the potatoes have achieved a creamy texture. 
  • In a saute pan, melt four tablespoons of butter, 4 ounces of heavy cream, chopped chives, and the cooked lobster 🦞 pieces. Stir to combine. 
  • In a serving bowl, add the mashed potatoes and pour the lobster 🦞 on top. The dish is ready to serve. 

Plastic Bottle Lobster  

Plastic Bottle Lobster Making Activity For Kids

My children had so much fun making this craft. 

What you need- 

Red construction paper, glue, googly eyes👀, red paint, an empty plastic water bottle, scissors, a pencil✏️, red straws, and tape. 


  • Pour some red paint with water into the water bottle after removing its label, and shake vigorously to cover the insides with red. Pour the leftover red paint from the bottle and let the paint dry. 
  • On the red construction paper, draw the lobster’s🦞 tail, claws, and legs. Cut with scissors✂️. 
  • Using the tape, secure the lobster🦞 claws next to the bottle cap and the lobster🦞 tail to the bottom of the bottle. Secure the legs of the bottle as well. 
  • Using the glue, glue the googly eyes👀 on the bottle. 

Book Reading Exercise 

There are several children’s books with lobsters 🦞as protagonists. To help improve my children’s reading and comprehension skills, I ask them to read their books aloud. 

Reading aloud has positively affected their diction, spelling, and ability to pronounce new words. I recommend the following 🦞 lobster-based books- Lenny the Lobster Can’t Stay for Dinner by Michael Buckley, Good Night Lobster by Adam Gamble, Going Lobstering by Jerry Pallotta, and Lobstah Gahden: Speak Out Against Pollution with a Wicked Awesome Boston Accent! By E. G. Keller. 

Egg Carton Lobster Craft for Preschoolers 

As a parent of two young kids, I am constantly buying egg cartons and throwing them away once the eggs are finished, which I find very wasteful. With this craft idea, I was able to repurpose the cartons and have fun with my kids. 

What you need- 

Empty egg cartons, red pipe cleaners, red construction paper, red paint, paintbrush🖌️, and googly eyes👀. 


  • Cut the egg carton into smaller pieces, preferably with three egg holders. 
  • Ask your child to paint the egg carton red with the paintbrush🖌️. 
  • Paste two pipe cleaners on one end of the egg carton and two googly eyes👀 under it. 
  • On the construction paper, draw two claws and a tail. Cut it with scissors ✂️and paste it into the egg carton. The craft is ready. 

Pro tip- 

You can provide your child with other art supplies to decorate the egg carton lobster 🦞. 

Lobster Water Sensory Tub 

Fill a clear plastic tub with water and let your toddler play with the plastic lobster 🦞 toy and other marine life toys. 

This exercise involves your child’s senses, like touch, smell, and vision. I have observed with my kids that making them take part in these activities makes them adapt to new situations with confidence and caution.

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwiches For Kids

My kids love this delicious sandwich that even adults will enjoy. 

What you need- 

Cooked lobster 🦞 meat, shredded brie cheese, gruyere cheese, thick white bread, butter, and cream cheese. 


  • In a small bowl, mix an ounce of cream cheese with 1 ounce of shredded brie cheese, along with shredded lobster 🦞 meat. 
  • Butter one side of two bread slices. 
  • Place one slice of gruyere cheese on the non-buttered side of the bread and spread the cream cheese, brie cheese, and lobster 🦞 on the other bread. 
  • Close the sandwich and place it in a toaster or a griddle. Flip halfway through to achieve golden-brown bread on both sides and melted cheese. 

Footprint and Handprint Lobsters 

This is the perfect painting to do with your toddler. 

What you need- 

Paint, paper, brush, googly eyes👀, glue, and a toddler. 


  • Help your child paint the beach- the sand and the water. 
  • Paint your child’s food red and ask them to stamp it on the paper with the heel facing upwards. 
  • Now, paint their palms, index finger, and thumb. This will be the lobster’s 🦞claws. 
  • Stamp their hands on either side of the heel. 
  • Make the lobster🦞 legs with the paintbrush🖌️. The footprint and handprint lobsters 🦞 are ready. 

Textured Lobster Collage 

Provide your child with different red and orange items like paint, tape, old fabric, tissue paper, and other items to make a lobster 🦞.

The aim of this exercise is not just to promote creativity but also to improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and your child’s tactile awareness. 

Gummy Lobsters 

Gummy Lobsters Making Activity For Kids

Your kids will love this lobster-inspired dessert after eating their lobster 🦞 meat meal. 

What you need- 

Shortbread cookies, blue sanding sugar, gummy orange slices, gummy cherry slices, uncooked spaghetti, red-and-white cherry rings, and frosting. 


  • Slice the red-and-white cherry rings in half. 
  • Use pieces of uncooked spaghetti to attach the halved cherry rings to a gummy cherry slice. 
  • Now, to make the lobster 🦞 tail, cut the gummy orange into small pieces. Use a spaghetti piece to attach to the gummy cherry. 
  • Use the frosting to glue on candy eyes👀. 
  • Place the lobster 🦞 on the shortbread cookie and serve on a plate with blue sanding sugar to look like the ocean. 

Lobster Paper Puppet 

Lobster Paper Puppet Making Activity For Kids

My children had so much fun not only making the puppet but also playing with it. 

What you need- 

Red construction paper, googly eyes👀, ruler, glue, scissors✂️, and pencil✏️. 


  • On red construction paper, draw four strips- 6*1-inch, 5*1-inch, 4*1-inch, and 3*1-inch with pencil✏️. 
  • Cut the strips with scissors✂️ and maneuver them into loops with glue. 
  • Stack the loops on top of each other and secure them with glue. 
  • Further, cut eight more thinner strips and twist them on themselves. Also, make the tail and the claws. 
  • Paste the strips to the lobster 🦞 with glue in the middle of the lobster’s body. 
  • Draw two eyes 👀 on the largest loop and paste the tail and claws. 

Lobster Paper Plate 

Lobster Paper Plate Making Activity For Kids

Decorate your child’s room with this simple yet beautiful lobster 🦞 paper plate activity. 

What you need- 

Red paper plate, googly eyes 👀, red construction paper, and glue. 


  • Cut the paper plate in half. 
  • Make eight strips from red construction paper and cut them with scissors✂️. 
  • Also, make two claws and cut them as well. 
  • Paste two googly eyes👀 on the circular top of the paper plate. 
  • Paste the claws next to the eyes👀 and four strips of construction paper on either side of the paper plate. 

Styrofoam Lobster Craft 

My kids not only enjoyed making this craft but also loved playing with it afterward as well. 

What you need- 

Styrofoam cup, glue, googly eyes👀, red pipe cleaners, paintbrush🖌️, scissors✂️, and red paint. 


  • Paint the styrofoam red using the red paint and paintbrush🖌️. 
  • While the paint is drying, using the scissors✂️, cut the red pipe cleaners into ten long pieces. 
  • Take two of the pipe cleaner pieces and glue a googly eye on each of them. 
  • Put the styrofoam cup upside down and paste the two pipe cleaners with googly eyes 👀on top of the cup. 
  • Glue the rest of the pipe cleaners around the rim of the cup. 

Pro Tip- 

You can motivate your child to use the same supplies to create other animals as well, like spiders, etc. 

Lobster Playdough Craft 

Lobster Playdough Craft Activity For Kids

Playing with playdough is very important for your child as it helps strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and color recognition. Help your child make a lobster 🦞 with playdough. 

Pro Tip- 

You can print out a template for your child to follow as well. 

Lobster Rock Painting Craft 

Usually, when I take my children to the beach, I ask them to collect fun items to make crafts with for later. And I have noticed that rocks are excellent canvasses for these crafts. 

What you need- 

Rock, red and white paint, black marker, and paintbrush. 


  • Ask your child to paint the rock the white. 
  • Once the paint has dried, help them draw a lobster 🦞 with the black marker. 
  • Ask them to paint the lobster🦞 red. 
  • Once the paint has dried, define the shape of the lobster 🦞 once again with the black marker, and you are done. 

Pro Tip- 

These painted rocks can be used to decorate your child’s room and are also great paperweights. 

Lobster Headband 

Lobster Headband Making Activity For Kids

Your kids will love wearing this lobster 🦞 headband. My kids and I made this for when we were visiting the aquarium this summer. 

What you need- 

Red construction paper, googly eyes👀, red pipe cleaners, tape, glue, and a red foam sheet. 


  • After measuring your child’s head, cut a headband using the red construction paper. 
  • On the red foam sheet, draw two medium-sized circles for the lobster’s 🦞 eyes👀 and two claws. 
  • Cut a piece of red pipe cleaner into two equal pieces and paste the circles on them. Paste the googly eyes 👀on top of the red circles. 
  • With tape, secure the ends of the pipe cleaners on the internal circle of the headband. 
  • Glue the claws on either side of the eyes 👀, and your headband is ready to be worn. 

Pro Tip- 

My kids didn’t want the headbands to be barren and wanted to make a pattern on them using glitter tubes. You can ask your child to do the same as well. 

Lobster Alphabet Learning 

Lobster Alphabet Learning Activity For Kids

Help your child improve their spelling skills with this simple activity. 

What you need- 

Wooden or magnetic letters, a pen, and paper. 


  • Start the exercise by asking your child to come up with as many words as they can from the letters- ‘L O B S T E R.’ 
  • Once they are done, ask them to use each letter in the word- LOBSTER and make words starting with these letters. 
  • The presence of the wooden or magnetic letters will help your child visualize the words and put thought into spelling the words. 


After taking part in the activities mentioned above, my son asked me to take him to the aquarium to see lobsters🦞, and he has become interested in learning about sea creatures. 

The purpose of these activities is not just to stimulate and engage your kids in activities that fuel their creativity but also to fuel their curiosity. In the comments down below, let me know what your child’s favorite activities were. 

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